A Small Guide to Visiting Ooty

Have you been thinking of going for a tour to a cold and beautiful place? Do you want to enjoy your vacation all alone with just nature by your side? Well, if these are your plans then there are rampant options that you can choose to go for. If you are thinking of heading towards the finest of the locations that this country has to offer then Ooty is one of the options that you can go for. All you have to do is go head to the Coimbatore airport and you can be in this hill station within few hours. Let us learn more about how to explore Ooty Tourism.

How to reach?

If you are thinking of exploring the places to visit in Ooty then you can board a flight to Coimbatore. Then you can travel by a car, taxi or a bus and can reach the hill station within hours. Else, there are various trains which can leave you at a destination and then you would again have to go for a bus or a taxi. Regular buses from different states and regions also ply for this place so you can easily head towards it.

What to visit?

Ooty tourism is for tourists who are looking for peace, natural beauty and serenity. Therefore, you can explore the region, visit some beautiful vista and enjoy the cool air of this hill station. Those who look forward to visiting locations should start with Annamalai temple. This place is around twenty km from Ooty and is very popular. Else, you can choose to go for Echo rocks, Hidden valley, Pine forest, Shooting point, Wax world, tea factories and many such other locations. The Doddabetta peak is another of the locations that you can go for and it is around twenty minutes of walk from the bus stop.

What to eat?

You will get to enjoy the local cuisine which is the South Indian food. The eateries in this hill station can also offer you North Indian and Chines cuisines. There are a couple of restaurants to choose from and you would certainly enjoy visiting them for your meals.

Where to sleep?

There are many hotels and lodgings in this hill station so you would not face any hassles when you arrive. Ooty Tourism does not suffer from accommodation issues hence you can easily settle down at a low cost.

Go through the information given above on Ooty Tourism and enjoy your vacation.

The Big Island of Hawaii: Make the Most Out of Your Trip

1) Fire and Falls Adventure Tours. The iconic, breathtaking fire and falls tours the big island's plentiful on-going volcanic eruptions and mind-blowing waterfalls. There is a multitude of ways to views these natural wonders, beginning with simple hiking tours to full fledge airborne heli tours. It's basically left up to your budget and your measure of adventure. But either way, the big island of Hawaii offers what most never see in their lifetime: boiling hot lava spilling into the sea, misty mountains of water cascading into chasms of un-penetrable depth. The lava will make you marvel, while the waterfalls make for a quick cooling bath or a wondrous romantic encounter. These sights are good for the young, the old and the young at heart. In other words, they are reasons alone to visit the big island. Don't delay or sit them out by staying at the hotel pool.

2) Visit the coastline. Don't just sit on one patch of white sandy beach, although the shore of Waikiki might hold you hostage. Instead, get out there and tour the entire swath of unbridled coastline. Again, depending on your stomach, you can travel by foot, rented jeep, canoe, zodiac, power boat, helicopter (ask to leave the doors open for a truly magnificent experience) or flipper. Each piece of beach seems to be vastly different. From the cooling lava rock to the pristine patches of sand so fine, it's a miracle to think the waves actually could pound it so fine.

3) As you visit these beaches, don't just sit there; get wet. As gorgeous as the shimmering tops of the waves and the sun blanched sand is, there is an entire other universe that waits just below the surface of the warm water. Grab a flipper, a snorkel or even a scuba tank to chill with thousands of kinds of salt water fish and coral reef formations. There are plenty of tours, glass bottom boats and even free diving expeditions you can embark on. There are also night excursions for the strong willed- experience incredible sights of manta rays, sharks, and other fish in the darkness. Either way, be sure to see all sides of this Big Island paradise, both the dry and the wet.

4) Zodiac Raft Whale Watching. There's really no better way to go out and sightsee for whales than to do it in a vessel that is smaller than they are. Talk about getting your heart racing. Get on your Captain Ahab here and go after the big fish in a small boat!

5) Take a surfing lesson. The beaches at Kona and Waikiki are incredible spots to learn how to surf. The reason? Mild, long point breaks that allow for smaller waves to cascade gently in to shore. You'll find lots of surfing locals to help you here; learning to surf is big business on the big island.

6) Leave the tennis, golfing, sunbathing and shuffleboard behind. With all of these incredible natural wonders to bask in on the Big Island, leave the more pedestrian forms of leisure on the mainland.

10 Non-Tourist Things to Do in New York City

Tired of the old Empire State Building tour and spin around Times Square? On your next visit to New York City, try a few new things off the beaten path can really enlighten your traveling heart and help you see a whole other side of this city.

1. Central Park - Jogging and Relaxing in Sheeps Meadow

It's easy to get lost in Central Park, as it many paths and roads weave in and out of lush, green trees. however, if you're hoping to take a leisurely stroll, try a pick up frisbee gang or simply hang out, Sheeps Meadow is the place to relax. Perfect during the spring or summer, or even in the winter if you're brave,

2. Egg & Cheese Bagel in the morning

Honestly, bagels in New York are an artform, especially if the shop takes these doughy little rings of heaven seriously. It can be a chore to decide where the best bagel bar is in this massive city, but if you're in Brooklyn, stop by The Bagel Store. They have created this fluffy, crusty bagel that is covered in egg, bacon and cheddar so you don't even have to add anything to it for breakfast. But if you're extra ravenous, any bagel shop around this borough will do crammed with fresh egg and melty cheese - the perfect morning meal.

3. The High Line

On Manhattan's West side, creative designers have turned one man's trash into treasure. Along some elevated, abandoned train track a park grows and allows guests to enjoy the view through pretty gardens and pathways. It's accessible from Gansevoort Street to West 30th and can be the ideal spot for a date, snapping some photos or simply checking out Some Big Apple beauty.

4. Chelsea Market

Choosing where to eat can sometimes be the toughest decision you'll make on your trip to NYC. Why not try a little bit of everything while grazing through Chelsea Market? This giant food concourse has things like artisanal pasta and baked good to popsicles and fresh seafood.

5. Chelsea Galleries

After eating your fill at the Chelsea Market, take some time in the area to peruse the wealth of art galleries. Painters, sculptors, photographers and more call Chelsea home and welcome art fans to visit their shops.

6. Coney Island

No matter how old you are, you'll be brought back to fond childhood memories at Coney Island. Ride classic carnival attractions, see a parade or take a look inside the quirky gift shops for some fun souvenirs.

7. Dim Sum in Chinatown

Dim Sum is best served in New York's Chinatown -little dumplings of joy filled with meats, veggies and seafood. Order up a big steamed basket for you and your friends on the fly and usually on the cheap.

8. Sunday Brunch

New Yorkers do brunch right, usually complete with one or four mimosas. Check out the brunch specials listed at Manhattan cafes that have a series of menu items paired with adult beverages. If you're feeling brave,m the Sunburnt Cow in the East Village has unlimited drinks.

9. Donuts at Donut Plants

Yes we've mentioned breakfast, but make sure you save room for a visit to Doughnut Plant too. With varieties like Marzipan cake and creme brulee filled, these amazing treats can't be beat.

10. Alphabet City

Alphabet City sometimes gets a bad rap, but these days the area is thriving with festivals, art shows and active movie sets. Take a walk through and see what you can discover among the tried and true New Yorkers who live there.

A Small Scale Business Standing Out

Small and medium enterprises differ from multinational corporations in many ways, in terms of finances, liability, expertise, fund availability and generation, and much more. Marketing strategies, for a small business may vary as well, a number of things are considered before drafting a strategy for a small or medium business. The capacity of a business to produce, the willingness or the ability of the entrepreneur, his financial strengths, the current potential for the product or service to sell in the market and the future prospects of the business in the market, determine the strategy to start a trade or promote an existing business.

Businessmen operate with limited finances, but have to deal with unlimited liabilities, the channel from where the revenue is generated could be single, while expenditures could streams in from everywhere, examples of a few monthly fixed expenditures could be, the cost of insurance, utility bills, rent or lease for property, license fees, and taxes.

Capitalist operating on small scales therefore prefer to work on a stringent budget, the promotion strategy therefore must not absorb too many finances, and nor should it require enormous expertise, this leaves a question, on how to market a business?

The bounteous technology has liberated the business world to gain visibility and accessibility without much of a financial cost. The Internet is by far the most economical and effective means of reaching out across the globe, for advertising business and inviting clientele. Virtual social media platforms help create awareness and only require time and effort, anything on twitter or Facebook that hits the red hot nail aright on its heads seems to go viral within minutes; in many cases web traffic increases hundred folds or even more.

Entrepreneurs could either opt for hiring technology geeks or use the free coaching sites to learn about creating their websites. The right strategy for search engine optimization, and an informative and attractive site, has enabled many to mint millions without even having a proper office to work in.

Another blessing is reduced operating expenses and system dependent procedures that have almost eradicated the probability of human error. Microsoft office, web based emails, virtual data clouds, online banking, web based fund transfer has eliminated reoccurring, daily cash outflows, time and effort required on purchasing stationery, maintaining inventory, and cost incurred on travel, postal and courier service.

Marketing a business locally would depend on how tech savvy the surrounding community is, if the target market or local community scarcely makes use of computers, then sticking to conventional ways could be a viable strategy, an adventurous entrepreneur may also choose to explore new avenues, where modern day technology can be applied to make a few pennies.

Technology has only reinforced energy to human intellect to deliver better every time it's put into good use, there is no way a business can fail to market itself on the world wide web, if maneuvered by the willpower and a perspective for a bright future.

Disney World Vacation Guidebook - DW Savers

Grab your Mouse Ears, sunscreen, and a pair of comfy shoes-you're headed for Orlando!

Orlando is the most popular vacation destination in the world. Every year, tens of millions of people arrive by plane, car, and train to hit the theme parks, restaurants, and many other attractions of this once-rural Florida city. With so much to do and so many ways to do it, it can be easy for you-and your wallet-to get overwhelmed. But don't worry! We are here to help.

This Disney World Savings article is the perfect way to minimize problems and maximize fun. Inside, you'll find great tips on many of the top destinations, plus helpful information about the Orlando area. From theme parks to shopping, this is your source for vacation information for the whole family.

Disclaimer: Orlando is a constantly-changing, dynamic destination. Attractions, restaurants, rides, and more close and open throughout the year, sometimes with little to no notice. This travel guide was accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to updates throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns about any information in this guide, please feel free to email us or call the theme parks directly.

The Walt Disney World® Resort

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, visited by millions every year. What was once a swampy patch of Florida soil is now the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW)-a massive vacation and entertainment wonderland with four main theme parks, two water parks, 23 hotels, seven golf courses (five championship and two mini), a racetrack, sports complex, ten marinas, more than 140 places to eat, and more.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that WDW offers. Let's take the resort one world at a time so you can plan your trip, your way.

The Magic Kingdom®

You walk through the gates and there it is, like the opening scene of your very own fairy tale-a beautiful castle at the end of a picturesque village street. Welcome to Main Street USA, the beginning of your Magic Kingdom (MK) experience.

Main Street USA is where it all begins, a perfect shop- and restaurant-lined thoroughfare that leads you to the five worlds beyond. Along the Street, you will find delightful shops featuring all the Disney merchandise you can handle, plus some specialty items like hand-blown glass ornaments (with working artisans who you can watch). Guest Services is also on Main Street; remember to stop there for dining reservations (always a good idea) and information on attractions that may be down for maintenance, parade times, special events, and anything else you might need. This is also the place for stroller and wheelchair rental.

While Main Street USA is primarily thought of as the gateway to the "real" attractions, there are some great things to do here as well, especially for those times when you need a break from the crowds and the heat. Here are our Main Picks for Main Street:

Get a haircut! No, seriously-for just under $20, you can say you got your haircut at a real, old-fashioned Barber Shop. You can even include some "magical" touches, like highlights.

Send a postcard! Stop by City Hall and mail a postcard to the folks back home. It will be stamped as coming from The Magic Kingdom; mail it to yourself for an inexpensive souvenir.

Grab your ears! The Le Chapeau shop is the best place to get those iconic ears. Now you can customize the design and build your own hat, so everyone can have their own personal set.

Ride the rails! This is a great way to relax. Use the Walt Disney World Railroad to wind your way around the park or take a trip to Frontierland. It's a particularly great way to end the day, especially if you can time it for sunset.

Main Street USA is also the place for parades. Check with guest services for parade times and types; they can change throughout the year and for special events. Remember that the best viewing spots get taken early, so stake your concrete claim and use the time to relax.

Beyond Main Street USA, five additional worlds await: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Tomorrowland. Each world has its own attractions, restaurants, and shops; let's take them one at a time so you can plan your stops.

Adventureland: Pirates and jungle adventures are the order of the day! Explorers and swashbucklers of all ages come here for exotic entertainment, including street performers and the pirate training camp (ask a cast member where the next "class" will be). Here's what you shouldn't miss:

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Enchanted Tiki Room

Jungle Cruise

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Frontierland: This Old West land is where you will want to grab your first FASTPASS tickets-send one member of your party over as soon as you arrive and get your reservation for either Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain. If it's getting near lunchtime, hit Peco Bill's for reasonably-priced (for a theme park) burgers. Then saddle up for these must-do's:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splash Mountain

Country Bear Jamboree

Liberty Square: This is one of the smaller lands but it's also one of the most loved. There are only three attractions here, and every one of them is a definite do:

Haunted Mansion

The Hall of Presidents

Liberty Square Riverboat

Fantasyland: Currently undergoing a massive expansion that will double its size, plenty of Fantasyland is still open for fun and more will debut throughout the year. The entire place is due to be ready by 2014, so don't be surprised by all the walls and scaffolding you may see until then.

Families with younger kids will find themselves spending a lot of time here, but older visitors can still find plenty to love. For many visitors, this land is the very essence of the Magic Kingdom; here are a few reasons why.

Mad Tea Party

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

It's A Small World

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Under The Sea:Journey of the Little Mermaid

Ariel's Grotto

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Tomorrowland: This is a nostalgic look at what we once thought the future would look like, with great rides and a very fun atmosphere.

Stitch's Great Escape!

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Space Mountain

What a Character!

Throughout the entire WDW Resort are plenty of chances to meet and greet your favorite

Disney characters. While there are reservations-only places for guaranteed

meetings - such as character meals - there are also locations throughout

the resort where you can stand on line to shake hands or get a photo. For example, MK has

several specific areas set up for character greetings, including City Hall at

Town Square, the Adventureland Congoasis, and Ariel's Grotto.

Characters are also know to make appearances near the rides associated with

them, as well as other places throughout the park. Check with Guest Services to

find out when and where your favorites will be meeting and greeting.


Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow-it was Walt's dream city, but it opened instead as the theme park known as EPCOT. If you want your vacation to include rides, technology, world cultures, and street performers, you've come to the right place.

While MK is heaven for little ones, EPCOT is ideal for older kids and adults, especially tech-savvy teens and 'tweens. This park is also known for having some of the best food on Disney property, along with some of the hardest reservations to nab-if you're heading over during a high-capacity time of year, plan accordingly by calling 1-407-WDW-DINE

EPCOT is split into two areas: Future World and the World Showcase.

Future World: This is the place for most of the rides, interactive exhibits, and constantly-changing technology. Things are nice and organized here, so it's easy to see everything in one day. But if you want to know just the must-do's, we've got the list for you.

Spaceship Earth


Test Track

Mission: SPACE

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Living with the Land

World Showcase: This is the place for culture, shows, food, and a few rides. The World Showcase is a way to see some of the most famous destinations in the world without a passport.

Each country - or pavilion - features food, goods, and cast members from the country itself. Shows and movies round out the experience. The permanent World Showcase Pavilions are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. Mexico and Norway both feature boat rides - Gran Fiesta Tour featuring The Three Cabelleros and Maelstrom.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

It's time for the magic of the movies, Mouse-style. Disney's Hollywood Studios (DHS) is the WDW tribute to "the Hollywood that never was, and always will be." this is the place for movie faves, tv greats, and three of the best thrill rides anywhere. DHS is also where you will find most of the newer Disney characters, including monsters inc and both new and classic muppets.

DHS is a well-organized, compact park, which makes it easy to do in one great day. If you find yourself with time to spare, though, be sure to see as many shows as possible; DHS is known for some of the best. and be sure to stay late for Fantasmic! It's considered the best of the nighttime shows, and it's the only regular park event that features the disney villains. Grab seats early, no matter what time of year, or enjoy dinners and a show by making reservations for the Fantasmic! Package at either The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Mellrose's Ristorante Italiano, or Hollywood & Vine.

Here is your list of absolute musts for DHS:

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Aerosmith Rock n roller coaster

The Great movie ride

Toy story mania

Indiana jones stunt spectacular show

Muppet vision 3D

Star tours

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom (AK) may be the youngest of the WDW parks, but it's popularity is right up there with its sibling amusements. This "Natazu" (say it out loud and you'll get it) features live animals, good food, great rides, and some truly stunning architectural touches, even by Disney standards.

AK is divided into lands (like MK). Some are based on world regions, with theming and animals native to the region, and others are more imaginative. Here's the rundown of what's where

Oasis: Many people make the mistake of rushing through this entry point; don't be one of them. Take your time and see miniature deer, sloths, macaws, iguanas, and more.

Discovery Island: the park's center is dominated by artistic wonder The Tree of Life. The Tree stands 14 stories tall, is 50 feet wide, and has a carved "bark" tapestry featuring 325 different animal likenesses. Wildlife trails surround the tree as well, with viewing areas for lemurs, flamingos, red kangaroos, and massive Galapagos tortoises. Inside the tree is a theatre where you can experience It's Tough To Be A Bug, a creepy crawly interactive movie show-it's a park fave!

Camp Minnie Mickey: take the little ones here for small-size fun and most of AK's character meet and greets. This is also the home for The Festival of the Lion King show, which inspired the award-winning Broadway musical.

Africa: welcome to Harambe, a beautiful African village that is your path to Kilimanjaro Safari and a ride through African animal territory. Once you descend from your safari vehicle, you exit to the Paganini Forest Exploration Trail for a look at lowland gorillas, including a magnificent 500-lb silverback male and his family. Take your time through these trails-this is one of the few places in the world where you can observe these amazing primates. After, take the little ones to Rafiki's Planet Watch after, as a reward for their patience-they'll love the Affection Section petting zoo.

Asia: You've discovered the kingdom of Anandapur, which means "place of delight." The Imagineers did an amazing job of creating the feeling of a crumbling, archeological wonder, so be sure to keep an eye open for intricate details. Of course, that might be hard to do since your whole party will be running to get to Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, Disney's newest thrill ride. FASTPASS it for sure-this coaster is worth your entire visit. On a hot day, head next to Kali River Rapids, where the churning waters guarantee a soaking good time for all. More up-close animal viewing can be had at Maharajah Jungle Trek, including Bengal Tigers.

Dinoland U.S.A.: It might not be the best dinosaur attraction in the world, but it's still good Disney fun. The Boneyard is a place for kids to dig, climb and slide while parents get some time to sit and watch. Then take the whole family to Dinosaur, a fun, fast-paced race against time. Finally, grab a seat for Finding Nemo-The Musical. This gorgeous, visually-stunning reimagining of the popular film is considered THE must-see show of the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

Our Tips for the WDW Parks

FASTPASS: It's like making a reservation for your favorite WDW attraction. Just insert your admission ticket, annual pass, or resort ID, and the machine prints out a pass with the time you should return to the ride. You can't choose your time, and you can only have one active FASTPASS at a time, but that doesn't matter -- on a busy day, it can save you hours of waiting on lines.

A FASTPASS Tip: If you miss your scheduled time, don't worry. Your FASTPASS is good for any time after the time on your ticket.

Ride while other guests are busy: Mealtimes, parades, and fireworks often take people away from the major attractions. Ride while everyone else is distracted and you may experience far shorter wait times.

Don't rebuy-refill! WDW has water fountains throughout the park. Bring your own water bottles (the park allows them) and refill throughout the day.

Snack to save time: Snack stands offer quick, light options for meals on the go-remember that a heavy meal is likely to slow you down, especially in hot weather.

The WDW Water Parks

Blizzard Beach

Welcome to the 66-acre ski resort of Mount Gushmore! Blizzard Beach features a white sand beach and a tropical lagoon. This is the youngest of the Disney water parks, but it's also the most popular; in fact, it's the most popular water park in the country. It's got great rides for all ages, from thrills and speed to lazy and relaxing. Here are a few highlights:

Cross Country Creek

Melt Away Bay

Tike's Peak

Teamboat Springs

Summit Plummet

Typhoon Lagoon

Slightly smaller and a bit more relaxed in both theme and thrills than Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon is WDW's second water park. Crowds tend to be a bit smaller here, since it is the older of the two parks, but you can still expect long waits and crowded pools during high attendance times of year. Typhoon Lagoon's waters are kept at a warm - but still refreshing - 75-80º F all year round, making this a water park of choice even in Orlando's short winter.

The story of Typhoon Lagoon centers around Miss Tilly, a shrimp boat that ended up stuck atop volcano Mount Mayday after "the storm of storms." On the half hour, Miss Tilly still blows her whistle, as Mount Mayday tries to dislodge the ship by sending a geyser of water straight through her and up into the air.

The most well-known attraction at Typhoon Lagoon is probably the Shark Reef. Here, you can snorkel and even scuba with live sharks (leopards and bonnetheads), as well as stingrays and assorted tropical fish. Those visitors not quite brave enough to get in the water (the sharks are not dangerous!) can view the fish via the portholes of a "sunken tanker."

There are nine waterslides as well, running the gamut from thrills to pure laziness. Here's the rundown on some of the favorites:

Castaway Creek

Crush 'n' Gusher

Gang Plank Falls

Humunga Kowabunga

Surf Pool

Sports, Shopping, and More

Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex

This is Disney's homage to sports and the people who both play and love them. It's a 220-acre megacomplex with a baseball stadium, ten baseball and softball fields, six basketball courts, 12 tennis courts (fully lighted), six volleyball courts (sand, of course), a track and field complex, driving range for golfers, and even two indoor roller hockey rinks. The multisport auxiliary Josten Center offers another six basketball courts, 12 more volleyball courts, and two more roller hockey rinks.

Sports fans should know that big names often make appearances here, too. The Atlanta Braves come for Spring Training every March, and the NBA, PGA, NCAA, and Harlem Globetrotters all host events and games here. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also use the Sports Complex as their training camp in July and August.

Call 407-WDW-GAME for more information, including a calendar of events and also ticket information.


This interactive, indoor theme park is the perfect choice for the tech- heads in your group or for the whole family on a rainy day. It features five levels of cutting-edge games, where virtual reality meets adventure, all with a touch of that special Disney pixie dust. Teens will LOVE it, but there is something for everyone. Don't miss virtual versions of popular MK rides, including Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, Virtual Jungle Cruise, CyberSpace Mountain, and Aladdin's Magic Carpets.

CyberSpace Mountain is a particular fave, where Bill Nye the Science Guy helps you create the coaster and then lets you ride it-it's truly a customized ride experience. Artistically-inclined guests should check out Animation Station for a crash-course in Disney-style animation. Get here at opening for the most action with least wait-afternoons and evenings here can become unbearably crowded.

Golf Disney

WDW features 99 total holes of golf, spread over six courses. There are also two mini-golf complexes, competing with similar sites all over Orlando. While big golfers in your party might want to plan big outings with their buddies (tee times can be booked 60-90 days in advance), Oak Trail is the best place to get in a quick nine holes. It's a lovely and quiet walking course suitable for beginners, expert linksmen, or even families. There are some great challenges, notably at holes 5, 6, and 7. Other courses and mini-golf include:



Osprey Ridge

Lake Buena Vista

Fantasia Gardens (mini)

Fantasia Fairways (mini)

Winter Summerland (two mini courses: Winter and Summer)

And remember, spikeless golf shoes only! Sneakers or similar athletic shoes are also permitted.

Downtown Disney

If shopping, dining, and a state-of-the-art multiplex are part of your dream vacation, this is where you'll want to spend some time. It's split into three areas: West Side, Pleasure Island (soon to be Hyperion Wharf), and The Marketplace.

West Side has DisneyQuest and amazing dining experiences, such as Bongos Cuban Café, the House of Blues, Wolfgang Puck's, and Planet Hollywood. There is a 24-screen AMC movie theater, featuring all your first-run needs in a beautiful art deco setting. West Side also features Cirque du Solei La Nouba, a Disney-exclusive show by the world-famous avant-garde troupe. Buy tickets early if you want to see the show - its popularity is nearly unrivaled. And new for 2013 is Splitsville, a two-floor, 30 lane bowling and entertainment complex featuring live music and great dining.

Pleasure Island was once the over-18 center of Downtown Disney, with clubs and restaurants catering to an all-adult crowd. That ended in 2008, and the area has been partially unused since. But things are changing! Disney announced plans in late 2010 to transform Pleasure Island into a brand-new shopping and dining area, Hyperion Wharf. Construction is expected to take three years; some shops and restaurants will remain open during the long renovation, including Raglan Road Irish Pub & Bar, Fuego by Sosa Cigars, Paradiso 37, and Orlando Harley-Davidson.

Disney Marketplace has great restaurants, too, notably Fulton's Crab House for succulent seafood on a beautiful riverboat. Captain Jack's (no connection to the Johnny Depp character) is the place for oysters and cold beer, in a casual waterfront restaurant that also has a great childrens menu. Kids will also love the Rainforest Café, where there are often live animals (mostly parrots) on display outside. Marketplace is also home to the World of Disney. No trip is complete without a visit here, though parents trying to stick to a budget might want to corral the kids once they get through the door!

Getting Around The Mouse: Transportation at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Monorail: The Walt Disney Monorail system has been in place since the park opened in 1971. It originally ran around the circumference of the Seven Seas Lagoon but was expanded in 1982 to offer monorail transport to EPCOT. If you are staying in one of the Magic Kingdom hotels

- The Contemporary, The Polynesian, or The Grand Floridian - the monorail goes right through your hotel. Everyone else picks up the monorail at either the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, or the Transportation and Ticket Center, known as the TTC.

The TTC is the central point for Disney transportation. In addition to monorails, the TTC is also where you can find Disney (and other area hotel) resort buses, ferry boats, water taxis, and a massive parking lot for cars, taxis, and buses.

Buses: Disney resort buses run to all the Disney hotels, the main parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, and the Wide World of Sports. There are dozens of buses for each location, but the routes are not always the most direct. Also, the buses can be extremely crowded at peak periods, such as opening, closing, and meal times. Be aware of time - if you are in a hurry to get somewhere, the buses may not be your best option.

Parking: While the monorails, ferry boats, water taxis, and Disney buses are complimentary, if you prefer to use your own car, the daily parking fee is $14 for cars and motorcycles, and $15 for trailers and campers. Your parking pass is good for the entire day, no matter how often you move your car. Disney Resort Hotel Guests and Annual Pass Holders do not have to pay for parking anywhere in the Walt Disney complex. It is always complimentary.

Fun for all ages

WDW attracts guests of very ages, from families with young children to retirees and spring breakers. Everyone has their own favorites, but if you're looking for some planning help, here are our picks for the best options for the most common age groups: Kids, Teens and Adults.

Please note the following abbreviations for each park:

MK = Magic Kingdom® Park

EP = Epcot®

DHS = Disney's Hollywood Studios™

AP = Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park

Best for Younger Kids

Attractions: Voyage of the Little Mermaid (DHS), Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (MK), Finding Nemo: The Musical (AK), Buzz Lightyear (MK)

Eats: 50 Prime Time Café (DHS), Cosmic Ray's (MK), Coral Reef Restaurant (EP), Toy Story Pizza Planet (DHS)

Best for Teens

Attractions: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (DHS), Philharmagic (MK), Phantasmic (DHS), Rock n Roller Coaster (DHS), Haunted Mansion (MK), Space Mountain (MK), Splash Mountain (MK), Mission: Space (EP), Expedition Everest (AK)

Restaurants: Pecos Bills (MK), Via Napoli (EP), Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (DHS)

Best for Adults

Attractions: Muppet Vision 3-D (DHS), Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS), Test Track (EP), Soarin' (EP)

Restaurants: Victoria and Albert's (Grand Floridian Resort), California Grill (Contemporary Resort), Narcoosees (Grand Floridian Resort), Chefs du France (EP), Jiko (AK Lodge), Rose and Crown (EP), Le Cellier (EP)

We sincerely hoped you enjoyed reading our guide to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Have a great trip!

Seoul - A Family Holiday Destination

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is the home of a number of palaces and fun activities. It is a wonderful place to experience the old and new of Asia. This place is well knit with the rest of the country with various modes of transport like plane, train, bus, car and boat. This article discusses the places to go in Seoul and various fun activities in this beautiful city for you.

Amusement Activities

There are a number of amusement parks in this city, most of which are open for most part of the year. Lotte World is an indoor amusement park and one of the world's largest of its kind. It showcases the ancient Korean life and has a number of rides and a folk museum. Everland and Children's Grand Park are other amusement parks which are special attractions for children. This city has a Casino named Seven Luck and it is only for foreigners. You will also find horse racing grounds. Races are mostly held during the weekend.

Mountain Biking is another tourist attraction. You can rent mountain bikes and other accessories you require. They also offer coaching if you require any help with biking on the mountain. There are a number of theaters showing traditional and modern art performances. You can also choose to go for relaxed evening with a number of spas and massage rooms available in the city. There are also small institutes which teach Korean cooking and pottery to help take with you a part of Korea after your vacation.

Places To Visit

Palaces are most popular among the places to go in Seoul for any tourist. These are places where Korea's royalty was seated in ancient times. Some of these palaces have been restored and repainted to preserve their heritage. Gyeongbok-gung is the grandest palace of Seoul. It is now the home of Korean Folk museum and Joeseon Palace Museum. There are a few mountains in Seoul which are known for scenic beauty and also offers hiking trail for both beginners and experienced hikers. This place is also known for its temples and shrines. Jongmyo Shrine is a shrine specially made for the royal families of the Korean dynasties. Jogye and Bongeun are significant Buddhist temples in this city. This city is also known to have a number of parks with different themes. They host the World Comic Convention twice a month and they also offer a number of folk villages showcasing cultural heritage of this place.

Shopping And Other Facilities

Korea private tours will include Namdaemun and Dongdaemun which are famous tourist shopping spots. These are places known for clothing, accessories with a Korean touch to it. There are also many art galleries and shops for electronic gadgets in the city.

You will find a number of authentic Korean and Japanese restaurants in the city to give your taste buds a pleasant change in taste. There are also a number of good accommodations available from budget hotels to luxurious suites. They would help you in finding a private tour in Seoul for you to go around the place without any trouble.

Substantial Savings on Entry to Top Attractions of London

If you wish to be part of the merriment without the hassle of long queues and the stress of paying too much money for entry fees and transportation, you'd better familiarize yourself with the London Pass.

The Pass is a sightseeing pass for tourists, entitling the holder access to more than 55 London destinations. When you avail of a sightseeing pass, not only are you given free admission, you are also given priority access at selected locations so you don't have to fall in line along with hundreds of other tourists.

With the Pass, you will receive a 160-page, full-color guidebook that will enhance your knowledge on the attractions you will visit. There's also an option that entitles you to free transportation. Aside from that, you can also avail of over 20 exclusive offers that include discounts in shops and cinemas. Definitely, you will make substantial savings with the use of the Pass!

Of course, in a sightseeing tour, what could be more important than the places you will be seeing? As mentioned, the Pass gives the user a wide selection of tourist attractions to visit, from museums and art galleries to castles and cathedrals. The following are only a few of the world-famous London attractions you can visit for free:

Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle is the official residence of the Queen. It is also the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, covering over 480,000 square feet. Housing an important Diamond Jubilee exhibition, the castle contains over 60 photographs of the Queen for the visitors to see. Aside from the physical tour, Pass holders can also avail of a 2-hour audio tour of the castle.

Tower of London

Now displaying the Queen's Crown Jewels, the Tower of London used to be a royal palace, a prison, an armory, and a zoo. The fortress was also used as a refuge by the Royals. Visitors can see an exhibition of Royal arms and armors, two of which were Henry VIII's and Charles I's. Apart from free entry, Pass holders can also avail of a 20% discount at the Armouries Cafe at the Tower of London.

St. Paul's Cathedral

A widely recognized London landmark, St. Paul's Cathedral was built between 1675 and 1710. For its 300th anniversary last year, the cathedral underwent a £40 million restoration project, where both the interior and exterior of the building were repaired and transformed. Popular features of the cathedral include The Aspe, The Quire, the Golden Gallery and the Whispering Gallery. Pass holders can avail of a 10% discount in the shop on purchases over £10.

London Zoo

Said to be the world's oldest scientific zoo, the Zoo has been open to the public since 1847 and houses the largest collection of animals in the United Kingdom, with over 16,800 individuals. London Zoo attractions include the African Bird Safari, the Butterfly Paradise, Gorilla Kingdom, "Into Africa," the Penguin Beach, and a lot more exhibits guaranteed to bring out the child in you.

Thames River Boat Cruise

One of the best ways to see many of the famous attractions of London is through a river boat cruise along the Thames. If you are not a fan of trudging on foot or sightseeing on wheeled vehicles, you will surely enjoy a leisurely cruise where you can view tourist attractions such as the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, and the Big Ben.

Travelers can avail of the London Pass alone or a Pass with the Travelcard. Passes also come in four options: 1, 2, 3, and 6-days. A one-time payment for the Pass or Pass with Travelcard is a one-time thing that will save you money, time, and effort.

Paris Casino Hotels

Paris is the most-sought after place in France, where the world-renowned and breathtaking historical museums, famous Parisian squares, awe-inspiring towers and churches, and prestigious universities are located. It is frequently visited and adored by sophisticated travelers, adventurous tourists, and beauty-lovers of the world.

Paris is also the home of fun, leisure, and relaxation. Thus, recreational establishments are all over Paris. Casino hotels are among the most luxurious and extravagant types of hotels; they are ideal for recreational activities like gambling games, sports, and other pleasurable activities.

The casino hotels in Paris are an exciting place to stay. The foods and buffets are served fresh from their own French bakeries. They have elegantly furnished and fully equipped rooms distributed on numerous floors served by elevators, with en-suite baths or showers and toilets, satellite televisions with French and foreign channels, modem plug-ins, direct line telephones, hairdryers, and other well-appointed hotel facilities. Casino hotels also offer lobbies and bars for relaxation, and patios and conference rooms for seminars and business conferences that can accommodate a large number of persons.

These casino hotels were built to encourage long stays. Aside from the elegant ambience of the hotels and the terrific views of Paris, you can also savor your stay with the pleasure and fun brought by the casinos situated just inside the hotel territory. You can enjoy table games like Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Chuck-a-luck, Sic Bo, craps, and Pai Gow, and also slot machines, video lottery terminal, Roulette, Keno, and Bingo. The Paris casino hotels have Parisian themes, with a nineteenth-century Moulin Rouge-type flair.

The Paris casino hotels are perfect places not only for a pleasant stay but also for recreation and entertainment. You can learn more of the hotel features and casino services and book your accommodations directly via the Internet.

College Degree Trade School or Internet Marketing

College degree? Trade certificate? Or online marketer? All of these can help you earn money. Which one will help you earn the most? Which one will cost the least in training? Which will you need if you don't want to work 40 hours or more to earn a decent income?

Now if you earn a degree in Medicine or Law, maybe you won't have to work 40 hours a week to earn a pretty decent income, but what will it cost you to earn that degree in order to make your money. What will it cost you in years of training? Most likely a ton of money and a load of your time!

If being a doctor or lawyer is your plan, then it is well worth your time money and effort as they are very noble professions. You might spend less time in years and a little less money to get a trade certificate, but it will cost you no doubt. And depending on the trade it may cost you a little, or it may cost you a lot but it will definitely cost you.

The average person was taught in the early years, to make money you need to get an education. Get your high school diploma then go off to college. That's what you will need to do to make the big bucks and secure your future. But look at the unemployment rate. Most often there are not enough jobs for every person who graduates, in their field of study. Of course there are even fewer opportunities for those who are less educated.

Many people spend years in school and wind up earning bachelors, masters and even doctorate degrees and do not make much more than 45,000 dollars a year. Often times they end up as teachers, rather than earning a living at their certified field. Although becoming a teacher is a great and respectable position, for many, it was not the plan.

We all know that once upon a time it was, "you need to get your high school diploma". Once you have that you could get a job anywhere. Then it became "you need to get your college education". A high school diploma is no longer enough. Now there are not enough jobs in the field you got your college degree in. So, many people end up teaching because it's easier to get a job at almost any high school or community college in the field they earned their degree in.

Have you ever seen the movie "Mr. Holland's Opus"? It's a story about a guy who is a musician played by Richard Dreyfuss, who's only plan was to be a musician, and someday, compose his great opus. He got married and when his wife became unexpectedly pregnant, he needed to find a job that would enable him to take care of his new family. That of course meant they had to move out of their small apartment. He felt he needed a more stable job and income besides the music gigs he played. He needed to buy a house so that could have more room. So he reluctantly got a job teaching music at a high school. He ended up not only being locked into the job but he had no time to work on his opus because of all the time he had to dedicate to grading papers and planning lessons and all the other extra- curricular activities that teachers had to commit to.

Well eventually Mr. Holland did write his opus. But it was only after he was about 60 years of age and after his music program was cut from the school's budget. By that time, he was at the age of retirement. So much for the life he had planned to just make music.

Now just imagine if Mr. Holland had been an Internet Marketer. He might have had money to buy a house, raise his family and time to write his opus while he was still young. How many people dream of spending time doing the very things they love? Many want to spend more time with family rather than spending time working to provide for family they rarely see. Mr. Holland also sacrificed his relationship with his deaf son who held much resentment toward him, for spending his too little time on his opus rather than with him.

Many people love their jobs and so for them spending time at work day after day is very rewarding. But what about those who have dreams of spending time doing what they love? What if they would rather spend time painting their masterpiece, or writing a great novel, or perhaps composing their very own opus. What if there was the time to do all of these things and still earn a good income and still have time to spend with family at home or traveling? That would be grand wouldn't it?

There are thousands of people who are living their lives just the way they want because they have lots of money and free time. They are the successful internet marketers who have learned to use the World Wide Web as their source of income while working at home only a few hours a week. There are many opportunities online that one could tap into to make money. If you are interested in a freedom lifestyle, you would do well to explore the many aspects of internet marketing.

Earning a college degree or learning a trade is fine for those who wish to learn to earn by working 40 hours a week. Just keep in mind there is the option of working less and earning more money and time. Making money online is a great option to consider.

Some of the ways to make money online include: E bay auctioning, niche marketing, affiliate programs, and even paid surveys just to name a few. But remember to always know who you are dealing with and look out for the shady deals. Do your research and always know who to trust and who not to.

Knowing the right programs and finding the best resources is important. Once you have done your research and decide upon a method that suits your personality, you could be on your way to living your dreams while earning rewarding income. And the best part is it does not have to cost you a lot of money to get started. Initially it may cost you some time to learn a few skills but it all depends on the type of money- maker you decide to go with. For example if you decide to build a website of course you will need some web building skills. But many who make money, online, do not even have or need a website.

If you do choose an online money- making method that requires a website, you could easily set up a website with Wordpress, a very simple solution that is used by many website owners nowadays. There are tons of ideas and solutions that can be found on the web. You just have to search and explore and before you know it you could be making money online.

A Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city of Spain. It is a perfect leisure destination in Europe especially during summers. Barcelona has some of the finest beaches which are the most sought after place to enjoy a sunbath, with plenty of swimming, water sports and relaxation.

The city of Barcelona ha always walked hand in hand with latest fashion, style, music and food. Although the city boasts of unique age old architecture, it has also developed some of the most modern and unique architectural structures. It is one of the most dynamic and exciting city on the entire western Mediterranean Sea line. On the other side, the city is also very artistic and rich in cultural heritage and history.

It has a great combination of narrow streets and amazing plazas which brings about a unique sense of excitement for the visitors. The Plaza de Catalunya which is a large plaza surrounded by monumental buildings, is Barcelona's busiest and happening square.

Let's look at the major tourist destinations in the city. Starting with Sagrada Familia, which is giant temple. The irony about this temple is that it is under construction since early 1880's and the construction will continue for another 50-100 years depending upon availability of funds and resources! Barcelona Aquarium and the Barcelona Zoo are the major attractions for the kids and the younger ones. One spot not to be missed is the Spanish Village which is a small village that replicates various styles and architectures of houses across different parts of Spain. For sports lovers, Camp Nou is the place to visit. The Barcelona Football Club beholds Barcelona FC's most coveted trophies alongside statues and pictures of the greats. It is strongly recommended that one buys a ticket where in you can see the museum, the stadium as well as players changing rooms, VIP lounges, Press areas etc. The Olympic Stadium when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, an event which radically re-designed the city is also an attraction not to be missed. Artists would not like to miss the Picasso Museum, which holds the paintings of the famous artists. Font Magica which is also known as the Magic Fountain is a must see in Barcelona.

How can someone visit Barcelona and miss the La Rambla Street. It is the most happening and exciting streets of Barcelona. The Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca said about La Rambla, "It is the only street in the world which I wish would never end." If you do not stroll down this street, you cannot say you have visited Barcelona. However, one has to be ware of pickpocketers at La Rambla street. An evening watching the Flamenco show is highly recommended which is full of fun, excitement, genuine enthusiasm and unreserved emotions. The city also boasts of plenty of night clubs and bars for night life lovers.

To sum up, Barcelona is a place which invariably every tourist travelling to Europe, would want to have it in his itinerary.

3 Advantages of a River Home

When buying a home, considering where it will be located is a key factor in determining how satisfied you will be with the property and how long you want to stay there. Buying a home is a long-term decision, and if the location isn't ideal, you've subjected yourself to years of living somewhere you hate. There is a wide range of territories to live within and living next to a body of water is often cited to be relaxing and serene. Water is a calming force, a source of recreation and a great venue to socialize with family and friends. In addition to these, there are 3 other key advantages to buying a river home.

The Scenery Never Goes Out of Style
Imagine waking up every morning and having a beautiful view right outside of your window. The sight of the sun rising above the water is picturesque and a joy to witness each morning. During get-togethers, friends and family can set up chairs and enjoy each other's company next to a gently flowing river. You can take your boat out on the water for a leisurely ride, go on fishing trips and can swim whenever you like.

Great Value for Your Home
The features available in your home directly affect the resale value of the property. If buyers don't like the location the house is in or certain characteristics and features of the home, they are less likely to put in an offer. A great benefit of purchasing a river home is the added value of living next to a body of water. People pay a lot of money to go on vacations in Hawaii and other places known for their ease of access to bodies of water; it's an element that isn't readily available or easily accessible and therefore, a premium amenity. After all, the closest some people get to a body of water is a pool.

By living next to a river, you are able to pass along the feeling of being on vacation to the home buyer. They don't need to spend money on airline tickets to travel to experience it because it's right in their backyard. This benefit is of significant value to your property and substantially increases the price you are able to ask for it. The equity in your home will continuously appreciate and the scenery surrounding the river boosts interest amongst home buyers looking to purchase a house.

Gives you an excuse to be active
The final reason to purchase a river home is the added incentive it gives you to exercise. You're living next to a beautiful body of water just begging for you to jump in for a swim. If swimming isn't your thing, take a jog on a trail alongside the river bank; the backdrop is so beautiful that you'll extend your run just a little while longer to take in the view. And best of all, you have the luxury of dipping your feet in the water for a post-workout cool down.

The Importance of Reading Transport News

There are many people involved in the transport industry, and there are many ways that you can become involved. There are plenty of transport jobs, from frozen foods, to medical equipment, and even electronics. Whichever part of the industry you are in, you are still a huge part of it, and with that being the case, it is important for you to read transport news. What can transport news tell you? How can you benefit from it?

Travel Regulations -- There are laws supporting everything -- even the transport industry. While you might not pay attention to the local or federal government, a good transport publication will, and this will keep you up to date. Remember, the last thing you want is to be stopped on the way to your destination because you have broken some sort of law.

Vehicles -- If you are in charge of your own vehicle, it would be nice to have updated information on the various vehicle upgrades and even replacements. If you can save on gas mileage or perhaps add more storage space, you would certainly want to know about it.

Routes -- In the transport industry, you are not exactly taking a family vacation. There are specific routes that most people like to take, and as a result, the trip becomes pretty routine. A transport publication will discuss those routes and even talk about new ones.

Destinations -- The ultimate destination is your pickup or delivery, but along the way you will undoubtedly need to visit diners, hotels, and even rest areas. A good travel publication will certainly be able to help you with that, and keep you current on the available accommodations.

Unlike any other magazines you might subscribe to, it is important to ensure that your travel magazines are actually accurate. if they are no, you face a rather serious problem. For example, inaccurate information could have an effect on the quality of your trip. Before you rely on any sort of travel publication, you should check its authenticity, and verify that others have had a decent experience. This might seem like a lot of work, but you can trust us when we say it is absolutely worth it.

Another very important aspect of any travel publication is their ability to prioritize information. For example, posting information about a great eating establishment ahead of information about a road closure might be a lack of priority. This could lead to problems, especially if you fail to turn that 'one page' during your first skimming of the magazine.

What formats is the travel publication in? Can you buy it in print? Does it come as a digital publication? Both? The format is up to you, but make sure you choose one that actually suits your needs.

Choosing a good travel publication is a must if you plan to have an effective trip. It is an added yearly expense, of course, but a good publication can tell you things that the internet never will. You will be dealing with individuals that spend their time on the road, and have dedicated their time to ensuring all available facts are known. You really cannot do much better than that, can you?

Check out the different available publications and try to create a flow of information. When you are on the road, nothing can be more important. Remember, information is power!

Wakeboarding Equipment

A boat, a board, a tow line, a life jacket and a body of water are what the wakeboarder needs to get started. These pieces of equipment can vary in expense and detail and can be overwhelming for the beginner. This article will help the beginner get started and define what equipment and brand names to look out for to get ready to ride the perfect wake.

First, the rider needs an inboard motor boat to produce a wake. These boats can range in power and speed. A wakeboarding boat has a tower mounted on the back of the boat, usually 2 meters high above the water line, where the attached rope extends out to a handle which the rider uses to hold onto. The boat can be weighted with ballasts or "fat sacks" which are bags filled with water or sand to give the boat additional weight in the front and back which produce larger wakes. Calabria, Centurion, Correct Craft, Epic, Gekko, Malibu, MasterCraft, MB, Moomba, Sanger, Session, Supra, Svfara, Tige are all leading brand names of wakeboarding boats. Typically, a beginner will want the boat to travel at a leisurely 19 mph, increasing to 24 mph as the rider's comfort level and skill progresses. This speed is fast enough for the rider to experience cutting over the wake and slow enough that the rider doesn't experience too much drag.

The wakeboard the rider buys will determine what style and kind of rider he or she wants to be. There are various features on a wakeboard which correspond to actions the rider can maneuver while riding. Beginner riders will want to buy a board with squared edges, this makes for a better startup and adds steadiness when the rider feels a lack of control. If the rider is more advanced and prefers to perform air tricks, a board with rounded edges will be optimal for landing in the water and gaining speed. Wakeboards are made in either single tip or twin tipped. Single tipped wakeboards are used when the rider wants to ride in one direction. Twin tipped boards offer the rider freedom to ride in normal stance and switchstance. Most boards today are sold as twin-tipped as the rider will ideally want to be able to ride and perform tricks while riding in both directions. A wakeboard's length average length is 120-150 cm. with a width of an average of 38-44cm. A beginner will want to work with a longer board for stability with starts and turns. A board has an angle or curves at its ends, referred to as rocker. A high rocker has a more rounded bottom which aids the rider in landing easier with jumps. A low rocker has a flat bottom and is optimal for acceleration and control.

Under the wakeboard is a set of fins, which is used for the rider's tracking and turning in the water. The boards also come equipped with boots and bindings which can be adjusted to the rider's comfort and foot size.

The rider will want to use a rope that doesn't stretch and is made of fabric such as Kevlar. The rope to tow the rider should be 60-70 feet long and the beginner will want to ride on the shorter end of this spectrum, towing the rider a bit closer to the boat where the wake is narrower and easier to ride.

Last but not least, the rider should always wear a life jacket!

Finding The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Have you ever been lucky enough to get a gift of travel for the holiday? Many people think long and hard about what gifts they are going to get others during the holidays. Consider this, what are some of the most memorable times of your life? For many, the answer to this question would be a trip, outing, getaway, or vacation. Travel is something that almost everybody wants to do, and almost nobody feels as if they have done all the leisure travel that they want to do.

Think about it, even the time off that people get from their jobs is called "vacation time." Even though many people use this time off close to home, most people do incorporate some type of travel into their time off from work. Thus, travel gifts are a great way to show those special people in your life how much you care during the holidays.

Consider Planning A Family Travel Opportunity As A Holiday Gift This Year

One of the newer trends in gift giving is planning a holiday vacation instead of exchanging gifts for the holiday. Even short trips fairly close to home can bring some much needed rest and relaxation along with wonderful new holiday memories that the family might not get a home. The sky is the limit when it comes to planning holiday travel gifts. Just a few options include getting a cabin for the family, taking a trip to a local resort, traveling by car to an area that does not require a passport, or booking plane tickets, accommodations, and transportation to travel a distance for the holiday. All families, big and small, will truly benefit from receiving the gift of travel for the holidays.

Travel Related Holiday Gifts

Many people cannot give specific pre-planned trips as holiday gifts. After all, this can get expensive and it requires coordinating the schedules of everybody involved. In many instances, it is also difficult to keep holiday travel a secret until the holiday. Thus, some people choose to give travel related gifts for the holiday. There are many opportunities for giving when it comes to travel related gifts. Many people enjoy receiving new luggage, apparel for a specific destination, or a book or maps on a place that the recipient would like to visit. Other great gift ideas include gift cards or certificates for a specific amount of money toward a travel related expense. This can include a gift card for airfare, a hotel stay, car rental, or an activity at a specific destination. Many people love receiving mementos from places you have traveled, as well.

The next time you take a trip consider purchasing holiday gifts from the place where you are traveling. These fun souvenirs make great holiday gifts. Often times, gifts purchased in other states or countries are unique and different from what can be found at home. It is also fun for the gift giver to do some retail therapy while on vacation. Consider giving the awesome gift of travel this holiday season!

Essential Items You Will Need on a Camping Trip

Backpacking across the hills is an extremely rewarding activity. You get to spend valuable time with nature and replenish yourself. However, you will need some essential camping gear before you depart on a trip to the mountains. We will look at the most essential items that you will need on the trip. A word of caution - ensure that you know a little bit about the place you will be camping out in so that you carry the appropriate clothes. Don't get caught in heavy rains without waterproof jackets!

1. Tents - Undoubtedly the first item that you should buy for your camping needs is a strong, durable tent. There are varieties of tents in the market so you might have to do some research and also know what your needs are. If you are travelling with your family, then buy a midsized tent which can fit in all the people. You might be surprised to know that large family tents with capacities of 10-12 people are also available in the market.

2. Sleeping material - this will be a crucial part of your outdoor gear because after all those hours exploring the place, you will definitely be tired and a good night's sleep will be important to ensure you can keep your batteries charged on the trip. So ensure that you buy good, cozy sleeping bags, pillows and mats.

3. Cookware - without food, you cannot survive so you will need some basic camping cookware to ensure that you never go hungry. It's definitely not a good idea to be stranded on a hill without food. Ensure you have a pot, pans, plates, portable stoves and a kettle for boiling water.

4. Food and water - even though a lot of people prefer to hunt their own food and drink water from rivers and streams, you should carry some food and water of your own in case you are paranoid of germs and diseases. Carry tinned food and plenty of water for your trip.

5. Other gear - if you are in the habit of using a lot of things in your day to day life, then it would be a good idea to carry additional camping gear. You want to "rough it" in the wilderness but you also want to ensure that you are comfortable enough. So you can carry some folding chairs, flashlights, first aid kit, knives and lanterns. These are essential items which will be extremely useful in all kinds of situations.

These are roughly all the items that you will probably need on any camping expedition. However, ask people around to know more about the place so that you can better equip yourself. Additional discounts can be secured if you go shopping during the off season. The choices might be few but if you can find a good discount store or flea market, then you stand a chance of saving a lot of money. Maintaining a budget also helps in trimming unnecessary expenses.

Best Transportation Around And About Covina

Travelling to Covina can be fun and exciting! If you are looking to indulge in good food, you may want to look at these restaurants - Hurst Ranch Historical Center, Haru Sushi, Penang Malaysian Cuisine as they are well known for their sumptuous food offerings.

There is no doubt that shopping is a must for ladies when they are on a vacation.

There are three major shopping centers in Covina, they are Westfield West Covina, Westfield Eastland and The Heights at West Covina. You can shop for hours in these malls and you will never get tired of it.

There are also many beautiful parks in Covina. These include the Ridge Riders Park and Big League Dreams. South Hills Country Club is located in the eastern side on the city in the South Hill neighborhood, it is a private golf course. West Covina also offers a skatepark in Orangewood Park.

With so much things for you to do at Covina, your trip can never be a dull one. To make your vacation enjoyable, transportation is important and it is one of the issues that can make or break your one time or constant visits to any part of Covina. This could be for business or pleasure where you require and it is best when you have a reliable cab to pick and drop you to your preferred destination. You will be picked from any location be it a hotel or any airport and delivered to your desired doorstep.

This reduces your travel time for the entire trip giving you adequate time to calm down and enjoy the scenic city without worries over traffic or getting late. There is a guarantee for peace of mind without having to think about traffic or even where to park. This means that you can concentrate on the business that took you to the city with a mind free of distractions. The environment also allows you to update yourself as you shuffle from one office to the other and get prepared for the next assignment.

A wide variety of traveling modes are available including a shared ride that slices you bill by a half. The experience is incredible with computerized scheduling that ensures that all factors are routed towards your favor. This is done in a professional way and designed to accommodate individuals and even an entire party. There are private rides are also available with well conditioned and maintained vehicles.

Homes for Sale in North York - A Fair Deal of Real Estate Property

One of most important and thrilling times of your life is when you are buying a home of your own. It may also probably be the most important investment that you will ever make in your life. Besides, it will be your very own space to live and raise your family.

When looking to buy a home, one generally looks for it to be conveniently located in a decent locality, where the crime rate is less and also where it is in close proximity to a school or university, shopping area, park, recreation area, bus stop or subway station.

Buying a home in North York area
One area to look at when considering purchasing a home is in the North York district. With a population of over 600,000 people, this former municipality within the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, has developed considerably over the past years. It contains some of the most opulent areas in Toronto city but sadly some of its poorest as well. It is also one of the most diverse and multicultural areas of Toronto city. There are several fine localities that have quality homes for sale in North York. Real estate value has always increased in this area in the past and is continuously increasing every day.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking for your dream home or someone who has purchased a house before, you can probably find one that suits your needs and budget from the homes for sale in North York.

Facts about Vaughan, Ontario
Another area to consider, when looking to invest in a home, is the city of Vaughan. Located in Southern Ontario, this city comes under the Greater Toronto Area. The city has a population of over 288,000 people and is one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Ontario. Being situated north of Toronto, has given this city its official slogan "the City above Toronto".

With real estate being so expensive in Toronto, people are turning to suburban places like Vaughan to settle in. Here actual houses are affordable instead of living in small apartments and it is still close enough to travel to their jobs in Toronto. Vaughan has numerous small businesses and several companies have their corporate headquarters located here. It is also a renowned entertainment destination and is home to Canada's famous Wonderland theme park, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the Vaughan Mills shopping center.

Buying a home in Vaughan
There is a wide choice of both modern as well as traditional style homes for sale in Vaughan. The most common are single detached homes. Recently however, there has been an increase in the construction of new condominiums and townhouses. So you are bound to find the type of home you are searching for.

If you are looking for a home in the Greater Toronto Area, you will find plenty of homes for sale in Vaughan that are not only attractive but within your means.

Discovering the Gold in the Golden Triangle Tour

It was more out of curiosity that we set out to explore the Golden Triangle cities because when they were first recommended a thought that crossed our minds was, "What's so golden about these cities?" So set out we did and were we in for one of the most pleasant and satisfying of journeys that any traveler can take on. Of course, the prospect of being in India, a country known for its splendor, thrills, hospitality and a fair share of misadventures (for the non-cautious) is in itself overwhelming. Add to that a dash of mystery, a pinch of adventure and a touch of exploration and you've signed up for a memorable holiday.

Our journey started at New Delhi, India's capital and the nucleus city of all Golden Triangle tours. It couldn't have been a better start or a greater precursor to the tour. Delhi is a comfortable city, especially for first-timers to India. For those of us who are wary of hitching an elephant ride from the airport to our hotels or running into snake charmers and fakirs, New Delhi is quite an eye-opener and an exact opposite of our pre-conceived notion of India.

The city's comfort with modernity is very obvious. From good transportation to clean roads to a population that appears at ease with foreigners, New Delhi is indeed worthy of being India's capital. But what's the most mesmerizing of its features is how easily the city blends the old and new. When you see buses and cars whizzing past the Red Fort or the Qutub Minar jutting right behind some modern high-rises, what strikes you is the beauty with which Delhi has preserved its glorious past while simultaneously accommodating the new. Neither the new facades and edifices nor the historical ramparts and ruins look out of place. And that's not all; the goldenness of Delhi gets transferred to its cuisine.

Out next stop was Agra where we realized how the hype about the Taj Mahal was understated. The Taj is surreally beautiful. Love and melancholy emanate from every stone, every carving and it's as if the monument speaks to you. You need a complete day to do justice to the Taj. Agra also plays host to a few more wonders such as the Fatehpur Sikri and the Red Fort which may not be among the seven wonders but are good rivals for the Taj.

A trip to Jaipur is what completes a typical Golden Triangle Tour and my, what a way to complete any journey! The sheer contrast between the landscapes and sights of Agra and Jaipur is itself breathtaking. The crowned heads of Rajasthan have left behind such wonders that you can't but envy them. Fortunately, its one place in India where you get to experience royalty just the way the royals did. From being serenaded to pampered to indulged, you'll only be the greediest person alive to ask for more! In addition to being just what a tourist wants Jaipur throws in a few extras such as wildlife sanctuaries, desert safaris and the works.

So it's safe to say we discovered the goldenness in the golden triangle cities. In fact, it was rather obvious from the day the journey started!

What Is the Ballpark Cost of Living in the UK?

It is often assumed that the cost of living typically consists of the accommodation, food and travel expenses. We tend to forget that the so called smaller expenses also add up to become another major part of our expenditure.

There are so many things that we forget to take into account. To start with, apart from personal expenditure, there are also the utility bills like gas, electricity, water, etc. They add up to the overall cost of living and it is very important that these expenses are taken into consideration when deciding the total amount of money that you can afford to spend on your new home.

Here are some average monthly figures on the utility bills to give you a fair idea of what all expenses should you expect to fall under your cost of living. For instance, a 1-2 bedroom flat would cost around £45 for gas, electricity would cost £55 and water £35. These would rise to £70, £65 and £40 to 3-4 bed flat and further to £80, £85 and £45 for 4-5 bed house, respectively for gas, electricity and water. These monthly costs are based on average properties. Hence, fuel bills can differ significantly based on the energy efficiency and individual usage.

Now we come to the bigger chunk of living costs - the Council Tax. It's an annual charge to be paid on every property, depending on the size and value of the property. This comprises of the local service charges for things like rubbish collection, street lighting, maintenance of gardens, public leisure centres, local police, fire and rescue services, etc. This amount, to be paid either in a lump sum or spread over ten payments throughout the year, varies from council to council within the UK. The average cost for a 1-2 bed flat would be between £1000 and £1700, 3-4 bed flat between £1300 and £2300 and the council tax for 4-5 bed house is between £1400 and £2650 approximately.

Another additional but optional cost would be a TV license which is currently priced at £145.50 for one year. In case you fail to produce a TV licence when requested by the licensing authority, this will incur a penalty of up to £1,000. Extra charges like broadband, telephone, satellite TV, etc. may also have to be incurred if you use these facilities.

Also, if you have a vehicle of your own and reside in an urban area, you may need to purchase a 'resident's parking permit'. The cost of these permits also depends on the locality but it can be approximately £150 per year. This charge guarantees that you have a parking space, although it only allows you to park in the 'resident parking bays' that are within close proximity of your home.

Cost of living varies from area to area so, for instance, a chic area like Chelsea and Notting Hill would most likely involve a higher cost of living, as compared to Highgate, Hyde Park, etc., even though all these areas offer good accommodations and locations.

MLM Compensation Plan - Investing Into the Future

Most MLM compensation plan from MLM companies pay out once a month! This means that you need to design a budget for the money! Life gets in the way and there are times when you may want to blow off some steam. Running a business is hard work and it takes serious commitment from you. There are sacrifices that you have to make in order to get ahead. You may be at the point in your business that you are making the big bucks. Do you think it will last forever? No matter the age, you should consider investing some of the profits!

Not every MLM compensation plan is created the same, some folks get paid on the 1st, 15th or perhaps some other odd ball number. The right time to pull money out your commission checks and save is now! Build up a nest egg in case of a rainy day. You can take $50 and put into a savings account every month and build up a good fund. You can double your money and put $100 away into the nest egg and leave it alone. It all depends on your financial situation and the bills that you have to pay now. Are there ways to cut back on the bills?

Some folks may try to put money into the stock market, bonds, CD's and other investments. If your MLM compensation plan allows you to invest into the company or use a broker to invest into the market; it may be worth spending some time looking into the program. There may not be an option for the investment opportunity; you may have to handle it by yourself. Putting away a little money out of each check and growing in a stable account is recommended. This way, if something happens and you need fast cash, you can pull it out and use it to cover the expense.

Your MLM compensation plan will provide you all of the necessary details on when checks are sent out and other fine financial areas. So, if you do get a nice turkey of a bonus, you can put that into your Christmas fund or away for retirement. Ah, retirement, you may always get a residual income from your business but it's nice to have extra cash around for fun things to do. Some folks like to travel; others may want to revamp their home. So start thinking about a savings plan for the future!

You have our support and look forward to meeting you in the future. Thanks for reading, please share us.

A Guide to Various Bangkok Holiday Packages

When one starts to plan a holiday and zeroes in on Bangkok as their holiday destination, finding themselves a holiday package most suited to their requirements would be a piece of cake. One can find an abundance of holiday packages to the extremely popular tourist destination that Bangkok has become over the years. Bangkok is the capital city of the exotic and vibrant country Thailand. And, like all capital cities of various hubs of tourism, Bangkok is easily accessible by air from almost all major cities.

The travel arrangements are crucial to any holiday package and the lack of difficulty in reaching this beautiful destination makes the entire package more appealing and a little more feasible as well. Finding accommodation is the second step to ensure that the holiday package is worth investing in. But, in a city that boasts over 86,000 hotel rooms, one can rest assured that they will get a chic and comfortable bed to sleep in on their visit. Next on the list is the arrangement of seeing the sights and visiting the places that one must not miss at any cost.

Most good holiday packages to the city of Bangkok are sure to include the three finest temples of Bangkok. They are Wat Traimit, Wat Pho and Wat Benjabophit, the foremost of which has a 3 meter high Golden Buddha figure which is made of solid gold and weighs an astronomical 5 tons. Then there is also the visit to the very famous Floating Markets of Bangkok, the most eminent of which is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. A tour to this market on a boat could cost one anything between 500 to 800 THB (the local currency).

When looking up Holiday packages on a budget, then Bangkok is easily the most feasible exotic locale that one could hope for. Holiday packages start at a very low 15,000 INR. Such packages are inclusive of Return Airfares (Economy Class, excluding taxes), Hotel accommodation for the number of days advertised with breakfast as specified, Single Entry Thailand Visa for tourists and Airport Transfers within Bangkok. The abovementioned base minimum packages are generally offer hotel accommodation at classy and efficient 3-star hotels and resorts. For a few extra thousand rupees, one can upgrade to a 5-star hotel room accommodation and get a few additional perks like trips to the famous temples and other tourist attractions like the Bangkok National Museum, The Grand Palace, Erawan Shrine and the Butterfly Garden.

Packages are designed in ways that leave some time for people to enjoy the city at leisure without a schedule or time constraint. During the free time allotted one can indulge in shopping at the various markets and even buy themselves beautifully crafted souvenirs. An important thing to remember while booking the holiday package is to look for hidden charges. For instance there are service taxes which are not mentioned along with the prices of meals apart from the breakfast. Usually these prices are mentioned in the 'fine print' of the contract.

North Atlanta Luxury Home Communities Part 2

Are you still searching for a place to call home? If you have the general area narrowed down, then you can start sifting through the different cities and neighborhoods. Some people base where they want to live on the schools in the area while others are craving a piece of land that is all about the scenery. North Atlanta communities have a little bit to offer every new resident that makes their way to one of the areas luxury neighborhoods. Each city has a different feel and features-making it important to thoroughly get to know your options before signing on for a purchase.

Cumming is the first city we are going to talk about and it is located in the middle of Forsyth County, Ga. This is all the way up on Lake Lanier, making it about a 45 minute drive north of Atlanta if traveling in free flowing traffic. You can tell by the area's slogan, "The Gateway to Leisure Living", that their luxury home selection is spectacular. With a great school system, growing businesses, and plenty of things to do, Cumming is a popular choice for homeowners and investors. Communities in this area feature golf, swimming, tennis, club houses, lake views, equestrian facilities, and are gated.

Dacula is another fine area close to Lake Lanier and north of Atlanta just up highway 85 north. It is also just as close to Atlanta as it in to Athens, a seriously fun city with some of the best colleges in the state. The area has plenty of parks and was originally known to be a frontier military outpost! It is close to the Mall of Georgia and upscale shopping centers and has a great school system. There are both golf course and county club communities in Dacula.

Dawsonville, Ga is a beautiful city that opens up to the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. It is further north than Cumming and Dacula and is known for its peaceful indulgences. It is in reach of the hustle and bustle of happening cities like Atlanta, but it has the scenery and open roads of the mountains. Here you will not experience the traffic of the city but can still enjoy upscale shopping and dining. Families and retirees build their roots here.

There are many different beautiful areas of North Atlanta. Try taking a drive around Lake Lanier and feel out which scene best fits your lifestyle.

The Tears of God

John 11:35 - "Jesus wept"

This is perhaps the oddest passage of scripture you will find in the New Testament. There may be other passages that confuse you or that you do not fully understand, but this certainly could be the oddest.

I do not mean to be irreverent with this label. I am confident that when you hear my whole case, you will agree that I have not been. I merely want to emphasize the disparity of thought created by these two simple words when considering whom it was that was weeping. These were the tears of God.

As it is now, it was then; Jesus is God. In him and by him were all things created. All things are known to him and all things are subject unto his will. That he could weep is unsettling, almost suggesting that maybe everything was not under his control. I mean after all, God doesn't cry. He is in charge. If he doesn't like something, he can change it. And yet, it is not in dispute. He wept.

Therein is the disparity. He wept, but he had no apparent reason to weep. Though he was in man's flesh, he was very God. He knew that he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead and remedy the situation. That precluded his feeling grief or sadness over Lazarus' death. The occasion should have been a joyous one from his perspective. And yet, he wept.

Even a mind governed by faith cannot pass by this text without asking a few questions? Why was Jesus so upset? Why did he weep? What does it take to make God cry? For those answers, we must back up a few moments before verse 35 to see things from Jesus' eyes, to feel what he was feeling. We must view that moment from God's perspective, and not our own.

Previously, in the preceding verses of John chapter 11, we are told of Jesus receiving word of the passing of Lazarus and of Jesus' eventual entry into Bethany. You may read this in detail at your leisure, but essentially it tells us that when Jesus arrived at Bethany there were many weeping Jews in the house, including Mary, who alone came out to meet the Lord at his arrival.

When he observed the scene of grief and weeping, we are told that "he groaned in the spirit and was troubled". He and Mary exchanged a few words and then of course, it tells us that the Lord himself wept.

Some have erroneously supposed that Jesus wept because, like so many others before him, he really was nothing more than a self-proclaimed, powerless prophet. Others claim that maybe he was a true prophet, but when faced with a challenge that required divine intervention, he was not able to enlist God's help and was reduced to tears of frustration.

Those in this camp of thought quantify their fraudulent charge by alleging that when Lazarus was raised, it was not a raising at all, but rather an awakening. Although there is no historical evidence or record to support their view, they suppose that Lazarus suffered from a medical condition that made him appear to be dead and awoke at just the right time to make Jesus look good.

This idea that Jesus was either a fraud or opportunist is not only pure, unsupportable nonsense, it is scripturally foul. Ideas like these emanate from the hearts of unregenerate souls who neither seek nor care to know spiritual truth. To the truth-seeking heart, to the honest mind, there can be no doubt but that Jesus was and is everything he claimed to be. He is indeed the Son of God and the only salvation for mankind.

Still, Jesus wept, and I think it is important that we try to understand why. This was a very profound event. Later, at Gethsemene, he would drop tears of blood, but this was understandable. He was taking the sins of the world upon himself, when he himself was innocent of sin. He was submitting to the Father.

Here at Bethany, the situation was not the same. Jesus had complete control. He knew he was going to raise Lazarus in just a few moments. Earlier, on the road to Bethany, he had even acknowledged this when he told the disciples "I go that I may awake him out of sleep" (verse 11). There simply was no reason for heaviness of heart. Or was there?

Too often, when we hold God on the high pedestal that he so richly deserves, we somehow forget that one of his characteristics is love. Jesus, as the God-man, was the epitome of compassion. It is no stretch of the imagination to think that all that was going on caused him deep, personal grief.

Consider that he had just spent several days traveling with disciples who had largely expressed a lack of faith and whose mood was, at best, somber. Then, as he moved into the burial area, he was overwhelmed by the prevailing air of grief. As he moved among the people, he saw their sorrow, he saw their defeat, their weeping fell upon his ears and he was deeply troubled by it.

The only breath of encouragement that found its way to the Lord was that of Martha, one of the sisters of Lazarus. As he came near to the city, she came out to meet him and greeted him with her now well-known, persevering faith. But even her faith was framed in grief and sorrow.

Again, Jesus knew he was about to raise Lazarus. He knew that in a few moments there would be great joy and that the sorrow of the moment would be gone and forgotten. He knew that he would turn their tears to smiles and their heartache to praise. Soon all would be well...for them.

But for Jesus, there was more than that going on in his heart. As he surveyed the scene of mourning due to the passing of Lazarus, he was thinking about the cause rather than the effect of death. Jesus was looking beyond the obvious, beyond the weeping crowd and mourners and lamenting how much evil sin had brought to his creation.

For just a brief moment, he thought back on man's history. He remembered the very moment when Adam chose to sin and how Adam's disobedience had broken his heart. He remembered when Cain rose up in jealousy and anger against his brother and how Abel's blood cried out to him from the ground.

He recalled the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and how Abraham could not find even ten righteous people in the whole of the city. He thought of all the evil and wickedness that had taken root among those he had made in his own image, of the ravages of sin on his perfect creation, and he groaned in his spirit and was troubled.

As he thought back on man's infamous history, he also looked forward to the cross and the price he would have to pay for sin even though he had never sinned himself. Surrounded by the unbelief of his closest followers and immersed in this scene of sorrow, no doubt the burden was great as he considered all these things and moved among the mourners.

He saw their pain, he felt their sorrow, and their weeping stirred his heart. The sting of death, brought upon man because of sin, was doing its evil work. He saw the pain, he saw the misery, he saw the wages of sin being paid out and the heart of God was broken for the people he had created. And my friend, Jesus wept!

His heart was broken for his creation and our sin brought Almighty God to tears. In retrospect, I suppose this verse is really not that odd after all.

Reading Eggs Review

Reading is very important in the life of a child. It opens an entire new world to them through words arranged on a page. Make learning not only interesting but also fun with Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs is a unique online program that teaches reading to children. It combines the best of the world of computers and the world of learning. Children these days are savvier with technology, and that can be used to enhance their reading skills.

The program is designed to help children learn at their own pace. You can use Reading Eggs to supplement a current reading curriculum for beginning students by adding a fun component where they don't even realize that they are learning.

Writers, developers and teachers based the program on how children best learn to read. There are about 120 lessons with more being added at the beginning as well as a more advanced reading level for older children. It uses animation, interactive games and rewards to keep children interested and coming back for the next lesson.

What is Offered

Children learn skills needed for reading through animated lessons and fun activities. Skills learned are repeated to encourage memorization. This is perfect for children ages 4 through 7.

Children also learn through reading various books in the lessons. Storylands is the area of Reading Eggs where kids find these online books. They encourage reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills. Books can be purchased on the website so that kids can have the actual volume at home to read at their leisure away from the computer.

Rewards are earned with each completed lesson. Children earn golden eggs that can be used to buy other games within the Reading Eggs world.

There is also an interactive world for children to play and practice their reading skills. In Reading Eggs World, each child gets their own home and an avatar to represent them in the games that they play. They can decorate their homes from shops and travel to other places where they play more reading and writing based games.

Children are also provided with testing measures. After every 10 lessons there is a quiz to test the child on the mastery of what they have already learned. To improve scores, children can repeat as many lessons as they like as often as they like. For the child, it is repetition that is the key to learning. They are still having fun as they work to learn more skills.

On the Reading Eggs website, you and your child can try sample lessons for free to see if their interest is engaged. In addition to the 120 stepping stones lessons and Storylands, there are also Skills Bank Spelling lessons as well as Driving Tests that test phonics and sight word knowledge.

Reading is fundamental but the beginning of that word is "fun." That is what Reading Eggs provides for your child.

Memorable Family Vacation in Shimla

Shimla is the former summer capital of the country and it is also an ideal destination for perfect family vacation. Read on to know more on how to spend that family vacation in Shimla and also check out some good hotels in Shimla for your stay.

Shimla formerly known as Simla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and is a famous hill station in North India. Shimla is a popular tourist attraction and is connected to the rest of the country by roads, railways and airways. For a memorable trip to Shimla you should travel by train on the famed Kalka - Shimla railway that passes through scenic landscapes and numerous dark tunnels. The nearest airport is at Jabarhatti that is 22 kilometers away from the city center and caters to domestic flights only.

Shimla is a much sought after destination during summers and the city offers many pleasures to visitors. The main shopping center is called the Mall and here you will find many shops, restaurants, eateries, etc. A leisurely walk in the Mall with your family is highly recommended and the best place to get a good view is the Ridge that also serves as a meeting place for locals. The Jakhu Hills near Shimla is another popular tourist spot and it is also the highest point near the city. There is a beautiful temple on the peak that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and you can have a panoramic view of the city from here. Near the Ridge is situated the famous Christ Church that was built in 1846 and it is famous for its beautiful stained glass windows. Another famous tourist destination is Chadwick Falls that is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the city. A trip to this enchantingly beautiful waterfall could be the best part of your family vacation in Shimla. Some other premier tourist spot in Shimla that you should visit are Dorje Drag Monastery, Viceregal Lodge and the State Museum. The Zoo at Kufri has many native species of animals and is a popular attraction among children. Shimla also offers many winter sports like trekking, ice skating, etc.

Shimla is a famous tourist spot and you can find many hotels here to make your stay comfortable. Check out some of the quality Shimla hotels for your stay.

Top Rated Hotels in Shimla

Hotel Sukh Sagar is one of the finest hotels in Shimla that is located close to the Mall. One of the widely recommended Shimla hotels, it enjoys almost 92% customer recommendation which means 9 out of 10 will select this hotel. Previous guests have praised its standard of service and its facilities. It offers well furnished and nice rooms that cost Rs.1174.

Hotel Amber is the best budget hotels in Shimla that is situated near the Ram Mandir at the Mall. It enjoys a customer recommendation of nearly 75% which means 8 out of 10 would love a second visit. It has also garnered a lot of praise from its customers for its location and its facilities. It offers well furnished rooms that are equipped with all basic amenities. It also provides a pure veg. restaurant and a coffee shop. The rooms cost Rs.900.