What Is a Medication Discount Card?

Just as the name implies, a medication discount card is a special card that consumers can obtain to get discounts on the normal cost of medicine. Also referred to as a discount prescription card or prescription discount card, there are a number of excellent advantages in being a card holder.

Obviously, the greatest benefit is having the opportunity to save money on medication that would otherwise cost a lot of money. However, a medication discount card can be used for all prescription drugs regardless of original cost. Keep in mind that there are other benefits although they would vary depending on the issuing company.

One important thing we want to point out about obtaining a discount prescription card is that most companies that issue them are legitimate. Even so, before providing personal information for discount prescription cards, it would be worth spending a little time to research the company to include its history, reputation, and guarantee.

Reasons for Getting a Card

As mentioned, the key benefit of prescription discount cards is cost savings. Unfortunately, prescription drugs has skyrocketed in price over the past several years with no real let up in sight. For someone without insurance or poor insurance coverage, this expense can put a major bite in the budget. Thankfully, having a prescription discount card makes it possible to get the medication needed.

Unfortunately, some medications are so expensive that people actually go without because the cost cannot be afforded. In fact, there are cases of people needing life-saving drugs who do not take them because of the high cost. Obviously, in today's society this is unacceptable. While there have been new laws and reform that helps, and while governments in North America realize how serious the problem is, many people still require assistance.

Government Regulation

In Canada, the government regulates the cost of prescription drugs unlike the United States. Because of this, some Americans actually travel to Canada or order drugs online as a means of spending less but without sacrificing on product quality. Obviously, this would not be a viable option for everyone, which is why using discount prescription cards make perfect sense. The savings for some people is so significant the need to choose between medication and paying for utilities or groceries is no longer an issue.

Following are some of the main benefits these cards offer, showing why the growth in popularity:

  • Some prescription discount cards are 100% free
  • Savings can be as high as 75% for drugs with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval
  • Information can be provided online and the card downloaded using a computer or mailed to the requestor's address
  • These cards are accepted at more than 57,000 pharmacies, not only on a local level but also regional and national
  • Typically, there is no deductible or waiting period for approval
  • People with pre-existing conditions are never excluded, meaning virtually everyone who applies for a card receives approval


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