Knowing the Different Types of Computers Around

The most common type of computer is definitely the desktop. These are computers that are not designed to be portable. These computers are usually placed on a single location and they are preferred by many because they are inexpensive. A computer user can be able to purchase a desktop computer with a large disk space and high processing power without burning a hole in their pocket.

Laptops have become popular in recent days among students and business people. This is because they are portable, meaning that the individual can travel with them wherever they go. The advantage is that they can always save their information and carry their laptop around with them. They will therefore be able to use it whenever and wherever they want. Laptops are usually chargeable and there are some that can retain power for up to six hours. However, laptops are usually more costly than desktop computers.

Desktops and laptops are the most commonly used types of computers, though there are other different types of computers. The netbook is becoming very common as well due to its small and sleek size and shape. They are cheaper than laptops but unfortunately their internal features as well as specifications are also less than those of laptops.

A Personal Digital Assistant or PDA is different from other computers in that it does not use a hard drive to store information or data. Instead, a flash memory is usually used for storage. PDAs do not use keyboards and instead they have a touch screen for typing. They are quite small and light in weight and they also have a decent battery life.

Workstations are desktops with bigger memory and a processor that is more powerful. Their capabilities are usually more enhanced and they are mostly used to perform very specific tasks that require high processing power such as 3D design.

Servers are another type of computer that are mostly used by web hosting companies. This is because these computers are usually designed to provide different types of services over a network. They are also used by companies or business that have an internal network. They usually have large disk spaces and a lot of memory as well as very powerful processors.

A supercomputer is one of the most expensive types of computers around. They are huge and very powerful and they could cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase. Mainframe computers on the other hand are also extremely big and they could fill up an entire floor. They are usually referred to as enterprise servers by most people.

There are definitely different types of computers, and while others can be used by individuals, others should only be purchased for companies and enterprises. Understanding these types will definitely help the individual to choose the one that fits their budget and their needs.


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