Beaches In Paphos

One of the most famous beaches around Paphos is Coral Bay, in the resort of the same name and it is found about 15-20 minutes west of Kato Paphos. Coral Bay is a long sandy beach especially popular with tourists. There is a regular bus service between Paphos Town and Coral Bay. The bay has sunbeds, water sports and more. Many boat trips from Paphos harbour anchor here too. Like many Cypriot beaches there are a selection of taverns near the beach where a Cyprus meze or freshly caught fish can be enjoyed.

Not far from Coral Bay is Ayios Georgios, which is best known for the small island that lies just off shore. It boasts a cliff top restaurant and a collection of small coves and lagoons suitable for a swim, and while there why not discover the nearby Peyia sea caves. This area with the caves and lagoons is suitable for divers or those that want to put on a snorkel and have a look under the ocean wave, as the area is known for its clear blue waters.

Another beach that is a must to visit if you are on holiday in Paphos is Lara Bay; famous for being the turtle beach located in the Akamas Peninsula. Lara Beach is home to a conservation project to protect the indigenous Green and Loggerhead Turtles. Lara beach is quite off the beaten track and you will need a 4x4 to reach it, however, this means that the beach can be quite peaceful, which has its bonuses.

Just a couple of kilometres East of Paphos is Yeroskipou Beach. This stretch of sandy beach offers sunbeds, and a small restaurant to grab a snack or refreshing drink on a long summers day. The beach has a shallow incline into the sea so is great for children too. There is also a small amusement park near the beach to keep the kids entertained.

Just east of Paphos, before you reach Pissouri is Aphrodite's Rock or Petra Tou Romiou which is known for being Aphrodite's birthplace. Although the beach is quite stony and the currents can be quite strong it is popular for tourists to swim here because of the legend associated with the beach.

As well as these main beaches, the Paphos district has plenty of other smaller beaches for you to enjoy during your stay on the holiday island of Cyprus. Many hotels and accommodation complexes have their own stretch of beach so there really is something for everyone.

How To Choose The Right Prepaid Cell Phone Service

All I've ever known is a traditional, multi-year cell phone contract. Several people in my close circle of friends have switched over to prepaid wireless when their contracts were up. Should I switch too? I decided to delve into the matter for a couple of reasons: I don't know much about the prepaid wireless players and, just like anything else, I'm assuming that some prepaid mobile providers are better than others for different users and different coverage areas. Starting your search for the prepaid wireless provider that's best for you involves asking yourself some basic questions.

How much will you use your cell phone? Are you an everyday, all day talker and texter? Or do you check in on your phone once or twice a day or more like a few times a month? Is your phone just for emergencies? Do you do a lot of social networking? It doesn't take long to figure out that the type of phone and number of minutes you need directly relates to the way you use your phone.

Identify the type of cell phone you want. Take a look at each type of phone, including smartphones, camera phones, flip (or clamshell) phones, slider-keyboard phones, and Bluetooth-enabled phones, and consider that every one of them comes with a different price tag and functionality requirements. And unlike traditional contract-based mobile providers, prepaid carriers don't typically subsidize the cost of the phone, which means you'll most likely pay full price for your phone. Take an honest look at your budget and if you're really worried about cost, rest assured that several online sites (like TracFone, for example) and retail outlets (think Walmart) carry lots of phones starting in the under $20 range.

Are you a data hog? Viewing videos, sharing photos on social networks, and email traffic can consume a lot of network data. Keep in mind that some prepaid wireless carriers will charge you extra fees if you surpass your data limit (even if you have an unlimited data plan). Or, if they think you're purposely abusing their network, they could cut off your service altogether.

Where will you use your mobile phone? Determine which prepaid wireless providers offer the best service coverage in your area by checking their coverage maps (this info is usually available on the provider's website; I found one on Straight Talk's home page). If you call or travel internationally, make sure your provider of choice has service that works in the countries you visit or dial the most.

Do your homework. Friends and family are invaluable sources for information and recommendations about prepaid wireless provider coverage and customer service, especially if they use their phones in your same geographic area. Online sites are great for comparing rates and service plans (the links below are a good start). When you're narrowing down your list of prepaid wireless providers, make sure to read the fine print to identify any overage costs or hidden charges.

As you do your research and weigh your options, keep in mind that ultimately, you want to select the prepaid wireless provider that has a plan with optimal rates and coverage for you, and a phone that you want.

5 Gift Ideas for Anniversary Gifts

"Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence." This quote by Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Dutch painter, always comes to my mind when I hear a couple their celebrating anniversary. It is always a romantic event as it represents the whole nature of their relationship. Celebrating anniversaries depict that their relationship together has never wavered. When people celebrate anniversaries, it is common for both of them to buy anniversary gifts for each other. Married people who are celebrating their wedding anniversary remind them of the happy memories they have in all those years together. Now, if you want to buy anniversary gifts for your loved one, I have listed 5 anniversary gift ideas you could use.

1. Jewelry!

One of the 24 similarities between fishes and women is that they are both attracted to shiny objects. This is considered as one of the best choices when it comes to buying anniversary gifts. Always pick the best jewelry for a woman. They really love jewelry so much.

2. Out of town vacation package.

This is also a good anniversary gift. This gift can get you to enjoy each other's company in a romantic place. You could also use this trip as your honeymoon. Look for places that you and your spouse will surely love and also you can look for a place where you haven't gone to yet.

3. Latest gadgets.

These are also great anniversary gifts for your spouse. Pick the best gadgets that your spouse will surely love. Just make sure that you should buy that one's that is preferred by your spouse.

4. Concert tickets.

This is great if you and your partner love to watch concerts. You can book a concert ticket, months or weeks before your anniversary. You can look for some concert tickets in your local area, or if you have a lot of budget then you can travel and watch a concert abroad. This could be your romantic getaway.

5. Special gifts.

In case that you are short with cash, do not worry! Think of special anniversary gifts but not the ones that are too costly. You can make dinner at home, pick fresh flowers from your garden and make a simple love letter saying how much you appreciate and love him. These things may sound simple but for as long as you are together then it would still be a special event for the two of you.

These are just few ideas that you may want to try in order to make your anniversary extra special. Just always remember that you need to show your love for that person and to never hurt each other. Rejoice and love each other more every single day!

Overweight Children

The nutritional requirements of a child have to be considered carefully. Growing children require a high amount of energy intake to help them to grow, but, just as with adults, if energy intake exceeds energy usage, the child will put on weight.

Naturally, children should, and must, gain weight through the natural process of growth, but many children go beyond that and put on excess fatty tissue; i.e. they become obese. Obesity is rapidly becoming a serious problem with today's children, partially through the wrong nutrition and eating too much of the wrong foods, and partially through ignorance on behalf of the parents who have a misconception that 'puppy fat' is a healthy and normal thing.

To a certain extent this is true, but excess 'puppy fat' is as dangerous to a child as excess fat is to an adult. It is estimated that more than 15% of UK children are overweight or obese, and this figure is rising rapidly. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported on the 4th April that the level of overweight American children was 33.6%. Obese children grow into obese adults. They do not lose this so called 'puppy fat' unless positive steps are taken. They have a significantly higher risk of developing serious health problems , both now and as an adult, including potentially life threatening conditions such as bowel cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart conditions and high blood pressure. The more overweight the child, the greater the risk.

There are also psychological problems to consider. Overweight and obese children frequently experience playground teasing about their appearance which can destroy self esteem and confidence, and lead to isolation and depression. This can last for the rest of their lives, and often leads to such children taking up smoking and drinking alcohol at an early age.

It is predicted by health experts that due to our children's poor diet and lack of exercise their own parents will be outliving them. This is a scary thought, is it not. The most exercise many children get is getting out of bed! Many spend their leisure time in front of a computer or games console. School sports are non existent in many schools due the ethos of everyone having to be a winner. Competition in sports is bad because someone must lose. Many school playing fields have been sold off by local councils to developers. How short sighted!

It is very rare for children to be overweight due to health problems. The opposite is true. Children have health problems because they are overweight. Unless diagnosed by a doctor, health problems should not be used by parents as an excuse. Similarly with genetics. Although genetics can play a part, it is only a very small part. Fat parents frequently have fat children, but this is not usually genetic. How about the fact that children mimic the bad eating habits and activity habits of their parents? How often have you seen parents and children living off Big Macs and other fatty convenience foods.

Rather than blame obesity on genetics or health problems parents should look at their child's unhealthy lifestyle. Their lack of exercise and physical activity. It is become easier for children to become overweight. Sweets, convenience meals, fast foods, all full of excess salt and sugar. They are targeted at children through TV advertising. Have you ever sat and watched TV with your child on a Saturday morning and taken note of the adverts? I know there are very good reasons for it these days, but 30 years ago children did not travel to school by car. They walked to school. How many hours does your child spend sitting in front of a TV set or a games console or a computer screen? How much sport do they participate in?

It is relatively easy for adults to determine whether or not they are overweight by working out the Body Mass Index, which is not an appropriate measurement tool for children. Charts taking into account a child's rate of growth, age, gender are used instead. Health professionals are able to measure what proportion of their weight is fat. As a rule, a child's weight is generally classed as obese if the body weight is more that 25% fat in males and 32% fat in females.

Unfortunately far too many children have considerably more body fat then that, and we, as adults and their parents, are failing them. They will not thank us in years to come for failing them in this way. Don't blame the overweight child. Blame the parent, if there is any blame. Some is due to genetics or illness, but only a relatively very small amount.

P.S. As an adjunct to this article you can find a Body Mass Indicator suitable for children and teens, and an extended version of this article, on our website here:

Copyright 2006 Peter Nisbet

Free Webinar Software: Great For Small Businesses

Businesses no longer operate within the boundaries of one state or one country. Because of this, webinar software is often an essential tool that is utilized in order for the company to succeed. Because small businesses may not be able to pay a monthly fee for the service, free webinar software is available on the internet.

Webinar software has two main uses: making presentations to potential clients and speaking with remotely located employees. Both uses can have profound effects on the success of your business, both in saving money and in increased sales.

Using this type of software to speak with clients and make presentations over the internet can drastically increase your sales because of the face-to-face time that many clients enjoy so much. Being able to make a personal connection in an impersonal market place such as the internet is important. You will be able to better explain the products and services that you offer to your clients, and will be able to answer any questions that they may have right away.

If you have multiple employees located off-site, webinar software will save your company trip-related expenses and any unnecessary headaches that often accompany any business related travel. Webinars are used for meetings, employee training, potential employee interviews and more. Since there are many versions of such type of software available free of charge, you could potentially cut your meeting and presentation costs down to zero.

If you own a small consulting business you should consider charging a small fee for individuals to either attend a live webinar or view a pre-recorded one. Even though you are charging a fee to view it, potential attendees will see the cost saving benefits that attending online training offers versus attending trainings at physical locations.

Pre-recorded webinars are ideal for those who may not have enough time to broadcast live feeds. You can post them to your business website and make your webinar available twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week to those who have paid the fee.

When looking for webinar software that's offered as a free service, consider looking at one of the mainstream online meeting software companies. Many of them offer their webinar service free of charge for a certain amount of attendees. Because the service is free, the platform that you use may come with paid advertisements.

The two major benefits of using a free service offered by one of the more popular webinar software companies is the quality of product and technical support that you will receive. Before you sign up with any service, make sure you are aware of all the features and benefits included in their packages. Services such as email invitations, social networking promotion, webinar sales integration and a number of customization options should all be included in the free edition of their online meeting software.

As a small business with a limited budget, free webinar software is the best option for your online presentation needs. Remember, just because the services are free doesn't constitute a poor quality product. Do research and read reviews before signing up for your chosen webinar platform.

Looking To Increase Your Motorcycle Luggage Capacity?

Shopping for motorcycle bags should not be a challenge. Your choice may be influenced by:

· Budget (How much are you willing to spend?)

· Need for storage space (How much space do you need?)

· Custom bag (are you shopping for a customized bag?)

Luckily there are different types of motorcycle bags available in the aftermarket. They are made of different materials, are of different styles and are manufactured for different purposes. Let us look at them:


These bags hang on either side of the bike. They have straps and are made of soft material, usually soft leather or polyester. They are easily removed, hence come with a full installation gear. Some manufacturers customize them for various bikes' brands and types for example Cruiser/Tour bikes saddlebags come with a backrest. Some manufacturers use protective coats over their saddlebags to protect them from environmental hazards. However in absence of a protective coat, you can use a motorbike cover. It is important to protect saddlebags from rain. Saddle bags have more storage space compared to other types of motorcycle luggage. They are also a cheaper option especially for adventurous riders.


Like saddlebags, they hang on the either side of motorcycles, usually around the back wheel. They are made of hard materials like metal, aluminum and hardened leather. They are more durable compared to saddlebags. With pannier motorcycle luggage, you may choose to have either higher or lower lids. Alternatively, you may choose to have them sitting on the same level with, thus may act as a back rest, albeit an uncomfortable one.

Panniers may be permanently mounted on your bike or not depending on your preference. Courier companies are known to go for the permanent fixtures to protect their deliveries from thieves and to protect fragile things from breakage in case of a fall.

Handlebar Bags

Handlebar bags are much smaller compared to Saddlebags and Panniers. They are easily fitted and removed. These are usually made of synthetic material, usually nylon. As their name depicts, they are meant to be fitted between the handlebar. However, there are different types of handlebars bags which can be fitted anywhere on the bike; between the handles, at the back, or they can be strapped on either side of the bike. These are a favorite with scooter riders. They are easy to open since most have zippers. In spite of being stylish and very convenient, they are not the best to use for valuable things.

Tank Bag

Just like Handlebar bags, Tank bags are equally small. They are fitted at the front of a motorcycle, atop the tank but not too close to block the gauges. They are commonly used to store pens, keys, notebooks, maps for travelers, wallets, cards and maybe sealed snacks. They have many zipped as well as open compartments to store different things. Since they do not have large storage space, they not a favorite of many people.

Motorcycle bags not only provide storage space but they do add aesthetic value to your bike. While some bike brands have their own customized bags like Harley Davidson most do not therefore if you are looking for general purpose motorcycle luggage, you can use these guidelines to make the best purchase. All bags come with installation manuals and are easy to install.

Agile Estimation

Every project has its own uncertainty and no matter which methodology you choose there will be some degree of unpredictability, especially early on in a project. Agile methodology which relies heavily on team coordination, communication can help you set expectations and manage that uncertainty. Over the years organizations have implemented agile methods to varying degrees, to increase speed to market their product, increase productivity, growth strategy, improve operation effectiveness processes, improve product quality etc.

Many organizations that are new to agile process seem to struggle with estimation. It's important to clear the air about Agile estimation and how it can provide results if implemented in a right way. Estimates can help an organization to set a goal and expectations about what a team can deliver, but due to lack of poor planning teams struggle with estimation. In many cases, it has been observed that things turn out to be really rough if things are estimated without proper planning and understanding that may eventually jeopardize the whole project.

It's a proven fact that to make a precise prediction in a project you need to have a correct estimation. There are lot of things that need to be taken into consideration while calculating budget in any project like infrastructure, time frame, man hours etc. to get an idea of a plan and a goal to measure against. Once in a project you set a goal, teams need to come up with plans and estimate tasks.

A method that has been widely used in agile methodology to correct flaws in estimation techniques is planning poker. Planning poker theory sometimes called Scrum poker is a simple but powerful process that corrects any false precision and makes team-estimating faster, more accurate, and more fun. However it has a 'con' side to it. The estimating stories with Scrum poker theory is based on the story's complexity. A story for example with number 5 can be more cumbersome to complete than one that's has a number 3, but it doesn't meant that the 5 will take more time than 3 to complete. Estimates that are totally based on time can sometimes make planning commitments complex and uncertain.

Following are the key issues of the agile estimation process that most teams underestimate:

  • Overlooking review effort, inspection and testing process
  • Not to take into consideration the importance of having paper documentation
  • Underestimating cost that include expenses like travel and meeting costs (especially large projects)
  • Missing special testing requirements
  • Underestimating project management / support effort, retrospective and demo meeting
  • No plan for resistance after delivery if in case a support period is required
  • Poor communication and team structure

It is pivotal that a team before the start of a project should do some basic research such as to collect important information about the requirements, do some thinking about the outcome, and then put this information through an estimation algorithm of choice.Estimation is a complex process and if the planning and understanding is good in a team so will be the estimation. An estimate in the context of an agile project is all about shared understanding of requirement and solution.

Making an Accident Claim for an Injury Suffered on a Package Holiday

Everyone looks forward to a holiday. Whether during the winter or the summer, we all love nothing more than a perfect opportunity to take some time to enjoy the exotic climate of another country. Sadly, many people, when they go off on holiday, will end up being involved in an accident, leaving them seriously injured. A good number of those that suffer injuries abroad whilst on holiday will file an accident claim - providing the accident was caused as a result of someone else's negligence.

However, making a claim whilst in unfamiliar territory can be daunting; the circumstances of the injury suffered can also make submitting an accident claim even more difficult. Therefore, in this situation it is a good idea to call on the services of an accident claim lawyer - one that specialises specifically in dealing with the claims of those who've been injured whilst on a package holiday. If something bad does go wrong on holiday, although something you never really want to consider, it is important that you know exactly how to deal with the situation. By taking the time to carry out a bit of research online you'll find that you'll be well prepared if you - or someone in your party - suffer an accident whilst abroad.

There are a few things that you should know before you book a package holiday. If you book a trip in the United Kingdom and end up being injured whilst staying in your hotel or accommodation, or in the local area, you could be open to make a compensation claim - with the Package Tour Regulations 1992. If you do suffer an injury, whilst holidaying abroad, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer. They can help you file an accident claim and will know the ins and outs of this particular regulation. In order to file a claim under these specific regulations, your accident will have to cover a number of specific factors. The holiday will have to have been considered a package holiday, meaning that it was sold or offered to you as a package deal.

There are a number of other factors that can determine whether a holiday should be considered a package holiday or not. To be considered a package holiday the trip will have to have been sold to you at an inclusive price and also must be pre-arranged. The trip will also need to last longer than twenty-four hours. These factors will have to feature in your own trip if you're to file an accident claim under the Package Tour Regulations. There are also many other factors involved in an accident claim that can help determine whether or not the company that provided you with the holiday will be liable to pay you any compensation. If the time comes (and hopefully it doesn't) for you to file a claim with an accident claim lawyer you'll find that they'll be able to provide you with a wealth of advice. They also help to ensure that your accident claim is one that ultimately yields a successful end result.

Escaping the Hustle and Bustle of Christmas

Unfortunately, Christmas can be and often is a stressful time of year, largely encouraged by the extreme commercialisation of the occasion. With businesses advertising seasonal product ranges from as early as September, by December the average consumer has had more than enough and just wants things to be over and done with again for another year.

To escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas, why not try something new this year? Instead of stressing about gifts, party outfits and menus, go away somewhere with your family or loved ones. Alternatively, stay on the spot but find out what you can do to "cheat" and make organising the occasion easier for yourself.

Making Things Easier for Yourself

There are many ways in which an individual can prepare for Christmas season before it has even arrived, as well as avoid stress during the actual time of year. One of the easiest ways is by preparing in advance. That way you can not only save yourself from falling victim to a near nervous breakdown, but also save those precious pennies.

No valid argument exists for doing your Christmas shopping at the last minute. By buying your gifts months in advance, you can avoid the crowds, the terrible seasonal music most shops choose to play, and be much kinder to your personal finances. Make use of annual sales, and you could find some real bargains.

Also, plan your menu in advance instead of going to the shop in a last minute frenzy. If you have a complete shopping list, the supermarket visit is likely to pass much quicker and without any hiccups and forgotten items. Nowadays, you can also cheat by buying pre-prepared foods such as ready-cut potatoes that you just need to bung in the oven. Even turkeys can be bought pre-stuffed and basted!

Alternative Celebrations

If you just want to avoid the annual end-of-year hubbub, why not escape somewhere? There are countries around the world that don't celebrate Christmas at all or celebrate it very differently to what it's like back home.

For example, in Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere it's the middle of summer so instead of crowding around the fireplace, people are much more likely to flock to the beach with ample amounts of sunscreen and picnic hampers for a day in the great outdoors.

Looking for something closer to home and less expensive? Hotels throughout the country offer special deals that include accommodation, special meals and entertainment. Just remember to thank the staff who have to work to ensure you have a nice holiday away from it all.

Motorhome Rental for the Best Road Trip Ever!

Everyone eagerly waits for holidays, especially if they plan a motorhome rental to spend good time on the road moving around through the most scenic destinations. Moreover, with the latest deals at disposal and completely systematic arrangements, many intrepid tourists are venturing with a motorhome or campervan rental to explore new holiday destinations. Unlike the earlier times, when there was a highly restricted scope to plan a road trip, nowadays more global options are available all under one roof. The systematic approach has evolved into a streamlined tourism development opportunity where it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Things work this way:

- When you plan for RV rental, you get the destinations options across the globe with top tourist destinations and the best holiday experience ever.

- You get complete tourist information including the top places to visit, entire support for planning of an itinerary with detailed insight on every required aspect during your holiday.

- You get a remarkable deal during campervan rental. In fact, you get some handsome money-saver offers and early bird discounts too.

- The wide network of associates pan glob ensures that you get the best vehicle and top-notch service throughout your holiday trip. This is important to stay away from spoiling the fun due to vehicle breakdown. All vehicles available are well maintained and are in perfect condition.

- You get detailed help on local tourism policies, insurance regulations, and every other required details like the policies and protocols, the way you need to travel while enjoying holidays and staying away from driving fatigue, and the fantastic destinations available for spending time joyfully.

- You can choose your destination depending on parameters like your choice, budget, available days in hand, and many such personal criteria, which govern the way you spend your holiday.

- You get the most detailed information about routes, places to visit, schedules for overnight stays, and important instructions for safe holidays in a foreign land. The entire package deal becomes available right on your computer. The entire package deal becomes available right on your computer.

To make the most of your adventure road trip holidays, all you need to do is get a perfect service that will liaison for you at all global destinations. There are competent service providers who understand the needs and have adapted the perfect ready packages. All you have to do is pack your bags and spend the most exciting holidays ever.

America's Best Bargain Outdoor Towns For Baby Boomers

Heading into your golden years, but you don't want to sit around a play bridge all day? Today's retirees, mostly baby boomers, don't follow the retirement paradigm of old; nowadays they want to explore the world, whether through a rock climbing excursions or extensive travels. Boomers looking for adventure right outside their front door, should consider these four leisurely locations. Chosen by the website Find Your Spot, these small towns (between 5,500 and 17,000 people) boast four seasons with cold winters, costs of living that are between 5% below and 5% above the national average, small, local arts and culture scenes, and crime rates that are well below the national average.

Green Valley, Arizona
Population: 17,000
Average Home Price: $188,000
Average Annual Precipitation: 16 inches
Average Temps: July - 89; Jan - 30

When one considers Arizona, it's hard not to think about heat. Green Valley will change that mindset. Golfers, swimmers, and hikers enjoy 300+ sunny days a year, with average temperatures in the 80s. A lower cost of living results, in part, from a low average housing price of $188,000, but Green Valley's aesthetic value and amenities exceed expectations. Despite being geared toward relaxation, activity abounds. Stay busy close to home with billiards, shuffleboard, or horseshoes. With at least a half-dozen outstanding local golf courses, and many others nearby, Green Valley is a golfer's paradise. Tennis buffs find "Love" on one of many city courts, where they can play night or day. For the non-athlete, take advantage of the numerous and well-equipped painting, drawing and sculpture studios, concerts, and/or theater. Whatever the decision--relaxing by the pool, playing golf, or hiking up Helmet Peak--all activities are achievable with Green Valley's adaptable climate.

Boone, North Carolina
Population: 13,100
Average Home Price: $212,000
Average Annual Precipitation: 49 inches
Average Temps: July - 76; Jan - 21

Down-home music echoes through the hollers; and the southern twang of the banjo and fiddle's Bluegrass music lifts the locals' spirits downtown. But it's not just the musicians lighting up this town. Summertime temps also bring out the lightning bugs, earning Boone the reputation of "Firefly Capital of America." Boone, named after frontiersman, Daniel Boone, enjoys lush vegetation and spectacular scenery all year. Hiking and biking enthusiasts enjoy the Appalachian mountain trails from May through October. In addition, Appalachian State University presents the Appalachian Summer Festival, named one of the "top ten events in the Southeast." This and others add to the summer-long excitement. Partake in winter and summer activities all in the same day at the Hawksnest Golf and Ski Resort. Indulging in powdery slopes in the morning, then lush, verdant fairways in the afternoon encourages fun and fitness all day long. With the added bonus of having attractive housing costs, whether a condominium or large luxury estate, retirees can't afford not to live here.

Salida, Colorado
Population: 5,500
Median Home Price: $295,000
Average Annual Precipitation: 10 inches
Average Temps: July - 82; Jan - 11

The Old West resonates through the streets of Salida where stagecoaches and covered wagons were once the only means of transportation. Off in the distance, the "fourteeners" jut up halfway to heaven, quietly calling to those who might brave the ever-changing weather patterns well known to Coloradoans. Every summer the town sponsors Art Walk where local artisans look forward to featuring their finest artwork, whether in the form of sculpture, jewelry, or fine art. When winter snows turn into spring runoff on the Arkansas River, enjoy the thrills and spills of whitewater rafting or kayaking. Or try the 50 Mile Run held in April, testing the fittest of the fit. According to, Salida ranks in the top 16% nationwide in the category of low property tax rates. As well, rents run just slightly above the national average. Members of the 50+ crowd that prefer hiking trails over bumper-to-bumper traffic, but still need access to the information highway, will find that Salida offers a relaxing commute, no matter where the road takes them.

Plymouth, New Hampshire
Population: 5,900
Median Home Price: $180,000
Average Annual Precipitation: 43 inches
Average Temps: July - 80; Jan - 10

Come autumn, the trees are ablaze with color. Having spent a long, warm summer on the Pemigewasset River and Lake Winnepesaukee, the boaters, kayakers, and tubers resign themselves to the onset of cooler weather and reluctantly pull their watercraft out for the season. But all is not lost. Bigger boats are at full capacity as they head out on the Atlantic Ocean to view the humpback whale as it migrates north. For those 50 and over with an adventurous side, glacial caves await, offering the brave explorer six different self-guided tours. Once on dry land, check out a variety of arts and cultural activities, from the New Hampshire Music Fest to the Karl Drerup Gallery. For a unique event, visit the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in nearby Holderness. Plymouth offers plenty in the way of continuing education as well. Plymouth State College has a variety of programs in areas such as education, business, and computer systems. Even though the cost of living is slightly above the national average, not having to pay sales tax makes a huge difference. With its natural beauty, history, and character, it's no wonder Plymouth has gained status as a community of choice for retiring professionals.

Setting Up A Gardening Business

Summer's here! Setting up a gardening business can seem overwhelming but we hope to illustrate ten steps to make the process more straight-forward.

Gardeners work for domestic, commercial and public sector clients with gardens and grounds to maintain services can range from planting, pruning, mulching, mowing, fence construction to basic landscaping.

1. Getting Qualified

Although there are no formal qualifications required to set up a gardening business since most gardeners may have developed their personal gardening experiences, getting some qualifications will help you to understand best practice, new trends and how to operate as a business.

The following courses may be beneficial:

  • The Horticultural Correspondence College- runs a course for those with no experience on gardening, costs £199 and takes roughly 18 months to complete.
  • My Gardening School- online gardening course ranges from beginner to pro. Covers topics such as recycling, garden design, pond construction. Prices are around £120
  • The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) - Britain's premier horticultural brand provides a Level 2 Certificate on Principals of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance. The qualification is recognised in the industry and covers garden planning, choosing plants, growing veg. It is studied over 9 months through (ICS) and costs £275.

2. Understanding The Industry

To help gardeners keep up with industry events and news its useful to keep up to date with industry trends and increase your product knowledge. A few events and publications to keep in mind are:

'Horticulture Week' Magazine

'WHICH? Gardening' Magazine


3. Key Market Issues & Trends

Some of the current issues affecting the industry are:

The garden sector grow by 1.7% - Datamonitor

The IPOS MORI poll stated that 71% of the UK population believe spending time in the garden is crucial to their quality of life.

UK gardeners spend on average £20,000 over their lifetime on garden services

Figures from the Horticultural Trade Association body suggests increasing confidence in the sector with 92% of their member implementing growth plans.

Government spending cuts will affect those looking to win contracts from local authorities.

According to the Skills Funding Agency there are 16,500 businesses operating in the horticulture, landscape and sports turfing industries. Eight of ten of the business have fewer than ten employees

4. Equipment

The following list is not exhaustive but it will provide you with an idea of the equipment that is required to provide a full service:

Petrol-powered lawnmower


Hedge trimmer




Pruning saw


Hand fork

Hand shears


Bulb planter

Kneelng Mat

Safety Equipment should also include:



Ear Defenders

Safety Visor

For more equipment, check out the prices at or mowdirect

5. Running The Business From Home

Its a good idea to inform your mortgage company and landlord (if applicable) to ensure that you're allowed to operate from home. It may be an idea to contact your local authority or the Valuation Office Agency to see if part of your premises is eligible for business rates.

6. Domestic Gardening Work

The best source of domestic work may be within your local area/district offering mowing, hedge cutting and trimming. This could lead to additional work to tidying, pruning and weeding. Much of this likely to be regular work, so customer service is paramount when you get you first gig. Lawn maintenance for example requires treatment programmes, aeration and scarification maybe required 4 times a year.

7. Commercial Contracts

As pointed out the demand from local authorities has slumped, but working with the private sector may bring new opportunities, particularly amongst hotels, offices, pubs, leisure centres, spas, etc. There may also be the opportunity to sub-contract for property maintenance agents.

8. Your Fee

The fee charged by a gardener can vary depending on size & job type, local competition, location. When pricing a job factor in the following:

  • Duration of job
  • Travel requirements
  • Materials

Most gardening jobs charge on hourly basis of £15 p/hour. For domestic work ask to be paid in cash but provide a receipt for you own book-keeping. For commercial jobs it is common to invoice with payment through bank transfer or cheque. In some circumstances the owner may not be at home whilst the work is being carried out but on completion the gardener can pop a dated card through the door to confirm that the job has been carried out and call in the evening for payment.

9. Promotion & Trade Bodies

There are several 'tradesmen directories' in existence. We would urge you to use these with caution as we tend to believe that showcasing your work with a video, image, and an online following of satisfied customers can make a bigger impact to those seeking to hire you.

  • Directories - Google Places
  • Advertising In Specialist GardenDrectories
  • Rated People
  • My Hammer
  • CheckATrade
  • Advertising In Local Papers
  • Social Media Profile
  • Local Online Press Release

10. Cover Yourself

There are too many horror stories of gardeners who have suffered through lack of appropriate insurance and financial planning. Get the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance - protection against claims from customers
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - protection against business claimants
  • Employers Liability Insurance - required as soon as you hire your first employee
  • Contract Dispute Insurance - for contractual disputes
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance - to cover loss, theft or damage to your tools
  • Vehicle Cover - for any car/van used for business purposes
  • Income protection insurance to cover periods of sickness or injury

There are specialist insurers who can provide insurance for gardeners such as Tradesmen Insure and BLP Insure.

Happy Gardening!

The Best Ski Resorts For Hitting The Slopes

When you feel that itch you know it is time to look for ski resorts that can scratch it sufficiently. Sun and beach and all-inclusive deals are all fine and dandy, but you fancy yourself a bit of an adventurer and a year without speeding down a snow-covered hilltop is a year wasted in your book. So where to look and where to go?

The Mammoth Mountain

Just three hours outside of the greater Los Angeles area you can find this gem among mountains. They sport 150 trails and 214 skiable acres and the beauty of its surrounding are any other mountain hard-pressed to beat. And the best thing about it is that the sun is almost constantly shining. So enjoy the many slopes while soaking up all the sun you can handle.

Colorado Is More Than Just Aspen

Everybody keeps raving about Aspen as the IT-destination of the state, and it is within its rights, however there are a bundle of options available all through this ski-friendly state and it would be a shame if you never got around to checking them out.

The Keystone is one of those places, with beautiful, winding slopes. With a reputation for being family friendly, which they still are, not nowadays they have made increasing efforts of attracting the young and the restless with their nightlife, their bars and their restaurants.

The state also houses a lot of other different places, making them attractive to any skier no matter at what stage you find yourself in. Skiing can be used as enjoyable for the first-timer as for the experienced, even at the same destination, all it comes down to is finding the right one.

So head on out and hit the steepest trails available or just gently ski your way down a slope offering just the right amount of resistance.

Whistle Your Way To Whistler

One of the most famous places for skiing in north America is Whistler, in British Columbia Canada. Here as well you can find every type of skiing and accommodation that is right for you or you and your family. Here, skiing is just part of the fun, and with its worldwide notoriety the streets of Whistler is like walking on the skiing equivalent of the Hollywood walk of fame. You can feel the traditions and the pride in the air, and the after ski opportunities just keep coming at you.

Here you will find families walking side by side with trendy slope hot shots, and the range of restaurants and bars surely will offer something for everyone.

So you see there are plenty of places that can offer you another one of those life-time memories of a skiing vacation, with luxurious hotels and spa treatments working together to make your experience of ski resorts as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Find A Beautiful Condo For Rent

The term 'vacation' means different things to different people. Although there is no doubt that everyone deserves a break from work every once in a while and needs time to spend with his or her family, it is a well established fact that people react differently to breaks. Some people decide to leave everything behind and just go away to another continent altogether. Others just spend time in the comfort of their own homes, feeling that home is where quality time can be spent. Some others want the best of both these worlds. If you are of this latter type, then a great solution for you would be to book yourself a condo in some picturesque setting, and enjoy the privacy you get with your family.

Even after you decide upon this, there is a lot of work to be done, like getting in touch with people who own condos, and also finding the right place for your specific needs. There is no need to worry about his any longer, as there are companies that will do all the work for you. Similar to vacation planners,. these companies will find the best condos in the locality and provide you with a comprehensive list, out of which you can select the place that best appeals to your tastes and sense of style.

The companies in question will have detailed lists of all the resorts and conference centers in the area, so that there is no need to travel from one site to another gathering information. The lists will show you all the amenities these resorts have, like swimming pools, gyms, spas and the like, along with the prices. The condos will be available on weekly, monthly or daily terms, depending on what you have planned. You can look through the photos and write-ups on all these resorts at leisure, and then pick one. This is the great advantage of having all data integrated at one point; there is not much effort involved in planning vacations!

There is nothing like finding yourself some quiet, out-of-the way county that is far behind the modernization of cities. Sometimes it is a good thing to get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, malls and food courts. It pays to take a relaxing trip to some place that still follows rustic traditions and has fairs and carnivals and the like.

The sites of these companies will also have detailed itinerary, sketching out exactly what sort of events can be expected in the upcoming months in that particular locality, so that you can plan for your vacation to coincide with some event that is to your liking, if you are so inclined.

For example, there is bound to be a lot of festive cheer in the air during the end of December. First of all there is Christmas, and then the new year. If you were to go to a condo at a time like this, you are bound to have a lot of exuberance surrounding you, and it will be a great vacation. There are also different innovative events for other special days like Valentines's Day and Halloween.

Pune Hotels - Find Quality Hotels at an Affordable Price

The history of Pune dates back to more than 1600 years. The city is located at the convergence of the two great rivers - Mutha and Mula. It boasts of its past due to its rich history of various well-known dynasties. These empires made several monuments and temples to maintain their legacy. The relics of these still attracts many visitors to this city. You do not need to worry about accommodation when you visit this place since there is an array of hotels available here. Find out some of the 3 star hotels in Pune as given below:

The President Hotel

The hotel is located in the prime housing vicinity of Prabhat Road near Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. The market is also situated nearby. Most of the tourist attractions of Pune like Saeas Baug, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune University, Koregaon Park, Shaniwar Wada, Bund Garden, Raj Bhawan, and Osho Commune International are located within few kilometers of the hotel. The hotel offers rich décor and pleasant natural ambiance making the stay comfortable. Forty-three well-designed rooms and suites are available in the hotel with all the modern amenities and facilities. These include banquet, medical facilities, Internet connection, secretarial assistance, tea/coffee maker and laundry facility. The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar.

Hotel Woodland

The hotel is located near the railway station and bus stand. It is located nearby most of the major shopping centers and business houses. Most of the tourist attractions are also located in close proximity, such as Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwar Wada, and Koregaon Part. The hotel is ideal for both leisure and business travelers. There are 100 centrally air-conditioned rooms in different categories. The hotel offers all the modern facilities and amenities to its guests. These include bar facility, currency exchange, car rental service, conference facilities, banquet hall, Internet connection, medical facilities, etc. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel.

Hotel Ashirwad

This is one of the few Pune hotels, which are located in the heart of the city. This is a highly sought after hotel due to its position in a calm and quite area. In this hotel, you would find 45 elegantly designed rooms in different categories with all the modern amenities and facilities. These include medical facilities, banquet, Internet connection, convention center, bar service and TV. There is an open-air restaurant and a vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel. Various tourist attractions are located nearby to the hotel.

To get high quality services and facilities at affordable price, you must visit any of these 3 star hotels.

How To Find Male Incontinence Products?

There are millions of men around the world who suffer from male incontinence and who could benefit from incontinence products in dealing with this condition. Many men usually feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about and seek help for their condition. It is common for men to experience incontinence after prostate surgery and many of them will continue dealing with incontinence problems for the rest of their lives. It is important to find the right male incontinence products to help you manage your condition discreetly and without embarrassment.

What men should know is that incontinence products come in various sizes, styles and absorbencies so as to handle all levels of incontinence, whether light, moderate, heavy or severe. The products are also geared at ensuring that the man is able to continue pursuing a normal and active lifestyle if he wishes. There are products for use whether one is working or relaxing, travelling or playing sports. The available products guarantee maximum protection against leakage as well as comfort and discretion. Here is a list of some of the available male incontinence products in the market:

• Male guards are disposable pads which are placed and secured on regular underwear by means of adhesive strips. The pads absorb any wetness and turn it into a gel-like substance, thus preventing any leakage while at the same time stopping odors from forming. Male guards are a convenient and comfortable solution that is quite popular.

• Pouch pants are made to look like normal underwear. These pants however have a pouch where a pad is inserted. These pads can either be disposable or reusable and are replaced as often as you need. The advantage of pouch pants is that they are comfortable and can be machine washed and reused.

• Male boxer shorts were developed to cater to the needs of men who prefer wearing boxer shorts rather than briefs. They are made to resemble boxer shorts and can be machine washed. They have a pad built into them which is both highly absorbent and comfortable.

• Complete male pants look like briefs, and have a pad built into them to absorb any leakage. The pants also help prevent odors and have a dry layer that ensures the wetness does not come into contact with the skin, causing irritation.

Since there are so many incontinence supplies in the market to choose from, it can be frustrating to find one that will fit properly and will give you adequate protection. Many companies that sell incontinence products will happily provide you with sample packets so that you can try the different kinds of incontinence supplies and find the right one for your body type. Comfort is important while selecting incontinence products. You need to find an adult diaper that gives you a snug fit but one that will not pinch your skin. A diaper that pinches is one that can lead to irritation and can often make it uncomfortable to wear.

Price is another factor to consider as you test out various products. It helps to look for a product that fits in your budget needs. The disposable products can become expensive in a hurry if you go through a lot of them each day. There are some washable products that can work quite well. Reusable adult diapers look just like your traditional boxer-briefs but they have extra absorbency near the groin in order to offer protection from leakage.

To determine the right level of absorbency with male incontinence products, measure how much urine loss you have each day. This way you know if light, medium, or maximum protection is the best selection for your needs.

Read This Before Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai may not boast high rise buildings and lavish attractions like Rome or New York, but it is unique in its own special way. You will discover the joys of Shanghai on the streets, with everyday life unfolding in front of you like a surprise. You will find both the old world charm as well as great technological advancements existing in perfect harmony in this city. If you are planning a Shanghai trip, this article will help you enjoy a hassle free journey:

The main gateway to Shanghai is Pudong International Airport, situated 40 kilometers to the east of the city. This state-of-art hub has all the facilities that you would expect from an international airport. It boasts of two massive terminals for the convenience of the guests, and a free shuttle bus service to take visitors to their desired destination. The city has a solid network of roads and good public transportation system so tourists can move about freely within the city.

Whether you are planning to visit Shanghai for tourism or business purpose, you will find all major facilities that you expect to find in a modern city. There are many companies that offer sightseeing buses. There are several routes and packages to choose from, and you may take your pick based on your needs. The sightseeing buses usually cover most of the popular tourist attractions in Shanghai, such as the Shanghai Zoo, Baoyang Road Harbor, and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

If you wish to explore the city all by yourself, you may walk like a local and see older areas of the city such as the Bund. If you are with your family, we would recommend that you hire a taxi to visit the major sightseeing places. Some of the main tourist attractions that you must visit during your stay in Shanghai are the Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai Museum, the various Chinese temples, and the Zhujiajiao Water Town.

You will never fall short of things to do when you are in Shanghai. You can visit the various tea houses in the city and enjoy the traditional Chinese tea with snacks. Some companies offer river tours which will take you to some of these tea houses, you may consider opting for a tour. If you love beaches, check out the striking Jinshan city beach situated on the Hangzhou Bay. It offers incredible scenery, various attractions, and entrainments. You can enjoy a plethora of water sports or laze around the beaches.

Shanghai is a great place to shop till you drop. Nanjing Road is the main shopping arcade that offers you a great place to buy traditional Chinese crafts, artifact and junk jewellery. You can check out the various street shops selling traditional goods and souvenirs or visit the fashionable boutiques situated at the west end of the Nanjing Road. You will also find several high-end malls such as Henglong Plaza, Meilongzhen Plaza, Citic Plaza, and so on.

Finding an accommodation in Shanghai is also pretty easy because the city houses a plethora of luxurious and budget hotels suiting every pocket.

Getting Ready For Your Trade Show Display

You've made the decision and signed the contract to be an exhibitor at an upcoming event. To increase your success keep the following in mind.

Be recognizable and branded.

Display your company name or preferably your logo prominently. Ensure your booth reflects the style and feel of your brand as well as the colouring. If someone was familiar with your logo and website before attending the event, would they automatically recognize what booth is yours? For example, a Spa Sisters booth is instantly recognizable. "We've worked hard to create an environment that's eye-catching - who doesn't love fuchsia??" say Kerri Foster Roberts and Tricia Foster-Mohan, owners of the Spa Sisters. They add that other elements add to the bright, playful look that is their brand. "The pink curtains, polka dot lamps and feather wreath catch people's attention making them more likely to stop and look at our products."

On a tight budget? Use inexpensive frames painted in one of your brand colours, featuring large photos of your product to make your booth look more visual. Bring a tablecloth in the same colour as your logo.

Know how you will stop customers in their tracks.

How will you ensure that individuals walking by your booth will stop? Will you provide samples? Will there be some kind of activity such as an equipment demonstration? What will you say to initiate conversation? Do you have a specific product or service you want to focus on?

Lois Ward, of goodlines Décor features her thought provoking quote pillows prominently. "People are drawn right into the booth to read the quotes. The display is lively but uncluttered and we 'fluff' product often to attract attention. Warm friendly smiles from staff make people feel welcome."

For the Spa Sisters, testers are the key. "We've found that people love to sniff and sample body meringues and lotions, so we put them right out front so people feel comfortable trying them. It's a great way for us to begin a conversation with someone and we love hearing the instant feedback on which flavours people prefer," say Kerri and Tricia.

Have Marketing Materials Available

Be sure to have brochures and business cards on hand - something that individuals can walk away with. Your website address and contact information should be easy to find on these materials. The conference organizers should be able to provide you with an estimate of the number of attendees. Not everyone will choose to pick up your information but the estimate will at least provide a starting point.

If you have an e-newsletter, provide attendees with an opportunity to sign up for it. This is a great way to build your list! Be sure to enter their information to your list immediately after the event.

Think through the logistics

Make a list of everything you need to take to the event. What steps do you need to take to prepare these items? What other actions are required? Take time to think through each step of the event. How will you, your products and other supplies get there? Will they fit in your vehicle or will you need to rent or borrow a van? Do you need help to set up? What do you want people to do when they visit your booth? How will you cover bathroom and meal breaks? Are there specific guidelines set by the organizers?

Plan for follow up & rest

Mark time in your calendar for follow up activities such as entering e-newsletter subscribers, unpacking, paying bills, filing paperwork, etc. This is a major investment and you want to ensure you have the time to follow up properly.

You will also be tired and not want to return to a heavy personal or professional schedule immediately after the event. Although it took time for Lois of goodlines Décor to regain some balance after her last show she did eventually make progress. "About a month after the show I was able to once again create moments of relaxation by returning to yoga and meditation once a week, as well as spending time with family and friends," she notes.

Getting Started

If you haven't been involved in tradeshows before try a couple of lower cost, local shows before moving on to larger, multi-day events that may also require travel. Remember to create lists to help you prepare. Add to the them as you get ready, review the lists after the event and keep them for future reference - even if they are covered in scribbles. Your lists will help you be successful and make your next event even easier!

Enjoy the show!

Knowing the Different Types of Computers Around

The most common type of computer is definitely the desktop. These are computers that are not designed to be portable. These computers are usually placed on a single location and they are preferred by many because they are inexpensive. A computer user can be able to purchase a desktop computer with a large disk space and high processing power without burning a hole in their pocket.

Laptops have become popular in recent days among students and business people. This is because they are portable, meaning that the individual can travel with them wherever they go. The advantage is that they can always save their information and carry their laptop around with them. They will therefore be able to use it whenever and wherever they want. Laptops are usually chargeable and there are some that can retain power for up to six hours. However, laptops are usually more costly than desktop computers.

Desktops and laptops are the most commonly used types of computers, though there are other different types of computers. The netbook is becoming very common as well due to its small and sleek size and shape. They are cheaper than laptops but unfortunately their internal features as well as specifications are also less than those of laptops.

A Personal Digital Assistant or PDA is different from other computers in that it does not use a hard drive to store information or data. Instead, a flash memory is usually used for storage. PDAs do not use keyboards and instead they have a touch screen for typing. They are quite small and light in weight and they also have a decent battery life.

Workstations are desktops with bigger memory and a processor that is more powerful. Their capabilities are usually more enhanced and they are mostly used to perform very specific tasks that require high processing power such as 3D design.

Servers are another type of computer that are mostly used by web hosting companies. This is because these computers are usually designed to provide different types of services over a network. They are also used by companies or business that have an internal network. They usually have large disk spaces and a lot of memory as well as very powerful processors.

A supercomputer is one of the most expensive types of computers around. They are huge and very powerful and they could cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase. Mainframe computers on the other hand are also extremely big and they could fill up an entire floor. They are usually referred to as enterprise servers by most people.

There are definitely different types of computers, and while others can be used by individuals, others should only be purchased for companies and enterprises. Understanding these types will definitely help the individual to choose the one that fits their budget and their needs.

Oakville Ontario: Oh My!

A few years ago the United Nations selected Canada as the # 1 country for quality of life, ahead of the United States and European countries. And if you needed proof of that, anyone who's lived in Oakville - for 24 hours or for 70 years - can provide it. It's easy to see why Oakville is THE exemplary microcosm of Canada - no two ways about it.

To see is to believe goes the popular saying. Pictures aren't enough to profile this part of the world effectively. You have to feel Oakville and allow it to creep into your being before you can exclaim, "ah, but of course!"

Oakville is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is a 30-minute drive from downtown. It is a full service urban center but has none of the city pollution and noise that many North American cities are notorious for. You get to enjoy city amenities but with that small town ambience - a certain quaintness if you will - because this lakeside community is rich in history.

Where were you in 1827?

This was the year that Oakville was born. Today, it is one of Ontario's best residential enclaves, and is home to over 260 local and international corporations that take up prominent positions in the automotive, pharmaceutical, technology and aerospace industries - just a sample of numerous business endeavors that constitute the economic core of Oakville.

What makes it such a prized location? Wholesome neighborhoods and excellent schools are two reasons. The 145,000 residents enjoy a high standard of living (household median income is $86,000.00).

Things to Do

If you're visiting Oakville for the first time and you're itching for a round of golf, you have a choice of seven golf courses, one of them the PGA-acclaimed Glen Abbey Golf Course. If you prefer the water over the greens, Oakville has two harbors. And if you simply want to stretch your legs and wander around after a long, drawn-out business meeting, the town has 2,400 acres of park space.

Wives accompanying husbands on business trips have about 400 shops, boutiques and restaurants to while away their time. Bike and hiker trails, some of them in close proximity to Lake Ontario, also abound in Oakville.

If Oakville has a prosperous $80 million tourism industry and receives about 1.4 million visitors annually, that should be a good enough reason to put it on your travel agenda for next summer.

Entertainment and Culture

Oakville is far from a sleepy town. The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts has a year-round schedule of theatre, dance, music and comedy shows. Do an enlightening tour of the museum in Erchless Estate and take a leisurely stroll in art galleries and historical associations. Or just gaze at the local architecture - particularly in preservation sites.

Speaking of festivities, there's wholesome family fun in the annual Waterfront Festival and Festival of Classics and Jazz. And speaking of wholesome, the Oakville Santa Claus Parade will bring color to the bleak winter months: 50 floats, 12 marching bands, mascots and puppets - and yes, throw in the clowns.

You think you're too old for Santa? Drop by anyway. When you leave, the assurance that there are very likeable spots left on earth will make you smile.

Places to Stay

Oakville has accommodations to meet every budget. The big name hotels - Marriott, Park Plaza and the Hilton - are examples. If you want a home-cooked breakfast and a taste of Oakville hospitality, there are bed and breakfast places as well as camp sites and low-end accommodations.

Holiday Inn Select Oakville 2525 Wyecroft Road Oakville, ON Canada Reservations: 1-800-359-6279

Hilton Garden Inn Oakville 2774 South Sheridan Way Oakville, ON Canada Reservations: 1-800-359-6279

Monte Carlo Inn Oakville Suites 374 South Service Road East Oakville, ON Canada Reservations: 1-800-359-6279

Country Inn Oakville 2930 South Sheridan Way Oakville, ON Canada Reservations: 1-800-359-6279

Oakville Plaza Hotel 360 Oakville Place Drive Oakville, ON Canada Reservations: 1-800-359-6279

Copyright 2006 Jason Seib

Sneak Away For A Weekend To Waiheke Island

It's the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf, home to a number of beautiful beaches and some fantastic accommodation options. If you're looking for a private and intimate weekend getaway, why not sneak off to Waiheke Island? Escape the mainland and book a stay in a beach villa or a luxury cottage looking out over the water.

If you are travelling from outside of Auckland, booking a rental car at Auckland Airport will give you transport to the Devonport Ferry and around Waiheke, allowing you more freedom during your stay. Plan your getaway today and enjoy some of these activities on the island.

Cycle Waiheke

Hire a bike at Bike Hire Waiheke and enjoy taking the island on at your own leisure. Available as soon as you arrive by ferry, you can hire a bicycle for the whole weekend or just the afternoon. Bike Hire Waiheke gives you everything you need from the helmet and bike lock to a map of suggested routes and places to visit.


Snapper, kingfish and marlin are all popular catches as you head out toward Great Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf, and the warmer months see them migrating closer to the shore. Go deep-sea fishing with Fat Snapper Fishing Charters on Waiheke Road. Fat Snapper provides all the gear you need and can take you on a half-day or full day trip starting in the early morning to some of the best spots in the Hauraki Gulf

Ocean Man Free-diving

Embark on a snorkeling adventure with Scott at Ocean Man. Whether you've been snorkeling before or it's your first time, Ocean Man has an adventure for you. Explore the waters surrounding Waiheke Island and enjoy a fully guided tour of some of the best diving spots.

Sea Kayaking

Get out on the ocean and experience the water sea kayaking. Sea Kayak Waiheke Island offers a range of journeys from half-day excursions to overnight trips. Paddle to the outer islands and let your guides show you some of the local bird species. You might even glimpse dolphins and whales just north of the island during your trip.

Wild on Waiheke

Wild on Waiheke offers visitors the ultimate experience with a range of different exciting activities for you to take part in during your stay. Enjoy archery, clay bird shooting, taste the flavours of Topknot Hill vineyard and relax for lunch at their cafe and bar. Find Wild on Waiheke on Onetangi Road - be sure to make a booking in advance and discuss the activities you're interested in.

If you're looking for a private and intimate weekend retreat with plenty of activities to keep you busy, a stay on Waiheke Island is perfect. It's great for couples but families and groups of friends can have a lot of fun exploring the island and everything it has to offer too.

What Is a Medication Discount Card?

Just as the name implies, a medication discount card is a special card that consumers can obtain to get discounts on the normal cost of medicine. Also referred to as a discount prescription card or prescription discount card, there are a number of excellent advantages in being a card holder.

Obviously, the greatest benefit is having the opportunity to save money on medication that would otherwise cost a lot of money. However, a medication discount card can be used for all prescription drugs regardless of original cost. Keep in mind that there are other benefits although they would vary depending on the issuing company.

One important thing we want to point out about obtaining a discount prescription card is that most companies that issue them are legitimate. Even so, before providing personal information for discount prescription cards, it would be worth spending a little time to research the company to include its history, reputation, and guarantee.

Reasons for Getting a Card

As mentioned, the key benefit of prescription discount cards is cost savings. Unfortunately, prescription drugs has skyrocketed in price over the past several years with no real let up in sight. For someone without insurance or poor insurance coverage, this expense can put a major bite in the budget. Thankfully, having a prescription discount card makes it possible to get the medication needed.

Unfortunately, some medications are so expensive that people actually go without because the cost cannot be afforded. In fact, there are cases of people needing life-saving drugs who do not take them because of the high cost. Obviously, in today's society this is unacceptable. While there have been new laws and reform that helps, and while governments in North America realize how serious the problem is, many people still require assistance.

Government Regulation

In Canada, the government regulates the cost of prescription drugs unlike the United States. Because of this, some Americans actually travel to Canada or order drugs online as a means of spending less but without sacrificing on product quality. Obviously, this would not be a viable option for everyone, which is why using discount prescription cards make perfect sense. The savings for some people is so significant the need to choose between medication and paying for utilities or groceries is no longer an issue.

Following are some of the main benefits these cards offer, showing why the growth in popularity:

  • Some prescription discount cards are 100% free
  • Savings can be as high as 75% for drugs with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval
  • Information can be provided online and the card downloaded using a computer or mailed to the requestor's address
  • These cards are accepted at more than 57,000 pharmacies, not only on a local level but also regional and national
  • Typically, there is no deductible or waiting period for approval
  • People with pre-existing conditions are never excluded, meaning virtually everyone who applies for a card receives approval

How To Make Money From Home Online In 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to make money from home online can be one of the best ways to start creating an additional source of income that you can use in a variety of different ways.

If this is your first time working on creating online income for yourself it will be much like learning how to walk, read, write or ride a bike. It can be very challenging and it will require that you have the self discipline to focus on learning what you need to learn and then doing what needs to be done until you reach your goal.

One of the main reasons why so many people fail at learning how to make money from home online is mainly because they either do not work at it hard enough or they do not stick with it long enough. Think about when you were first learning any new skill such as walking, talking or learning to read and write, these things took time, effort and
persistence. The same is true for learning how to make money online from home.

Benefits Of Learning How To Make Money From Home Online

Even though it will not be easy, it can be very rewarding and life enhancing. Here are a few of the many different benefits that you can expect to enjoy:

+ Spending more time with your family and friends - This will come about as a direct result of your ability to develop good time management skills. By managing your time well and doing the things that you need to do in order to reach your goals, you will have more leisure time to spend as you please.

+ Increased Time Flexibility - Because you will be your own boss, you can schedule your workload in a way that will allow you to get things done when you see fit. In some cases you may choose to work during the early morning hours, while everyone else is asleep or you may choose to work other non-traditional hours throughout the day.

+ Reduced Work Expenses - You will be saving on a variety of different work related cost such as travel expenses, meals and work clothes. In addition you may also qualify for certain small business tax deductions as well.

+ Improved efficiency - Because you will be working alone, you can focus for long uninterrupted periods of time to complete your daily tasks, this can allow you to become much more productive throughout your day.

+ Unlimited Income Potential - Unlike a traditional job if you choose to start your own online business then you will not be trading hours for dollars and you will be able to leverage the 24hour, 7 day a week availability of the internet to work for you continuously. This can be one of the smartest ways to start working on creating long term financial success for yourself by creating online passive income.

The 3 Steps To Learning How To Make Money From Home Online

The specific steps needed will vary based on your choice of options. Some of the different options include freelance work, content writing, being an online business owner, affiliate marketing, etc, etc...

However here are the basic steps that you can take to make sure that you make the right choice and have the best chances of achieving your goals.

Step 1.) Research - One of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that you find something that will be profitable for you both in the short term and long term. Finding an evergreen market, where people are always spending money or a rising trend can help set you up for longterm business success.

Step 2.) Find A Mentor - Once you have identified the type or area of online business that you would like to focus on, the next most important thing to do is to find a mentor or get the training that you need to become successful in that area. This goes hand in hand with learning any new skill or ability. You will always do better if you have someone to help you or show you how things should be done.

Step 3.) Implement A System - The next and final step is to develop a system for creating consistent results. This will involve a lot of testing and improving and this will be an ongoing part of generating income from home so it is absolutely necessary that you are able to create and implement a system that works in producing profitable results.

If you work at it long enough and hard enough (put your best effort into it) then you will reach the point where you will be able to make money from home online and reap all of the many different benefits that go along with this accomplishment.

The Main Features of Professional Brochures for Hotels

When it comes to brochures for hotels, there is nothing that captures more attention and imagination than a few high quality and well-placed photos. These materials always provide customers detailed and important information on which to base their holiday decisions. In general, brochures for hotels contain various offers, special promotions, discounts, room rates, landscape images and different comments from guests. They are often used in places such as travel agencies to advertise the hotels to the targeted groups.

The Magic of Images and Content

High definition photos are the heart of well-designed promotion materials for hotels. Images should include the surroundings of the hotel like the breakfast area, swimming pools, health clubs, restaurants, meeting halls and also the interior of the largest rooms. Moreover, the background images of the brochures should contain small and accurate maps with directions. Moreover, you should choose colorful photos that tell a story about the facility's history. Many business men use this marketing strategy to promote their brands.

Using Attractive Messages

Firstly, it is essential to determine a layout and a theme for the materials and identify the message that the hotels are trying to send to potential clients. You should select the paper size, the number of pages and the contents of each page. These are the main informational materials that are displayed for the target market.

Creating a Marketing Brochure

Brochures for hotels are an effective platform that the hotel industry uses to expand its coverage. The industry is very competitive and marketing brochures are key elements for attracting clients. Moreover, a promotion material is designed to highlight the amenities and benefits that the hotel provides to its prospective clients.

Knowing the Audience

Brochures for hotels are helpful in explaining the features and benefits of the available service packages to the customers. Most people are interested in learning as much as possible about the hotel before they decide. It is highly important to provide information about the rooms, pool hours, pet policies and different amenities. Many hotels use the promotional materials to attract a wider variety of customers and increase their business. They are placed and handed out in different public locations in order to increase the popularity of the facility.

What to Consider

Over the past decades, the global hotel industry has increased tremendously. Large hotels are responsible for selling a wider range of services from accommodation to restaurant meals, gym work out sessions, spa treatments and other leisure activities. Developing a successful hotel brochure is not an easy task. Doing research and careful planning are the vital components in setting your marketing target.

The most important features of professional brochures for hotels are to be attractive, to include detailed information about the high-quality services or products available for clients, to gain and maintain the loyalty of the customers and to promote the strengths of the business.

A Vacation in Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, a resort town in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island has been described by many people as the adventure capital of the world. Why not? All types of adventures and thrilling activities are seen here from bungee jumping, canyon swinging, white water rafter, skiing, skydiving, mountain climbing, jet boating, mountain biking and more. This area is a perfect place for adrenaline junkie from all over the world.

On the other hand, there are less challenging activities for those who will visit the town for leisure and relaxation. You can go for a scenic walk along the shores of the lake, take a tour around Lake Wakatipu, go fishing or tour the local wineries. At night, you can dine on any of the numerous café and restaurants that populate the area and neighboring town.

A vacation in Queenstown usually starts on December 1 and ends on 28th of February when the weather is warm. It is a perfect time to enjoy plenty of touring like searching the Pounamu, a Maori native greenstone and learning about the area that was first established in 1880s.

Being the major center for snow sports in the country, Queenstown has excellent ski fields. Visitors from all over the country and many parts of the world come here in order to ski at Cardrona Alpine Resort, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Treble Cone. You can test your skills and prowess on different slopes or get assistance from any of the people working in the area in order to get the best of your skiing experience.

Queenstown is also the departure point of tours going to Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound. A tour to this phenomenal area takes 12 hours. It will introduce you to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the region.

Accommodations in Queenstown are varied and plentiful but you must book before hand in order to find the best holiday rentals the town has to offer. As it gains recognition and popularity as one of the best tourist destinations in New Zealand, there is also a lot of competition for the best Queenstown holiday homes and luxury places. If you have enough money, take advantage of the hotels that are quite affordable and inexpensive.

Hostels, Farm stays, apartments and self- contained accommodations are fast gaining popularity as an affordable option for those who travel with a group or family members. Select the one that suits your budget and will provide the kind of service you need.

Queenstown is a favorite holiday destination. There are plenty of things to experience while in town. Make your vacation memorable by staying for a night or two at one of the towns' quality accommodation.