Getting More From LED Cycle Lights

Using Cycle Lights to See and Be Seen

LED cycle lights are now the most popular form of lights for cyclists who ride after dark. These powerful and advanced lighting systems have come a long way in recent years, with wider angles, punchier beams and many more accessories. Cycle lights are essential if you wise to ride in the dark, and they can be just as important if you ride in the morning or in daylight when visibility is reduced. You should fit a front white light and a red rear light as well as pedal reflectors to comply with the relevant laws related to cycling on public roads. You need to make sure you can clearly see where you are going, and you also need to make sure that you are 100 % visible to those travelling around you. Why are LED lights the best choice? These robust lights offer high performance and quality and although they may be a little more expensive, they are totally worth it.

Buying Your Lights

You are spoilt for choice on the bike light market. Today they come in all shapes and sizes and offer extremely powerful lumen outputs. The light you buy will depend on many things including your budget, when you ride, your style of riding and also your personal preferences. There are lights that are very compact and consist of just one LED or there are others that comprise of two light heads and are slightly bulkier. There are also a number of cycle lights that come with variable power modes so you can easily switch the level of lighting your require. This can be useful if you like to cycle to and from work but also enjoy off-road riding. You should look at what accessories the light sets come with. Does it come with a connection to fit a rear light or will you need to buy this separately? Rear cycle lights are just as important as front ones. Also check for battery quality, a charger and mounting options.

Getting Out and Enjoying Your Ride

Whilst safety is number one, one of the main advantages of having those lights attached is you can increase your riding hours! There's no need to worry about heading home before it gets dark. Cycling at night can be an attractive option if you don't get time to cycle in the day because of working commitments and it also allows you to avoid the crowds, with many of the roads and cycling routes being a lot quieter.


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