Latest Accessories for an iPhone

One of the successful gadgets from Apple on all parameters is an iPhone. iPhone 5 is a further extension to the same. Apple provides a lot of options which will help you to choose a better accessory. Other manufacturers also extend their help that will make the device more indispensable. iPhone 5 has new and better dimensions that still need to be exploited. It has an improved version of lightning interface too. Below mentioned are few of the accessories that will assure you a better usage of the device.

USB cable:

A USB cable will help you to sync and charge your device anywhere and anytime. It comes handy when you are travelling. iPhone 5 comes with a different plug setting. It will be a task to find charging points in hotels, airports and cabs that are compatible with it.

30 pin adapter:

This is a controversial move by Apple which uses lightning interface for syncing and charging. You can use the adapter manufactured by Apple to use the same.

Apple headphones:

Apple has redesigned earphones that are built for a variety of ear type. They also come with a mic and a remote. It gives the detail of music by offering pro audio performance. They also come with impressive sound isolation. It extends its advantage by providing convenient buttons that will let you adjust the volume, music and video playback. You can also answer and end calls through the headphones.

Elago premium privacy protection film:

It is for the protection of the display of your phone. The screen of the phone must be protected from the regular jerks of day-to-day regime. It is a budget friendly accessory that will turn as a good investment in the long run.

Incipio feather case:

This is a phone case which is classy in its look and affordable too. It has a slim and handy shell that comes in and out of the pocket easily. It is made up of strong polymer material that is smooth and exceptionally thin. Its thickness is less than 1mm. It provides great protection and is available in a number of colors.

Stereo Mini Speakers:

Music is one of the highlighted features of an iPhone. Though you can enjoy the music on headphones, there are times when you will abstain from doing so. iHome stereo mini speakers are perfect for such an auditory respite. They are small in size and can be even adjusted in a handbag or a laptop bag. The best feature of this gadget is that you can snap both the speakers to form a capsule. This enables them to squeeze in a smaller area. You can also listen to music when they are plugged into charging.

Clock radio:

It is a device with remote control that has access to radio and clock features. It gives you the option of unlimited snooze button hits. If you are fond of listening to lullabies you can set the radio on a mode where you can relax through musical strains.


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