Wetroom Water Proofing and Its Benefits

Among the chief concerns for homeowners who are considering installing a wetroom are leaks. People worry that the waterproofing for their wetroom will not hold up and that they will have rotten wood, mold, and - ultimately - costly repairs to contend with. However, if installed correctly, wetrooms are actually less likely to leak than traditional shower enclosures.

Wetrooms are constructed by waterproofing (also known as 'tanking') a portion of an en suite, using impermeable membranes. Because these membranes can be used on a variety of surfaces and made to fit many different spaces, the size and dimensions of a wetroom are totally customizable based on a homeowner's wishes. And unlike traditional shower enclosures, which typically have difficult-to-seal seams where they meet with the walls and floor, a wetroom does not have joins that are prone to leakage.

Wetroom Advantages

Traditional shower enclosures can be difficult to install correctly. If there are gaps between the shower tray and the structure, then water will leak, causing water damage, mold, and a whole host of other problems. Additionally, if the enclosure is not level, then water will not drain correctly. Standing water can lead to mold, unpleasant odours, and the need for frequent cleaning. Furthermore, sliding or swinging doors, which are often found on traditional shower enclosures, require careful installation and have moving parts that can break down over time.

Wetrooms, on the other hand, are built using self-adhesive waterproof membranes that easily adhere to a pre-existing portion of an en suite. Thus, instead of endeavoring to fit a pre-built enclosure into an area that was not necessarily designed to accommodate it, a wetroom is built by simply converting existing space into a shower area. Wetrooms, moreover, offer homeowners more design options by allowing them to use any type of ceramic tile or natural stone they choose. Plus, wetrooms are most often outfitted with non-moving glass screens, so there are no hinges or other costly hardware.

Easy Installation and Lifetime Guarantees

For those looking to give their home a modern and elegant look without spending too much money, modular wetroom kits are a great solution. These kits include waterproof membranes, drains, grills, boards, etc - everything you need to outfit your en suite with a wetroom. Even novices can quickly and easily install a wetroom in their own home using these kits.

Wetrooms are also a great solution for developers who cannot afford mistakes or setbacks in their time lines. Because they take just a fraction of the installation time that one has to spend when installing a traditional shower enclosure, installing wetrooms can shorten the time it takes to complete construction. Of course, wetrooms also offer a contemporary look that is appealing to buyers. And, if the building is being constructed for use by the public, as in the case of a hotel, then a wetroom can help developers meet various requirements for access by the elderly and those with disabilities.

Overall, wetrooms - when installed properly - require significantly less maintenance than do traditional shower trays. With better waterproofing and less moving parts, wetrooms are less likely to leak or otherwise break down in the ways that traditional shower enclosures are prone to. Nevertheless, many wetroom manufacturers and parts suppliers like CCL offer lifetime warranties on their wetrooms and wetroom parts. This means that - for the lifetime of the tile installed with the wetroom - homeowners are guaranteed to be satisfied with their wetroom.

Worry-Free Wetrooms

While it is understandable that homeowners would be concerned about a wetroom leaking, there are many kinds of quality waterproof membranes available on the market that can ensure a wetroom does not leak. Also, in most cases, wetrooms provide better drainage and have fewer joins, meaning less possibility for leakage, than do traditional shower enclosures. Of course, for those who still have concerns about a wetroom leaking, many products used for waterproofing wetrooms come with lifetime guarantees. Because of this, homeowners can rest assured that they are getting a quality wetroom that is going to look great, add value to their home, and last for many years.


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