Stop List Bulge - How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Rid of Your Never Ending To-Do List

We are creatures of habit. Every day we walk, talk, think, worry, and go to work in a very similar way as yesterday. No problem there, if you are getting and doing everything you want in a day. But what if your list is bigger than your time? Maybe you notice that you are great at adding "To-Do's", but half of your list never seems to get a line drawn though it?

There is no end of things to keep you busy. At work there are client needs, bosses needs, improvement needs, committee needs and the list goes on. Everybody I know wants to know how to get more things on their list done. And then there are the changes you want to create in your personal life. The bookstores are bulging with great advice from well-meaning authors (like me), that tell us that we need to: meditate everyday, exercise, plan for our financial future and be the ultimate husband/wife and parent. Yikes-how can we do all this and have time to sleep?

It's all good stuff-if you had endless amounts of time and nothing else on your plate.

I have discovered in my life that all the ambition and great ideas in the world are worthless unless I have a discipline that helps me to be effective at planning and getting things done. Just think of all the people you know that talk about the changes they want to make in their life, but never seem to make any headway. The problem is that they lack the tools to plan and complete. Without these tools they are destined to be dreamers that are always frustrated by their inability to move great ideas forward to completion.

"Never mistake activity for achievement." John Wooden

Let's look at ways to actually do more of the right stuff and avoid list bulge.


The reality is we can't do it all. Nobody can, not Branson, Oprah, or Buffett, or you-nor should we try. When that new, cool, "Must-Do" comes across your consciousness, pause and think before you make it a "Will-Do". At the point of choice you can save yourself a lot of time and grief.

When I am travelling I usually have time to read magazines, listen to podcasts, and get ideas for my business. Often I find myself scribbling these little nuggets on a notepad, or tearing the article out of the magazine and already formulating how I will put them into action. There's nothing wrong with that-until I try to find the time to do it.

On one recent trip I made notes on: creating a new "Thank You" card to go to clients, adding an automated assistant to my web site, and using Google to search for potential association clients for my keynote speaking business. All good ideas-and any one of them could chew up many hours of time to research, create, and perfect.

Instead I use the one-week rule. If it still sounds good at the end of a week, it might have merit and I'll take it to the next step. If after one-week other things have taken priority, or it no longer grabs me, I move on. It obviously wasn't important enough and, fear not, there will be plenty more great ideas to follow.


An interesting exercise is to look at how long tasks stay on your list waiting for some attention. In one study the longest that some tasks were on To-Do lists was 27 days! That's 27 days of thinking about the task, choosing to skip over it, rewriting it the next day and then going through the same routine over and over again every day-that's a mind-numbing habit!

Often I delay getting started on a task because of how I recorded it. If the task looks like hard work - or it will consume a lot of time - I will put it off. One trick I have developed is to always record tasks (in my Day Plan or Action Plan) so they provide specific direction and look like they could be completed in twenty minutes or less (obviously some activities, like meetings can take longer).

For example, "phone Jim and get quotation" will always get more action from me than "research new venue options" or "work on event budget." When my brain hears language like "research", "investigate", "fix", "deal with" or other vague wording it interprets it as heavy lifting. After all, if you have a steady stream of emails shouting at you, work on you desk calling your name and a phone that keeps ringing while would you try to tackle something that is undefined and sounds like a lot of work? I know I wouldn't.

A good exercise is to scan tasks on your list today that you have procrastinated about this week and then check out your wording. If you see some vague abstract description it could be that a tighter, more specific description would have got you started.

"Adventure is just bad planning" Roald Amundsen


This might seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning: work from only one list. In my book Give Me a Break I describe my Plan like a Pilot system of the Action Plan (for the week) and Day Plan (for the day.) I have found that this system keeps me focused on the right work and motivated and focused.

When I work with clients I see some habits that hold them back and multiple lists can be the biggest anchor. When you have a day timer, lists on your computer, notes recorded on your phone, stickie-notes to remind you of important details and a note pad with scribbles from the lasts meeting you are in trouble. There is no way you can claim to be focused, goal-oriented and effective if you allow your lists to propagate like rabbits.

"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is not try." Yoda

The first change you should make with your lists is to break work into at least three categories: today, this week, and long-term. Cramming everything onto one list just creates list overload and doesn't serve you.

Next you need to decide what tools you need to use. A common strategy (if you can call it that) is to have one big journal-like book that doubles as a day planner. Everything goes in there like a big suitcase with all your responsibilities unsorted, unprioritized and (probably) unfinished.

I recommend that if you are a Microsoft Outlook user that you become familiar with Outlook Tasks. This is a simple way to record your goals for the week and your longer-term goals. Learn how to set up categories and you will be even more successful. Good categories are: "Action Plan (for the week)", Boulders (long-term)", Reading, Training Committee, Research, Finance, etc.

On a Mac you can use the tasks feature in iCal or some third-party tool. The important change to make is to separate your work into what you need to be looking at today, a short list of priorities to accomplish by Friday and long-term Boulders you have a focus on.


You can't keep cramming clothes into an already full suitcase-physics are against you. And you can't keep adding things to your Day Timer when you don't have enough time for what's already there.

The solution is to be just as good at growing a "Stop Doing" list as you are at growing your "To-Do" list.

I remember when our kids were younger a friend had a family policy of a toy-for-a-toy. If a child wanted a new toy, and the parents agreed to it, then one toy they already owned had to be donated to charity. What a great lesson and what a great idea for reducing the clutter in the house.

I describe the Stop Doing list more in my book Give Me a Break, but here are a few tips:

What can go? Often the habitual, routine, and common tasks are just carry-overs from last week. Do you really need to still be doing these tasks? Start your Stop Doing list with a review of the tasks on your current To-Do list by asking these questions:

  • If I wasn't doing this anymore what would happen?
  • If I was creating my ideal job, would this be on my list?
  • If I wasn't doing this anymore, what would I be able to do instead?

Challenge "because". It might be that you have always cut your lawn, done your own taxes, or answered your phone at work-just because. "Because" is just an excuse for skipping critical thinking.

Saying "I've always done it that way" is like the story of the now-adult daughter asking her mother why she always cut the turkey in half before baking it only to learn that it was because when her mother was a young girl the ovens were much smaller.

" 'Someday' is a disease that will take your dreams to your grave with you." Tim Ferriss

Delegate more. Whether you are in business for yourself or not you should avoid work that someone else can do at half your salary. Delegate to them and you free up your time (plus they might even be better at it than you are).

It's all about creating capacity. If your time-vessel is always full, you have very little capacity for taking on valuable new opportunities to learn (like that evening course you want to go take), explore (like phoning your customers for advice on how to serve them better), and grow (like creating exciting goals for the next quarter).


Sometimes the Peter Principle (work expands to fill the time allotted) gets the better of us. By simply getting more efficient with a routine task you might discover a hidden time saving.

Start by finding one time consuming activity you do habitually and speed it up; shoot for the same results, but in less time. I'll give you three to work on here and you might want to also look at: exercise, writing, cooking, and meetings.

Reading. We do it everyday, but how many of us actually excel at it? The average person reads at about 200-300 wpm (1/2 to 1 page per minute). What if you could double your speed, without a loss of comprehension? That would mean you could read faster, retain the flow of the content better, and consume more information in a month. Pretty cool.

There are lots of simple improvements you can make to read faster. In my book Give Me a Break I describe the system I use. You can also get a great system from free-time guru and author Tim Ferriss at

Email. In one generation we have gone from a nascent technology to Email being so commonplace it's considered a necessary work skill and even could be a person's (groan) full time job. Getting faster at emptying the Inbox seems obvious, but most people never improve their efficiency. Four quick improvements are:

  1. Visit less often. Don't allow Email to fill gaps in your day, or you'll always be a victim of other's goals. Create a schedule (I try to work on Email only four times a day), do concentrated work, and in between-turn it off.
  2. Pre-sort and read on priorities. Create simple rules to move new Emails into folders. Then read your emails starting with the most important folder first.
  3. Get off unwanted lists. Unsubscribe-enough said.
  4. Use the phone. Don't let Email replace good old phone calls. When in doubt about how they will react to your missive-pick up the phone.

Typing. The average computer user can type at about 33 words per minute. With a little focused practice, speeds can increase to between 50 and 70 wpm. Think of all those Emails, reports, agendas, or inter-office memo that you could create in far less time.

Here's a quick way to get your fingers flying: take a free on-line typing test, next create a goal (like increase by 20% in one month), take an on-line lesson for 10 minutes once a week for a month, at the end of the month test again. Now, here's your incentive: if you type for about one hour a day (most of us are at least double that) a 20% improvement is the equivalent of one week a year less time spent typing.

Stopping list-bulge can mean more of the right stuff gets done and you have less stress. But, it's unlikely it will happen without a new strategy.

Here's what I recommend. Use any one of these for one week and then notice the results. Notice an improvement-great keep going. Isn't making a big difference-no problem, move on to trying a new one. The trick is to be consistent with the application of the new strategy and to pay attention to the small changes.

One small change, done consistently and done well could make a one big change to your success and stress level long-term. Sounds like a good investment!

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." Mother Teresa

Manali Honeymoon Packages

You are getting married soon - have you planned your honeymoon yet? With all the wedding planning I bet you forgot. If you are looking for some place very unique and different with lots to do how about the favorite honeymoon destination for those locals in India? Manali India is the most beautiful village in the hills in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Call your travel agency and have them book one of the Manali honeymoon packages.

Honeymoon Destination

This is a honeymoon destination not only for many who live in India, but lots of people from other countries as well. Its matchless beauty and climate that remains cool, offers the ideal setting for newly married couples to enjoy each other and make some wonderful memories that can last a lifetime.

Things to Do

For the typical traveler or person on holiday, Manali has tons to offer. There are many sightseeing attractions, as well as two villages in the hills that are known for exciting sporting activities such as skiing, hiking, tobogganing, paragliding and for the ones who are really adventurous mountaineering. You can also go kayaking, mountain biking on a Jeep safari, motorcycling, and rock climbing as well as fishing. This area of Himachal Pradesh has beautiful rivers fed by the snows higher up and several of those rivers offer exciting whitewater rafting. Most of these adventures can be broken-up into day trips - so that you have something different to do daily.


The valley of Solang Nallah is the skiing destination for this part of the world and the slopes there draw huge crowds of skiers from across India and other parts of the world. If there is a major skiing event in India it is happening at Solang.

The Village Itself

Manali not only has activities for the adventurous, but this much-loved hill village also has a peaceful side with year-round agreeable weather and an abundance of beautiful local scenery. There are many luxury hotels as well as deluxe guest houses that provide reasonable priced accommodation and honeymoon tour packages for couples on any type of budget or price range. From luxury to just a place to sleep, your travel agent will find the best package for your at the price that fits your budget.

Relax and do Nothing

Whether you and your new spouse just want to do nothing but enjoy each other, or you want to have something to do to fill every spare minute of the day, this area of India has more than enough to do. The different Manali honeymoon packages will have just what you need or want to do. Or you can just set on your veranda all day watching the assortment of people from all over the world walk by your porch, and when you get hungry have room service bring in gourmet food from the many restaurants in the area so you don't have to step one toe out of your room for the whole honeymoon. This is a trip that you will long remember and share these memories for a lifetime.

Tips On Finding An Internet Psychic Reader

Are you looking for a person on internet who can give you proper advice and guidance regarding your life? Are you curious to know the real objective of consulting a psychic? Are you worried that showing your interest in seeking advice from such people will cost you a lot?

Don't hesitate!

This article is especially written for those people are looking for accurate psychic services. To be honest, these services are not very expensive and everyone can bear the expenses of such services without putting a dent on their budget. They are available on email, TV, live calls and phone readings so what else do you need to keep your mind healthy and positive? Moreover, the services you can get via the internet and phone are very fast and you don't have to travel and wait for weeks to contact the self-proclaimed celebrity psychics. These people are not reliable and all they want is to grab money from innocent people.

A good and reliable psychic can cost no more than $25 per session. I have consulted these people for the past couple of years for accurate readings and they have done their best by providing affordable services with complete security. Moreover, I have also tried major self-proclaimed famous clairvoyants and they gave me the worst readings. So, don't go for name or popularity because people are doing this as a business rather than focusing the factor of serving humanity.

How to Find the Best Psychic?
These days, it has become a bit tough to find an accurate clairvoyant because there are many liars out there. This doesn't mean you can't find a reliable one because there are many good psychics doing great things. You can contact them via visiting their websites or blogs. There is a simple way of finding good telepathists by visiting his site and reading the reviews and testimonials. You can also visit public forums and communities that provide information on the seers. By going through the reviews and experiences of people, you can choose the best service provider.

Perhaps, you can also arrange a small meeting with the seer so that you can understand his nature. A lot of people follow this rule to make sure that either they are comfortable with telepathist or not. So, I will strongly suggest you follow these simple but important rules to save you money and time. You can also try a different group of psychic readers who have different abilities to guide you. These days, a network of telepathists is also serving people with various skills so that you can get precise readings without any trouble. So, don't waste time here and there and follow the links below to get most reliable and accurate psychic.

Tumescent Liposuction - Destination India

India - GLOBAL Healthcare Destination of the World is because Cost difference in India provides "First World treatment at Third World prices", Availability of U.S., U.K. and Australian board certified doctors, Excellent Post-Operative care Medical / Surgical, Nursing and Rehab care in India .Technology and Infrastructure in India are similar to those in the U.S. with same or better equipment - from the same manufacturers as in the United States. JCI certification to some hospitals of India - (similar to JCAHO in America) .Procedures like the "Birmingham Technique" in hip joint surgery is performed in India. This procedure is not available in the U.S. Cost in India is up to 1/4th of that in other countries e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand (famous for SRS) Benefit of currency exchange rates leading to low cost medical treatment & tourism in India.

Interesting Statistics:

oAbout 20% of doctors in USA are of Indian origin.

o12% scientists in USA are of Indian origin.

o36% of NASA scientists are of Indian origin.

o34% of Microsoft employees are of Indian origin.

o 28% of IBM employees are of Indian origin.

o17% of INTEL scientists are of Indian origin

What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent Liposuction is a surgical sculpting fat removal technique that limits bleeding with anesthesia fluid pushed into the tissues. This technique has become the method of choice for liposuction surgery. The adrenaline in the solution helps limit the blood loss seen with traditional liposuction increasing the safety in reasonable volume operations. The Lidocaine anesthetic numbs the tissues for several hours. The tumescent liposuction technique requires additional skills of the surgeon since the final sculpture shape is hidden by the extra fluid.

Who is the best candidate for Tumescent Liposuction?

Generally the best candidate is someone with localized areas of protruding fat. These focused deformities have the most dramatic results. Patients who are slightly overweight can benefit from suction lipectomy. It is best to be at or near your normal weight. Liposuction is better as a fine refining tool after weight loss or for those areas that just will not go away. Good skin elasticity permits the tissue to shrink easily to your new contour. There are no absolute age limits for lip sculpture.

Advantages of Tumescent Technique:

With tumescent liposuction, one or more small incisions may be made. Because of this, less invasive micro-cannulas can be used. Furthermore, the newer tumescent liposuction technique and the micro-cannulas allow for a more gradual, targeted, and metered treatment, and a more gradual and controlled removal of fat. This enables the surgeon to contour the area more effectively.

Tumescent liposuction provides several advantages over the original liposuction:

oUsing local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia eliminates nausea and other general-anesthesia-related side effects.

oThe recovery time is shorter.

oThere is less blood and fluid loss.

oUse of antibacterial Lidocaine may reduce the chance of infection.

oIntravenous fluid replacement is not necessary.

oThe swelling or tumescence of the fatty deposits amplifies the targeted areas for liposuction, thus reducing the risk of a secondary procedure.

oThe new cannula design with tumescent liposuction reduces bruising and swelling after surgery.

oSmaller incisions result in less scarring.

How long tumescent liposuction surgery does take:

The length of tumescent liposuction surgery depends on what needs to be done and where. Some patients ask for only one small area to be sculpted, while others have many regions treated. It can take from 45 minutes for a small case to four or more hours for more extensive surgery.

Does Tumescent liposuction produce permanent results?

After liposuction the body's new shape is more or less permanent. If a patient does gain a moderate amount of weight after liposuction, then the figure will simply be a larger version of the new body shape. Fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back. As long as the patient does not gain excessive amounts of weight, the new, more pleasing silhouette is permanent. Of course even after liposuction, advancing age will produce the usual changes in the shape of the body associated with the aging process. If a person gains weight after liposuction, she/he will not accumulate as much fat in the treated areas as would have happened if liposuction had not been done.

The Tumescent Liposuction Procedure:

Cannulas have now been miniaturized so that they can be inserted through much smaller openings in the skin. A number of small holes may be placed in the skin around the treated area (instead of few larger holes). The cannulas are inserted through these small openings and the fat is removed. The term "tumescent" means swollen and firm, which is how this technique prepares the fatty tissue for removal. A solution of Lidocaine (a local anesthetic) is injected into the fatty area along with a solution to constrict the blood vessels (typically epinephrine). The Lidocaine is absorbed by the fatty tissue and causes the tissues to become swollen and firm. A large area of fatty tissue can be numbed using this technique, allowing for a large area of liposuction to be performed while the patient is under local anesthesia.

The epinephrine causes the blood vessels to constrict or shrink in the area of the procedure, which has a number of advantages. The vasoconstriction limits blood loss during the procedure and provides for a longer-lasting numbing effect, because there is less blood flow to carry the Lidocaine away from the area of the procedure.

After tumescent liposuction, the area of the liposuction procedure may stay numb for thirty-six hours without further injection of Lidocaine or other pain killers.

Recovery after Tumescent Liposuction:

Tumescent Liposuction leaves local anesthetic solution in the tissues resulting in much greater comfort after surgery than the older techniques. This prolonged relief can be of value in cases done under general anesthesia or sedation. Once this wears off, most patients experience some discomfort that is usually easily managed with some oral medication for a few days.

You may weigh more, about the same, or less right after surgery. Some of this is from the extra fluid used during the tumescent technique that you will urinate over the next day or so. Some weight will be from the fluid of tissue swelling. How much and where depends on what was done. Since there is less bruising and bleeding from Tumescent Liposuction, there is less blood to be absorbed and irritate tissues. The lack of this irritation means that the swelling goes down much faster.

After sedation or general anesthesia, eat lightly at first to avoid an upset stomach. Drinking some extra liquids will help your body adjust its fluid balance. Since there is a lot of fluid injected during Tumescent Liposuction, some does leak out of the tiny wounds after surgery. This is normal and should end by the next day. Using feminine pads or dressings to catch this liquid is an effective way to deal with this minor inconvenience. You can resume showering by the second day after surgery. Tumescent Liposuction results in a rapid improvement of your shape. Most of the swelling goes down in a few days but part of the result is from the contraction of tissue that has been treated. Although my patients see a dramatic improvement within 7-14 days, it will take 3 to 4 months to see most of the changes in your contour.

What are the most common body regions treated with tumescent liposuction?

In women the most frequently areas treated by tumescent liposuction are the outer thighs followed by the abdomen. In men the most common area is the flank or "love handle" region. Other areas commonly treated include the face, neck, upper arms, upper and lower abdomen, lower back, hips, thighs inner and outer, sides of the knees, and lower legs. It is UNCOMMON to treat all of these areas at one time (if all areas were involved weight loss may be a better option). Usually there are only a few regions that require tumescent liposuction.

Approximate Costs for Tumescent Liposuction in India:

In today's times in India, medical technology has found answers to almost all physiological and cosmetic problems and Tumescent Liposuction is one of them. The Indian healthcare sector has been growing at a frenetic pace in the past few years. The windfall began ever since the developed world discovered that it could get quality service for less than half the price

Price advantage is a major selling point. The slogan, thus is, "First World treatment' at Third World prices". The cost differential across the board is huge: only a tenth and sometimes even a sixteenth of the cost in the West. Cosmetic surgeries in Western countries cost three to four times as much as in India. However, it is not only the cost advantage that keeps the sector ticking. It has a high success rate and a growing credibility. India has a lot of hospitals offering world class treatments in nearly every medical sector from cardiology to cosmetic. In addition to the increasingly top class medical care, a big draw for foreign patients is also the very minimal or hardly any waitlist as is common in European or American hospitals.

After you or your loved one has fully recovered and the treating Doctor/Surgeon allows you to travel, you can explore India, which has always been fascinating, exotic for its diversity. Indicure's passionately selected and arranged trips for medical tourists to make their medical tourism pleasant, Leisure Tourism is already very much in demand in India as the country offers diverse cultural and scenic beauty. India has almost all sort of destinations like high mountains, vast deserts, scenic beaches, historical monuments, religious temples etc. Known for its hospitality for tourists, the county has opened doors to welcome with the same hospitality for medical patients/ service seekers.

Shopping Areas Around Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is not only world famous for its heritage sites and breath taking natural reserves, it is also a bustling metropolis that offers several luxurious lodging facilities, as well as entertainment and shopping destinations. Known as the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is also the largest urban area in the country, populated by roughly 12 million people. On the map, it is found on the central and eastern portion of Thailand, and stretches from Nakhon Ratchasima to the industrialized eastern seaboard. It is bordered by Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, and Pathum Thani. On top of that, it also has a number of leisure spots, open from day until night, which tourists can visit for an enjoyable shopping excursion.

First up, there is Chatuchak market, considered to be the biggest shopping area in Thailand. It can be found in Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, and houses about 8,000 market stalls. According to census, it receives about 200,000 visitors during the weekend. And here, they browse and buy everything from clothing, to household items, religious artifacts, food, books, ceramics, art, handicrafts, and pets. They offer huge mark downs on most of the products and you can even negotiate the prices further down.

And then we have Patpong Night Market, which used to be the red light district of Bangkok. After having been purged of criminal activity, Patpong has become one of the standard night-shopping destinations in the city. It is accessible through Silom and Surawong Road and is open from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM daily. Like Chatuchak, you'll find a lot of small retail stands selling food, drinks, collectibles, and fashion wares. If you are conscious about Patpong's seedy past, you can go to Khao San Road, where you can spend your travel dollars on exotic blouses, vintage outfits and cute accessories.

Now, if you are solely interested in buying wholesale fashion, you could visit Pratunam market, located in the district of Ratchathewi. Here, you'll discover a vast choice of clothing merchandize sold at cheap prices. You can even strike good deals in every transaction as sellers here welcome haggling for bulk orders. No need to worry about transporting goods from the site back to your hotel because most of the businesses will deliver. Delivery is free even to hotels as far away as the Banyan Tree Bangkok.

Finally, if it is food you are craving, you could set your sights on Or Tor Kor market where you get a fresh, clean selection of the country's prized domestic fruits, vegetables, meat, as well as seafood products. You can also buy Thai snacks here and pre-made meals. To reach this destination, all you have to do is ride the Kampaengphet MRT underground. And what's nice is that it is just actually walking distance to Chatuchak.

Complete your trip to Bangkok, Thailand by immersing yourself in their commercial scene. It is a great social experience. And on top of that, you'll get to learn a lot about their culture with the flavors, decors, and apparels you will see and experience in these shopping areas.

7 Online Dating Tips You Should be Aware of

You've tried the bar scene, blind dates and even dated a coworker or two - but nothing resulted from all your efforts. So you've decided to give online dating a try.

And you're not alone - in 2003, Forbes magazine reported that online-dating-service revenues topped $214 million in only the first half of 2003. By now, you can imagine that with the myriad of online dating sites out there, the dollars are pouring in like never before.

Online daters are not desperate, lonely people (at least not all of them). Most men and women who end up on online dating sites are looking for someone because they're tired of the dating scene, don't have time to hunt for a mate, or both.

And chances are, you're in the same boat. The problem is that you're not sure how to go about it or what to do once you do get to an online dating site.

Don't worry, I'm here to help. All you need is a positive attitude and the willingness to find the man you want.

Here, now, are some tips to ensure that you spend hours on end looking for a man online without any undesirable results.

Online dating tips #1

Find men in your area

Unless you are willing to relocate for a man, you're best bet is to find an online dating site that offers you the option of finding men in your area.

Not only will this simplify your ability to meet with one at your leisure, it may even save you potential travel complications down the line (imagine you're in Illinois and fall in love with a man from California).

If you're willing to take your chances, however, that's fine. Just be aware that you do have that option in online dating.

Online dating tips #2

Work your profile

When you describe yourself in your online dating profile, be honest. What good is this whole thing if you're going to start off a potential relationship with lies? Dedicate about 200 words to describing yourself and use another 100 to describe what you're looking for.

How can you describe yourself? Write about what you look like, your education, your job, and things that make you original (you speak Italian fluently, you have a ferret, etc).

Be witty in your profile by making a humorous comment or two. Ensure that you get straight to the point, however, about what you want in a man and what you can bring to a relationship.

Be specific about what you're not interested in when it comes to a man (divorced, children), but don't limit yourself so much that you end up with a specific type of man. For example, you can mention that you absolutely do not want to date a smoker, but don't mention that you prefer blonds.

Also, make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar. Think of your profile as your opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

Finally, do not post any personal information that may give men clues about where you live specifically or who you are. Although online dating is relatively safe, you want to avoid any problems.

Online dating tips #3

Post your photograph

To start, if a man doesn't have his picture posted next to his profile, you can probably bet that not many women will be contacting him. Putting a face to the profile is very important when it come to online dating and you should definitely post yours.

But... do not post a picture that was taken 10 years ago when you weighed 20 pounds less and had no laugh lines. It's not only deceptive; the person who sees it will expect to see that person should you decide to meet up with him.

Post a recent photograph of yourself that you like and try not to have all your friends in it. You don't have to post a host of shots; one or two is more than enough. This will ensure that more eyes take a look at your profile.

Online dating tips #4

Flirt with men

If you're online and someone wants to chat with you, go for it. And if the two of you have a good rapport, then feel free to flirt. But if you're looking for a serious relationship with someone, being overtly sexual may get you a cheap thrill, but that's about all you'll get out of it.

Of course, if you're in the mood for a little fun, go for it by all means, but don't expect a couple of masturbation sessions to turn into a marriage proposal. Just like in the real world of face-to-face meetings, you shouldn't confuse sex with love.

By flirting, you could wink at a man or blow him a kiss, but overtly writing about your genitalia or going over a sexual fantasy won't likely land you a great man.

Online dating tips #5

Keep an open mind

It's possible that men whose pictures don't appeal to you will try to contact you. But rather than reject them outright, why not give them a chance? After all, what do you have to lose?

Online dating opens doors to men you may never have considered at a bar or via a blind date, but if you can get to know a man's character, it's quite possible that he will become better and better looking to you.

Online dating tips #6

Talk on the phone

When you finally do find an interesting man, speak with him on the phone before you meet up. This will tell you a whole lot about his social skills.

Take his number and, when you call him up, use a call-block option before you call him up (better safe than sorry). If he doesn't want to give you his number and starts to make excuses about why, chances are he's hiding something (like, say, a wife). Take the hint and move on.

I strongly recommend that you don't give out your number, but if you are wholly confident about the situation, then give him your cellular phone number and not your home or work number.

Online dating tips #7

Meet in public

If everything is copasetic thus far, then you're probably going to want to meet this gentleman and see if the chemistry is there. That's great. But be careful about where you decide to meet.

First, make sure the location is a public one where there will be a lot of people. Second, don't meet for a full course dinner, but rather a cup of coffee (what if you feel nothing?). Finally, don't meet him at one of your hang outs. If he's a weirdo, there's a good chance he'll frequent the place to see you again.

Always tell a close friend about the situation and where you're headed.

Online dating game

Online dating is a fantastic way to meet great men who have a lot to offer, and even though there is a lot of precautionary advice involved, it's only because you really don't know what you're getting into.

It's the same with any relationship; sometimes what you thought was a great guy turned out to be a freak in a suit. Be careful and have a good time online, and you might just find what you're looking for.

Online Math Questions Break the Exam Phobia of Students

Math primarily is the study of numbers. It deals with structure, quantity, space and the rate of change. As the language of Math is only numbers it is widely used in different fields. Research suggests that Math is often seen as the toughest subject to comprehend by most students. This is because you need step-by-step understanding to get it right. There are several concepts and formulas which need to be accurately used to solve Mathematical problems. Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry are some topics that students across grades cover in their curriculum. Additionally, Math has vast application in real life. Right from shopping for groceries to following a recipe while making your favorite dish or making a budget for any occasion, we generally use Math principles. Given the all pervasiveness of Math it is important to be confident and comfortable in the subject.

Research shows that regular Math help is the best way to learn the subject. Math help can be in the form of an offline learning center which students can travel to and get help. These learning centers are generally expensive and the student needs to be present for a tutoring session at a prefixed time and date. Online tutoring sites have rapidly gained in popularity given their convenience and affordability. They are the best way to build concepts, work on problems and get homework done on time.

Since Math is a big hurdle for students most online tutoring sites offer solved Math questions and answers to overcome Math anxiety and get better in the subject. Online sites also offer free worksheets and by practicing these students can get a clear idea on each topic. Free math questions are also available online and these allow students to gauge their understanding of different concepts. Using online tutoring sites students can schedule sessions anytime from the comfort of home and most importantly, they can review their sessions when they need help. The option of repeated sessions are also available with preferred tutors who can make students understand complex problems with detailed explanations.

Algebra and its fundamentals can prove tricky for many students. Online tutoring for Algebra makes this subject easy and understandable. The availability of free Algebra questions online gives students ample practice in solving simple as well as complex questions. Additionally, they can also take online sessions to solve complex Algebra problems step-by-step with a tutor.

Calculus is another important branch of Mathematics which deals with the study of change. Several websites offer free Calculus questions and solved answers to make the topic simple. These make students more familiar with solving all kinds of Calculus problems. Similarly there are sites offering Statistics questions which can be solved quickly and easily to get better at Statistics.

Most online tutoring sites make their sessions as close to a face-to-face session as possible. The tutoring is done using a virtual white board with an attached chat box which a student and a tutor can use to communicate. The tutor and student can share documents, work on problems and get solutions in a short span of time.

Give Personalized Drinkware As Promotional Giveaways - Pour Fresh Life Into Your Brand Image

We are living in the days of the Internet and mobile apps. Yet businesses that leave a mark at a personal level are those that have woven tangible promotional products into their marketing strategy. When you gift promotional giveaways - like custom personalized drinkware for example - to your long standing customers or top performing resellers and affiliates, you make a statement, not in words but in kind.

Seemingly small acts like gifting customized coffee mugs or day planners are what enrich lasting business relationships.

Has Universal Appeal:
Custom personalized drinkware is always welcome as a giveaway. That's because nearly everyone uses some kind of drinkware almost daily. Take for example a stay-at-home mom using a mug for her morning coffee or her husband using one to hold pens on an office desk! Their teenager likely carries an energy drink in a sports bottle on an adventure trip. Even on family weekend getaways, custom personalized tumblers come in handy to serve hot milk to children in the back seat of a car. Each of these is something most of us can relate to, because every person who is a producer is also a consumer. The recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness in gifting items that have practical utility. That's precisely why it pays to use such items as promotional giveaways.

Gives Mileage to your Brand:
While practical utility has its place when deciding which gift to give, what makes drinkware items like personalized tumblers ideal giveaways is their ability to communicate your brand messaging to the users. For example, gifting customized coffee mugs to influencers like managers is a good idea. Why not present a ceramic mug to customer service managers and front office staff who meet clients and potential customers face to face? Mugs have a large display area and cylindrical shape that lets a logo or company name be imprinted on both sides. So the customer service rep and the customer seated opposite them can both make a mental note of the brand.

Cost Effective and Flexible Idea:
Gifting custom personalized drinkware is a very economical way of marketing your brand. Such items cost anywhere from less than a dollar per piece to several dollars each. You can take your pick depending on your gifting goals and your budget. Gifting items like mugs, sports bottles etc. works not just as an individual promotional idea but is also effective when used in conjunction with other methods of promotion. For example, you could offer an imprinted travel mug free if the customer buys your product through your website.

What Catering Style Is Right for You?

When selecting catering for your special event, there are many factors to keep in mind. Every event is different and only you can know what is right for the type of guests you are inviting to the event. Yet, before you invest, take some time to consider all of your options. From simplistic to the most elegant of affairs, the best possible outcome is the one where you are able to provide high quality food that's anticipated and perfectly suited to your guests. There's more to making that selection than you many realize, though.

Is a Buffet Right for You?

Many events benefit from the buffet style of catering. In this style, individuals are able to select a number of dishes they would like to provide to guests. Then, the food is aligned in a row or in stations throughout the area. Guests help themselves. It is the simplest option and, due to the lack of service to tables, it is also one of the least expensive options for feeding a large group. For many, this is ideal for every type of event from a wedding to a reunion.


Another type of food option is to provide carvings. Here, the caterers will prepare a variety of foods. Some foods are served by the caterer directly or set up in a buffet style. Other items are then carved as ordered. Having stations like this set up can provide for an interesting and more formal experience. It costs a bit more but can provide a more luxurious feel to the event.

Boxed Lunches

What if you want to provide your guests with food they can eat on the go? For example, you may be hosting a corporate event in which the out of town guests will need to travel from one location to the next. In this situation, meals are pepped in small boxes. Each person gets a box that they can take with him or her and enjoy on the road or even behind a desk. This offers a less choice-style, but it also makes carryout easier for many individuals and types of events. You still get to choose what types of foods you provide, though.

Which style of catering is right for you? Keep in mind you can still choose things like full service, table service, picnic-style or even just a gourmet deli tray. The options you select really have to depend on what your guests are looking forward to enjoying as well as your budget. Work with a caterer to determine which option is right for your individual needs. You may be surprised by how many options they can provide to you.

Top 5 Attractions in Uttarakhand That Arrange for a Wonderful Holiday Experience

Uttarakhand, popularly known as 'Devbhumi' or abode of the Gods, is blessed with enthralling beauty of the Himalayas. This Indian state has the origination points of the holy Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Home to a number of hill stations, wildlife reserves and pilgrimage centers, the state is visited by huge numbers of tourists having diverse interests. For your next holidays, you can have a wonderful experience exploring the following 5 attractions of the state.

Dehradun - Mesmerizing Landscape and Soothing Climate

The state capital is located at 5 hour drive from New Delhi. The foreign tourists can spend a day at a guest house Delhi and visit the top attractions like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate and Lotus Temple. It is a good idea to book one of the popular Dehradun hotels in advance. Linked to the greatest Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, the city offers many attractions like Kalinga Monument, Tapkeshwar Temple, Clock Tower and Robber's Cave. It is worth admiring the breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountains from the city.

Mussoorie - A Popular Honeymoon Spot

The fascinating atmosphere of Mussoorie, a well-known hill station near Dehradun, spellbinds the tourists. Stay at one of the Mussoorie cottages offering splendid sunrise and sunset views. Explore the captivating natural beauty at Kempty Falls and Lake Mist. Many tourist spots like Lal Tibba, Happy Valley, Jhari Pani Falls are worth visiting as well. Not only honeymoon couples, but anyone willing to take a wonderful holiday break would admire the natural splendor of this place.

Rishikesh - The Adventure Destination

The next destination of the trip is Rishikesh, located on the banks of River Ganges. Popular for two bridges called Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula and a number of yoga centers, the town is also a famous destination for adventurers. Whitewater rafting is a popular adventure activity that attracts tourists from all over. Enjoy other fun-filled activities like rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing, cliff jumping and camping while staying a resort Rishikesh.

Nainital - The Lake District

Accommodating a number of beautiful and serene lakes, Nainital is among the prime tourist destinations in the state. Choose to stay at one of the Nainital cottages and get enchanted by the boundless natural treasures. Visit Snow View point to have breathtaking views of snow-capped mountain peaks. Enjoy a boat ride at Naini Lake which is surrounded by skyscraping mountain peaks. Other popular attractions include Naina Devi Temple, St. John Church and Tiffin Top.

Jim Corbett National Park for Wildlife Lovers

The final destination would be Jim Corbett Park, the oldest of its kind in India and well-known for the population of royal Bengal tigers. Stay at one of the Corbett resorts and enjoy the exciting natural and wild settings. Leopards, sloth bear, grey mongoose, elephants and crocodiles are among other popular species of the park. Many species of local and migratory birds can also be found here.

Uttarakhand rightly deserves to be a fabulous tourist destination for tourists having different holidaying ideas. It is indeed a great way to seek pleasure away from the hectic life.

Discover Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural wonders on earth. It is even more spectacular when viewed from above. You'll be impressed at the view of the canyon from that viewpoint. Here is an idea of what you can look forward to when you book an adventure flight over the Grand Canyon.

You can begin your tour in Vegas and choose where you want to end it. The West Rim is a popular choice by many. If you want another area for your landing spot, you can find a tour that will take you there. No matter what your choice is, you will have an amazing trip.

Your can learn all about Grand Canyon helicopter flights when you book your trip over the internet. By doing that, you are sure to book a flight that takes you exactly where you want to go. Be sure to look for special deals, because they can save you a lot of money. Be aware that Grand Canyon helicopter flights are quite popular so they sell out fast.

If you can plan ahead, you will have a better chance of getting the tour you want. Be sure to find out what kind of things you will need to bring on your tour and what things are included in your trip. Some of the flights provide lunch and maybe even champagne, as part of your package deal.

Taking a helicopter ride on a day trip during your Las Vegas vacation will be great fun. Spend a fun-filled day soaring over the majestic natural scenery of the Grand Canyon and then return to the glitz and glitter of a casino show at night. The shortest trip lasts four hours with the longest one taking up to six hours or just a tad more.

You can also choose to add a guided boat excursion down the Colorado River. This would be a great adventure for the entire family and you can see landmarks at both rims of the canyon. A tour of the Grand Canyon is not only a thrilling adventure, it is educational as well.

If you will be staying in the area overnight, you may want to search online for your accommodations. You may come across some great deals that include the cost of your room and fun attractions. Las Vegas has many exciting hotels so it is a great place to center your vacation around. Grand Canyon helicopter flights from Vegas are unlike any other, and you don't want to pass up the opportunity to take one.

You can see so many beautiful sights during a canyon helicopter tour of the Vegas area, that you really get your money's worth. Just don't wait until the last minute to make your reservations. Seating is limited and during peak times, flights sell out fast. For convenience and ease, book your flight online. You may even get an online discount just because you booked over the internet. Every little bit helps, because if you have to pay full price for a family, your vacation costs add up quickly.

Mumbai - The City Defined!

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay is India's most charming city and boasts a population of approximately 19 million people, making it the second largest populated city in the world. Located at 18°58′30″N72°49′33″E,this metropolitan city is furnished with monumental treasures, beaches and night life that are bound to make you skip a beat! Mumbai city is an array of seven islands and is home to Bollywood's film industry and many other multinational organizations.

What makes Mumbai unique than the other cities in India, is its multiculturalism and the higher standard of living. Formerly known as Bombay, this city originates back to the 16th century and was renamed in 1995 to Mumbai, which is derived from the Koli Goddess Mumbadevi and Aie (mother) in Marathi. The official time Mumbai adheres to is GMT+5:30, better known as the Indian standard time. Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport formerly known as Sahara international airport is India's second busiest and South Asia's largest, with four terminals and is spread over 1,450 acres (5.9 km2) of property.

With Marathi being the cities official language, there are many others that are spoken and understood but you'll be surprised to know that English has grown to be the most widely spoken, with a ratio of 3:5 people achieving fluency! Since Mumbai is combined with diverse cultures, there are a number of festivals that are celebrated, keep the city lively all through the year. Mumbai can also be called the city of entertainment, with a large production house, catering to Bollywood and Hollywood movies, even hosting the world's largest IMAX dome theater, located in the suburban areas of the city.

With Mumbai being full of tourist spots and monuments that are equally important, we were heartbroken when we learnt we could only describe four of them. The first would be the" Gateway of India" which is a monumental arch (85ft) high and is located on the waterfront of the wellington pier. The "Gateway of India" was built in the year 1911, in honor of King George V and Queen Mary's first visit to Mumbai. The arch itself has its own multicultural style, with a combination of Hindu and Muslim architecture. From we could gather the cost of building this monument in its time was around $50,000!

Steps away from the Gateway of India are ferries that embark to the Elephanta caves, which have in recent times become a hot tourist destination due to its widespread of temples, carved from rock. The elephant caves were discovered in the 17th century by Portuguese explorers after noticing a sculpture of an elephant. Due to a tussle, the sculpture was dropped into the sea but now rests safely at the Victoria and Albert Museum (Dr Bhau Daji lad Museum) in Mumbai.

A spiritual location one shouldn't miss is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, which is commonly referred to as "Mount Mary Church". Located in the Bandra suburb, this church overlooks the Arabian Sea and is situated 80mtrs above sea level. The number of annual visitors and devotes of the church runs into the millions due to its many miraculous occurrences. The Sunday following the 8th of September is celebrated as the feast of the Mother Mary and the first day of the Bandra fair, which is a weeklong celebration filled with fun and activities.

The Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL) is a bridge that overlooks the clear blue waters of Mumbai and is built at a whopping cost of $400 million approximately! The bridge is held by steel cables and boasts eight lanes, which cuts travel time into a fraction of the time it would normally take. The Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL) was opened to the public on June 30th 2009 and is funded by a toll system.

Due to the overwhelming visitors to Mumbai, there are many hotels that cater to every budget and many of the world's finest names, located like blemishes all over the city. It might be tough to cover all the tourist destinations on your visit, but the locations we've described are most definitely the ones you don't want to miss!

A Glimpse at Nightlife in Central London and Night Club Guest List in Central London

You need to take a look at the after dark activities if you get yourself down to London that's for sure! Retain the boring stuff for one's daytimes such as the sightseeing etc. After which get yourself right down to the West End for the true partying.

There are a few excellent restaurants dotted around London with a vast selection of foods from nations all over the world. London is additionally famous because of its great theatrical shows which include musicals, dramas, thrillers and some fantastic comedies.

With regards to finding your way round the capital I'd have to say this does take a while to find your feet with the London underground system and to tell the truth it actually befuddles me sometimes. Added to this you will probably be confronted with numerous delays and hold-ups and in all likelihood a few cancellations every now and then, but they still tell us it is improving!

The price tag on accommodation you will find will change greatly from place to place. If you are searching for genuine comfort and style then you'll have to have a significant bank balance to match. They are saying that London is among the most expensive places on this planet currently and this is definitely reflected in the amount of square metres you will get for your money regardless of whether leasing an apartment or renting a hotel room to tell the truth.

The real energetic nightlife in London is easy to find and you can definitely have a very good evening to remember. If within a strict budget my advice might be a club promotions company every time for many great offers on guest list admission to these clubs.

The pull of the London music scene looks like it's getting better and greater now as increasing numbers of people come from around the world that come and visit. Whichever variety of music is your thing, London will take care of the whole thing and you surely wont be frustrated!

My choice will have to be the more top end places for example Project London or the Cuckoo Club where I'm going on a regular basis. I quite often bump into some high profile celebrities while inside and on occasion even wind up having some lengthy conversations with some of my favorite celebs in the club!

It truly does astonish me regarding the standard of the decoration in a few of those establishments which really does improve the night in certain instances. When you take a look at the attention to detail of many of these clubs, I really at times don't mind paying the extra cash on the refreshments. With that said I do usually keep to the beers, as one glance at the champagne and wine list could provide anyone a scare. The way a bottle of champagne could cost and be purchased for more than £1000 always baffles me to tell the truth, but then that doesn't mean I will not be down at the club the next week

Horse Breeds: Which Types of Horses Would Suit You Best?

For centuries, horses have been one of the most popular domesticated animals. While today, people enjoy riding and racing them, in the past they were domesticated because they were the primary mode of transportation for many.

People from almost every corner of the globe have owned horses for one reason or another, and it is for this reason that there are now so many different breeds. However, all horses fall into one of three main categories: pony, light, and heavy classifications. If you are unfamiliar with horse breeds, this is a good starting place.

From this point, some people like to further classify horses into the subcategories such as draft horses, gaited horses, and warmbloods. So these are terms that you might hear when people talk of horse breeds. But for all intents and purposes, we will stick with the three main categories for this article.

Knowing about these different breeds might give you an idea of what kind of horse will be best for your situation - and will let you in on which horses are good for children, which are good for the whole family to ride, which ones are good for racing, and which ones will help out on the ranch.

Pony Breeds

The smallest of the popular pony breeds is the Shetland Pony, and for this reason, it is often the first horse given to children. While the Shetland is usually sweet and relaxed, this breed can, on occasion, get feisty. So no matter what breed of pony, children need to be supervised with horses of any kind.

The Connemara Pony, is larger than the Shetland, and for this reason, often makes a great pony for older children. Another good breed for this young adults and young teens is the Welsh Pony, which is just a little bit larger than the Connemara.

Light Breeds

People often mistake the Miniature Horse for a pony, but it is not classified as one because it does not have the same characteristics as those of the pony breed. This light breed horse is often a companion for children as well as a guide for the disabled.

One of the most loved horse breeds around falls into the category of Light Horses - the Arabian. These horses are not only attractive, but in general, are also known for being sweet, loving, graceful, and speedy. Everything about this horse seems to be perfect - from its kind nature to its speed and endurance while racing.

A descendent of the Arabian, the Thoroughbred, is another popular light breed. This horse is quite fast, so it makes for a great racing horse. Because of this, this breed of horse can be quite expensive. If you are looking for a horse for the family, though, this might not be the best choice since these can be too fast and dangerous for inexperienced riders.

If you are looking for a horse that could help out on a farm or a ranch rounding up cattle, or for a tough horse that can compete in races and competitions, then you may want a Quarter Horse. This is an American horse breed that got its name for being able to race at a good pace for a quarter of a mile. It is a pretty tough breed, but also good for taking on a leisurely ride.

A smaller horse that is also family-friendly as well as hard working is the Morgan Horse. A man named Justin Morgan, who was amazed by the strength and loving nature of his little horse, developed the Morgan breed. This breed has a strong body with a friendly disposition.

Other popular light horse breeds include the Paint, the Standardbred, the Appaloosa, the Saddlebred, the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the Paso Fino.

Heavy Breeds

There are two types of heavy horses: horses that were once used in battle and draft horses. The warhorses went through tough training to ready them for battle, while the draft horses were used to work on farms or to pull carts and wagons.

The Percheron is a smaller heavy horse, but still quite powerful. This horse breed is intelligent and has a friendly nature, so it is easier to train than others, and can be a good animal for the family or the farm. However, if color is important to you, you might note that it only comes in gray or black.

The most famous of the draft horses is probably the Clydesdale. This attractive horse has been bred to do hard work, but it also has a friendly nature, so it makes for a good horse to ride on, too.

Some other popular draft breeds include the Belgian, and then the rarer Shire and Suffolk Punch breeds.

Of the war horse breeds, the Lipizzaner is the probably most famous. This is most likely because these horses often travel around doing performances for Austrian events.

As you can see, there are many breeds to choose from, and hopefully this will give you some idea of what type you are looking for. The best thing to do, however, is to see how different horses interact with you individually when shopping for a horse for you and possibly for your family.

Turangi Top Attractions

For some time, many people overlooked the winter delights of Turangi. But recently, travelers are discovering what the locals have always known; Turangi is a paradise! Aside from being a fishing mecca for over 100 years, the town has plenty to offer from hunting, fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting, kayaking, bushwalking, indoor and outdoor climbing, skiing and hiking. Turangi is a beautiful place you shouldn't miss.

Just four hours away from either Auckland or Wellington, Turangi is located at the southern side of Lake Taupo. This town sits on the banks of Tongaririo River and is known as the "The trout Fishing Capital of the World". However, there's far more to Turangi than fishing. The town invites you to come and experience the following:

1. Trout Fishing - For ultimate trout fishing, visit the Tongariro Trout Center which is a hatchery run by the Department of Conservation. The town also has some world-class fishing lodges with experienced fishing guides. You can head out with a fishing guide or charter a boat for some great lake fishing experience.

2. Tongariro River Rafting - The town offers one of the best rafting adventures in New Zealand. With rapids in Grade 3, it is best for first timers to expert rafters. Along the way, you will see plenty of spectacular scenery and wildlife attractions.

3. Skiing at the Tongariro National Park - The park is forty minutes away from Turangi and is famous for two ski fields; the Whakapapa and Turoa ski fields on Mt. Ruapehu.

4. Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Turangi sits on the edge of wilderness and is famous for hiking, hunting, bush walks and other outdoor activities. You can enjoy a one day trek at Tongariro Alphine Crossing, listed by many in the top 10 day treks in the world. It is an 18.5 kilometre, full day traverse passing the spectacular volcanic terrain of Mt. Tongariro.

5. Tongariro River Loop and Tongariro River walkway - If hiking doesn't appeal to you don't worry because Turangi has plenty of beautiful walks that can take an hour or 3 hours to complete.

6. Tokaanu - You can take a leisurely thermal walk at Tokaanu or take a deep in their thermal pools. These pools will help you rejuvenate and relax with their soothing and therapeutic waters.

7. Vineyards and Restaurants - After a day of outdoor activities, you can enjoy a relaxing night dining and drinking wine on one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes in the town. You can relax in a cosy bar or pub or grab a coffee and some chitchat with other tourists at a local café or sip a locally produced wine at a Turangi vineyard.

The list of things you can do and experience in Turangi doesn't stop here. The town has plenty of other attractions that await you. You don't have to worry about staying overnight because there is Turangi accommodation guaranteed to suit your style. There are holiday houses, apartments, cottages and lodges all over the town.

The Different Luxury Islands of Seychelles


There are very few islands anywhere in the world, that have survived as intact Cousine has done, with such a profusion of wildlife. A systematic rehabilitation program to restore the islands includes the planting of thousands of native trees, the protection of the huge seabird colonies and the reintroduction of endemic birds. With four individual old French colonial style villas, exclusivity is the order of the day as a maximum of only ten guests are accommodated at any one time.


A 25 minute flight from Mahe, Denis Island is everything you could imagine a desert island to be. This coral island of about 140 hectares is fringed by coconut palms, brilliant white sand and coral reefs. It is particularly popular with deep-sea anglers pursuing barracuda, marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado. Denis private Island, a 5 star resort offers a casual and stylish elegance well appreciated by its discerning clientele.


In the Amirantes group of islands, and an hour's flight from Mahe, Desroches is the largest in the group. This coral island of 45 acres and 8 km of white beaches is richly covered in coconut palms and encircled by beautiful sandy beaches protected by a coral reef. A main attraction is its scuba diving, with some of the best diving in the Seychelles. The only resort is situated in a coconut grove beside a white sandy beach, and offers surprisingly high standards for such a remote island hideaway.

Eden Island

This new, magnificent, marina development in the Seychelles, situated just off the coast of the capital island Mahe, facing the St. Anne Marine Park. Featuring luxurious apartments and spacious villas, an international marina equipped for super yachts, various leisure facilities and a commercial retail precinct, Eden Island is fast becoming an investor's paradise.


The most isolated of the granite islands is only 12 minutes from Mahe and has a most romantic association with the world of pirates and hidden treasures. Amidst the abundant flora and fauna, Fregate is the stronghold of the critically endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin (100 birds in the world), saved from extinction by the intervention of Birdlife International. The island also boasts the worlds only population of giant Tenebrionid Beetles, as well as numerous Giant Tortoises.

Bird Island

The island stands as magnificently alone one in its azure ocean, as it does among other island destination offering the very best of nature, relaxation and genuine Seychellois hospitality. This flat coral island, 30 minutes by air from Mahe, is right at the northern edge of the archipelago, where the Indian Ocean floor drops abruptly. Bird Island hosts one of the planet's most important sooty tern colonies and runs a conservation program for nestling turtles.

Cerf Island

This lush island is 10 minutes by boat from Mahe. Its north coast, which lies at the edge of the marine park, has a superb coral reef, ideal for snorkeling or scuba-diving. Cerf is a popular picnic venue with Mahe residents on account of its fine beaches and good swimming. The interior is home to giant tortoises and flying foxes, and offers 2 hotel establishments with 3 to 4 star rating.


Chauve Souris is a private island only a few hundred meters from the dream beach of Cote d'Or at Anse Volbert on Praslin, which at low tide is merely a walk away. As may be expected for such a small island dominated by granite boulders, flora on Chauve Souris consists mainly of exotic decorative shrubs and bushes. The Chauve Souris Club is the ideal place for an intimate and secluded vacation, with five luxury rooms suspended between sea and sky amid granite rocks and lush tropical vegetation.

Croydon Hotels - A Leisure Destination to Relax and Enjoy

Croydon is an important metropolitan city, which became a part of Greater London in 1965. Selhurst and South Norwood in the North and South Croydon in the South border it. The city is well known for its varied art and culture heritage, which makes it a popular tourist destination. There are many hotels in Croydon to choose from which vary from 2 to 5 Stars to suit your budget.

Croydon hotels are truly leisure destinations as they are located all over the city within easy reach of all the major attractions. The easy commute to and from London gives visitors the option to choose between air, train or road travel for the convenient transportation links available.

The rich art and culture heritage of Croydon continues today through its Art Venues, Literature and Music. Croydon is home to many renowned authors like D.H. Lawrence, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Emile Zola and Cicely Mary Barker. Many novels and poems are set against the backdrop of Croydon such as 'Sherlock Holmes mysteries', 'Love in a Valley' etc.

One of the main art venues is the Fairfield Halls art centre and event venue inaugurated in 1962. It is home to the Ashcroft Theatre and the Arnhem Gallery and a large concert hall, which is frequently used by the BBC for its various recordings. Fairfield Halls arts centre and event venue has also hosted legendary music band The Beatles and other various artists such as BB King, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick, Robert Cray, Status Quo, the Stylistics, Bucks Fizz, Kenny Rogers, Chuck Berry, the Monkees, Don McLean, Gladys Knight, A-HA, Level 42, John Mayall, Jools Holland, James Last, Omid Djalili, Coolio to JLS. The hall was also used as one of the venue for The Da Vinci Code directed by Tom Hanks.

The Warehouse Theatre, which opened in the year 1977, is well known for promoting comedy, new writing and youth theatre encouraging many visitors to go and try out their talents. Another attraction is the Croydon Clock tower which was built in the 90's which became famous after its "Picasso's Croydon Period" exhibition. There are many local venues for events located across Croydon and its various districts which attract hundreds of visitors throughout the year and hotels in Croydon offer visitors many services that they will require during their visit to make sure that their stay in Croydon is one of the best experiences.

Preparing for a Vacation With Your Dog

THERE comes a time when you may want to take your dog on a long car trip, whether to exhibit it at a dog show or for a few days vacation. It's not always just a matter of putting the dog in the car and driving off. The following tips may make the time away from home more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

There are two main areas which need planning if you should decide to go.

Firstly, hotel-room accommodation for pets may not be permitted in some countries. Therefore, one needs good friends. But even friends need to be considered if their hospitality is to be extended, so be prepared when visiting.

Pack your dog's equipment. A familiar piece of bedding is important. Not all friends are too keen to have a dog sleeping on the beds or sofa. Don't forget bowls for food and water, and a supply of the dog's usual food as quite often the local store does not have your dog's brand.

A favourite toy or chew strap can keep a dog occupied in unfamiliar surroundings. Also worth considering are newspapers for the paper-trained house pet to relieve itself. Also pack one or your towels (to dry the dog) and grooming aids to keep it looking and smelling its best.

You will need leads, one to secure the dog if necessary and a walking lead. Dogs enjoy a long walk in new surroundings, it stimulates their interest and they tend to settle down after exercise.

Boredom often results in naughty activities such as barking or worst still your host's best leather shoe being chewed up. Destruction of your host's belongings is a big "NO" and I can assure you, you will never get a return invitation.

A small first-aid kit for minor injuries or insect bites is a must. Ask your vet to recommend the contents.

However, should you be taking your dog to remote parts of the country, you should get your vet's instructions of what to do in an emergency until you can get professional help.

During the planning stages of your trip, you should find out if your dog loves travelling. Most dogs enjoy car rides but there are some that suffer from motion-sickness.

By starting when they are young pups, taking short trips around the block and extending it for longer periods, you will soon find out if they suffer from this problem. If they do and you still wish to take your dog with you, consult your vet as there is medication you can give the dog to help prevent it getting sick.

A word of warning: Your dog will feel drowsy, so those dogs travelling to dog shows need sufficient time to wake up before a show otherwise they may very well sleep through the show.

Experience has shown that it is best not to feed a dog just before a trip especially one that suffers from motion-sickness.

Make sure your dog is comfortable before starting out. Also ensure that there is enough room for it to turn around and stretch.

Stop occasionally to let it relieve itself, always on a lead and make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Never have the windows fully open as someting may attract the dog to jump out of the moving car.

Never allow the dog to interfere with the driver. If you are travelling alone, it would be best if it is caged during the trip.

Common sense, good planning and the enjoyment of your dog's company can make travelling together great fun. Dogs love new places and smells and it solves the worry of what to do with your pet during your vacation.

A final piece of advice: Never, never leave your dog in the car with all the windows closed when you park. In the tropical climate, your dog may die as the temperature builds up fast.

Take Care of Yourself, Too

Business owners have to take care of themselves before they can really take care of everyone else.

I met with my mentor Rob Slee at a restaurant in the Marriott Hotel in Charlotte, N.C., around 10 a.m, purely to accommodate my next two meetings at the same location. Rob and I were discussing the importance of having the right vision when starting a business. Oftentimes, we're so busy working in the business that we forgot to look at our business from the "what's in it for you" perspective.

In Slee's book, Midas Marketing, he defines "what's in it for me" as a value proposition, or solution, for customers, vendors, advisors, employees, shareholders and the local community. WIFU is the value proposition for you, the owner.

Rob and I were discussing a client of mine--let's call her Rachel--who is quite a successful woman business owner. But we were having a hard time finding the right woman mentor for her. Ideally, the right mentor has owned many businesses, has successfully sold them for intended profit and is a good match for the client. Rob and I concluded the same thing at the same time and said it simultaneously: "Women take care of everyone else in the world but themselves!" There is lots of WIFM ("what's in it for me") from the women's perspective, but very little WIFU ("what's in it for you"), the owner.

Our ValuePositioning method defines a business as having four stages--survival, growth, positioning and significance. Each stage has a different focus and behavior. Some businesses will go through the growth stage and come back to the survival stage. In today's economy, some businesses are in the survival stage regardless of how well they did before the economic downturn.

Business scenario
Rachel has been in business for 25 years and was named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. in 2007. She's been featured in many magazines for her outstanding achievements. Today her biggest issue is cash flow, both for her business and personally. Because of the business cash flow, she plows more cash from her personal savings into the business. My partner David completed a personal financial plan for her, and one of his recommendations was to sell her empty retail building because it was such a cash drain for her personally. A lack of resources derailed her plans to develop a retail store there.

I have a totally different view of the empty building. We discussed her options at length. One, she can keep doing the same thing--that is, keep plowing cash into the building. Two, she can keep doing the same thing with strategic changes in her overall business vision. Three, she can sell the building as David suggested. It's obvious that the numbers do not work in her favor.

Rachel chose to go with option number two--keep doing the same thing with strategic changes. Instead of selling or shutting down the empty building, she has the potential to convert the empty building into office suites and earn extra income for herself. Her current office can move into that building upon completion. The office rent she currently pays can pay the mortgage on the building while she earns extra office rental income.

Why did she choose this option? She finally realized that she needs to start using "what's in it for you." She has to do what's right for her and take care of herself before anyone else. The good news is that, by solving her cash-flow problems, she also is able to continue taking care of her employees--the WIFM equation--at the same time.

We as women business owners nurture our businesses like our own children. We want the best for them. But before your gut gets you into WIFM, try the WIFU first. Ultimately, you'll get WIFU&M--"what's in for you and me!"

The Business of Getting a Virtual Assistant

Many people who know little about online marketing can barely identify what a Virtual Employee is and its importance in a business. By definition, virtual staff are online secretaries and more. Why more? Aside from the usual clerical stuff, setting of appointments, and answering of calls, some virtual assistants take their professions to the extra mile. A good virtual assistant is one of the keys of having a smooth sailing online business.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

An effective virtual employee can efficiently do many tasks. Multitasking, taking initiative and problem solving are some of the best skills of effective virtual staff have. The more capable a virtually assistant is with the tasks, the higher his or her rate will be. To get the most of your budget, clients should start checking which tasks a potential virtual assistant is willing to handle for a certain rate before they can weigh their options.

A virtual assistant can do one or more of the following depending on agreed conditions:

• Handle customer's and potential clients' inquiries through phone or email. - With an administrative virtual staff, clients do not need to spend time checking emails and answering questions may it be regarding their product, service or the business itself. Their virtual employee can also correspond to clients such as transcribing of meetings and voice messages,making a follow up on orders or delivering customer service.

• Take care of minor billing and accounting - A virtual executive assistant can also be trusted to do books. The client's business' balance sheets will be provided to them when they commence the job.

• Make arrangements - Scheduling a meeting, travel arrangements and appointments are usually done by a personal virtual employee. It puts one's mind at ease while he or she tends to the more important stuff in his business.

How do we Communicate?

Now that the tasks are set, it is time for a virtual staff to learn how this business works. Basically, the internet is what connects the client and your virtual assistant. Communication can be done by many means. VoIP, Online messengers, Emails and Chat applications are just some of them. There are plenty of free communication services offered online that virtual assistants also can take advantage of. There are also some companies that offer virtual assistant services who already have developed their own application or software for communicating with their staff. This proves to be better than not having your own software as it provides both security and quality to the company. After all, most businesses are concerned about protecting their Intellectual Property.

Now What?

With the many good things virtual staff can do, improper setting of expectations can lead to a serious misunderstanding between two parties. Thus, it is best for you to clearly establish the tasks that need to be done, the frequency and other expectations. Clarifications, deadline negotiations are also done prior to the start date of the operation. Most virtual employees are level headed and are very flexible with the tasks that are expected of them. Still, the key for this successful partnership is to build a clear and professional relationship.

Kerala - Holiday in God's Own Country

Touted as one of the world's fifty destinations of a lifetime by the National Geographic, Kerala has certainly earned its position on the holiday travel bandwagon.

Located on the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, Kerala has a lot going for it in terms of its potential as a holiday destination... not the least its bounteous natural wealth. Its name meaning "land of coconuts", Kerala's luxuriant fronds provide the state with welcome shade from the tropical sun. And blessed with ample rainfall, Kerala's equable climate and fertile soil have clothed this state in the finest of iridescent greens - all ingredients for a perfect tropical holiday.

Kerala's lush plantations have remained an irresistible temptation for visitors from foreign lands since times immemorial. For earlier it was traders rather than holidaymakers who flocked to Kerala, lured by her spices. Today, visits to plantations growing cardamom, pepper and other exotic spices are on the holiday itineraries of most packages to Kerala.

Which brings us to Kerala's culinary enticements. Kerala has its own unique delectable cooking, quite distinct even amongst South Indian cuisine. Drawing largely on the local produce: rice, coconuts, bananas, fish and a range of spices, the culinary achievement of Kerala lies in the variations that attend the packaging of these staple ingredients to create an endless range of dishes for the gastronomically adventurous tourist: pulaos and biryanis, appams, pootu - rice dough and grated coconut steamed in hollow bamboo, thoran - chopped vegetables, avial - stew topped with payasam - the delicious sweet milk desert.

Kerala's extensive 900 km long coastline also means that it has some of the best beaches in India. Known for their gentle surf and clear blue waters, Kerala's tranquil beaches are eagerly sought out by holiday tourists, Indian and foreign. Kovalam, Varkala, Shankhumugam, Vizhinjam, Kappad and Bekal are some of the famous beaches of Kerala.

However, the cream of a Kerala holiday package, for most tourists, would undoubtedly be the backwaters. Tranquil and laid-back, these backwaters are a relic of Kerala's ancient network of floating highways. Indispensable in the past for trade and commerce, Kerala's backwaters continue to rake in revenue from the leisure holiday industry in return for the inimitable experience of a lazy boat cruise, as Kerala unplugged floats languidly by. Kuttanad, Alappuzha, Kottavam and Kochi are the most interesting for the perfect Kerala backwaters holidays.

And then there are the hills. The Western Ghats, extending from Maharashtra southwards, terminate in Kerala with the gently rolling hills and valleys that are home to the unique shola forests and tea, coffee and spice plantations - yet another holiday attraction in Kerala. Distinct in appeal from either the beaches or the backwaters, Kerala's hill stations with their mist filled valleys and cloud covered mountains offer perfect holiday bliss in the form of the invigorating mountain air, laden with the aroma of freshly picked spices. Nelliyampathy, Munnar, Devikulam, Peermade, and Malampuzha are some of the hill stations on the Kerala holiday circuit.

Kerala's hilly regions are also home to lush forests and streams, making them home to some of the most spectacular wildlife reserves in India. Besides the elephant, gaur, deer, leopard and tiger, Kerala is home to rare wildlife including Nilgiri tahr and lion tailed macaque, and most holiday packages to Kerala offer a date with this raw, untamed face of Kerala. Eranakulam, Silent Valley, Parambikulam, Peppara, Nagarhole and Periyar are especially famous for wildlife holidays in Kerala.

Besides, Kerala literally brims over with history and culture, amply visible all over during a holiday here, whether in its fantastic ancient temples, its unique art forms including Kathakali and Kalaripattu and festivals such as Pooram and Onam.

Blessed with a wealth of beauty and natural resources, it is not surprising that Kerala is home to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Health. Supported by a salubrious climate, Kerala is home to a number of health spas and Wellness centres where tourists experience a rejuvenating holiday in God's own country.

Kerala truly is a holiday paradise in India

Storage Problems

There's a point at which your house has reached maximum load capacity. Perhaps it's when all the books on top of your refrigerator start sliding off; perhaps it's when the floor buckles. Or it could just be when the living room starts looking junky because you have two sets of everything in it.

At this point, you have three choices: you can give everything you don't need right now away to charity; you can sell the things you don't need; or you can put your possessions into storage. Very often, the fact that you have too much stuff to keep it comfortably in the house does not mean you want to get rid of it; quite the contrary. You may not have the heart to get rid of your mother's antique living room set, but not have the space for it

It's time to look at storage.

Building Your Own

You might not want to put your possessions too far away; for instance, if you have a great library of books, you might want to be able to access them whenever you want. Or if you have a motorcycle to store, or lawn equipment, that needs to be fairly handy. In cases like this, provided you have enough space, you should consider building your own storage shed or building.

Everyone has different needs; for you, it might be a shed with a dirt floor, or it might be a boathouse. Regardless of your needs, you should check zoning laws in your area to make sure you don't need a waiver to build; and you should decide whether you want to build your own building, purchase a prefabricated building, or have a contractor build one on your site.

Moving Day

One of the most common reasons people need storage is because they're moving; obviously, if you're moving, it's not practical to build your own storage facility. When you're moving, call around to different storage units in the area you're moving to; get a good map of the area so you'll know for certain exactly where the storage facilities are in relation to your new home; and look into special deals offered in conjunction between storage facilities and moving companies. The last time I moved, I found that my moving company had a special deal with a storage company that enabled me to store my possessions for a dollar for the first month; since I only needed the unit for a couple of weeks, it cost us about twenty dollars, after insurance, to store our possessions.

Recently, another option has developed for people who are moving and need storage - they're called storage containers. For years, storage containers have been used to conveninently ship merchandise and large items across long distances; now they're available to the general consumer. When you rent a storage container, a large corrugated metal box is parked in your yard, and you pack it at your leisure. The whole thing is then picked up by a semi truck, transported to a train or boat, and shipped to your new home. It's convenient, cost-effective, and saves your possessions from the trauma of being packed and unpacked multiple times during your move.

Storage Outside Your Home

Sometimes people who aren't moving - at least, not yet - don't have room for storage on their properties, or perhaps they rent and can't get permission from their landlord to build another building in the backyard. Or perhaps they have special storage needs, and don't want to invest the amount of money it would take to build a secure, environmentally controlled storage unit in their backyards. If this is you, you should consider renting a storage unit at a self-storage facility or in a storage building.

If you use self storage, you'll be renting a room easily accessible from outside, that you can drive up to at your convenience and unload or load your possessions into storage. It is open to heat and cold and humidity, and may not be good for delicate items; it is, however, great for sturdier possessions like plastics, certain machinery, and anything that can't be easily damaged by the environment or any bugs that may get into your facility. One of your primary concerns when renting a self-storage unit is unit size; you may want to opt for a unit a little larger than you think you need, especially if you're not planning to store things long-term; it will cost a little more, but you'll be certain of having enough room and you'll be able to access your possessions more easily.

If you have more delicate items, you can rent space in a storage building. Typically, storage buildings are multi-story units in which most units are accessible primarily to employees. The buildings are free of pests, and they are heated and air conditioned to protect your possessions from the environment. Storage buildings are also a great choice for business storage.

If you get storage outside your home, you should keep in mind security and storage insurance. In a storage building, you're probably going to be reasonably secure. But with self-storage, you need to make sure security is tight; it's too easy to cut locks off your storage unit if anyone can get inside. Make sure that the storage facility has a good fence around it, and that you can see cameras around the area. Also make certain that not just anyone can come through the gate. Ask questions when you rent the facility; get a good feel for the security.

You should also insure your possessions. If anything were to happen to them and they were uninsured, you'd lose everything. Storage facilities do not insure the belongings stored inside; that is the customer's responsibility.

Outside Storage for Vehicles

If you have an RV or a travel trailer, you might not want to keep it stored in your front yard or blocking your driveway, where it's not only unsightly but also in the way. Many storage facilities will rent storage space to you for these items; you may also be able to find storage at an RV dealer.

More storage information at

Dominance of Online Shopping Over Customary Shopping

In this fast growing world, where technology has invaded every part of our lifestyle, no doubt how online shopping is gaining popularity day by day. Be it a large multinational corporate giants or a small local business unit, every concerned wants to allure those customers who are buying the products and services online.

E commerce is a revolution in the advertising and marketing industry which has changed the buying trends and behavior of the consumer. On one hand, it has facilitated the buyers to know about various options available in the market just by the click of a button and shop without strain and pain. On the other hand, it enables the business houses to reach to a large group of prospective buyer without much hassle and promotional expenditure.

If still you are not swayed with the online shopping system, you must go through the following benefits

It saves time and energy

Shopping in traditional way means loitering and searching. One has to move from one shopping mall or market to another to buy desirable and required products. We may land up in buying only few products out of the list of wanted items because of the time and energy constrain. But with online shopping system you can easily pick and choose from the wide range of local as well as branded products, sitting comfortably in your house just by surfing various shopping stores online. It not only saves the energy of the buyer but also their precious time which most of people don't get to spare on leisure activities.

Aids easy accessibility

Suppose if you are looking for an evening gown for any formal occasion, you may have to waste almost the entire day and may need to travel from one corner of the city to another to get the dress of your choice. But you can easily access a variety of trendy and fashionable gowns suiting your personality, choice and budget only by moving your mouse. Even if the selected outfit is out of stock, you will not have to follow up with the stores to get the delivery on time; instead the online stores will intimate you on the arrival of the fresh stock. So the accessibility is easier and faster with online shopping

Makes the gifting option effortless and trouble free

Many of our relatives don't reside in the city and we want to make their special occasions memorable by sending flowers and gifts. Imagine how difficult it is to do so with the traditional shopping system. First hunt for the gift items, get them packed and then parcel to the required address. The entire process requires great effort and money. But online shopping system empower the buyers to get the delivery of the purchased gift item, cakes, flowers etc. on the desired address, at the right time and in good condition without paying any extra charge.