Getting to Know Narrow Boats

A uniquely interesting way of spending another day under the sun would be to set sail towards islands unknown. If that proves to be a bit too much, you can just go on adventures down the town waterway with friends and family. What better way to do that than with a narrow boat of your preference.

Narrow boats, as the name suggests, are long, narrow water vehicles designed to steer the gentle and consistent courses of canals and water systems in Europe. They are boats with big capacity and are oftentimes used for shipping cargo across small bodies of water or used for leisure cruising and sight-seeing for tourists. Since its invention in the 1800's, these boats, otherwise known as longboats, have evolved in appearance and purpose.

These calm giants are products of original British genius and its elongated structure is due in part to the fact that it needs to pass through Britain's narrow waterways with ease. To compensate for the horizontal lack of space, it was built to have longer ends to accommodate more passengers and make more room for cargo. By dimension, they are not to be more than 7 feet wide. The maximum length should only be 70 feet to avoid getting stuck in crossings and curbs.

The longboats, because of their roomy interior, have been used by some people as houses--although very rarely. Owners have the tendency to customize their boats if it is intended for personal use. They are very chill machines. These boats can only go as fast as 4mph which is equivalent to the average person speed walking. Increasing speed will produce too much ripple that might cause soil erosion on nearby banks.

With narrow boats you can venture into new business. You can put them up for travel companies to rent or you can open a cruising hotel of your own.

The specifications for modern longboats vary according to the type, but usually they run with modern diesel engines. Inside the boat, the following facilities are a standard: internal bedroom, central heating, toilet and shower, small oven area, and other necessary kitchen appliances. Additional features such as wireless internet could be installed. A narrow boat is an investment on its own. You just have to think of fresh ways to utilize it.

To operate a narrow boat, however, you will need to comply with the necessary paperwork as required by the government. Like any means transportation, owners of longboats need to acquire a license for operating it. There involves several kinds of legalities. Such would include a longboat insurance, while a separate boat safety insurance is another thing. Complying with these requirements is not enough allow you to navigate through the canals of England. Last but definitely not the least, you must apply for a British Waterways license.

These are the basic things you need to know about narrow boats before you finalize your purchase. There are many boat sales website that offer more information brand new and second hand boats.


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