Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions

When choosing how to support a dynamic work environment, some information technology (IT) directors are timid about implementing enterprise mobility solutions. They may be concerned about integration into the company network, securing data and controlling costs. By implementing a new system of enterprise asset management, companies can save money, provide a wide array of options for employees and protect information and devices at the same time.

Securing Data
In a recent information technology (IT) executive survey, chief information officers noted that their number one concern with the support and implementation of enterprise mobility solutions was securing corporate data. There are several strategy options in providing security measures in a dynamic work environment that can help to lessen the fears of corporate management decision-makers. Enterprise asset management can include encryption, security passwords and limited access to data among the possibilities.

Staying Under Budget
Devising and implementing a reasonable mobile enterprise plan must include costs beyond purchasing devices, providing remote access to the devices and creating a mobile application platform. When choosing how to support a dynamic work environment, a plan should consider all of these elements, as well as the use of a scalable and customized solution. When the advantages of daily travel and overhead savings that come with a mobile workforce are factored into the equation, IT managers may find the return on investment (ROI) worthwhile.

Multiple Device Integration
In many companies, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept is a growing trend. Employees purchase their own devices or use what they already have in the workplace to perform various tasks on the job. For example, laptops may be more efficient than desktop computers, especially for those who make client calls and work out in the field. Some employees may use their own smartphone or tablet as an easy way to keep in touch with everyone in their communications circle, from the babysitter to their newest client. Integrating these devices into the company network has its challenges, many of which can be met with asset management. Software that can be used across a variety of manufacturers and devices can be hard to find in some industries and difficult to integrate in others. Cross platform mobile development is a cost-effective solution for companies experiencing the BYOD boom.

For many companies with a growing dynamic work environment, the creation and implementation of an enterprise mobility strategy and asset management system takes time. Choosing a custom enterprise asset management system can help companies improve their ROI, keep information secure and successfully integrate multiple devices from a variety of sources.


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