5 Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is a nation that is both passionate and charming. Go beyond its vibrant façade and you will find a country that is bursting with history, culture and heritage. It has got style, flair and everything else to keep an outdoor enthusiast, a beach goer, and a culture vulture satisfied. There are several reasons to visit Spain. Here are just five of them.

One stop destination for myriad activities

Even though it is not a huge country, Spain is power-packed with beautiful olive landscapes, stunning architecture and equally mesmerizing coastline. Visit its cities such as Granada, San Sebastian, and Barcelona and you could go mountain climbing in the morning, sun-bathing on the beaches later in the day and then wind up an interesting day feasting in world-class restaurants or even partying late into the night. There is much in store for the outdoor enthusiasts: go kite-boarding in the north, castle hopping in south and dance to the steps of flamenco in the south. Spain has a multi-dimensional personality - if you are looking for myriad experiences, this is exactly the country for you.

Experience world-famous cultural traditions

Who has not heard of the flamenco dances and the controversial bullfights? For authentic flamenco experience head to the gypsy quarters of Granada or the caves in Seville. The bullfights have its share of disapprovers, especially the animal rights groups, it cannot be denied that bullfights are one of the major draws of Spain. Already, bullfighting is banned in Catalonia and there are discussions underway for other states to follow suit. If this is an event that you would like to witness, seize the opportunity before the tradition becomes a part of history.

Appreciate the rich history and architecture

From the Muslim conquerors to the Roman Empire and to the more recent Spanish civil war, the country has witnessed a colourful and turbulent history. The events of the centuries gone by have left an indelible mark on the landscape of Spain; wander through the streets dotted with centuries-old monuments and buildings and see the edifices dedicated to the heroes of the past each telling its own unique story. The cathedrals also stand testimony to the country's religious past - a worth mention is the Catedral de Toledo. Then there are the royal palaces such as the Palacio Real de Madrid which are well worth a visit for their magnificent architectural styles and the beautiful carvings.

Magnificent summer festivals

Spain's colourful festivals have a charm of their own. The tomato festival, La Tomatina in Buñol needs no introduction. It is the country's biggest food fight in which all participants get down and dirty in a messy tomato fight. In September, castellers in Catalonia get together to form human pyramids that can reach up to ten man's height! Aside from these, there are many more festivals held throughout Spain that are sure to catch your fancy.

Spanish food

Spain is a gastronomic delight and has something to suit all tastes. The country boasts more Michelin-star restaurants than any other else in the world. Spanish cuisine has found takers all over the world. Aside from the paella, there is a diverse range of platters awaiting you in each region not to forget the evergreen tapas. Tapas reigns supreme in the country though there form varies from one community to another.

And finally, whether you are looking for a beach holiday or wish to explore its world-class cities, no matter which part of the country you wish to stay, you will find a range of accommodation options from B&B, lodges, guest houses, luxury Spain villas and budget hotels.


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