Top Five Websites to Plan Your Holidays

Planning your next holiday but don't know where to go, when to go, where to stay and above all how to get there? If these are the questions that bog you down and that's the reason you always end up at places that were best avoided at the time you chose to visit them, then fret not! Here's a list of some top five destination guides that will help you plan your holidays better.

1. Lonely Planet

If you are a frequent traveller you might have heard about this website. This is a good online resource offering details about destinations and practical information on getting there, a bit of history among other things. Lonely Planet has been around and is a trusted online travel guide site. Visit this site if you are planning a holiday on budget. Considered as a credible guide for backpackers Lonely Planet provides information on various youth hostels as well as other accommodations that come handy to a backpacker or a solo traveller.

2. Incredible India

This site from the Government of India offers detailed information on various states and travel destination in the country. In fact it is not just a website it is glimpse into the country, its culture, and its rich tradition. Look out for specific state related tourism information and state owned websites while browsing. This apart, Incredible India features all the important information like must visit tourist sites, where to stay along with phone numbers and email ids for you to connect with them directly.

3. Bootsnall

If you want to get travel tips and ideas on where to go and how to get there then log onto this website and get all the information. An American website, the site offers ideas suited to either American traveller or European traveller; however, this could be a great website if you are planning to travel to either America or Europe as it features all the best hotels, travelling tips and almost everything you need to know about the particular destination in America and Europe.

4. Fodors

Log into Fodors if you want to know about travel deals or explore destinations you can visit with family and friends. Fodors is another website that is an online destination guide. Fodors too gives you plenty of information and supports this with booking options. Fodors also has travel blogs, which provide first hand insight into various destinations. So do visit this website if you want to know about personal experiences of seasoned travellers.

5. JourneyMart

JourneyMart is a good website for first time as well as seasoned travellers as it offers information on everything about that destination. It also recommends destinations according to the month and / or reason you want to travel both within India and international. In addition it gives you information on destinations with again recommendations on how you should get there, where you should stay, things to do and even what you should pack amongst other more invaluable tips and advice. With all this they give you a choice to book from various travel service providers, so you get the best deal out there.

So next time you plan your holidays you know that you'll cover the length and breadth by just visiting these sites and hopefully have a memorable vacation.


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