Why Visit Rottingdean - Brighton's Historic Seaside Village

You'll discover a classic seaside hamlet when you visit Rottingdean. While spending time in the town, you can relax by the sea, shop and enjoy tasty cuisine. Furthermore, the community features historical architecture and picturesque gardens.

A Short History

Rottingdean began as a small farming community. However, during the late 18th century, the town became a popular leisure destination. In fact, several famous people, such as Sir Edward Burne-Jones and Rudyard Kipling, discovered the town in the late 19th century.

Rottingdean's swimming pool was an early recreation spot for residents and visitors. Furthermore, the pool was built in 1934 as an extension of the Undercliff Walk, and it remained in use for more than 60 years. The town completed a development project in 1995 and filled the area in with concrete.

Rottingdean Eatery and Snack Recommendations

When it's time for a tasty treat, be sure to stop by High Tides for an ice cream or a sweet. To eat something more substantial, visit the Village Bakery. Furthermore, several coffee shops are in the area such as Beyond Design and JaJu Beans. In addition, if you want to end the day with a drink, then you can visit The Queen Victoria or the Coach House.

The Beach

At the beach, you'll appreciate the eye-catching sight of the chalk cliffs stretched out behind you. If you take a walk down the beach, then you may come across rock pools, which you can explore. While visiting Rottingdean, be sure to spend a day or two near the water to smell the fresh ocean air and feel the wind on your face.

Historic Sightseeing Places

If you are a history enthusiast, then don't miss the old smock mill. You'll find the structure several hundred yards to the north of the Coast Road. The mill was built in 1802, and in 1881, it was closed. Today, you can view the mill because the Rottingdean Preservation Society restored it. Furthermore, the site is open for tours in the summer. You may even be fortunate enough to visit the mill during a kite-flying event.

As you walk around the community, you'll come across several antique homes and structures that the preservation group has saved. For instance, in the Golden Square, you can view one of the town's old washhouses. The St. Aubyns School is another well-preserved historical site in Rottingdean. It was built in 1882, and it was called the Rottingdean School from 1887 until 1894. Several famous people attended the school such as John Kipling and travel writer Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

To prevent the chalk cliffs from eroding into the sea, the town built the long Undercliff Walk, which stretches from Black Rock to Saltdean. The support section was constructed between 1930 and 1935. Today, you can walk along the cement path and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Once you reach Rottingdean, be sure to visit the Kipling Gardens. While at the site, you'll have the opportunity to view ornamental grass, a walled rose garden and a chalkland wild section.

Shopping in Rottingdean

Be sure to visit several of the village's stores. At the Martlets Shop, you can select a unique souvenir, or if you enjoy burning candles in your home, then purchase an item from Madwax Candles. To add a classic d├ęcor item to your residence, shop at Grange Antiques as the shop features antique merchandise and art from Asia and Northern Europe.

Reasons to Visit Rottingdean

Rottingdean is the ideal holiday spot since its location offers you peace and quiet. You can relax by strolling down the Undercliff Walk or browse in one of the village's antique stores. Moreover, the town's historical sightseeing locales will allow you to view a piece of history.


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