What Catering Style Is Right for You?

When selecting catering for your special event, there are many factors to keep in mind. Every event is different and only you can know what is right for the type of guests you are inviting to the event. Yet, before you invest, take some time to consider all of your options. From simplistic to the most elegant of affairs, the best possible outcome is the one where you are able to provide high quality food that's anticipated and perfectly suited to your guests. There's more to making that selection than you many realize, though.

Is a Buffet Right for You?

Many events benefit from the buffet style of catering. In this style, individuals are able to select a number of dishes they would like to provide to guests. Then, the food is aligned in a row or in stations throughout the area. Guests help themselves. It is the simplest option and, due to the lack of service to tables, it is also one of the least expensive options for feeding a large group. For many, this is ideal for every type of event from a wedding to a reunion.


Another type of food option is to provide carvings. Here, the caterers will prepare a variety of foods. Some foods are served by the caterer directly or set up in a buffet style. Other items are then carved as ordered. Having stations like this set up can provide for an interesting and more formal experience. It costs a bit more but can provide a more luxurious feel to the event.

Boxed Lunches

What if you want to provide your guests with food they can eat on the go? For example, you may be hosting a corporate event in which the out of town guests will need to travel from one location to the next. In this situation, meals are pepped in small boxes. Each person gets a box that they can take with him or her and enjoy on the road or even behind a desk. This offers a less choice-style, but it also makes carryout easier for many individuals and types of events. You still get to choose what types of foods you provide, though.

Which style of catering is right for you? Keep in mind you can still choose things like full service, table service, picnic-style or even just a gourmet deli tray. The options you select really have to depend on what your guests are looking forward to enjoying as well as your budget. Work with a caterer to determine which option is right for your individual needs. You may be surprised by how many options they can provide to you.


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