Tips to Get Free Baby Products

It goes without saying that a baby is a bundle of joy. The babies are harbingers of happiness. But they are also expensive. As parents you would have to compromise on many things and expenses to make your baby comfortable and happy. There times when you will have to live in a shoestring budget because the expenditure on diapers and baby food will be high. Whether it is your first baby or the fourth one, there are many programs and companies that offer many free baby products. Let's take a look at the tips on how to get free baby products.

Tips to Get Free Baby Products

Get a new email account - There are many online sites that offer free coupons for new mothers and their babies. They would also send their promotional letters and brochures to your email address. To avoid the clutter and spam in your regular email id, its better to create another email account. Use this account for all the online programs.

Your doctor's place- You can ask your gynaecologist/obstrecian about the freebies. The manufacturers of baby products leave a lot of stuff with the doctors such as baby cream samples, free subscription coupons to parenting magazines, diapers and many more.

Enrol for various programs - There are many programs in which the pregnant women can enroll. Some of the programs give away free diaper bags filled with freebies, a travel bag for your hospital stay, pregnancy journals and many more. There are a few programs which give away products at a very minimal cost.

Signup in various websites that sell baby-products - Many baby products manufacturing companies are throwing freebies as samples to attract potential customers. You should take advantage of the schemes provided by these companies. It is just not about free baby products. There are offers and freebies for mom-to-be.

Check your email account and mailbox regularly - If you have subscribed with many programs, when your due dates gets closer, there are companies that will offer baby care books, diapers and creams at discounted rates. You might even get offers from reputed portrait studios for you and the newborn.

There are many local mom and pop shops that offers freebies on baby products to their regular customers. You should not shy away from such offers. Remember, if you are planning to use disposable diapers they would actually leave a big hole in your monthly expense. However, use the disposable diapers and baby creams and lotions that would suit the skin of your child.


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