How To Find Male Incontinence Products?

There are millions of men around the world who suffer from male incontinence and who could benefit from incontinence products in dealing with this condition. Many men usually feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about and seek help for their condition. It is common for men to experience incontinence after prostate surgery and many of them will continue dealing with incontinence problems for the rest of their lives. It is important to find the right male incontinence products to help you manage your condition discreetly and without embarrassment.

What men should know is that incontinence products come in various sizes, styles and absorbencies so as to handle all levels of incontinence, whether light, moderate, heavy or severe. The products are also geared at ensuring that the man is able to continue pursuing a normal and active lifestyle if he wishes. There are products for use whether one is working or relaxing, travelling or playing sports. The available products guarantee maximum protection against leakage as well as comfort and discretion. Here is a list of some of the available male incontinence products in the market:

• Male guards are disposable pads which are placed and secured on regular underwear by means of adhesive strips. The pads absorb any wetness and turn it into a gel-like substance, thus preventing any leakage while at the same time stopping odors from forming. Male guards are a convenient and comfortable solution that is quite popular.

• Pouch pants are made to look like normal underwear. These pants however have a pouch where a pad is inserted. These pads can either be disposable or reusable and are replaced as often as you need. The advantage of pouch pants is that they are comfortable and can be machine washed and reused.

• Male boxer shorts were developed to cater to the needs of men who prefer wearing boxer shorts rather than briefs. They are made to resemble boxer shorts and can be machine washed. They have a pad built into them which is both highly absorbent and comfortable.

• Complete male pants look like briefs, and have a pad built into them to absorb any leakage. The pants also help prevent odors and have a dry layer that ensures the wetness does not come into contact with the skin, causing irritation.

Since there are so many incontinence supplies in the market to choose from, it can be frustrating to find one that will fit properly and will give you adequate protection. Many companies that sell incontinence products will happily provide you with sample packets so that you can try the different kinds of incontinence supplies and find the right one for your body type. Comfort is important while selecting incontinence products. You need to find an adult diaper that gives you a snug fit but one that will not pinch your skin. A diaper that pinches is one that can lead to irritation and can often make it uncomfortable to wear.

Price is another factor to consider as you test out various products. It helps to look for a product that fits in your budget needs. The disposable products can become expensive in a hurry if you go through a lot of them each day. There are some washable products that can work quite well. Reusable adult diapers look just like your traditional boxer-briefs but they have extra absorbency near the groin in order to offer protection from leakage.

To determine the right level of absorbency with male incontinence products, measure how much urine loss you have each day. This way you know if light, medium, or maximum protection is the best selection for your needs.


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