The Different Luxury Islands of Seychelles


There are very few islands anywhere in the world, that have survived as intact Cousine has done, with such a profusion of wildlife. A systematic rehabilitation program to restore the islands includes the planting of thousands of native trees, the protection of the huge seabird colonies and the reintroduction of endemic birds. With four individual old French colonial style villas, exclusivity is the order of the day as a maximum of only ten guests are accommodated at any one time.


A 25 minute flight from Mahe, Denis Island is everything you could imagine a desert island to be. This coral island of about 140 hectares is fringed by coconut palms, brilliant white sand and coral reefs. It is particularly popular with deep-sea anglers pursuing barracuda, marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado. Denis private Island, a 5 star resort offers a casual and stylish elegance well appreciated by its discerning clientele.


In the Amirantes group of islands, and an hour's flight from Mahe, Desroches is the largest in the group. This coral island of 45 acres and 8 km of white beaches is richly covered in coconut palms and encircled by beautiful sandy beaches protected by a coral reef. A main attraction is its scuba diving, with some of the best diving in the Seychelles. The only resort is situated in a coconut grove beside a white sandy beach, and offers surprisingly high standards for such a remote island hideaway.

Eden Island

This new, magnificent, marina development in the Seychelles, situated just off the coast of the capital island Mahe, facing the St. Anne Marine Park. Featuring luxurious apartments and spacious villas, an international marina equipped for super yachts, various leisure facilities and a commercial retail precinct, Eden Island is fast becoming an investor's paradise.


The most isolated of the granite islands is only 12 minutes from Mahe and has a most romantic association with the world of pirates and hidden treasures. Amidst the abundant flora and fauna, Fregate is the stronghold of the critically endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin (100 birds in the world), saved from extinction by the intervention of Birdlife International. The island also boasts the worlds only population of giant Tenebrionid Beetles, as well as numerous Giant Tortoises.

Bird Island

The island stands as magnificently alone one in its azure ocean, as it does among other island destination offering the very best of nature, relaxation and genuine Seychellois hospitality. This flat coral island, 30 minutes by air from Mahe, is right at the northern edge of the archipelago, where the Indian Ocean floor drops abruptly. Bird Island hosts one of the planet's most important sooty tern colonies and runs a conservation program for nestling turtles.

Cerf Island

This lush island is 10 minutes by boat from Mahe. Its north coast, which lies at the edge of the marine park, has a superb coral reef, ideal for snorkeling or scuba-diving. Cerf is a popular picnic venue with Mahe residents on account of its fine beaches and good swimming. The interior is home to giant tortoises and flying foxes, and offers 2 hotel establishments with 3 to 4 star rating.


Chauve Souris is a private island only a few hundred meters from the dream beach of Cote d'Or at Anse Volbert on Praslin, which at low tide is merely a walk away. As may be expected for such a small island dominated by granite boulders, flora on Chauve Souris consists mainly of exotic decorative shrubs and bushes. The Chauve Souris Club is the ideal place for an intimate and secluded vacation, with five luxury rooms suspended between sea and sky amid granite rocks and lush tropical vegetation.


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