You Can Make Your Time Count

The two most valuable assets, you possess are your time and your health, can never be locked away in a vault for safekeeping. In fact in most cases their true value rarely gets appreciated, until they are depleted. Remember that both your health and your time are the raw materials, which create your life. You can either choose to use them wisely or waste both of them. With enough neglect, you can even destroy both altogether.

You Have enough Potential for 100 lifetimes

You have so much potential pent up inside of you, that even if you could live for 100 lifetimes, you would not be capable of depleting it. So of course if we were immortal, there would be no need to set goals, design an effective set of plans or to prioritise. We could just go along with the flow and wait for things to come to us. There would be no need to worry about any squandered time.

We could accomplish everything we needed to accomplish at our leisure. Everyone would eventually manage to make something of their lives, even if it was just by chance. As you know, all you have available to you in this life, is a limited supply of both time and health, so it is your responsibility to make the most of both. You have a responsibility to make the most of what you have, whilst you are on this beautiful earth.

Do Super Achievers have any more time than you do?

Every one of us has 86400 seconds a day or 168 hours a week. No matter who you are, this never changes. If we all have the same amount of time available, then why do some people get so much more done each week? It is not because scientists have found a way to invent a few more seconds each week to give to super achievers or because the super-rich have found a way to buy more time. No, it is simply because some people are able to get so much more from their available time.

Queen Elizabeth I of England, the richest, most powerful woman on earth of her era, whispered these final words on her deathbed: "All my possessions for a moment of time!" Time and health are indeed the two most important facets of your life. How are you using or abusing yours?

Start by doing the things you can do

The secret to get the most from your time is to stop worrying about all the things you want to do, but are unable to do, for whatever reason that may be. Instead find ways to do all the things you can do, but for whatever reason, don't. Stop looking back over days spent spinning your wheels as you run on that never ending hamster wheel of discontent. All time wasted is gone forever, never to be seen again. Invest your most valuable possession into living, laughing and creating. What could bring more meaning and fulfilment into your experience than that?

Learn to Control your Lifestyle

To truly make the most of every day, you must be conscious and present at all times, where you control your habits and choices. To be fully self-actualised, you must invest time to exercise, make healthier food choices and ensure that you look after your health. Make time to relax, listen to great music, enjoy cultural, family and artistic activities and ensure that you get sufficient sleep. This will enable you to tackle each new day with vigour and passion.

You can Make your time count

Of course there is no time like the present so start right now and begin to look at your life from a fresh perspective. Become aware once again and as you travel through your day, regularly stop and ask yourself this question "Is what I am doing in this moment, important to my health, wellbeing and purpose in life and is it for the greater good of all concerned"? Ensure that you can always answer this question, in the affirmative and you will have discovered the path towards truly mastering and enjoying your precious time on this planet.

Top Five Websites to Plan Your Holidays

Planning your next holiday but don't know where to go, when to go, where to stay and above all how to get there? If these are the questions that bog you down and that's the reason you always end up at places that were best avoided at the time you chose to visit them, then fret not! Here's a list of some top five destination guides that will help you plan your holidays better.

1. Lonely Planet

If you are a frequent traveller you might have heard about this website. This is a good online resource offering details about destinations and practical information on getting there, a bit of history among other things. Lonely Planet has been around and is a trusted online travel guide site. Visit this site if you are planning a holiday on budget. Considered as a credible guide for backpackers Lonely Planet provides information on various youth hostels as well as other accommodations that come handy to a backpacker or a solo traveller.

2. Incredible India

This site from the Government of India offers detailed information on various states and travel destination in the country. In fact it is not just a website it is glimpse into the country, its culture, and its rich tradition. Look out for specific state related tourism information and state owned websites while browsing. This apart, Incredible India features all the important information like must visit tourist sites, where to stay along with phone numbers and email ids for you to connect with them directly.

3. Bootsnall

If you want to get travel tips and ideas on where to go and how to get there then log onto this website and get all the information. An American website, the site offers ideas suited to either American traveller or European traveller; however, this could be a great website if you are planning to travel to either America or Europe as it features all the best hotels, travelling tips and almost everything you need to know about the particular destination in America and Europe.

4. Fodors

Log into Fodors if you want to know about travel deals or explore destinations you can visit with family and friends. Fodors is another website that is an online destination guide. Fodors too gives you plenty of information and supports this with booking options. Fodors also has travel blogs, which provide first hand insight into various destinations. So do visit this website if you want to know about personal experiences of seasoned travellers.

5. JourneyMart

JourneyMart is a good website for first time as well as seasoned travellers as it offers information on everything about that destination. It also recommends destinations according to the month and / or reason you want to travel both within India and international. In addition it gives you information on destinations with again recommendations on how you should get there, where you should stay, things to do and even what you should pack amongst other more invaluable tips and advice. With all this they give you a choice to book from various travel service providers, so you get the best deal out there.

So next time you plan your holidays you know that you'll cover the length and breadth by just visiting these sites and hopefully have a memorable vacation.

Burma Holidays: An Introduction to Rangoon

Rangoon is many things - to name just a few: major port, modern metropolis, home to a diverse population, starting point for many travellers' adventures, and former capital of Burma. Holidays to the city bring visitors into a world of contrasts - Burmese architecture alongside Victorian buildings, old structures rubbing shoulders with new ones, Buddhist and Hindu temples, shopping malls and tea rooms. Those with a leisurely schedule can spend time exploring every facet of this fascinating city, while those who only have a day or two might want to be a little more selective with their itinerary. Either way, there is plenty to see, do, and learn. To help you get an idea of Rangoon's significance, and plan your visit, here is a brief introduction.

Rangoon's History

For those looking forward to their Burma holidays, it can be fun - and useful - to learn a bit of the local history of their destination. Rangoon started its life as Dagon, an ancient Mon city established during the Dvaravati period. Although the fortunes of this city waxed and waned, there has been a settlement on the site ever since - situated at the meeting point of the rivers Myitmaka and Pegu, it has always been an important port. After the fall of the Mon kingdom of Pegu, the site was named Yangon by King Alaungpaya - the name means 'end of strife'. It was renamed again, in 1886, by British colonists - becoming Rangoon.

What to See

In a country as culturally and ethnically diverse as Burma, holidays can encompass a wonderfully wide array of locations and atmospheres - and Rangoon is as distinctive as the rest. Simply walking or riding a trishaw through its streets or sipping tea in a street corner shop is sure to create memories of a city like no other.

But for those who want a more structured itinerary, here are a few 'don't miss' sights. The central old city is worth seeing, with its elegant, weathered 19th century façades. The quarter's heart, however, is a very different - and much older - kind of building: Sule Pagoda, thought to be over 2000 years old and therefore a remainder of the city's earliest days. It is believed to contain a hair of the Buddha and is visited daily by the faithful. Nearby, in Mahabandoola Park, you can find the Independence Monument, which takes the form of an obelisk, with statues of sacred lions to guard it. For shopping, there are plenty of modern shops, but more interesting is the Bogyoke Aung San Market, which sells all kinds of market wares as well as precious stones, and handicrafts from all over Burma - holidays aren't complete without souvenirs, and this is an ideal place to find them.

Juggling Tasks With A Project Management Application

Businesses, large or small, often have ongoing projects and tasks. These tend to overlap and involve many of the same team members, so it can be difficult to juggle all of these projects at once while still completing them effectively and on time.

In the past, the solution to this was to employ the use of project management software. While an ideal solution, these consisted of hardcopy disks that had to be installed on every team member's computer. There were often updates that needed to be downloaded as well, which not only took time, but also additional budgeting since the IT team often had to be involved in supporting this type of software.

Project management software, however, is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more businesses are moving to the highly effective, Web-based project management applications.

A project management app comes with all the benefits of project management software, but rises above the outdated method with additional options and perks. An application can be accessed from any location, wherever a team member has access to the internet. This means that everyone can stay involved in the project when traveling for business, while at home, or even at different computers on the job.

Although the entire team is ultimately working toward one main goal, team members are assigned individual tasks that need to be accomplished. A management app allows the project manager to designate these tasks, giving certain individuals permissions while restricting access to others. This system of delegation makes it easier for employees to stay focused and communicate, since they will always know who they need to contact or collaborate with if concerns arise.

Not only will a project app allow you to track multiple projects at once, but it will ensure that each one stays on schedule. The best applications will have integrated calendars, event information, and even timers, ensuring that every employee is aware of deadlines and can take note of his or her speed in completing certain tasks.

Even better is the ability for clients to have access to certain parts of the project. This allows them to update information, tweak certain aspects of the project, or spot misunderstandings before the project gets off track. There is simply no easier way to connect a client or vendor with your business.

With so many people and tasks to consider over the course of any project, it's nice to have an online project management app on your side.

How Can I Ensure My Tyres Last Just That Little Bit Longer?

A good automobile will last for as long as 15 years or more, but that is not true about the tyres. Depending on the composition and treads, a tyre will last for as much as 50 or 60,000 miles. This could mean that it will have to be replaced every three years or so. These automobile necessities don't come cheap and a smart car owner will find ways to make his or her wheels last just a little bit longer.

An obvious way would be driving a car only when necessary, but that probably isn't too practical. Our society is very mobile and people will drive distances that in earlier times would take nearly a day to travel. The way a person drives plays a major role in determining how long a set of tyres will be safe to ride on. Rapid turns, slamming on the brakes, or rabbit quick starts might work in an auto race, but shouldn't be part of a Sunday trip to see the relatives. Sensible driving also means avoiding debris in the road and potholes.

Air pressure has to be properly maintained. Tyres that are under or overinflated wear out quicker. A monthly check on the pressure doesn't take that long. It can, however, extend the life of the tyre. Something else that impacts longevity is the wheel alignment. Poor alignment can create considerable tread wear and aligning the tyres properly so that weight is evenly distributed should be part of any routine check-up. Rotating the tyres is a very simple way to increase the overall life. What this means is that the front tyres may be exchanged for the back ones so that the wear on the tread is more evenly distributed. It is recommended that such a rotation should be done every 6000 miles or so.

Car owners have to realize that ultimately tyres will have to be replaced. Routine inspections ought to be conducted and the tyre replaced when it is apparent that the rubber will no longer meet the road properly. These checks are pretty much visual inspections of the condition of the treads and whether or not they are still deep. If, during one of these inspections, tiny bits of glass or even a nail is discovered in the tread then these should be removed and a patch be placed on the surface where these pieces of road rubbish have been found. That way, any slow leaks will be stopped.

Tyres need to be attended to and not taken for granted. This doesn't take lots of work, but it does mean lots of attention. Car owners should note the mileage on the car when these items are purchased and budget for replacements as the odometer indicates the wheels have been driven on for over 10,000 miles. A good set of tyres can last up to four or even five years. It just takes a little bit of cautionary driving combined with routine maintenance and inspection to keep the rubber wheels rolling.

Getting to Know Narrow Boats

A uniquely interesting way of spending another day under the sun would be to set sail towards islands unknown. If that proves to be a bit too much, you can just go on adventures down the town waterway with friends and family. What better way to do that than with a narrow boat of your preference.

Narrow boats, as the name suggests, are long, narrow water vehicles designed to steer the gentle and consistent courses of canals and water systems in Europe. They are boats with big capacity and are oftentimes used for shipping cargo across small bodies of water or used for leisure cruising and sight-seeing for tourists. Since its invention in the 1800's, these boats, otherwise known as longboats, have evolved in appearance and purpose.

These calm giants are products of original British genius and its elongated structure is due in part to the fact that it needs to pass through Britain's narrow waterways with ease. To compensate for the horizontal lack of space, it was built to have longer ends to accommodate more passengers and make more room for cargo. By dimension, they are not to be more than 7 feet wide. The maximum length should only be 70 feet to avoid getting stuck in crossings and curbs.

The longboats, because of their roomy interior, have been used by some people as houses--although very rarely. Owners have the tendency to customize their boats if it is intended for personal use. They are very chill machines. These boats can only go as fast as 4mph which is equivalent to the average person speed walking. Increasing speed will produce too much ripple that might cause soil erosion on nearby banks.

With narrow boats you can venture into new business. You can put them up for travel companies to rent or you can open a cruising hotel of your own.

The specifications for modern longboats vary according to the type, but usually they run with modern diesel engines. Inside the boat, the following facilities are a standard: internal bedroom, central heating, toilet and shower, small oven area, and other necessary kitchen appliances. Additional features such as wireless internet could be installed. A narrow boat is an investment on its own. You just have to think of fresh ways to utilize it.

To operate a narrow boat, however, you will need to comply with the necessary paperwork as required by the government. Like any means transportation, owners of longboats need to acquire a license for operating it. There involves several kinds of legalities. Such would include a longboat insurance, while a separate boat safety insurance is another thing. Complying with these requirements is not enough allow you to navigate through the canals of England. Last but definitely not the least, you must apply for a British Waterways license.

These are the basic things you need to know about narrow boats before you finalize your purchase. There are many boat sales website that offer more information brand new and second hand boats.

Mobile Golf Lessons For Your Phone Or Tablet

Why should you be limited to learning? With today's technology and mobile golf lessons or tips, you can take your golf instruction literally anywhere! With a laptop, IPad or smart phone and an internet connection, you can learn to play the game at your own pace and have personalized lessons while you are standing on the driving range or anywhere that you feel the need.

We are asked all of the time... so, what exactly are the advantages of using mobile golf instruction to improve my game? Although the list has many advantages, here are the biggest advantages that we think that you have in taking mobile golf lessons:

1. Cost

If we are being honest with ourselves, many times price plays a larger part than we would like when it comes to taking golf instruction from a Professional. IN doing research, nationally the AVERAGE one hour golf lesson ranges from $70-$90. That is for one lesson! In today's economy, everyone having less and less disposable income and this range simply may not be in the budget. Companies such as Wireless Golf Coach allow you to take unlimited mobile golf lessons for less than the cost of one average golf learning lesson.

2. Convenience

The best part of mobile golf tips is that they are... well... mobile. You can take them anywhere that you are able to connect to a smart phone, lap top, IPad, desk top, etc. Mobile golf instructions are great for those who have to travel for work or those that live in a rural area and do not have access to many instructors.

3. Reach More Golf Instructors

One of the most over looked things that students do when selecting a golf instructor is understanding what their very own learning style is and does it match the way the teacher delivers the information? For example, if you learn best by feel and the instructor keeps demonstrating what to do in front of you, the two of you are not a good match. The instructor needs to understand different learning styles and how to teach to each.

4. Learn At Your Own Pace

This is definitely and advantage of taking mobile golf lessons. Not everyone learns at the same rate and not everyone has the same amount of time to spend on improving his or her game. More than likely you know quickly that you like to receive information while trying to learn. If you do not get you can simply rewind and watch again. If you still have questions you can get them answered during a golf webinar.

5. Mobile Instruction Is Not Awkward

Many people feel too embarrassed to take a golf lesson in person. They prefer to be on something like Skype or even just type their question into a chat box is more comforting for them.

6. You Do NOT Need To Be A Tech Geek

Many people are concerned with how "techie" these things must be. Honestly, they simply are not. Depending on what software the host is using, it usually only takes a couple of clicks and you can receive mobile golf instruction. This is the best part!

Wetroom Water Proofing and Its Benefits

Among the chief concerns for homeowners who are considering installing a wetroom are leaks. People worry that the waterproofing for their wetroom will not hold up and that they will have rotten wood, mold, and - ultimately - costly repairs to contend with. However, if installed correctly, wetrooms are actually less likely to leak than traditional shower enclosures.

Wetrooms are constructed by waterproofing (also known as 'tanking') a portion of an en suite, using impermeable membranes. Because these membranes can be used on a variety of surfaces and made to fit many different spaces, the size and dimensions of a wetroom are totally customizable based on a homeowner's wishes. And unlike traditional shower enclosures, which typically have difficult-to-seal seams where they meet with the walls and floor, a wetroom does not have joins that are prone to leakage.

Wetroom Advantages

Traditional shower enclosures can be difficult to install correctly. If there are gaps between the shower tray and the structure, then water will leak, causing water damage, mold, and a whole host of other problems. Additionally, if the enclosure is not level, then water will not drain correctly. Standing water can lead to mold, unpleasant odours, and the need for frequent cleaning. Furthermore, sliding or swinging doors, which are often found on traditional shower enclosures, require careful installation and have moving parts that can break down over time.

Wetrooms, on the other hand, are built using self-adhesive waterproof membranes that easily adhere to a pre-existing portion of an en suite. Thus, instead of endeavoring to fit a pre-built enclosure into an area that was not necessarily designed to accommodate it, a wetroom is built by simply converting existing space into a shower area. Wetrooms, moreover, offer homeowners more design options by allowing them to use any type of ceramic tile or natural stone they choose. Plus, wetrooms are most often outfitted with non-moving glass screens, so there are no hinges or other costly hardware.

Easy Installation and Lifetime Guarantees

For those looking to give their home a modern and elegant look without spending too much money, modular wetroom kits are a great solution. These kits include waterproof membranes, drains, grills, boards, etc - everything you need to outfit your en suite with a wetroom. Even novices can quickly and easily install a wetroom in their own home using these kits.

Wetrooms are also a great solution for developers who cannot afford mistakes or setbacks in their time lines. Because they take just a fraction of the installation time that one has to spend when installing a traditional shower enclosure, installing wetrooms can shorten the time it takes to complete construction. Of course, wetrooms also offer a contemporary look that is appealing to buyers. And, if the building is being constructed for use by the public, as in the case of a hotel, then a wetroom can help developers meet various requirements for access by the elderly and those with disabilities.

Overall, wetrooms - when installed properly - require significantly less maintenance than do traditional shower trays. With better waterproofing and less moving parts, wetrooms are less likely to leak or otherwise break down in the ways that traditional shower enclosures are prone to. Nevertheless, many wetroom manufacturers and parts suppliers like CCL offer lifetime warranties on their wetrooms and wetroom parts. This means that - for the lifetime of the tile installed with the wetroom - homeowners are guaranteed to be satisfied with their wetroom.

Worry-Free Wetrooms

While it is understandable that homeowners would be concerned about a wetroom leaking, there are many kinds of quality waterproof membranes available on the market that can ensure a wetroom does not leak. Also, in most cases, wetrooms provide better drainage and have fewer joins, meaning less possibility for leakage, than do traditional shower enclosures. Of course, for those who still have concerns about a wetroom leaking, many products used for waterproofing wetrooms come with lifetime guarantees. Because of this, homeowners can rest assured that they are getting a quality wetroom that is going to look great, add value to their home, and last for many years.

Algarve - A Sunny Holiday Paradise That Will Suit Any Tourist

Sand, sun, historical sites, and exotic architectural designs with many of Europe's best beaches, a number of the continent's leading golf courses, spectacular fantastic grottoes, cliff scenery, and a warm year round climate, it had been unavoidable that Algarve, Portugal's most southern province, might become the nation's most popular traveling destination. Almost completely ruined from the 1755 earthquake, it's got less cultural sight-seeing opportunities than other areas of the country, nevertheless its picturesque beauty a lot greater than accounts for it, and it also has excellent facilities for all.

Most tourists to Portugal visit the Algarve, and some of them do not abandon their own resorts to discover numerous area of the country. The reasons would be the beaches and sights of amazing beauty, the year-around sunshine, and its particular leisure and sports activities. However, there's also traditional towns such as Faro, Sagres (also known "the ends of the world" prior to the Age of Discovery), and Lagos, all worthy of exploring. The beaches happen to be among the cleanest and best in Europe, Albufeira beach without any fewer than 30 of the nation's 100-plus European Union "Blue Flag" beachfronts.

Central Algarve or even the coastline amongst Lagos and Faro can get easily crowded during summer, however even there, one of the hotels, villas, and sports complexes, it's still possible to discover vestiges of old fashioned Portugal from the narrow whitewashed pavement and relative quiet and peace in the cave beaches. Many of the most unique options that come with of Algarve are pointers of their existence, in the latticed chimneys, for the white domed structures, to the Prunus dulcis trees, to position names starting with "Al" -- Algarve originates from Al Gharb, which means "The West". The Algarve region of Portugal is actually situated mainly along the southern coast and it has a micro climate and really fantastic locations to stay in whilst on holiday.

The people are very friendly and the actual coast is quite rugged with many excellent beaches and small sandy coves. If you are a keen fisherman you will also see a lot of the locals stood on craggy rocks fishing perhaps for their suppers and knowing how friendly these people are they may even offer you their catches to eat. The Algarve really is a special place to visit and it also offers its many tourists great Portuguese accommodation. Don't just take my word for it, why not book a beautiful Algarve villa and see for yourself. You will love it.

Three Features That Make Miami Beach Condos The Perfect Real Estate Option For Vacation Homes

Miami Beach condos are one of the most outstanding real estate options within the world-class city that has been recognized for its superb white sand beaches, amazing ocean views, and fabulous quality of living.

Nowadays, these real estate options are viewed as phenomenal vacation homes simply because they offer everything that one could possibly want to have while they are out on vacation, especially when it comes to a beach resort destination that is located right along the Atlantic coast of the South Florida region.

If you would like to find out what makes today's selection of Miami Beach condos a perfect vacation home of choice, you should consider these three features which are sure to showcase the qualities that any vacation home should have:

Modern Home Spaces

Just because you are on vacation does not mean that you should have to opt for hotel rooms or any other generic type of accommodation option which might be available within the city. Given today's selection of Miami Beach condos, people will be able to choose among hundreds of units which have been designed to live up to the high degree of modern luxury living standards wherein comfort and style come together as one.

One of the newest options that can be found within the city is the Setai which can be found along the scenic Collins Avenue. It offers the most fabulous modern high-rise home spaces which have been designed by the remarkable Adrian Zecha whose own signature touch makes each of the Setai residences truly breath-taking.

High-Quality Facilities

One of the important features that people should be able to have in a vacation home is a selection of high-quality facilities which are going to enhance the experience simply by adding options that appeal to one's personal enjoyment. Whether you are someone who would like to indulge in swimming pools that offer oceanfront views, or if your need to pump iron can be further enhanced by state-of-the-art equipment, the Miami Beach condos that are available on today's market make sure that people are given all of the finest facilities which help people feel relaxed and rejuvenated all throughout their vacation.

The Acqualina located along Collins Avenue within Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best options for people who seek Miami Beach condos that come with high-quality facilities.

White-Glove Services

People who go on vacation easily want to forget about all of their worries and focus on the finer things that life has to offer. Miami Beach condos help make that happen by providing people with white-glove services to all of their residents and guests. You can forget about having to clean up after yourself, worrying your laundry, or whatever it is that you would normally have to do in your daily life because condos within the city make sure to provide people with VIP treatment all throughout their stay.

If you are interested in being able to experience the finest white-glove services in the city today, you should definitely consider the W South Beach condos along Collins Avenue because of their Whatever/Whenever signature service which ensures that residents and guests are given whatever they want, whenever they want.

If you would like to learn more about the different condo options that are available to you in the city of Miami Beach, you may contact a professional real estate agent for more information.

Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions

When choosing how to support a dynamic work environment, some information technology (IT) directors are timid about implementing enterprise mobility solutions. They may be concerned about integration into the company network, securing data and controlling costs. By implementing a new system of enterprise asset management, companies can save money, provide a wide array of options for employees and protect information and devices at the same time.

Securing Data
In a recent information technology (IT) executive survey, chief information officers noted that their number one concern with the support and implementation of enterprise mobility solutions was securing corporate data. There are several strategy options in providing security measures in a dynamic work environment that can help to lessen the fears of corporate management decision-makers. Enterprise asset management can include encryption, security passwords and limited access to data among the possibilities.

Staying Under Budget
Devising and implementing a reasonable mobile enterprise plan must include costs beyond purchasing devices, providing remote access to the devices and creating a mobile application platform. When choosing how to support a dynamic work environment, a plan should consider all of these elements, as well as the use of a scalable and customized solution. When the advantages of daily travel and overhead savings that come with a mobile workforce are factored into the equation, IT managers may find the return on investment (ROI) worthwhile.

Multiple Device Integration
In many companies, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept is a growing trend. Employees purchase their own devices or use what they already have in the workplace to perform various tasks on the job. For example, laptops may be more efficient than desktop computers, especially for those who make client calls and work out in the field. Some employees may use their own smartphone or tablet as an easy way to keep in touch with everyone in their communications circle, from the babysitter to their newest client. Integrating these devices into the company network has its challenges, many of which can be met with asset management. Software that can be used across a variety of manufacturers and devices can be hard to find in some industries and difficult to integrate in others. Cross platform mobile development is a cost-effective solution for companies experiencing the BYOD boom.

For many companies with a growing dynamic work environment, the creation and implementation of an enterprise mobility strategy and asset management system takes time. Choosing a custom enterprise asset management system can help companies improve their ROI, keep information secure and successfully integrate multiple devices from a variety of sources.

The Caribbean: A Golfer's Paradise

While travelling around the Caribbean, always hearing about beach this and beach that, it's easy to forget about the region's other important offerings-such as its world-class golf courses. And if you're staying at a luxury boutique hotel like Cap Maison, access to the best courses is easy. With every swing of your club, and the Caribbean's ocean-bound winds brushing your face, the sense of privilege you'll enjoy while playing on this side of the world is unmistakable.

The 18-hole St. Lucia Golf and Country Club

If you're staying at Cap Maison in St. Lucia, you don't have to jump over another island to enjoy a game as it has its own 18-hole golf course. The ocean views are breathtaking, not to mention the cool sea breezes that make playing a few rounds, even at midday, a 'breeze to do.' A Par 71 and with close to 7,000 yards, the golf and country club in St. Lucia can transform even the most hesitant dabblers into a confident professional golfer in no time. They have a professional coaching service and the shop stocks premium branded golf equipment. The Golf Club also regularly gives its patrons certain special offers, so be sure to check it out.

The Trump International Golf Club

At St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a short trip away from Cap Maison, you'll find what is perhaps the most beautiful golf course in the Caribbean: the Trump International Golf Club. Every aspect of this golf course is worthy of its five-star ranking-from the design of the course itself, the luxurious amenities, to the excellent personal service. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so you may consider the matter arguable. But consider this: sweeping panoramic views all around you as you prep up for your next swing, and luxuriant, green fairways providing a breathtaking contrast with the rock cliffs and the white sandy beaches below. And once you reach the 13th hole, you'll understand why previous guests can't stop themselves from gushing whenever the golf course's name is mentioned-as the highest point in the entire course, the views from here will truly take your breath away.

The Royal Westmoreland

On the island of Barbados, the Royal Westmoreland golf course offers those who might have been jaded with all the glitz of other newer courses in the Caribbean something utterly pure: the deeply rewarding feeling of sheer enjoyment of the game. The entire course, especially at the right time of the day, becomes an explosion of colours-the greens and browns mingle with the purples and oranges of the different grasses and shrubs and trees. But of course, as you might be visiting Royal Westmoreland from the Cap Maison for the day, you're here basically for the golf. For that, rest assured you're in the best of hands: designed to naturally flow throughout the landscape, the course proceeds leisurely allowing you to soak up the sights. Truly magnificent-and the golf isn't bad either!

How to Compose Your Own Bucket List

The main problem with bucket lists is that people tend to put them together without giving any real thought to where they are in their life. If you are a starving artist that is struggling to make the monthly rent, the chances of you ever making it around the world, traveling first class the entire way, isn't likely to happen unless your situation changes drastically. That doesn't mean that you have to abandon that dream completely, but rather just leave it off the list until it actually becomes a possibility.

There may be nothing more depressing than seeing all of your hopes and dreams go uncompleted, but that is what can happen if your bucket list is a little too lavish for your financial means. One good way to create a bucket list is to write down everything that you can think of, no matter how small or incredibly grand. Once you have that large list made up, it's time to start delegation items based on priority and reality. Who says that you have to have a single bucket list? You could easily break your list down into 2 or 3 separate lists, starting out with one that contains items that you know you can manage fairly easily. Put the other lists aside for now, but don't give up on the dream of fulfilling those just yet.

Your first bucket list should be filled with nothing but achievable goals: learning to play a musical instrument, taking up a new language, running in a half marathon, and other such items that you have always wanted to do, but kept putting off. Seeing them in a list with a box beside each item just waiting to be checked off is often the inspiration that people need to go out and fulfill those dreams. There is a major sense of accomplishment that comes with having checked off all the items on that list, and it will likely inspire you to want to do more. Perhaps as a reward for completing that first batch you might look at one of the items on the "rich list." Think about perhaps treating yourself to a vacation to a destination that is somewhere on that other list, staying within your financial budget of course.

Even if you never have the means to get to all the more harder to achieve dreams, you at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you got to complete a bunch of the things that you always wanted to do. As mentioned earlier, never give up on those bigger items, simply because you never know how your life is going to change. What you might think of as an impossible dream today is something that could be very attainable a decade from now. The one thing that you have to do is not beat yourself up for not getting to every item that you wrote down on that very first list. Being unable to get to them all usually had more to do with where your life takes you rather than a lack of effort on your part. Don't live your life dwelling on the things that didn't occur, and instead spend time celebrating those that did.

Houses for Rent in Chiang Mai: Discover a New Way of Life in the North of Thailand

Chiang Mai is quickly taking its place as a favourite city to live, work and visit in South East Asia. It is amongst the top ten liveable cities in the region, and has a burgeoning expat community living happily alongside the local population. With a mix of different ethnic groups calling the north of Thailand home, this city really does have a multi-cultural feel.

Found in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai sits at the bottom of some of the most spectacular and beautiful mountains in the entire country. It is renowned for its excellent outdoor pursuits, including trekking, cycling, river rafting and elephant trekking. Some of Thailand's best national parks are very close by, and there are scores of pretty waterfalls. The more adventurous will enjoy the jungle tree top activities, including canopy walking and zip-lining,

Also known as the city of hundreds of temples, Chiang Mai has many remarkable things to see and do. The city walls provide an interesting historical stroll, whilst a few hours can be spent admiring displays in the museums. As well as typical leisure activities that can be found in all major cities, people can spend time relaxing at the beautiful well-maintained zoo or at a buffalo farm.

Having a modern feel whilst also retaining the atmosphere of a provincial Thai town means that residents can enjoy the laid back town lifestyle, taking in all that it has to offer, whilst also having access to all modern amenities, facilities and services. There are supermarkets selling international products, international schools and a full range of English-speaking service providers.

The north is linked to the rest of Thailand by land, rail and air. The airport serves several domestic and international destinations, and trains and buses frequently travel between other towns and cities. The public transport network within Chiang Mai is good, meaning that people can get around easily. Many residents, however, choose to buy or rent an inexpensive scooter to allow even greater freedom.

There is a vast choice of living options available for anyone wishing to settle, including a fantastic selection of houses for rent in Chiang Mai. Properties are usually cheaper than in other major Thai cities, and people are able to get more for their money in Chiang Mai. There is a full range of price options, meaning that everyone can find their perfect affordable home.

There are houses for rent in Chiang Mai to suit all tastes and requirements. There is a fantastic assortment of locations, and a great variety of property sizes and styles. Whether one wants to live in the heart of the city or in a more remote location, whether one needs two bedrooms or five, and whether one wants more modern bricks and mortar or a traditional wooden Thai style house, there is something for everyone in Chiang Mai.

Furnished and unfurnished houses are available.

Renting is easier for most expats, due to the Thai laws restricting foreign property ownership. There are no restrictions on renting a house. It is common practice that a months' rent and a security deposit must be paid up front, although some landlords may require two months' rent in advance.

Short term visitors may also be able to enjoy renting their own holiday home.

Anyone who dreams of moving to this great place, or anybody wishing to move house within Chiang Mai, should consider the outstanding houses for rent in Chiang Mai and start their life in their new ideal home.

Why Visit Rottingdean - Brighton's Historic Seaside Village

You'll discover a classic seaside hamlet when you visit Rottingdean. While spending time in the town, you can relax by the sea, shop and enjoy tasty cuisine. Furthermore, the community features historical architecture and picturesque gardens.

A Short History

Rottingdean began as a small farming community. However, during the late 18th century, the town became a popular leisure destination. In fact, several famous people, such as Sir Edward Burne-Jones and Rudyard Kipling, discovered the town in the late 19th century.

Rottingdean's swimming pool was an early recreation spot for residents and visitors. Furthermore, the pool was built in 1934 as an extension of the Undercliff Walk, and it remained in use for more than 60 years. The town completed a development project in 1995 and filled the area in with concrete.

Rottingdean Eatery and Snack Recommendations

When it's time for a tasty treat, be sure to stop by High Tides for an ice cream or a sweet. To eat something more substantial, visit the Village Bakery. Furthermore, several coffee shops are in the area such as Beyond Design and JaJu Beans. In addition, if you want to end the day with a drink, then you can visit The Queen Victoria or the Coach House.

The Beach

At the beach, you'll appreciate the eye-catching sight of the chalk cliffs stretched out behind you. If you take a walk down the beach, then you may come across rock pools, which you can explore. While visiting Rottingdean, be sure to spend a day or two near the water to smell the fresh ocean air and feel the wind on your face.

Historic Sightseeing Places

If you are a history enthusiast, then don't miss the old smock mill. You'll find the structure several hundred yards to the north of the Coast Road. The mill was built in 1802, and in 1881, it was closed. Today, you can view the mill because the Rottingdean Preservation Society restored it. Furthermore, the site is open for tours in the summer. You may even be fortunate enough to visit the mill during a kite-flying event.

As you walk around the community, you'll come across several antique homes and structures that the preservation group has saved. For instance, in the Golden Square, you can view one of the town's old washhouses. The St. Aubyns School is another well-preserved historical site in Rottingdean. It was built in 1882, and it was called the Rottingdean School from 1887 until 1894. Several famous people attended the school such as John Kipling and travel writer Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

To prevent the chalk cliffs from eroding into the sea, the town built the long Undercliff Walk, which stretches from Black Rock to Saltdean. The support section was constructed between 1930 and 1935. Today, you can walk along the cement path and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Once you reach Rottingdean, be sure to visit the Kipling Gardens. While at the site, you'll have the opportunity to view ornamental grass, a walled rose garden and a chalkland wild section.

Shopping in Rottingdean

Be sure to visit several of the village's stores. At the Martlets Shop, you can select a unique souvenir, or if you enjoy burning candles in your home, then purchase an item from Madwax Candles. To add a classic décor item to your residence, shop at Grange Antiques as the shop features antique merchandise and art from Asia and Northern Europe.

Reasons to Visit Rottingdean

Rottingdean is the ideal holiday spot since its location offers you peace and quiet. You can relax by strolling down the Undercliff Walk or browse in one of the village's antique stores. Moreover, the town's historical sightseeing locales will allow you to view a piece of history.

Sailing Croatia's Coast: More Than a Boat Trip

With well over one thousand islands, of which not even one hundred are inhabited, it's no surprise that when it comes to sailing, Croatia is growing in popularity among those who want a cruising holiday.

Known as the "pearl of the Adriatic", the spectacular coastline with its idyllic hidden coves, and tiny, barely-inhabited islands make for a wonderful experience while sailing. Croatia offers fantastic opportunities on the water, whether you are going on a cruise on a large chartered yacht, a catamaran, or even a small skif. Just imagine being able to swim in a new spot every day, tour historic ports and discover a world of new wonders on every stop of your journey! Sailing Croatia's waters isn't just suitable for avid sailors - it's an activity that offers many different things to do. Here are just a few of the options available:

Unwind At Sea
The first option, of course, is the opportunity for pure, unadulterated sailing. Croatia's stunning waters are the best vantage point from which to enjoy the stunning views of the coastline with next to no effort - it's the perfect way to unwind and relax. A favourite among couples on honeymoon, families and older travellers, this relaxing activity allows you enjoy a leisurely pace without sacrificing the cooling swims in hidden bays, the opportunity to bask in history and culture at the different towns on stopovers, or enjoy the energetic nightlife (particularly in Hvar) if you should so wish!

Island Hopping
Of course, the next most obvious activity while sailing Croatia's coastline is island hopping. Many tour specialists offer itineraries that allow visitors to explore the many must-see sights - meeting lots of new friends along the way.

One of the most popular routes for this type of cruise is the Dubrovnik to Split (or vice versa) route which offers stops at the different islands, including Hvar, with its exclusive bars and nightlife, and of course, the historic town of Split - as well as five World Heritage sites. Mijet can also be a stop, as can the island of Korcula, said to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. With its heady mix of history, culture and bustling action (read: parties!) sailing Croatia's waters and stopping of is perhaps one of the best ways to see it.

Underwater adventures can be just as exciting as the experiences above the waves. Many people explore the beauty of Croatia's wonders under the crystalline waters of the Adriatic while on a trip sailing. Croatia has no dearth of scuba instructors, as well as dive guides - so it's an activity even beginners can enjoy.

Sail and Cycle
For the more active and adventurous visitor, cycling tours make a great complement to sailing. Croatia's amazing mountain and countryside trails - ranging from easy rides to more challenging ones- allow more active holiday-makers to explore the natural beauty of the different islands and explore their historic wonders closely. Trails and quiet lanes off the beaten track offer vistas of olive groves, lavender fields and historic churches- providing a true feast for the senses with their sights, sounds and smells.

What Is Cloud Hosting or Application Hosting?

It seems that the term "Cloud" is thrown around by just about every type of application hosting company these days. The overuse of the word can make it difficult for the average business professional to truly understand what cloud hosting is, and to understand how it can form a part of a whole business solution for the company.

Here are some basics of cloud hosting, also known as application hosting or managed hosting, so you can form a solid idea as to what it is.

Application Hosting - Off-Site Solutions

Cloud hosting really refers to the concept that your business application is hosted at another location, using servers not in your facility. Cloud hosting also means that your systems can be accessed from just about any internet-enabled device.

There are a number of key benefits to offsite managed hosting, with the primary reason being that offsite hosting can help to ensure the security of your sensitive data. Cloud hosting takes advantage of cutting edge security systems that will encrypt your data to the point where it is a lot more secure on the remote servers than it would be on your own. Even if you were to install good encryption tools, the reality is that the combined resources of an application hosting company is that they can afford to invest in better and more secure solutions.

Resource Elasticity

What would happen if your servers were to start to run out of available space? You would have two solutions, essentially.

1. You would need to start deleting data somewhere in order to make room for the newer incoming data.

2. You would need to spend money to either add memory to the server or consider the purchase of a larger server.

Cloud hosting allows you the ability to adjust your needs for added resources almost immediately in order to meet the demands of your business. Business productivity doesn't need to slow down just because you don't have all of the resources that you need.

Instant Updates - Without Added Cost

When updates to your application are released, you may need to ordinarily spend a bit of money purchasing the updates in order to ensure that your business is using the latest versions. Cloud hosting will typically have your hosting company taking care of any updates or patches that may be needed to ensure that the systems are operating as efficiently as is possible.

When your users log into the system they will automatically be using the most current version of the software, without the need to make manual updates.

Flexibility in Location

With the ability we all have to sit down and work from virtually any area, cloud hosting takes things one step further and allows you ready access to your hosted systems. You could be on a train, on a plane, or sitting in your living room. So long as you have a web-enabled device and an internet connection, you will be able to quickly access your business data when you need it.

This type of flexibility can prove to be hugely valuable to those who travel extensively for business, or for those who offer flexibility in work location for their employees.

There are so many benefits to cloud hosting, including many methods of being able to slash your IT budget. Take the time to find out if managed hosting is just what your business needs in order to succeed in today's competitive business market.

A Brief Guide: Visiting the National Park in Snowdonia, North Wales

The Snowdonia National Park is situated on the west coast of the United Kingdom and over looks the Irish Sea and some of the most spectacular countryside you will find in Wales. Snowdonia saw its National Park designated back in 1951, so that this unique and breathtaking landscape could be preserved and cared for, so generations to come would have the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic part of Wales.

Snowdonia's National Park covers an area of over 820 square miles, offering a range of landscapes and terrains with its thoroughly diverse topography. Snowdonia can boast to being home to the highest mountain in England and Wales; Mount Snowdon has an altitude of 3,560 ft (or 1,085 metres) above sea level.

Mount Snowdon is a mecca for many people who enjoy countryside activities like hiking, mountain biking, hill walking, rock climbing, abseiling, paragliding, plus an ideal landscape for wildlife and bird watching.

Many people enjoy, hill walking, Mount Snowdon offers a challenge, and apart from the physical rewards you can enjoy the stunning scenery and awe-inspiring views across this amazing landscape. For those who want a slightly more leisurely ascent to the high peak, visitors can enjoy the historical and well-preserved Snowdon Mountain Railway.

The mountain railway travels the 4.7 miles (7.6 km) from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon daily from March 31, every year through the season until winter arrives. It is one of the best ways to see Snowdonia, especially if you are planning to enjoy the train journey to the spectacular summit as part of a great day out with you and your family.

Once at Snowdon's summit you can take in the awesome views and vistas, whilst gazing across the beautiful landscape down below. Visitors can also visit the newly refurbished summit visitor's centre, shops and mountain café, where you can enjoy a wide variety of refreshments or enjoy a meal while you gaze across the mountain landscape.

Incidentally, Snowdonia has the largest natural lake in Wales and a whole host of smaller lakes and rivers where you can enjoy a wide range of water sport activities, these can include fishing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking.

So the big questions are when will you be visiting North Wales and the Snowdonia National Park and where will you start your holiday? This area of Wales offers so much diversity for visitors that you will be spoilt for choice for locations and places to visit.

Getting More From LED Cycle Lights

Using Cycle Lights to See and Be Seen

LED cycle lights are now the most popular form of lights for cyclists who ride after dark. These powerful and advanced lighting systems have come a long way in recent years, with wider angles, punchier beams and many more accessories. Cycle lights are essential if you wise to ride in the dark, and they can be just as important if you ride in the morning or in daylight when visibility is reduced. You should fit a front white light and a red rear light as well as pedal reflectors to comply with the relevant laws related to cycling on public roads. You need to make sure you can clearly see where you are going, and you also need to make sure that you are 100 % visible to those travelling around you. Why are LED lights the best choice? These robust lights offer high performance and quality and although they may be a little more expensive, they are totally worth it.

Buying Your Lights

You are spoilt for choice on the bike light market. Today they come in all shapes and sizes and offer extremely powerful lumen outputs. The light you buy will depend on many things including your budget, when you ride, your style of riding and also your personal preferences. There are lights that are very compact and consist of just one LED or there are others that comprise of two light heads and are slightly bulkier. There are also a number of cycle lights that come with variable power modes so you can easily switch the level of lighting your require. This can be useful if you like to cycle to and from work but also enjoy off-road riding. You should look at what accessories the light sets come with. Does it come with a connection to fit a rear light or will you need to buy this separately? Rear cycle lights are just as important as front ones. Also check for battery quality, a charger and mounting options.

Getting Out and Enjoying Your Ride

Whilst safety is number one, one of the main advantages of having those lights attached is you can increase your riding hours! There's no need to worry about heading home before it gets dark. Cycling at night can be an attractive option if you don't get time to cycle in the day because of working commitments and it also allows you to avoid the crowds, with many of the roads and cycling routes being a lot quieter.