Can a Doctor Write Me a Prescription Online?

If you have a health condition and need to take chronic medication, you can get your prescriptions sorted out in a quick and convenient manner by ordering your refills online. Working with a site that only employs US-licensed doctors and that offers a safe and secure payment platform means you can streamline and simplify your life after a quick online consultation.

How Does The Process Work?

Firstly, you need to ensure you pick a site that specifically employs US-licensed doctors, as only they may prescribe medication. Pick someone you like the profile of and check what their area of expertise is until you find someone you feel would be adequately qualified to help you out.

Make sure you are working on a platform that is secure and that offers a money-back guarantee. It is also important that you take the time to read all the terms and conditions before you enter any sensitive information online.

Within 10 to 30 minutes of having processed, your payment you will be contacted with a return phone call by one of the qualified doctors. You can chat about your condition and will be asked certain questions to ensure your condition is being managed in the most appropriate way possible. Once the medical practitioner is satisfied, he or she will then be able to issue you with an online prescription that you can redeem at a pharmacy that is closest to you.

Who Could Benefit From The Online Prescription Process?

Busy people who do not have the time or the will to see their doctor on a monthly basis, but require chronic medication, stand to benefit the most from this process. It is the quickest way to get prescription refills without the time and expense of physical visits to your doctor. There is no waiting around and you can choose whenever is most convenient for you, slotting it into your schedule as time becomes available.

If you have recently moved home and live in an area where you haven't familiarized yourself with the local GP, this can help you out in an emergency.

If you are travelling for business or leisure and discover that you left your medication at home, this is the simplest way to be able to continue taking your meds without having to cut your trip short. You can simply go through the online process and collect your medication from the pharmacy that is closest to you.

Picking The Right Site

Choosing a site that does not require membership is a good path to choose. You are under no obligations and can get a once-off consultation and prescription without any commitments. It's ideal for when you are in transition or have just moved and need a temporary solution.

Make sure the site you pick is verified and meets all the required conditions to provide you with a safe and efficient service. By keeping all of these points in mind, you will have the ability to conveniently get your prescriptions from a doctor online.

Good Aspects of a Roadshow Bus

Everything that has ever been made has had good things about them, and since for every motion there is an equal yet opposite motion, everything that has ever been made has had some bad points as well. A roadshow bus has good points to them, and they have a few drawbacks also. Let's take a look at the good aspects of a roadshow vehicle.

A roadshow bus lets you have a place for your family to sleep, to eat, to prepare their meals, private toilet facilities, bathing facilities, and conveniently can be parked near the activities you wish to engage in.

With a roadshow bus you can pack groceries from home and prepare meals that you know are nutritious, delicious, and that cost far less than dining in fast food restaurants with the entire family. If you have a picky eater in your group you can accommodate their likes and dislikes without any trouble. If you have someone with a food allergy then you can make certain that they are not exposed to that food accidentally. Your family can eat their meals when they want to and do not have to go out to eat when the nearest diner is open. They give you freedom of choice to live on the time schedule you prefer.

You will have all of the children sleeping in a room that you know is safe from strangers. You will know that should one of the children need you in the middle of the night you will be able to hear them and get to them to take care of their problems. If you stay in a motel or hotel there is a good chance the family will be split up and you will be staying in a room separate from the children.

If you travel with another couple the two couples can split the cost of renting the vehicle, the groceries, and the gas expense. This makes the vacation cheaper for each of you and will allow you to maybe stay longer, or travel farther away.

The private toilet facilities assures you that you are not having to use a public restroom behind everyone else that is at the location you are staying. You will be exposed to fewer germs because you will be able to keep your private facility clean and sanitary, like your facilities at home.

The drawbacks to these units are that they do cost a large sum of money. You can however rent them to use for the amount of time you will be on vacation and you will not have to buy them.

The rental units will come with a full tank of petrol, but you must remember to refill the tank before you return the bus. The rental company will have their own tanks and be able to refill the bus at them, but the petrol will cost more per gallon at these places than at normal gas stations.

You will more than likely have to leave a deposit when you rent one of these units. The deposit will be returned when the unit is returned.

Money Purpose Joy - Book Review

By: Matt Bell (2008)

ISBN 978-1-60006-279-7

Book Price: $14.99

Financial success

Matt Bell is a personal-finance writer and speaker, director of the Willow Creek Association's Good $ense financial ministry, and author of Money, Purpose, Joy: The Proven Path to Uncommon Financial Success. He has been quoted in major media such as U.S. News and World Report and Chicago Tribune.

The joyful purpose of money

Matt Bell presents his formula for the joyful purpose of money. In four parts he relays twelve chapters, including topics as, why we've settled for so little (Ch. 3), what matters most (Ch. 5), finding joy, expressing hope, & experiencing freedom (Ch. 6, 7, 8), a financial GPS system (Ch. 9), & traveling in financial community (Ch. 12).

Financial success ideas

Matt Bell writes with a pleasant, personable tone. He relates to his readers in order to educate, initiating with "It took me four and a half years to pay off my credit card debts and another three years to pay off my car."

While addressing truth, Matt employs questions, avoiding a confrontational approach. He asks readers, "Why do we allow the misguided money-related massages of our culture to sway us so easily? Why do we find it difficult to avoid making financial choices that are not in our best interests?" Questions prepare us for new financial ideas.

Bell uses relevant illustrations to introduce wealth principles; he shares "Forbes magazine may seem an unlikely place for an article about charitable giving. After all, Forbes is all about business and making money. But there it was. Under the headline "Irrational Act," publisher Rich Karlgaard wrote not just about giving but about tithing... "

Matt shares as an advisor with financial advice. Speaking about an emergency account he says, "In order to minimize financial stress and build a solid financial foundation, keep three to six months' worth of living expenses... "

Readers are encouraged to embrace Matt's ideas through his focus on benefits. Speaking on debt he points out that "Living without consumer debt... provides tremendous freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind." He explains ideas appropriately, as "Using a budget is not about spending less. It's about spending more effectively... " Great!

Proven path to uncommon financial success

Matt Bell shows readers a proven path to uncommon financial success.

The Story of Bob and John

Once upon a time there were two friends, Bob and John, who were partners in business together...

Bob and John had been working together for quite a long time and felt as though they were doing pretty well for themselves. Their company always seemed like it was on the verge of taking off. They leased a building, had a number of good customers, five employees, two company vehicles and very big dreams. Though they worked extremely hard with very little time off, in their minds they were in the process of creating something very real and substantial. It seemed that they were going to get "there" one day and when they did the remainder of their lives would become easier. Their determination and perseverance would pay off and they then wouldn't have to work so hard.

Things continued in virtually this same way for many years but along the way, Bob and John began to notice, at various places and times, what they began referring to as "certain kinds of people." Some of these "certain kinds of people" that they'd encounter were customers of theirs. They'd met a couple of them at one of their kid's birthday parties. Others they'd meet at dinners with friends. They even met one in a jacuzzi at a resort hotel. And while these "certain kinds of people" wandered into their lives randomly, an easy to notice pattern was always evident.

Upon examination, and almost strangely, these "certain kinds of people" always had three very same things in common:

  • A lot of time on their hands
  • An awful lot of money
  • A lot of property

And, being similar to each other as they were, these "certain kinds of people" also always seemed to repeat (often) these identical words to Bob and John. Like members of some exclusive club might chant, they'd say:

"Boys, go out and buy some property! Please just one. Just buy ONE for Gawd's sake."

So, after many years of hearing this same advice many times over, the boys finally called a real estate agent and said the six magic words:

"We want to buy a property."

The real estate agent, being accommodating as agents tend to be, arranged for a viewing of a property he'd known about for a long time which he wasn't able to sell; perhaps partly because it was painted a very bright yellow, much like a lemon.

The big yellow lemon with windows, doors, walls and a roof had been foreclosed upon, was now owned by a bank, unlived in and pretty much a wreck. It was the house that was in the worst condition in an otherwise good neighborhood. You know the one...
Unfazed, the boys were determined and decided to act on the advice they'd been receiving for so long. They bought the yellow eyesore. The agent couldn't believe his good fortune that the boys magically appeared into his life. And as it turned out, Bob and John got a great deal too because they did some very smart things.

The boys fixed up the big yellow lemon. They not only painted it, they also made a number of other renovations, repaired the flooring, installed some new appliances and added landscaping. The house is still yellow but it's not a lemon any longer. They gave it new life and brought it back to what it was born to do: be a home for people. They then found some nice, reliable tenants and rented their (now) masterpiece.

About two years after they'd purchased and renovated the home, our boys realized that between the built in (and growing) equity, tenant rents and appreciation of the value of the home itself equaled about half of the annual profit their entire business generated.

Even with a company, customers, employees, vans, other equipment, (too) many late nights and weekends working and other heroic feats of work, how could one yellow lemon produce such income by itself; without much effort, in just a couple of years?

"Hmmmmm, this property investing might be 'A good thing' after all."

So John, always handy with the calculator, comprehended that if you buy income properties at more than 20% under the perceived market value, perform the appropriate repairs, renovations and some cosmetic touching up you could then assume the equity (which expands over time) and perpetually collect rents... And you could multiply this just by repeating the same model.

So John was assigned to purchase more properties and Bob was given the rewarding job of finding a buyer for their company, the vans and the other equipment. This also meant that the incredible hours, worries and other headaches they'd been enduring would be moving on too.

Two new and very different (better) type lives were now formed. With additional experience, the boys caught on even more as they learned. They merely began replicating the same process again and again and again, until, after just ten years they owned properties worth millions of dollars that were producing never ending streams of income. They'd discovered and transitioned to a very different and new dream for themselves.

And that's how Bob and John became "certain kinds of people" too...

Breadwinner Wives: 7 Ways to Get Unstuck From a Lucrative But Unfulfilling Career

Statistics show that we are now living in a world where at least 30% of wives earn more than their husbands in dual earner households. Add to this the number of women breadwinners who are breadwinners due to widowhood, divorce and/or single motherhood and you have a growing trend that will continue to increase. Although the number of women making more than their spouses is on the rise, so too is the level of job dissatisfaction that many women breadwinners feel as a result of being stuck in unfulfilling jobs that pay the bills but don't do much else. Many women breadwinners are now finding themselves unable to fulfill professional dreams even as they provide a great quality of life for their families.

What is a woman breadwinner to do when her salary is a requirement but her job dissatisfaction is a detriment? How does a breadwinner wife transition to work that she loves when the work that she's doing is the only thing keeping the family in the state of financial stability required to go from one month to the next? These are questions that many women breadwinners are asking themselves as they cringe at the idea of being stuck in jobs that provide in one way and erode in another.

Here are 7 ways to get unstuck when in a lucrative but unfulfilling career:

1) Write a new story. In order to get from where you are to where you want to be, you need to know what that looks, feels and would be like. The best way to do that would be to write out (in your own handwriting, preferably in a journal dedicated to this upcoming career transition) what your ideal career would look like. Writing will make it real. In other words, ask yourself questions like:
1) What field am I in?
2) What hours do I work?
3) What time do I start my day?
4) Who do I talk to on a daily basis?
5) What kinds of things do I do?
6) What kind of training would I need to fulfill this role?
7) How much travel would this position involve?
8) How would I feel doing this role?
9) Where would this role take me in 1, 2, 3 and 5 years?
10) Who would I have to become to fully embody and own that role? Write your new career story and make it as detailed as you can.

2) Find at least 3 women who've made a similar transition and interview them about the hows, whens and whys of their transition. Oftentimes, we surround ourselves with women breadwinners who are very much like us: stuck. In order to truly believe that your career freedom is possible, you need to surround yourself with role models who've been where you are and who got to where you want to go. Even if they are people whose books you've read, contact them via email. Ask to speak to them for 10 minutes on the phone and then ask them how they did it. Take notes, take their advice, and immediately take action.

3) Review your budget, find areas to cut and simplify your living so you can magnify your career. That doesn't mean skimming down to a level below your comfort lifestyle. It simply means looking at your financial picture and assessing how you could save more, spend less, and live simpler to such an extent that you would have more options to make a career transition in 2 years or less.

4) Create 10 hours of education space each week that you can use to build the skillset necessary to make a professional transition with a lateral move in pay. In other words, if you're an IT consultant but your dream is to become a clinical psychologist, create 10 hours of education time each week where you can work on applying for a PhD program in psychology, attend classes to complete a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or obtain your life coaching certification. Will it happen overnight? No but nothing worth having does. Begin with 10 hours a week and see how quickly you accumulate experience and expertise.

5) Talk to your manager about other career options within your company. Before you assume that your current job is the ONLY job you can do in your firm at the same pay, ask questions. Inquire about other opportunities. Create a new position for yourself. Find ways to explore and fully utilize the skills you love to use within your current position and your gifts will make room for you.

6) Start your own business part time and devote 2 years to building it to the point where it replaces your current income. If you're willing to invest the energy and the time, you'll reap the rewards. You bring to the table a myriad of skills that could easily be translated into a part time business. There are people who need and are more than willing to pay for your skills. Start a part time business, see what happens, and learn the truth about making money: life will pay you ANY price you ask.

7) If staying at home is your heart's true desire, have a talk with your spouse. Re-arrange your finances. Find a job that allows you to work at home. Work a flex schedule where you have one to two days a week off so you can spend that time with your children. Children are young once and while not all women are created with that stay-at-home desire, many women breadwinners feel some level of resentment because they are missing out on key milestones for their kids that they won't ever get back again. If you have a deep desire to be at home, explore your options for doing so and create a 12 month plan for how you'll get there. Start today!

Overall, keep in mind one thing: it CAN be done. You are not trapped by your job, your pay, your boss, or your quality of life. In any moment, you can decide that this is not how the story is going to go. It will take time to develop an exit strategy to get to the next level but you can do it. Don't give up. Don't look back. Simply decide and do...

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake

Planning for your wedding cake is not an easy task since the cake needs to look fabulous and taste heavenly at the same time. The following tips can help you a lot when choosing your wedding cake.

Do a Research

Browse through thousands of pictures so you have an idea on the various styles available. If you are thinking of customizing your cake, you need to spend more time researching on the various details to come up with the perfect customized cake. It is also important to learn some of the basic terms that you will encounter when you start researching about wedding cakes.

Book the Baker Early

Make sure to book your baker at least four months before the wedding. If there is someone you want as your baker, contact the person and provide him with the details and specifics of your wedding. When meeting a prospective baker, ask the necessary questions that you would like to ask so you will have an idea if the baker is the right one for you.

Schedule the Cake Cutting

Traditionally, cake cutting is done an hour before the party ends. However it can also be done at the start of the wedding reception if you do not want to interrupt the dance party later on.

Ask References for the Cake Baker

Find a baker who will be able to deliver what you want without having to stretch the budget you have provided for the cake. You can ask newlyweds about their cake bakers or you can check the various bakers' websites to see if there is someone who can bake the cake you want for your wedding. After finding a few prospective bakers, you can call them for appointments.

Do Not Overdo the Cake Decorations

Refrain from putting too much add-ons on your wedding cake. Simplicity in the design is still the best instead of stuffing the cake with over-the-top decorations.

Choose an Edible Color for the Wedding Cake

You can coordinate the color of your cake with your wedding color but make sure to choose a color that is edible since your guests will be eating the cake. Always remember that your wedding cake is not only created for display but also for eating.

Do Not Create Your Own Wedding Cake

Never make a cake by yourself unless you are an excellent pastry chef. There are a lot of things that you have to attend to when preparing for your wedding and handling the wedding cake preparation will only stress you out. Hiring an experienced baker to take care of it will give you peace of mind.

Consider the Transportation

Make sure to consider the travel and transportation details in the contract before you let the baker sign it. You don't want any mishaps to occur when transporting your wedding cake to the location of the reception.

Great Walking Holidays: New Zealand's Abel Tasman Track

With the growing trend in walking holidays, New Zealand's Great Walks, a series of hikes offering various degrees of difficulty, show off the country's many picturesque scenes and natural wonders. Excursions like this are a great choice for active visitors who prefer to see the best of a country on foot - and the Land of the Long White Cloud is most definitely best seen under your own steam.

Of these walks, the Abel Tasman National Park Walk is perhaps the most popular for both locals and tourists on walking holidays. New Zealand's 51 kilometre coastal track is considered a great start for people just discovering the joys of hiking, especially with its mild climate, easy and well-formed terrain and wonderful attractions - including secluded beaches and safe waters. In fact, the trail is so easy to negotiate that it can be walked by even those of moderate fitness.

Time and Tide (And Tour Leaders)

While you could tackle this hike independently, taking the walk with experienced tour leaders is highly recommended. Many tours combine walking and sea kayaking, which offers a more well-rounded experience. As well, travelling with a group allows better choices when it comes to camping, lodge stays and on board boat stay options. The coastal track includes many tidal crossings that can only be negotiated during low tide- experienced tour leaders will certainly have more tidal information at their fingertips to better be able to help plan the trek.

One, Three Or Five?

There are many options for hiking the 51-kilometre coastal track depending on length of your walking holidays. New Zealand's locals, and tourists with limited time, often take single-day trips, accessing many of the different attractions by boat from the beaches along the track. The Bark Bay to Torrent Bay route, which boasts beautiful views and challenging pathways as well as a swing bridge crossing Falls River, is one of the most popular trails.

However, for many visitors talking this Great Walk on their walking holidays, New Zealand's many charms are better appreciated and savoured at their leisure on the three-day and five-day walks. Not only are there more attractions to be seen on these longer walks, the slower pace allows plenty of time for swimming in the spectacular blue waters, as well as fishing and kayaking.

A sense of wonder, surprise and serenity are often the memories visitors take away with them (particularly first-timers) when experiencing the Abel Tasman leg of their walking holidays. New Zealand's varied landscapes are simply breathtaking- golden sand beaches and warm swimming spots on the same trail as glacier peaks and ski slopes. This is walking, New Zealand style.