Sailing Croatia's Coast: More Than a Boat Trip

With well over one thousand islands, of which not even one hundred are inhabited, it's no surprise that when it comes to sailing, Croatia is growing in popularity among those who want a cruising holiday.

Known as the "pearl of the Adriatic", the spectacular coastline with its idyllic hidden coves, and tiny, barely-inhabited islands make for a wonderful experience while sailing. Croatia offers fantastic opportunities on the water, whether you are going on a cruise on a large chartered yacht, a catamaran, or even a small skif. Just imagine being able to swim in a new spot every day, tour historic ports and discover a world of new wonders on every stop of your journey! Sailing Croatia's waters isn't just suitable for avid sailors - it's an activity that offers many different things to do. Here are just a few of the options available:

Unwind At Sea
The first option, of course, is the opportunity for pure, unadulterated sailing. Croatia's stunning waters are the best vantage point from which to enjoy the stunning views of the coastline with next to no effort - it's the perfect way to unwind and relax. A favourite among couples on honeymoon, families and older travellers, this relaxing activity allows you enjoy a leisurely pace without sacrificing the cooling swims in hidden bays, the opportunity to bask in history and culture at the different towns on stopovers, or enjoy the energetic nightlife (particularly in Hvar) if you should so wish!

Island Hopping
Of course, the next most obvious activity while sailing Croatia's coastline is island hopping. Many tour specialists offer itineraries that allow visitors to explore the many must-see sights - meeting lots of new friends along the way.

One of the most popular routes for this type of cruise is the Dubrovnik to Split (or vice versa) route which offers stops at the different islands, including Hvar, with its exclusive bars and nightlife, and of course, the historic town of Split - as well as five World Heritage sites. Mijet can also be a stop, as can the island of Korcula, said to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. With its heady mix of history, culture and bustling action (read: parties!) sailing Croatia's waters and stopping of is perhaps one of the best ways to see it.

Underwater adventures can be just as exciting as the experiences above the waves. Many people explore the beauty of Croatia's wonders under the crystalline waters of the Adriatic while on a trip sailing. Croatia has no dearth of scuba instructors, as well as dive guides - so it's an activity even beginners can enjoy.

Sail and Cycle
For the more active and adventurous visitor, cycling tours make a great complement to sailing. Croatia's amazing mountain and countryside trails - ranging from easy rides to more challenging ones- allow more active holiday-makers to explore the natural beauty of the different islands and explore their historic wonders closely. Trails and quiet lanes off the beaten track offer vistas of olive groves, lavender fields and historic churches- providing a true feast for the senses with their sights, sounds and smells.


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