What To See And Do In Beijing

Beijing is the vibrant capital city of China and it was the host for 2008 Olympic Games. If you wish to explore the tradition and culture of China at its best, visit Beijing. The city is a jumble of various districts and counties. The four major central districts are Xicheng District, Dongcheng District, Chongwen District, and Xuanwu District. Beijing Capital International Airport acts as the main gateway to the city, and it has three terminals serving a legion of travelers every year. Whether you are visiting Beijing for business or leisure, you are sure to have a great time in this city.

Getting around Beijing is convenient as the city is well connected via subways, making it easy for tourists to move about in the city. There are also several other modes of public transportation available such as taxis, mini buses and trains. You can also rent a bicycle to explore the downtown on your own, or hire a car if you are with your family.

Regardless of whether you have come here for holiday or business, make sure you visit the popular tourist attractions and landmarks in Beijing because they reflect the culture and tradition of the region. The oldest and most important landmark is the Tiananmen Square, situated in the Dongcheng District. This square is surrounded by some iconic buildings such as the Museum of Chinese History, the Great Hall of the People, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Forbidden City, and the Qianmen Gate. After the 2008 Olympics, the National Stadium has become a new major landmark in the city.

Beijing is home to several religious sites and temples. Spend a day visiting the various temples, palaces and parks in the city to know more about the culture. There are many beautiful and well maintained parks worth visiting with your entire family. Visit the Temple of Heaven, situated in the Chongwen District, on a typical day to see locals practicing tai-chi, calligraphy, drinking tea, or just lazing around. Some of the other popular parks in the city are Zhongshan Park, Chaoyang Park, Ritan Park, and the Beihai Park.

The Haidian District in Beijing is worth visiting, mainly because it is home to the Summer palace, the Beijing Botanical Garden, the Fragrant Hills, and the ruins of Old Summer Palace. When you are in Beijing, one of the must see places is the Great Wall of China. You may take a train or bus ride to reach this world famous tourist spot which is about 1.5 hours away from the city.

If you love shopping, check out the numerous markets in and around Beijing. You will find stores selling beautiful souvenirs that you can take back home for your family and friends. Some of the popular shopping arcades in the city are Xizhimen, Silk Street, Hong Qiao Market, Nanluoguoxiang, and so on. Those who wish to try the traditional Chinese food can check out the Tea Street in Xuanwu District or Yinhehua Vegetarian in the Dongcheng District. The city is dotted with numerous hotels that offer decent accommodation and restaurants that serve food at a reasonable rate.


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