Reach Your Customers Anytime By Working At Home Online As a Mobile Marketing Reseller

Reaching Far Places Round-the-Clock

Despite the distance and time zone differences, even the smallest business as well as the giants in the industry are engaged in mobile marketing for its "anytime-anywhere approach" in reaching their potential and loyal clients. The use of mobile devices has been proven in yielding positive results for a business in terms of acquisition of customers, its retention, and also its profitability. And while almost everyone makes use of this technology merely for personal or social communication alone, mobile apps through SMS are a great marketing tool that can help you generate additional income through your work at home online.

Lately, some of the most leading companies have started to drop traditional media marketing and engage into mobile marketing. Why? This is because there seems to be a 1.6 times higher satisfaction on the company's Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) as a result of that change in marketing approach. In fact, survey shows that among businesses, there has been a 62-percent increase in mobile marketing budget as they try to reduce or completely eliminate other media marketing programs.

Unparalleled Solution for Small or Big Businesses

The advantages one can get in work online from home is unparalleled compared to other media marketing programs/approaches. More than simply another way in staying connected with your target market, mobile marketing can make your business run:

  • Faster
  • Efficiently
  • Effectively

Top Reasons for a Great Season All-Year-Round

Mobile marketing is just one of many advantages the wireless era can provide for any business. Others include:

  1. Social Media Marketing-SMM
  2. Navigation/GPS
  3. Mobile Advertising
  4. Document Management
  5. Travel & Expense Tracking
  6. Location-Based Services

The most pliable explanation why more and more businesses are trying to switch to mobile marketing is it helps increase productivity, saves time and effort, is cost saving, and it greatly helps generate more income for the business with a plausible future expansion of the business.

Endless Possibilities Redefined

With smartphones, tablets, and PCs' constant release of new applications, programs in mobile marketing are keeping up with this change and are constantly evolving. This is essential since businesses are now trying to expand the capability of this marketing strategy that goes beyond the usual SMS marketing. Some businesses are trying to adopt a cross-channel, cohesive strategies which may be involving like a call-to-action, which will then drive all the consumers to a specific mobile website. Consumers may then watch a video, ask for a coupon, join in a sweepstakes, or participate in other brand activities.

But perhaps what makes mobile marketing different and above other marketing approaches, is it combines reaching out and being intimate with your consumers. The way it engages, lets you interact with consumers as well as transact, is an ultimate proof of how effective mobile marketing is to any business. Just like any other marketing strategies, you might find it hard to step up and embrace the approach. But despite it being one great challenge to get it right, once you do, endless and enormous possibilities can be at your grasp for a successful and on-going business of working at home online.

One great way to work at home and get involved in the hottest trend of our lifetime is to get involved with mobile marketing to local businesses. There are opportunities in this field by joining a mobile app reseller program that make it easy for anyone to start working from home offering mobile marketing services to local businesses while having the Reseller provider provide all the services.

Puglia's Stunning Sites and Raved About Restaurants

The Puglia region has not always been one of Italy's traditional tourist destinations, however it has recently become quite popular as travellers discover the area's many charms. Its Baroque towns, stunning beaches, magnificent sites and delectable cuisine have now made it a top choice for people from all walks of life. To truly have the best experience possible in Tuscany, villas are the perfect accommodation. They are located throughout the region, including Puglia, and are available in many different sizes and budgets.

What to See While in Puglia

Basilica di San Nicola: This remarkable Puglian-Romanesque style basilica was one of southern Italy's first churches, built to house the relics of St Nicholas (better known in other European countries as Father Christmas), which were stolen by Turkish fisherman in the year 1087. His remains are said to have special powers and, for this reason, and also because he is the patron saint of prisoners and children, the basilica remains an important place of pilgrimage.

The 13th century ciborium, which hangs over the altar, is the oldest in all of Puglia. The basilica is certainly a beautiful site and should not be missed while visiting Tuscany. Villas in Puglia are located an easy distance of the remarkable cathedral and getting around the area is simple.

Teatro Petruzelli: Theatre lovers will be delighted to visit the Petruzelli Theatre. The gorgeous Art Noveau music hall has an enormous frescoed cupola, velvet seats, golden cherubs and a cherry-wood stage. When it first opened in 1903, a reported 3200 squeezed inside the building and newspapers reported that there was not a single empty space within the theatre. It has become one of Italy's most renowned opera houses and has seen the likes of Frank Sinatra, Rudolph Nureyev, Liza Minnelli, Riccardo Muti and Luciano Pavarotti amongst many others.

While staying in Tuscany, villas located near the opera house become very popular when famous singers perform so it is recommended to book in advance if you are planning to attend a concert.

Where to Eat in Puglia

La Ripa: This family run restaurant has plenty of character and was formerly a horse stable. All of the meat and vegetables are both homegrown and organic (as is one of the specialities - the podolico cheese). The most famous dish on the menu is the Foglie d'ulivo con gamberi, rucola, ricotta e julienne di zucchini (olive-leaf shaped pasta with prawns, zucchini and rocket lettuce). It is a must to try.

La Cantina Ti l'Artisti: This is certainly a restaurant for people who enjoy an eclectic atmosphere. A family of artists, who have decorated the interior with their own black-and-white photos, runs the restaurant. Live bands frequently play at the restaurant and it attracts a large bohemian crowd. The food is traditional with local dishes such as taiedda di riso patate e cozze (a famous dish of rice, potatoes and mussels) being served.

Puglia is a fabulous region for a holiday in Tuscany. Villas are located throughout the area and are within easy access of the most attractive sites. What a way to enjoy an Italian getaway!

Visiting Delhi for the First Time? Keep These Tips Handy!

Delhi, the capital of India has evolved as a premiere travel destination for tourists all over the world. The city has a rich heritage and is a showcase of the Indian culture. And every year thousands of travel enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the city to explore its rich cultural history and the monumental historic structures from the bygone era.

But, just like any other place in the world, the city of Delhi also has its own drawbacks. Over the years, there has been a huge increase in the crime rate of the city and it has been labeled as "Being Unsafe for women Travelers". Therefore, there are certain tips that one should keep handy while visiting the city that would help one to explore everything that the city has to offer and stay safe at the same time. So, make sure that...

# You plan well in advance even if you are backpacking

I understand that backpacking is one of the best ways to explore any place in the world. But, if you are travelling to Delhi, make sure that you have everything planned. Decide well in advance where you want to put up in the city once you are there, as there are lots of shady places in the city where you could accidentally land up in hopes of finding cheap accommodation. Therefore, to avoid any such instances make sure...

# You stay clear of Unlicensed Guides

As soon as you land in the city and step out of the airport, you will be mobbed by unlicensed guides promising to take you to the best and most affordable hotels in Delhi. Beware! As there have been instances of people getting robbed by these so- called travel guides. Although, these types of instances have become pretty low due to the increased vigilance of the local police in Delhi, but it's still advisable to avoid them and rather hire a licensed guide. You can easily enquire about them from the tourism department of India's website.

Further, if you are a women and travelling to the city for the first time, you should be especially wary in the city and follow these guidelines:

  • Be wary of over-friendly people and never trust them.
  • If it's too late at night, it's advisable that you do not venture out on your own as the city is completely unsafe for women.
  • The Delhi metro is the safest way of travelling and there are coaches reserved exclusively for women to prevent cases of molestation and eve-teasing.
  • The second best option to travel in the city is to book a radio-cab, as they are tracked via GPS and are very safe for women travelers.

Even with all its flaws, Delhi is still a beautiful city and is one of the finest places you can visit in the world. And if you just follow the tips that I mentioned above, I am sure that you won't have any problems in the city and would be able to explore the city safely and conveniently.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask me and I would be more than glad to help you out. Till next time, stay safe and stay blessed!!

Seven Tips to Help Beat Holiday Letdown

The holiday season is similar to taking a great vacation - it's a euphoric time that is all too fleeting. The glitz and glamour of decorations, holiday music, and elaborate store window displays make it seem like the world has become one big amusement park. Even in the cold, big city, strangers smile at each other on the street, and everyone is a little more generous with their time, money, and compliments. With all of that good cheer and goodwill, who wouldn't be sad to see the holidays end?

Holiday letdown is a common experience which, for some people, is only the start of the winter blues. This year, as you take down your decorations and address those thank you notes, why not take some steps to prevent that inevitable post-holiday "downer" and make the month of January something to look forward to? Here are seven steps to help you beat the blues:

1. Get Moving

One of the most effective ways to beat a mild case of depression is through exercise. When you are physically active, your body releases endorphins that help you to feel a sort of "high." Regular exercise helps to alter the chemicals in your brain, specifically serotonin, which will give you a greater sense of wellbeing.

Exercise does not have to be brutal. Skip that dreaded biking class in favor of a brisk walk with a friend, dancing in the living room with your kids, or even a yoga class. You may also want to get double benefit by exercising outside. January is one of the darkest months of the year and many people suffer from the "winter blues" due to lack of sunlight (also linked to serotonin). Why not take up an outdoor winter sport, such as skiing or ice-skating?

2. Make a Scrapbook

Relive the wonderful memories of your holiday by making a scrapbook. Either make a new one for every year or just add a few pages to one giant holiday scrapbook. Whichever you choose, making the scrapbook will help you appreciate the good times, and you can look back at it and smile on cold winter days.

Making a holiday scrapbook doesn't require a lot of time. Print out multiple digital photos on one sheet of paper, collect samples of the wrapping paper you used this year, and cut up the images from holiday cards. Jot down recipes from treats you made this year, add recollections about humorous or extra special things that may have happened, and include images from magazines and newspapers.

3. Hit the After-Holiday Sales

January is prime time for some serious retail therapy. After-holiday sales are everywhere throughout the month of January, as retailers try to get rid of items in order to avoid paying taxes on their inventory. Give yourself permission to spend a little, and you will actually save money on items you already need or want.

4. Plan Your Spring or Summer Vacation

Nothing takes your mind off of holiday letdown better than planning a vacation. Go online now and order brochures from every destination that interests you. Once that final box of decorations is stowed away, you can immediately dive into those glossy treasures you collected and plan the next exciting getaway. Rent some travel DVDs or look at photos of your past vacations for inspiration.

5. Make New Post-Holiday Traditions

Part of the fun of the holidays is the ritual of it all - something you do every year that usually involves your whole family. This year, start a new tradition for the weeks following the holidays, and get the whole family involved. Perhaps you could have an annual film festival at home or plan a service project to keep the holiday spirit of giving alive.

Remember to keep the planning of the new traditions to a minimum until after the holidays. You have enough to do with getting ready for your holiday traditions, and if the preparation for your new traditions seems too burdensome, you are less likely to actually do them.

6. Take Some Time to Relax

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and you probably could use some R and R. Your kids may need some quality time with you, as their emotional needs often get set aside when you are racing to complete all of your prep tasks. Your husband, often in the same boat as you, may feel like a distant stranger after you get through the logistical challenge of the holidays. Why not schedule some time for the two of you to reconnect?

Finally, don't forget about time to just kick back and focus on your own rejuvenation. Plan a visit to the salon for some pick-me-up highlights, have a leisurely lunch with a dear friend - even an extra-long bath can work wonders.

7. Make Plans for Next Year

If you just can't shake those post-holiday blues and long for your twinkle lights and holiday treats, why not get started on plans for next year? Browse through recipe books for ideas, start on holiday crafts, and stock up on decorations at those closeout sales. The next season is only about 300 days away...

By using one, several, or all of the seven tips you can beat holiday letdown for good! Soon, you'll happily set the tree outside for recycle pick-up, because you know there will be plenty of good times ahead.

Condos for Active Retirees

Condos are a great living option for people who are retired and want to downsize, but still want to live an active lifestyle. While retirees can live in any condo building they want, certain demographics often are drawn to certain buildings, meaning retirees and young professionals, for example, often choose different places to live. Condo retirement communities, though, generally are for older adults who, for the most part, at least, can care for themselves, and want opportunities for activities and socialization.

There are a wide variety of condo buildings available to retirees (or even those who are nearing retirement, or working part time, for example), including both high-rises and low-rises. For many retirees who choose to buy or rent a condo, one of the main reasons is downsizing. Why care for an entire single-family home if you only use a small part of it? Indeed, there are many upsides to condos for retirees.

The upsides include: More time for activities. You have worked all your life. It would be nice to have more time to do the things you really enjoy, right? Condos allow you to do that because there is not a lawn to mow and care for. No bushes or trees to trim. No snow to shovel. And there even will be less maintenance, as you can simply call building maintenance or management if something goes wrong. If you plan to travel in your golden years, that is a lot less to worry about when you should be off enjoying yourself. Other upsides of condos include the opportunity for socialization. Your neighbors likely will become your friends, and it is entirely possible the building will have organized activities designed for those who want to stay active. Pools, tennis courts, and other amenities will help you stay in shape, too.

And, finally, there is a sense of security in a condo building. That applies both while you are there and, perhaps more importantly, while you are gone.

As they are searching for condos, retirees should keep a couple of things in mind. Do some research on the condition of the property, and of the fees homeowners are charged as part of the association. You do not want to plan to leave maintenance behind, but move into a place that will require a bunch of work. Also, check out the budget reserves of the association. The fee you pay every month pays for amenities like pools and fitness rooms, but you do not want to get into a situation where those fall into disrepair because the association had to spend its money on more pressing maintenance matters.

Must-Have Features Of A Project Management App

A project management app is a Web-based solution for managers, allowing them and their team members to access a project via any internet connection. It's an ideal solution for projects that require team members to work in multiple locations, or those that need to access their work from home or when traveling.

While a third party provider essentially hosts an online project management app, not all of these apps are the same. When looking for the best app for your project, it's important to have a variety of options to help keep everything on track.

One of the most basic must-haves for a Web-based project management app is privacy controls. These gives you, the project lead, as well as team members the ability to mark something private when necessary. It also means that you can designate which team members, team leaders, or department managers have permission to access certain portions of the project. For example, if you can choose an assistant project manager to have access to all portions of the project, and then break down permissions by department, so one department doesn't overlap another and get confused by what the other team is doing. Since individual employee permissions are restricted, this also streamlines the project so everyone is focused and only seeing what they need to see at any given stage.

Other necessities you may want include instant search options, section controls, project timers, mass email notifications, bug tracking capabilities, page themes, whiteboards, project templates, calendars, budget tracking, file sharing, and automatic backup. One essential in particular is the ability to format tasks for printing. The best project apps will have a simple print icon that, when pressed, automatically formats the details and prints tasks on demand.

Automatic backup is also a priority because you never want to lose any project information. Since every employee has access to the project and contributes in different ways, the entire system is storing information in real-time. The best host will provide a nightly backup of all databases so restoring information in the event of an emergency takes mere hours to complete. You also want to go with a company that supports their project management app with anti-virus protection, firewalls, and added security systems that detect intrusion or misuse.

The company you choose matters just as much as the options it provides, so be selective when choosing your online project management application, and don't settle for anything less than all the options you require.

Your Financial Life for 2013

More of the same equals more of the same. You want a different financial life for 2013? Shake it up a bit.

Shake that booty. Stir the pot. Seriously, let's get this pahtay started right now, Pirate's Booty style. Check that. Gangnam style.

Different actions could yield different results... Think how much better you could feel if you actually had a financial plan for your life...

Here's my list of actions to shake ya booty for a different financial life:

1. Systems for saving. Yes automation, every month. Money going from your business account to your personal account automatically. More saving = more money potentially for your financial life down the road.

2. Your pricing in your business. When was the last time you raised prices? 1982? I had a Members Only jacket back then. Are you charging what you are really worth? What are your costs? Are you covering your costs? Are you even still reading this? Shake it up a bit and... shocker... raise your prices so they can cover your costs.

3. Getcha significant other involved in your personal finances and on the dance floor. The dance floor of money. Use a 3rd party professional like a coach, CPA, or financial planner to facilitate this.

4. Your biz - make your craft a work of art. Yep. Make your service or product even better. Invest back into your business and upgrade your client deliverable. Stir up your business financial life and pick a % that you will spend on this... a % of your expected business revenue for 2013.

5. Stop doing all the booty shaking yourself. You need more free time to live. Get a personal assistant - to do some booty shaking. Send them to the grocery store and the dry cleaners. That will give you more free time to think and strategize and stir the pot in your business. Or more time to just take a walk and decompress.

6. Create a 2013 vacation budget right now. Let's say you are going to take a big trip next December, and it will cost 6 gees. Expand your financial life and save $500 a month to fund this. Get psyched to travel and see the world. Today! Not in 20 years when you retire.

Think different. What would it mean to you if you did some of this stuff? It would be a different financial life and you could be on cloud nine, shakin' your booty.

The Massage Therapy Supplies You Need for a Successful Massage Therapy Business

The right Massage therapy supplies are essential for anyone who is serious about entering this field. For any professional, their success hinges on getting and using the best tools and accessories. This is true for long time practitioners and those who are just starting out. Quality equipment and supplies can mean the difference between making a good income and just getting by.

Massage Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are two of the main pieces of massage therapy supplies that are a requirement for a professional. Portable tables and chairs are important for therapists who travel to clients' locations.

Some of the best suppliers of quality equipment include Stronglite, Earthlite, Oakworks, NRG and Master Massage. Just as there are different types of massages, certain tables are more suited to particular techniques. Try to get one that will allow you to utilize the full range of your skills. You can start with just a table in the beginning, and then purchase accessories as you build your client base.

When buying massage bed or table, some points to consider include:

  • The proper length and width - Your comfort is as important as that of your client. The wrong table will affect the way you perform the massage, possibly leading to strain or injury. Make sure that that the table allows you to lean over comfortably. It should be able to comfortably accommodate clients of varying sizes. The standard widths of massage table are 28 inches or 30 inches. Narrower tables are available, but these are ideal only for a massage therapist who is shorter than average. While tables of varying lengths exist, the best length is 73 inches.
  • The padding - The client will be on the table for up an hour or more, so ensuring their comfort is simply good business. The table must be able to accommodate their weight for that length of time, but you also want to avoid a table that is too soft. This may prevent you from applying adequate pressure necessary for some types of types of massages.
  • The weight and portability -This is determine whether to but aluminum of wooden tables. The lighter types are made with aluminum but they are also more expensive. Two factors that will help in making this decision are your budget and whether you will be visiting your clients. For massage therapists who will be working at various locations, aluminum is the better choice. Being able to fold and easily carry the table is especially important for those professionals who go to their clients.
  • Available accessories - This is a major selling point for many massage therapists. A full package that includes additional components for the table or handy extras like carrying bags could actually save you money.
  • Warranty - A good warranty indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in the product, and that is a good investment for your business. It also means that the table should be able to serve you for a long time before it needs replacing.

Chairs are also necessary as some clients prefer to use one when getting certain types of massages. They are also handy for professionals as they are portable and lightweight. Both basic and elaborate designs offer comfort to both client and massage therapist.

The two main types available are robotic and traditional massage chairs. Robotic chairs are becoming very popular as they aid in the massage by vibrating, which encourages relaxation. Always choose chairs where ergonomics is evident, such as those with a good neck, head and armrests.

Where to Buy Massage Therapy Supplies

Finding the right place to get essential supplies is not always easy, but it is a major first step. When purchasing online, the points above still hold true. Find reputable online suppliers by asking for references from other massage therapist who have successful business. Reading reviews of companies that sell massage supplies is also a good way to find sellers of quality items.

Some companies have built their brands over time, developing solid reputations along the way. These are usually the best places to start, but up and coming entities could offer great deals just to get your business. Aside from product specifics and warranty information, pay attention to shipping details and the return policy.

Types of Equipment

Without the right pieces of equipment, you will not be able to handle this job properly. Whether you choose a package deal, or buy items individually, some things are vital to a successful massage business. It is advisable that you find out exactly what accessories are available aside from the basic items like tables and chairs. Some additional, but important items you will need include:

  • Bolster pillows
  • Side arm rests
  • Headrests
  • Forward arm shelf

Understanding the techniques is one thing, but you also have to familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade. Durability is one of the main considerations for items you expect to use repeatedly. Aluminum frames offer more sturdiness and tend to last longer. Some products use a combination of materials in addition to aluminum, such as wood and plastic.

It may take some time to educate yourself about all the options available, but this will be time well spent. Where massage therapy supplies are concerned, the headrest is probably the first accessory you will start with. You can get around this by looking for a table that has what is called a breathe hole. This ensures a high level of comfort during the session as the client can lie face down and get the full benefits of the massage. Special care is necessary when buying second-hand equipment.

Before buying massage therapy supplies, it is important to do some research whether you are just starting out or a professional of long standing. For new masseuse, learning about the best equipment, tools and accessories is an important first step to help look professional. For those already established, things change quickly so what was the best five years ago may not be now.

Finding Baby Shower Gifts for Wholesale Prices

Most women attend their fair share of baby showers. If a relative is not expecting a baby, it always seems like a good friend, or a friend of a good friend is. Baby showers are blithe occasions that involve lots of food and socializing; and although the cost of the events is commonly splint between attendants, they can still be expensive from a gift standpoint. So, how do you get all your relatives and friends great baby shower gifts without breaking the bank? One of the best solutions is to buy the presents at wholesale prices.

How to Buy Wholesale

There are two ways to buy wholesale baby gifts: travel to the location of a wholesaler, or order from an online wholesaler. If you live near a baby supply wholesaler, you may be tempted to hop into the car and drop in for a visit. However, most people prefer shopping with an online wholesaler for the following reasons:

— No messy product bins to sort through
— Items are often in better condition
— No need to inquire about product stock
— No need to use gas or waste time browsing isles

Buying baby shower gifts wholesale from an online retailer requires less time and money than shopping in store. If you need a present in a hurry, this is just one more reason to buy wholesale baby gifts online instead of in store, especially when you can find a great selection of things that every expectant mother will need, such as:

Burp Cloths - As their digestive systems develop, babies burp a lot; and with the expulsions of air sometimes come remnants of a recently consumed meal - goop

that would land on mom or dad's shoulder were it not for a burp cloth. Babies lead a demanding existence; using a burp cloth to burp them makes parenthood feel a little less subservient.

Bibs - There has never been an infant that ate her meals less than messily. That is why every infant should have a bib around her neck at mealtime. Breast milk and most types of formula do not stain clothes, but when a child graduates to pureed foods like peas and carrots, the stains can add up quickly. Outfitting her with a bib helps keep her shirts stain-free.

Blankets - Because every infant needs to be wrapped up for warmth once in awhile, blankets are one of the most popular wholesale baby gifts. Produced in bulk, they are also one of the most affordable baby shower gifts at wholesale prices. If you want to pay a song for a baby present that will receive lots of use, you cannot go wrong with buying blankets.

If you need to buy baby shower gifts at wholesale prices, you have plenty of options. Wholesale baby gifts such as burp cloths, bibs and blankets are things that every infant needs, and buying them will not put a hole in your budget.

Visit Cancun Mexico for Your Next Vacation Destination

Cancun, Mexico, is located right on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the most eastern points in Mexico, nestled just north of the Mayan Riviera coastal band. The beauty of Cancun is apparent the moment you step out onto the beautiful beaches, or realize you are standing on the ancient ground of any one of the Mayan ruins. What could make your getaway more convenient and worry free than opting for all inclusive Mexican holidays.

Cancun offers a large variety of amenities and activities, along with beautiful coastal scenery, watersports, and a central location close to many of the Mayan ruins. Sun seekers can visit Cancun in almost any month of the year to enjoy the tropical beaches and lush white sand they afford. The water temperature hovers in the 80s and offers you the opportunity to bathe and swim at your leisure, and soak up the sun on the warm white sand on any number of the many beaches Cancun boasts. You can also take advantage of the many water sports, such as jetski rentals and day trips on motorboats. Of course there are fishing excursions and many places around Cancun that are famous for diving. Many of these water adventures can be part of the package you get when you consider all inclusive Mexican holidays, making it easy to just pack your bags and go.

In addition, Cancun has a very active nightlife that is especially high during the US Spring Break season. You can enjoy live music and dancing in many of the local bars, trying out your first or 21st sip of tequila. You might even be brave enough to eat the worm! The nightlife in Cancun is bound to offer something for everyone, from a night of fine dining and classy restaurants, to salsa dancing and live music next to the beach. You are sure to find your nights filled after a day of relaxing on the beach. Just make sure you siesta.

You will also want to take in the Mayan Ruins while in Cancun, with day trips to any of the surrounding ruins. The most famous of which is Chichen Itza, a short bus ride outside the city of Cancun. The infamous Mayan Ruin is the largest and most popular, but you can also beat the crowds at this popular tourist ruin and check out the smaller, less visited ruins such as Tulum or any of the others within a few hours of Cancun.

The possibilities when visiting Cancun are endless, and can be overwhelming. The easiest way to enjoy traveling is to opt for all inclusive Mexican holidays, so you aren't having to worry about carrying cash to pay for hotels, wondering where you will stay or how much to tip your pool boy. The ease of having this all included in your vacation package means you have more time to soak up the sunshine on the pristine beaches, or shake your salsa down in the club at night. Cancun offers such a breathtaking array of adventures!

Packing Tips For Relocation

Relocating is one of the things that cannot be planned abruptly. Surely, your move to another town, city or country can be super exciting but the fact that it also brings along a great deal of anxiety and stress cannot be ignored. This anxiety is about getting things done on the dot, not leaving or forgetting anything behind, ensuring safety of the valuables while traveling and above all, not wasting the money where they can save. Given below are some useful tips on how you can have an easy packing for efficient relocation.

If you are planning to make a move next month, then start the preparation right now. If you have a big apartment, then the preparation would apparently take more time. Prior to the relocation, you need to de-clutter your cupboards, closets and other storage spaces. If you want, then you can host a rummage or garage sale by collecting objects from your house that you would not use in the future. Clutter managing specialists advocate that if there is something that you have not really used from the last three or four years, then you would most probably not use that in future as well. So, hosting a rummage sale is definitely a great idea. The amount of money you make from the sale can help you in the relocation.

After getting rid of the clutter, begin with the packing of your goods. It takes more time and efforts than what most people think. So, if you have a good budget, then look for professional movers to decrease your work load. They not only appropriately pack but also relocate your entire house in a hassle free way. However, if you are doing it yourself, then you should know how to go about this whole thing. You should start by packing the unnecessary belongings first, such as clothes for other season, picture frames, decorative items, rugs, cutlery and kitchen utensils, which you do not use at present. However, make sure that you keep similar items together. Doing so would be helpful during the unpacking of goods in the new house and you would be able to easily look for the items that you need.

All the essential items, which you would need immediately in the new house, must be clearly marked as "necessary items" outside the carton to ensure that you can easily spot them among the other cartons. While shopping for cartons, pick different sizes, so that they can easily accommodate different sized objects. Also purchase adhesive tapes to shut the cartons tightly. To make things a little easier, you can even ask a close friend to help you out with the packing. Once you are done with the whole packing, host a rocking party with all your good friends from the neighborhood. A lovely last gathering with friends would work wonders in shedding off your anxiety and stress of moving. So, follow these useful tips to have a wonderful relocation.

What To See And Do In Beijing

Beijing is the vibrant capital city of China and it was the host for 2008 Olympic Games. If you wish to explore the tradition and culture of China at its best, visit Beijing. The city is a jumble of various districts and counties. The four major central districts are Xicheng District, Dongcheng District, Chongwen District, and Xuanwu District. Beijing Capital International Airport acts as the main gateway to the city, and it has three terminals serving a legion of travelers every year. Whether you are visiting Beijing for business or leisure, you are sure to have a great time in this city.

Getting around Beijing is convenient as the city is well connected via subways, making it easy for tourists to move about in the city. There are also several other modes of public transportation available such as taxis, mini buses and trains. You can also rent a bicycle to explore the downtown on your own, or hire a car if you are with your family.

Regardless of whether you have come here for holiday or business, make sure you visit the popular tourist attractions and landmarks in Beijing because they reflect the culture and tradition of the region. The oldest and most important landmark is the Tiananmen Square, situated in the Dongcheng District. This square is surrounded by some iconic buildings such as the Museum of Chinese History, the Great Hall of the People, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Forbidden City, and the Qianmen Gate. After the 2008 Olympics, the National Stadium has become a new major landmark in the city.

Beijing is home to several religious sites and temples. Spend a day visiting the various temples, palaces and parks in the city to know more about the culture. There are many beautiful and well maintained parks worth visiting with your entire family. Visit the Temple of Heaven, situated in the Chongwen District, on a typical day to see locals practicing tai-chi, calligraphy, drinking tea, or just lazing around. Some of the other popular parks in the city are Zhongshan Park, Chaoyang Park, Ritan Park, and the Beihai Park.

The Haidian District in Beijing is worth visiting, mainly because it is home to the Summer palace, the Beijing Botanical Garden, the Fragrant Hills, and the ruins of Old Summer Palace. When you are in Beijing, one of the must see places is the Great Wall of China. You may take a train or bus ride to reach this world famous tourist spot which is about 1.5 hours away from the city.

If you love shopping, check out the numerous markets in and around Beijing. You will find stores selling beautiful souvenirs that you can take back home for your family and friends. Some of the popular shopping arcades in the city are Xizhimen, Silk Street, Hong Qiao Market, Nanluoguoxiang, and so on. Those who wish to try the traditional Chinese food can check out the Tea Street in Xuanwu District or Yinhehua Vegetarian in the Dongcheng District. The city is dotted with numerous hotels that offer decent accommodation and restaurants that serve food at a reasonable rate.

Top 5 Things to Do in Morzine No Matter the Weather

Rain or shine, there's always something interesting going on in Morzine. Though many holidaymakers consider the French Alps to be mainly a winter destination, the summer months also offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities - from zip-lining and canyoning to museums, restaurants and helicopter rides. If you want something low key and relaxing, why not take a leisurely stroll down along the river? However, if you want something to get you away from the hotels and chalets, in Morzine in the warmer months you'll discover some thrilling outdoor adventures that take advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather.

Activity #1: Canyoning
Canyoning is the stark opposite of relaxing, but it is so exhilarating! Pick a hot summer day, drag yourself away from the comfortable chalets in Morzine and take a refreshing plunge into the area's mountain streams and waterfalls. Canyoning will allow you to experience a guaranteed soaking as you abseil down natural water slides and jump into running pools of water. Though not good for very young children, anyone over eight years old can take a dunk in the cool white rapids.

Activity #2: Rock Climbing
Even if you're a little scared of heights or an inexperienced beginner, there are some amazing climbs to enjoy without having to travel too far from the chalets. In Morzine a company called Via Ferrata offers rock climbing with added instruction, security, and guidance. Children as young as eight can take the challenge and climb the sheer face of a mountain - quite an achievement! They offer a guided climb over rope bridges and ladders that finishes with spectacular views over the Alps.

Activity #3: White water rafting
Thrilling and invigorating, jump on a raft and take to the white water of the local River Dranse. From mid-May to September, there are guides that will lead your rafting expedition on what has been called one of the "must try" activities in the region. The melting snow water rushes down from the mountains creating a strong current through which you can navigate with a group. Take an all day excursion, or a shorter three-hour action packed trip.

Activity #4: Zip-Lining
Coming with a warning of "exhilaration and intensity", zip-lining is guaranteed to get your heart racing if nothing else! One of the only zip-lining experiences available in the French Alps is easily accessible from Morzine. It's called The Fantasticable, in the Portes du Soleil, and will send you racing down the mountain, suspended in the air, at speeds reaching 100km per hour. Don't miss this, thrill-seekers!

Activity #5: Diner Served in your Hotel or Chalet
OK, so this isn't really an activity as such, but it's definitely a great experience! If the weather's not enticing you to venture out to a restaurant, or if you're simply too exhausted from a day's adventuring, you can get a gourmet chef from a local restaurant to come to any chalets in Morzine and cook a specially prepared feast. There are a few restaurants which offer this service, but the best is reputedly Chez Toi, which has listed a delicious sample menu of "pears wrapped in parma ham with roquefort", followed by "confit duck and cherry red wine sauce with braised red cabbage, french peas and whole grain mustard mash". Finally finished off with "traditional creme brulee with forest berry sorbet". After all that rock climbing and white water rafting, you deserve a treat - spoil yourself!

What Are The Types of Serviced Apartments Available?

Serviced apartments are basically apartments available on rent that are fully furnished with all the necessary items to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. You can rent a serviced apartment for a short period, for example, a day as well as for a longer period. It offers you all the facilities provided in a hotel, but is comparatively more convenient, capacious, and reasonable in pricing. The serviced apartments usually provide you with a well equipped kitchen, wherein you can choose to cook your own food. There are different types of serviced apartments that you can rent as per your requirements.

Usually, when you take a break from your daily schedule and plan holidays with your friends or just your spouse, the first thing that you need to concentrate on is the destination and the hotel arrangements. Luxurious holiday apartments are available in many cities, allowing you to relax and make good use of your vacation. You can opt for a penthouse, a designer studio apartment as per your need at a very reasonable price. Such serviced apartments facilitate you with complete comfort and enjoyment.

A holiday package can be a bit expensive for some so if you and your dear ones want to take a short break from the hectic and fast schedule of the city, then you can choose to rent a small studio to a spacious three room-bedroom unit for a few days in your intended holiday destination. This will suit your budget and will be cheaper than hiring a hotel room.

For people who are out of their cities due to their jobs or business for longer periods, they can easily rent a serviced apartment for their business trip too. It is specially designed for business travelers with all the comforts you enjoy at your home. These apartments offer larger rooms, extra privacy, and lesser crowds unlike hotels. In a business class apartment, you will be provided with all the equipment needed to work and sleep peacefully as well as relax or entertain yourself during the trip. A variety of expansive units are available for single as well group stays.

Serviced apartments are also a good option for corporate housing. Here, the stays are usually longer and might go up to a few months to years. If you opt to stay in a hotel instead with your entire team for such a longer period, then it will cost you a lot. Corporate housing serviced apartments help you save money and offer you all the facilities you will get in a hotel for residing as well as conducting daily meetings and other important work related to your company. They can also take up the responsibilities of entertaining your clients as well. This aids in the growth of your business directly or indirectly.

If you have an extended family with which you want to plan a long holiday with, then you should preferably rent a serviced family apartment. It will offer you with larger units with multiple rooms in order to accommodate your entire family. The cost of the apartment will be much cheaper than a hotel stay yet again. Remember, you do not have to compromise on the luxury and comfort even when you are on vacation with your family!

Three Things To Consider Before Heading Off On Your First Road Trip

No matter your age or your occupation, everyone can benefit from heading out into the outdoors and getting some fresh air from time to time. Road trips are an ideal way of exploring an area that you are not too familiar with and can also be perfect for people who want to revisit some specific attractions at a pace that suits them. Before getting buckled up for your first ever road trip however there are a few things that should be considered.

Travel Partners

One of the most important things that should be considered before heading off on your first road trip are your travel partners. Most road trips last for at least a couple of days and some can even last for months at a time, especially if exploring a whole country is your idea of fun. Unless you plan on traveling in separate vehicles you may find that you are spending anywhere up to 24 hours a day together so know it can try your patience if you don't exactly get on with your travel partners.

Where possible it's a good idea to travel with people who have a similar personality type. If you like your own space, traveling with a group of extroverts whose idea of fun is heading off on an extended party is probably not the best idea. Also think about traveling with people who can drive (and will be happy taking over the wheel for an hour or two) unless you are happy driving the party around on your own for days on end.

Places to Visit

Road trips are great in that it isn't important for your plans to be set in stone. One thing that should be kept in mind however is your return date so if there are a few specific places that your group wants to visit it may be a good idea to plan the rest of your trip around these. Before traveling, invite your travel party out for a few cocktails (this is the best way to get your creative juices flowing) and see what you come up with. Don't make the experience stressful, just try and get a general idea of what your trip will entail.

Your Budget

Road trips don't have to centre around flashy hotels and top price attractions - if you are short on cash you can still have just as good a time, it may just mean sacrificing slightly when it comes to accommodation. Many people find camping is a great way of saving some money but guest houses and hostels can work just as well. When planning your road trip, remember to account for the cost of things like petrol and toll roads (some of which can be avoided altogether depending on where you are driving).

As you travel together you will get to know your travel partners even better than ever. This will either lead to a monumental success or a monumental fail so take the time to plan things together before even thinking about heading out into the world.

5 Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is a nation that is both passionate and charming. Go beyond its vibrant façade and you will find a country that is bursting with history, culture and heritage. It has got style, flair and everything else to keep an outdoor enthusiast, a beach goer, and a culture vulture satisfied. There are several reasons to visit Spain. Here are just five of them.

One stop destination for myriad activities

Even though it is not a huge country, Spain is power-packed with beautiful olive landscapes, stunning architecture and equally mesmerizing coastline. Visit its cities such as Granada, San Sebastian, and Barcelona and you could go mountain climbing in the morning, sun-bathing on the beaches later in the day and then wind up an interesting day feasting in world-class restaurants or even partying late into the night. There is much in store for the outdoor enthusiasts: go kite-boarding in the north, castle hopping in south and dance to the steps of flamenco in the south. Spain has a multi-dimensional personality - if you are looking for myriad experiences, this is exactly the country for you.

Experience world-famous cultural traditions

Who has not heard of the flamenco dances and the controversial bullfights? For authentic flamenco experience head to the gypsy quarters of Granada or the caves in Seville. The bullfights have its share of disapprovers, especially the animal rights groups, it cannot be denied that bullfights are one of the major draws of Spain. Already, bullfighting is banned in Catalonia and there are discussions underway for other states to follow suit. If this is an event that you would like to witness, seize the opportunity before the tradition becomes a part of history.

Appreciate the rich history and architecture

From the Muslim conquerors to the Roman Empire and to the more recent Spanish civil war, the country has witnessed a colourful and turbulent history. The events of the centuries gone by have left an indelible mark on the landscape of Spain; wander through the streets dotted with centuries-old monuments and buildings and see the edifices dedicated to the heroes of the past each telling its own unique story. The cathedrals also stand testimony to the country's religious past - a worth mention is the Catedral de Toledo. Then there are the royal palaces such as the Palacio Real de Madrid which are well worth a visit for their magnificent architectural styles and the beautiful carvings.

Magnificent summer festivals

Spain's colourful festivals have a charm of their own. The tomato festival, La Tomatina in Buñol needs no introduction. It is the country's biggest food fight in which all participants get down and dirty in a messy tomato fight. In September, castellers in Catalonia get together to form human pyramids that can reach up to ten man's height! Aside from these, there are many more festivals held throughout Spain that are sure to catch your fancy.

Spanish food

Spain is a gastronomic delight and has something to suit all tastes. The country boasts more Michelin-star restaurants than any other else in the world. Spanish cuisine has found takers all over the world. Aside from the paella, there is a diverse range of platters awaiting you in each region not to forget the evergreen tapas. Tapas reigns supreme in the country though there form varies from one community to another.

And finally, whether you are looking for a beach holiday or wish to explore its world-class cities, no matter which part of the country you wish to stay, you will find a range of accommodation options from B&B, lodges, guest houses, luxury Spain villas and budget hotels.

How to Surrender (Without Giving Up)

Last spring, I had to fly across country to do a series of speaking engagements.

Minutes before boarding time, an announcement indicated our flight was delayed for hours because our plane was stuck at another airport.

Not good.

If I sat and waited for that plane, I'd miss my connection AND my chance to get to California in time to speak the next day. After a series of hurried phone calls I found there was one last flight with a connection through Salt Lake City.

One catch though.

It was leaving from a different terminal, and it was boarding NOW.

In the seconds that followed, I had to make a decision. I could call my contacts on the west coast and tell them there was no way I would make it by the next morning. (Give up.)

OR I could choose to let go of my previous plans, my leisurely flight, and possibly my luggage to do what I truly wanted, which was to get there in time to speak. (Surrender.)

What followed was a most ungraceful scene - me at full sprint with my carry-ons, tripping up the escalator, getting a zipper-shaped gash across my shin, and barely making it to the gate. As my leg bled freely, the surly gate agent told me she couldn't find a seat on that flight for me. Somehow, moments later, another gate agent (whom I'll call ANGEL) calmly found me a seat.

When we arrived in Salt Lake, the passengers were all a bit edgy. Fearing we'd miss our connections, everyone was a crouching tiger waiting for the door to open. You know this scene. Even the most timid start boxing out like it's their day in the NBA.

Slight problem though. The jet bridge was having issues and would only roll sideways, not forward. So, we all watched helplessly through the plane windows, trapped with the jet bridge just 15 feet away unable to connect with us. One of the crouching tiger-men was livid, yelling at the crew to do something.

Because I had already chosen to surrender that day, I found the whole scene hilarious. I had done all I could do. So, I made the choice again to simply surrender. To step back and see this scene unfold. My only decision was how to respond to the situation. I could make everyone around me miserable. Or I could choose to surrender to reality and go from there.

I sat back in my seat and said to the woman next to me, "There's a certain peace that comes with complete helplessness." She laughed and agreed. She'd spent 20 years traveling internationally for work. She hadn't so much as batted an eye at this situation.

Believing we can control anything outside of ourselves is an illusion.

But we do have the ability to choose our thoughts and responses to everything. When things don't go our way, we can still move forward without collapsing or giving up. Surrender is a deeper path.

Surrendering can take form in small ways like my trip. Or huge ways - like the many times in the NICU where I've watched parents of critically ill infants make the gut-wrenching decision to surrender and allow their baby to go peacefully when there's no more science or medicine can offer.

This is not nearly the same as giving up. Surrendering in this way can take monumental strength. Giving up isn't even in the same category.
Here's how to know the difference between surrendering and giving up:
1. Surrender keeps you connected. It may involve painful decisions but you can still feel a sense of peace, and a connection with your truth. Giving up feels shallow, reactive, or incomplete inside.

2. Surrender is a decision. When you surrender, you remain engaged. You step in and chose your role in a situation. Giving up is not so much a decision as a way out.

3. Surrender is drama-free. Giving up nearly always involves dramatic exasperation and blame on outside people or circumstances. Surrender needs no fanfare. It makes itself known only through its undeniable clarity.

Surrender doesn't mean you're weak or you didn't try. It means you've tried all you can and you're consciously choosing to let go.

You'll find grace, humor and expansion there.

Even among crouching tigers.

Post Tsunami Measures To Promote Tourism at Andaman

On 26th December, 2004, a massive earthquake was recorded in the Indian Ocean. 9.3 on reactor scale, the earthquake was the second largest quake in the history. And then it was turn of a Tsunami, which came with havoc and devastation causing huge damages to life and property in nearby regions. Located in the heart of Bay of Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Islands was one of the places who were adversely affected by this disaster. For a small territory, which was just learning to shape up, it was like a rope-cut attack. The economy of the Island fell down sharply due to heavy impacts of the cataclysm on tourism properties, assets and infrastructure. Many tourist facilities including hotels, resorts and amusement parks were destroyed, followed by negative impacts the employment, revenues and overall economy of the Union Territory. The worst in all, the adverse publicity generated by media reports and news channels created a fear psychosis among tourists, which resulted in less tourism influx to the island.

For Andaman economy, which is highly dominated by tourism and the associated industries, it was the biggest shock. And that's why necessary steps were taken to command over the situation. The Indian Government too didn't make any mistake and came in action soon. For the revival and promotion of tourism, several effective measures were opted for. A few among them are:

• Establishment of marinas at port Blair, Mayabunder and in Nicobar district to facilitate berthing of large cruise liners so as attract more and more tourists to Andaman. Apart from that, several sea planes and aircraft were introduced to connect the islands.

• Water sports complexes were brought in to existence with advance facilities like dining, shopping and accommodation. Additionally, a golf course at port Blair, shopping malls with multiplexes, high quality plasma panel displays and four tourist submarines were launched to promote tourism at the Island.

• To ensure smooth connectivity to the Island, direct flights to port Blair from many important destinations like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata were introduced. Today, most of the domestic airlines including Sahara, Air India, Deccan and Kingfisher offer flight services to the island.

• Additional civilian airports were opened in both Andaman and Nicobar regions for landing of domestic and International flights frequently.

• Indian Government with collaboration of Andaman Tourism Authority has been promoting the island as a thriving eco-tourism destination. Numerous CDs and films have been produced to create awareness among eco-tourists around the world. Apart from that, easy tourism Visa policies and facilities of long term Restricted Area Permits for people related tourism Industry have been offered to promote the island tourism.

• Introduction and promotion of water sports facilities, wildlife tours and other adventure trips to invite avid explorers.

Nowadays many travel agency offer Andaman packages, making a delightful Andaman tour accessible to everyone. Searching online, you find a variety of tour packages for varying needs and budgets of travelers.

Installation of Roof Racks on Vehicles

Vehicle occupants should be comfortable at all times especially during long-distance travels. So, your goal is to get rid of all unnecessary stuff inside your car and place these inside the compartment. However, bulky items such as camping equipment and sports gear need a larger space. This is the main reason for acquiring roof racks which can be installed on top of automobile roofs. Storage containers come in various materials, dimensions and structures. Make sure that you get the appropriate rack for your car.

Once you have bought your roof rack, the next step is to install the mechanism. One option is to hire a professional which entails extra cost while the other is the DIY method. The second alternative is advisable for car owners on a budget. Here are basic steps that you can follow in mounting your vehicle holder:

• Assemble the bracket and make sure that the joints are fastened correctly and firmly. Each support is distinct so follow the directions that come with the product. You can use a screwdriver with flat head and screw the side banisters and cross bars.
• Put the carrier on top of the car and take the appropriate measurements to ensure that it is placed in the roof's center. Use a tape measure so the alignment will be accurate.
• You can now bore the holes after removing the rack prior to mounting it permanently. It will help if you get a factory-manufactured template in the form of pre-drilled holes. These can be fixed at the edge of the bar so you can make a hole using an electric drill.
• Return the rack and secure the screws making sure that there are equal spaces in both sides.

Check the maximum allowable load capacity indicated in the installation guide and your car owner's manual. Avoid going beyond the designate weight and size. Refrain from placing very heavy load since this can cause damage to your vehicle. You will only need the bars in case your automobile has been mounted with roof rails. Cars without roof railings will require the fitting kit that can be attached to the clamps at the upper frames of the frontal and rear door jambs.

Consult your rack supplier for advice and tips in case you choose the do-it-yourself method in setting up the car roof rack. Opt for the reputable sellers and research before you purchase the rack from the car accessory supply outlet.

How to Rent Your Home During Local Events

You don't have to live in a big city like Austin or San Francisco to take advantage of renting your home during local events. Homeowners in Ardmore, PA, a small town of 12,500 residents, are already starting to talk about how to rent out their homes for the 2013 US Open golf tournament just under a year away. But, in order to rent your home, you need to stay abreast of local events and get up-to-speed quickly on your local rules and regulations.

Whether you're renting your home for a one-off event, or marketing your existing vacation rental, it's important to set up an informative website with plenty of photos, including rooms, amenities, and the surrounding area. Maintain your website with a local area guide and list upcoming local events, happening now and months in the future.

Find out about local events in your area

  • Contact your visitor's bureau. In larger cities, this might be a convention and visitor's bureau (CVB). They should have a list of major events and conferences happening in your area.
  • Check out local event directories like Eventful.
  • Subscribe to your city or neighborhood newspapers and magazines.
  • Search for press releases or news. Set up a Google alert to get notified by email when new items are published to the web.
  • Contact local entertainment centers, theaters, and concert venues to obtain a copy of their calendar.
  • Follow event companies on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Plancast as they are most likely to promote their events through these channels.
  • While you may find renting your home during an event very lucrative and enjoyable, there are many things you should do before starting to advertise, especially if you're renting out your primary home or new to managing a vacation rental.

Determine short-term rental rules

Check with your city, county, state, and/or homeowner's association if there are any specific rules and regulations regarding short-term and long-term rentals during local events in your region. You need to check with each governing body to obtain information on any rules regarding minimum stays, health code inspections, permits, fire safety, and insurance. This checklist is important because some governing bodies will levy hefty fines for the first contravention, while you might find others who will waive short-term or long-term rental restrictions for city-wide local events.

Obtain insurance policies

Check with your insurance agent to see if you will need additional coverage. Ask if the additional coverage applies for one-time short-term rentals or a long-term rental, depending on your situation.

Consult your tax advisor

If your vacation rental is strictly a business operation and not for personal use, you'll need to report it on schedule E of your tax return. For those who use their home primarily for personal use, but rent it out for less than 14 days a year, you don't have to report the rental income.

Be prepared to collect sales tax

In most states, vacation rentals are required to collect sales tax, also known as, occupancy or TOT tax, on the nightly rental rate. Once you collect the tax, you are required to file the appropriate tax returns to the city, county, or state (or potentially all three depending on the location of your property). You can set up a special sales tax account with your bank to keep these funds separate and easily accessible when it comes time to pay your taxes.

Set your rates

Compare your home to other vacation rental homes (not hotels), taking into consideration your location to the event, proximity to public transportation, the size of your home, and amenities included. Search HomeAway, FlipKey, Airbnb, and Craigslist to see what others are listed for. As tempting as it may be, don't just list at the highest comparable price you see, or you may end up not renting your home at all during the event.

Promote your rental:

Contact the event organizer

Many large events have a section of their website dedicated to local accommodations. Let them know you have availability and see if you can get listed.

Update your listing sites

Change your listing site headlines to showcase event availability. If you already market your rental on sites like HomeAway or FlipKey, change the title of your current post to reflect your availability.

Create an ad on Craigslist

Whether or not you use Craigslist regularly to promote your vacation rental, it's a great idea during local events to utilize the free classified site. Make sure your title, price, and description provide details on your availability and rules during the event, such as minimum stay or price changes that deviate from your regular terms.

Get listed on niche rental websites

There are so many vacation rental listing sites now it's hard to keep track of them all, but they can really come in handy when targeting a niche group of travelers. Game Day Housing and Sports Event Rentals are great examples for sports events.

Share with your network

Send an email to past renters, or friends and family if this your first time renting, letting them know you've got availability for the big event. Post a status update on your social media profiles and ask your network to share with friends. To sweeten the deal, you might consider offering a commission to your friends (say 10%) if they refer a friend who books with you.

Pitch the press

If you have a unique story to tell with your vacation rental, contact your local news station and make the pitch. Especially if the event is already garnering a lot of public attention, the press might be eager to hear how vacation rental owners are adding special amenities (like a private chef or chauffeured transportation) in order to stand out.

Renting your home during a major event can be a great experience if you're prepared logistically and get creative on the marketing side. Talk to other homeowners in your community about what is working well for them. Even though you're technically their competition, big events can bring a lot of demand and most owners are pretty open to sharing ideas.

Author Michael Dean Discusses Drift

IHB: Briefly describe your journey in writing your book.

Michael: My first inspiration to write started when I was a teenager. I had a storyline in my head that I always wanted to write. In my early twenties, I started a heavy metal band and did all the song writing. I realized I could do it, so, in my late twenties, I finally drew up the courage and started to write my first novel.

IHB: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Michael: In my early twenties while in my rock band.

IHB: Why did you decide to become a writer?

Michael: Because I love being able to captivate someone's mind through story.

IHB: What inspired you to write your first book?

Michael: When I saw that idiot, "The Truth" from Jersey Shore do it and become a best seller. I figured, if that moron could do it, so can I. Nah, lol, the realization that came to me that I had a story that hadn't been told before.

IHB: What do you hope readers will take from your writing?

Michael: Hopefully, that my storytelling is clear, concise, emotional, and the characters they will always remember.

IHB: What is your writing schedule like?

Michael: Being that I run my own business, my time is limited like so many others out there. I try to do 1,000-1,500 words a day.

IHB: Do you have any writing quirks? (Favorite shirt, pen, time of day?)

Michael: Yes. I like early afternoon, and late at night. I have a cat, his name is Fate, that sits with me, on my legs, while I do it. Now, I almost can't do it without him lol.

IHB: Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Michael: Mostly from real historical stories/figures from world history. I then create mythical characters based off those historical facts or myths.

IHB: How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?

Michael: 4. Yes I do, but the one that is my favorite hasn't been picked up yet so I will keep it secret for now.

IHB: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Michael: Yes. My grammar was really rusty.

IHB: Are you a full-time writer or part time?

Michael: Definitely part time because of my business. I hope to make it full time though.

IHB: What genre do you write in? Is there more than one?

Michael: YA, Paranormal, and just Fantasy.

IHB: Do you hear from your readers? What is their most asked question?

Michael: Being that this is the first novel in my DRIFT series, I am anxiously, and nervously, awaiting their feedback upon release March 1st 2013.

IHB: What do you think makes a good story?

Michael: Genuine characters that one can relate him/herself too and care for.

IHB: What motivates you to write?

Michael: Movie and music. It usually stirs up my visual sense which leads me to want to write a story to what I am thinking of.

IHB: Do you ever suffer from writer's block? What do you do to overcome it?

Michael: Never had it. I've always been able to keep the plot going.

IHB: Do you use outlines?

Michael: That actually means a couple of things to me. Not sure specifically what the question means.

IHB: What is the toughest part about being a writer and how do you get past it?

Michael: Finding quiet time to write. I wait until late at night or early afternoon when I am alone in my house so I can do my thing.

IHB: Is there anything in your story based upon a real life event? If so, tell us about it.

Michael: Not really, other than the rush of what it felt like to be a young boy in love with a young girl. Those butterflies and nervous stutters we all get when confronted with our crush.

IHB: Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

Michael: More info will become available when I decide to get some sites (web or blog) up after the release of Drift book 1. Right now,, Novels and Twitter @ThatDriftDean has some snip-its and writing samples of Drift people can check out.

IHB: What is your marketing plan?

Michael: With a limited budget, I have been promoting Drift for about a year prior to its release on social sites like FB and Twitter. We are doing things like giving away the Drift Devil Girl shirts I have created, autographed bookmarks, we are giving away a Kindle Fire. I have had book/movie trailers made by some pro film makers. I have also given shirts to many high school girls, the demographic I am trying to reach as well, for them to wear around their schools and friends. Just trying to run a strong ground game before spending cash on advertising when the book is released.

IHB: Is your book self-published? What are your thoughts on traditional versus self-publishing?

Michael: No. It is represented and will be released by L&L Dreamspell Publishing. I think that self-publishing will be the way of the future being that technology has made it easier for the average Joe to get his/her projects out to the public. But the only advice I would give before self-publishing if you have to go that route right now, edit, edit, edit. Then, have a professional editor look it over.

IHB: What are your feelings about eBooks (for Kindle or Nook)?

Michael: Love them!

IHB: What do you do when you're not writing?

Michael: Work, spending time my beautiful fiancée, traveling and watching sports.

IHB: What is the most important thing you've learned during your journey as an author?

Michael: Patience and the will to push forward with your project. Rejection is a part of the business. Don't be afraid to be turned down. Just dust yourself off and try, try again. I think everyone's stories are good enough to be heard.

IHB: Do you have any advice for new authors?

Michael: Pretty much what I said above because that is the most discouraging part of being an author. Trying to get published. NEVER GIVE UP... NEVER!

IHB: What's next for you?

Michael: I want a movie deal for Drift. Won't stop until I get it.

IHB: Is this your first published work? What other types of writing, if any, have you done?

Michael: Yes. The Drift series is my first published work. Mainly just music writing prior to novel writing.

IHB: What books or authors have most influenced your life or writing?

Michael: Too many to name. Lord of The Rings Trilogy, anything by Stephen King, poets like H.P. Lovecraft and Samuel Taylor Cooleridge, etc.

IHB: What kinds of books do you like to read?

Michael: Where's Waldo! No LOL. Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, suspense/thrillers, and more.

IHB: Please give us a brief synopsis about your current book and when and where it is available.

Michael: Drift is a YA Paranormal Fantasy. When young Leo Cutler commits treason against Hell for saving a life he was supposed to help end, punishment for this betrayal is on the menu, sure to be served cold by his demon overlord Christian. But it's not for fear of this certain retaliation that makes Leo renounce Hell; it is because he has fallen in love with the near-victim Shade Lewis. He will find that the first step to winning his freedom will not be an easy task, especially when the test involves going through Shade's murderous ex-boyfriend Darryl Kite, who has now, somehow, become demon as well. A battle ensues between the two teenage beasts in the midst of a strong Colorado snowstorm. With Shade's love compelling Leo forward, he will discover he has the courage to give up an eternal life and face the many obstacles that Christian will surely have awaiting him.

Drift will be released Friday March 1st. It will be available in eBook and paperback at first. You can purchase Drift at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Ominilit, AllRomance, ibookstore, etc. Pretty much wherever books, e or not, are sold. So go buy it! lol

IHB: If there was one thing you could tell your readers, what would it be?

Michael: If I can't make you fall in love with my protagonists, then you will just have to love me.

Amazing Wildlife Safaris In Tanzania

Tanzanian safaris are a great idea especially for someone who has a great passion for wildlife. It is one of the few African countries with great viewing opportunities. This is because most resorts and parks are actually situated on areas that tend to be flat. This exposes the animals to a great extent.

When you choose Tanzania as a safari destination, you should plan carefully before you leave. Planning helps a great deal in budgeting for your safari. You will also be able to know exactly what to expect when you finally get to your destination.

The other thing you should do that will help you during your safari is to learn more about Tanzania especially if you are a first time visitor. In this way, you will be able to identify things before they are even explained to you. This also helps you to also learn more quickly and discover more things that you may not have heard about in the past.

Getting to this east African country is no hustle at all. This is because there are many local and international airlines that ply the route. This opens the region to a great extent. You may however need to connect a number of flights before you finally get to your destination of choice. The effort will be worth it in the long run. The many safari destination options will include a lodge or hotel nearby. This will be very efficient for you. This is because you will be able to access the resort and park more easily while at the same time have your food and accommodation well catered for.

The lodges and resorts are able to organize game viewing. The most popular game viewing method is by use of 4x4 wheel drives. These may be closed or open according to your personal specifications. Range rovers are perfect as they can be able to handle the rough African terrain. You can view animals safely from the comfort of the vehicle especially if you are a bit wary about the wild animals.

Game walks or treks are also a great way of exploring the Tanzanian bush. This gives you an opportunity to experience the surroundings in a whole different way. Your senses come alive as you walk in the wild and take in the sights and sounds. You will be able to use your sense of smell and also get to access areas that would have been accessible with a vehicle.

Flying safaris are suitable for those who want to experience a little bit of class. Using light aircraft will enable you to cover more ground and see Tanzania in a different light. The aerial view of the region is spectacular.

Latest Accessories for an iPhone

One of the successful gadgets from Apple on all parameters is an iPhone. iPhone 5 is a further extension to the same. Apple provides a lot of options which will help you to choose a better accessory. Other manufacturers also extend their help that will make the device more indispensable. iPhone 5 has new and better dimensions that still need to be exploited. It has an improved version of lightning interface too. Below mentioned are few of the accessories that will assure you a better usage of the device.

USB cable:

A USB cable will help you to sync and charge your device anywhere and anytime. It comes handy when you are travelling. iPhone 5 comes with a different plug setting. It will be a task to find charging points in hotels, airports and cabs that are compatible with it.

30 pin adapter:

This is a controversial move by Apple which uses lightning interface for syncing and charging. You can use the adapter manufactured by Apple to use the same.

Apple headphones:

Apple has redesigned earphones that are built for a variety of ear type. They also come with a mic and a remote. It gives the detail of music by offering pro audio performance. They also come with impressive sound isolation. It extends its advantage by providing convenient buttons that will let you adjust the volume, music and video playback. You can also answer and end calls through the headphones.

Elago premium privacy protection film:

It is for the protection of the display of your phone. The screen of the phone must be protected from the regular jerks of day-to-day regime. It is a budget friendly accessory that will turn as a good investment in the long run.

Incipio feather case:

This is a phone case which is classy in its look and affordable too. It has a slim and handy shell that comes in and out of the pocket easily. It is made up of strong polymer material that is smooth and exceptionally thin. Its thickness is less than 1mm. It provides great protection and is available in a number of colors.

Stereo Mini Speakers:

Music is one of the highlighted features of an iPhone. Though you can enjoy the music on headphones, there are times when you will abstain from doing so. iHome stereo mini speakers are perfect for such an auditory respite. They are small in size and can be even adjusted in a handbag or a laptop bag. The best feature of this gadget is that you can snap both the speakers to form a capsule. This enables them to squeeze in a smaller area. You can also listen to music when they are plugged into charging.

Clock radio:

It is a device with remote control that has access to radio and clock features. It gives you the option of unlimited snooze button hits. If you are fond of listening to lullabies you can set the radio on a mode where you can relax through musical strains.

Splendid Goa Resorts

Goa, enchantingly ensconced between the Western Ghats and aquamarine Arabian Sea, on the west coast of India, beckons the inveterate traveler to feast off its beguiling beauty, savor its succulent seafood on silver sands, gyrate to melodious music and imbibe its heady wines, for a truly intoxicating experience...

Reside in regal splendor in one of the scenically situated Goa Resorts with riveting views of its own. Choosing from one of many elegantly appointed and spacious rooms furnished in warm and vibrant hues, each with a garden or pool facing view and equipped with all modern international amenities, there are 24 Grande Club Rooms, 48 Designer Rooms, 23 superior Rooms and 2 Suites.

With en suite washrooms equipped with either shower cubicles or bath tubs, convenient bedside master panel to control lighting and satellite televisions in all the rooms, laundry/valet services and Mini Bar equipped with the finest selection of beverages and snacks in club/Grande club rooms and suites, you are well wired for comfort, class and convenience!

A unique factor in some of these picturesque Goa Resorts is the mode of payment or settling your dues. They follow an "all inclusive" concept, whereby you pay one comprehensive price for all facilities. Having done that, you get accommodation, unlimited food, snacks in-between meals, in-house beverages and entertainment activities for the whole family!

Be that as it may, you also get the additional benefits of a State-of-the-art Business Center, 1 large Conference Hall, 24-hour Foreign Exchange and doctor on call facilities, an Ayurvedic Spa with its rejuvenating massages and holistic healing packages, airport pick-up and drop facilities, travel desk et al!

Indulge the gourmand in you as you sample traditional Goan cuisine with its tantalizing flavors or tuck into global gourmet delicacies, sink your teeth into succulent seafood or savor a live grill! The seasoned chefs, with a culinary panache born of years of experience and experimentation, innovating with indigenous ingredients, ensure that you relish both the authentic Goan and cosmopolitan flavors of specialty restaurants. Accompanied by a scintillating choice of wines and cocktails from a connoisseur's cellar, the tantalizing array of live grills at the Resto-bar, acquire more fulsome flavors!

Suites in Goa make the hotel and hospitality experience in this idyllic paradise, that much more special!

Spread over a sprawling area of 600 square feet, with wonderful 180 degree views of the entire resplendent resort, the 2 suites with large balconies are equipped with a well stocked Mini-bar, Tea-coffee maker, customized tableware and customized toiletries, satellite TV and Internet connectivity.

With specialized flooring, a dedicated work station, the Suites in Goa include other exclusive features like specially selected works of art, antique furniture, customized linen and convenient facilities, epitomizing class!

SMS API - Reach for a Wide Connection

In today's busy world where there are developments and updates in every field one needs to stay connected and in sync with every single breath of their lives. If you are not updated on the ABC's in your field you are out of competition. This trend is a lifeline of all business organizations where they need to stay connected to all their users, and keep them satisfied on services and qualities. This leads to customer retention and more business prospects through a satisfied one. But how does an organization achieve this with budgeting, limited staff, and getting complete results efficiently. This is where today's technologies of the techno world come handy. One such user friendly technology is SMS API.

For a new user it can be difficult to understand the complete essence of the mode. Thus a little information on this will be essential. Let's say you have a website application which lets people know daily horoscope or say minute to minute cricket score. How does a person get access to this information while traveling, when not connected to his computer? This is when SMS API application comes into picture. It acts as an interface/gateway/server or a middle man in a lay man's language. The user will have to sign in as a user on your website and update his mobile number on it, opt for the various updates they are interested in receiving. And here on the application gets to work and SMS such details to a long list of users at once.

The above works efficiently in a reverse order as well. When the users want to place latest news on various social sites, they do so using their cell phones via SMS. Thus this SMS server acts as a bridge between the SMS and the social site. The application provides a simple integration of the SMS capabilities of your organizations, simple website or a complex messaging system. There are many providers of this application in the market. You can choose the one that suits you the most. It works like magic where no phone calls or personal meetings or mails are needed, yet assuring that your message is delivered completely and to your target customers.

Other than the advantage of sending bulk SMS feature to different users at once there are other advantages to its credit like, it works 24/7 non-stop. Messages in different form can be delivered like Text, Picture, Flash, Binary or Unicode messages. The application is supported by various cellular or wireless carriers and also landlines. It is also supported by various programming languages. Leaving the technical headache to the provider of the application and its services one can just be in synch with the current affairs. Say as a commercial site you want to let your buyer know the status of the delivery of the item bought, let them know it and make them feel special and secured at the same time. A hassle free service where the customer doesn't feel disturbed as in case of a phone call and appreciates the information provided.

Luxury Safari Holidays in South Africa

South Africa Safari Holidays

Often referred to as a 'world in one country', South Africa is the ideal destination to take safari holidays, purely because of the sheer variety on offer to tourists. Not only can you enjoy an authentic big five safari, you can combine it with a couple of days exploring Cape Town, or a few days travelling along the Garden Route. Families and first time safari enthusiasts are most likely to visit this part of Africa due to its well-developed tourist infrastructure and the chance to combine sightseeing with a safari. South Africa safari holidays also allow guests to relish in award winning food and wine in the Cape Winelands, or at any of the luxury safari lodges and hotels. There's a reason why this country is often voted as one of the top tourist destinations; see it for yourself.

Enjoy The Safari

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa's largest game reserves, boasting an impressive amount of wildlife species. The best places within the park to enjoy a safari are the private reserves situated to the west. All the animals are able to roam freely and you're guaranteed to see sightings of the big five. Open vehicle game drives, walking safaris and elephant back safaris are available here. The Eastern Cape also offers fantastic safari holidays safaris at the Addo National Park and the Shamwari Game Reserve. In the Shamwari Game Reserve the game viewing is superb and with the help of an expert guide you can enjoy game drives, birding safaris, walking safaris and spa treatments, swimming, and nature talks are also on offer. The malaria free area of Madikwe in the north of the country is also a popular place to take safari holidays, especially for families with young children who can avoid taking tablets. The wildlife is rich, as is the birdlife and the accommodation is of a high standard.

Enjoy the Sightseeing on Safari Holidays

After taking a safari, many people like to spend a few days seeing some of the country's most famous sights. The beautiful and vibrant city of Cape Town should be on your itinerary so you can explore its spectacular scenery, dine in one of its finest restaurants or relax on one of its sandy beaches. A trip to the Cape Winelands is a must for those who appreciate good food and wine. The most popular towns to visit are Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Wellington and Paarl, all of which are steeped in history boast over 200 wine cellars. A self-drive tour along the Garden Route is highly recommended on safari holidays; discover sandy bays, dramatic cliffs, fast flowing rivers and mysterious woodlands and if you visit between June and November, visit Hermanus to see scores of Southern Right whales

Billboard Advertising Brings Great Results

Outdoor advertising is perfect for capturing an audience. Whether driving or simply walking, a billboard holding a catchy advert will always attract attention. Billboard ads become interesting diversions when sitting in your car stuck in a stream of slow moving traffic. The more creative they are, then greater is their impression with the quick insight into a product on promotion.

There are no boundaries for their artistic décor. Some are flat ads while others offer 3D billboards with attention grabbing objects looking as though they are about to jump out at you! These are definitely the easy spotters; with the reality look achieved by using two billboards, joined for the creation of a 3D optical illusion.

The art of colour and limited wording

Colour and the use of only a few large words play a big role in good eye-catching billboards. Even though you do not always remember billboard ads, they do make a quick impression on you while travelling. Billboards positioned prominently along highways provide for speed-reading. Often they are erected on the walls of buildings as an alternative way of targeting audiences.


Billboard prices become an affordable way of directing significant attention to your product 24 hours a day. Budgeting for billboards varies and depends mainly on the size of the board and the materials and colour content needed for your particular marketing campaign.

Noticeable mobile billboards

Mobile billboards are methods of creative static advertising seen on the sides and backs of customized large trucks and on smaller vans. Using mobile billboard advertising proves an inexpensive asset for any form of business. However, some trucks used for goods deliveries often spend lengthy time loading and offloading. However, these mobile billboards then create a lesser impression although possibly costing less to set up.

The vans used by vendors for the sale of fast food are sometimes equipped with demanding sound systems and illuminated lighting attached to the mobile billboard as an added attraction. This is a dual affect designed to gain quick and beneficial exposure as it encourages passing pedestrian traffic to stop and buy! The advertising with a mobile billboard is referred to as 'outdoor mobile advertising'.

Many areas to see billboards

This outdoor advertising, together with adverts placed on benches in parks and those set on buildings or on the back of cars, are a medium for posting promotional items for random reading by everyone in the vicinity. Billboard ads placed on street poles to advertise fetes or other forthcoming ventures are another form of easy outdoor advertising. Funny or witty, they dramatically attract many people and are a cheap form of putting out your message.

Outdoor media

The benefit varieties of outdoor media and billboard ads are not confined to usage outside. Usually, they are combined with other media and seen in newspapers and magazines as well, distributing your advertising campaign to many other worthwhile sources. This reminds the consumers about the products and events, generating exposure and coverage that is worthwhile. This adds value to your particular advertising campaign whether for a limited period or as an ongoing advert.

Reasons to Swap a Conventional Wedding for a 'Green Wedding'

In the UK there are about 230,000 weddings a year; research shows this statistic is reducing, with more couples choosing to live together rather than 'tie the knot,': with the wedding industry being worth about £10 million a year, and the average ceremony costing the couple and/or their parents about £30, 000, you have to think, are they living together to save money? Or are they just tired of the same old formula?

Church hire, venue costs, dress, bridesmaids, food, guests cost (including accommodation), travel, honeymoon, photography, hair and make-up, bridal and groom wear, the list goes on. Are we beginning to lose the love we had with this fairytale type of wedding? Has it all got a bit mundane?

Our romantic ideals for a wedding made -in -heaven, comes from the young brides eager to copy their newly crowned Queen Victoria; who back in the early c19th chose to get married in a grand, white satin dress. Before this, white dresses were rare, (previously only affordable to the richest), ceremonies small, and usually conducted in one's own home. But Victoria set the scene for big venues (the ordinary folk now opting for the church, where more people could be seated), big dresses, and big food; the middle class now being able to bring in, and hire caterers; simple,homely cake and floral arrangements were now being done by professionals.

As the nation and the world have grown richer we've taken all this on; but have we had enough of all this frippery? More and more people seem to be looking for a simpler, more natural day in which to celebrate their love. And this might be something more profound than just saving money. We all think more now about waste, and how we can do our bit to save the planet, and all that tinsel, plastic, energy and sheer extravagance is starting to get to us.

Attitudes have relaxed; most of us are comfortable with gay marriages, civil ceremonies, cliff-top and sky-diving unions. We are doing more preparations for ourselves rather than having every detail being taken over by the professionals. And I've spoken to a lot of women who would rather just be with their partner on the day, and elope to a secluded, beauty spot. But that's not always possible; parents, friends and relatives often want to share your day.

Many couples nowadays want a modern, stylish, wonderful day; one which offers eco-friendly choices, as well as leaving the smallest ecological footprint. So let's think for a minute about this madness, times 230,000 and what we can do about it.

Choose local caterers

Eat local grown, caught, and raised food, use local food retailers, and choose your menu around the seasons.

Even wine, beer and spirits can usually be sourced locally: This cuts down travel costs and emissions, usually tastes better, and is often very much cheaper.

Flowers, buy British

Up to 90% of all our cut flowers (sold in supermarkets etc) are imported from abroad. Places like Columbia and Kenya do rely on this industry for a lot of their income, however many workers still suffer ill effects from exposure to pesticides so it is worth noting if your flowers are safeguarded with the Fair-trade stamp. If you can find a local florist who uses locally grown leaves and flowers, and perhaps uses recycled packaging that would count towards a smaller ecological footprint.

Flowers, and flower decorations can also double up as wedding favours, or can be donated to rest homes or hospitals when your day is over.


This is usually the most expensive item of the day. Again choose local where you can; this gives you more time with guests and provides less stress, as travel is costly on time, energy and nerves. Romantic outdoor or woodland settings can be cheaper, use not- for- profit spaces, and you might consider a smaller guest list.

Limit Paper

Use recycled paper for handmade decorations; consider on-line invitations, or ones without envelopes, such as postcards, or save-the-date post notes, place cards, and thank you notes. You could also start a wedding blog.

The Honeymoon

Again you could stay local to cut air miles, if not, once there, look at hiring bikes, taking eco-friendly public transport. Stay in a tepee, a yurt or book a 'green hotel'.