City of Baguio: Summer Capital of the Philippines

The Philippines is inevitably the Asian country with the most familiar civilisation as far as the western world is concerned. This is probably because of its colonial rule by the Americans during the early parts of the 20th century. Apart from the capital city of Manila, the City of Baguio is the most significant centre of education, business and tourism in this eastern neighbour of ours. Even though it started as a small settlement of the Ibalois and the Kankanaeys, two of the native tribes, the ingenious skills of town planning allowed the city to rise to its present glory within a century.

A Great Place for Education in Asia

The City of Baguio, which celebrated its Centenary in 2009, is a highly urbanised city. This is more than evident from the fact that its population exceeded three hundred thousand during recent years. Nearly half of this consists of local and foreign students, depicting the fame of Baguio as a leader in higher education in the eastern world. In addition to the national university of the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy and Saint Louis University, there are dozens of other reputed universities and international schools sharing wisdom among thousands of local and foreign scholars.

Ideal Climate and Amazing Scenery

Its nickname "Summer Capital of the Philippines" is the perfect introduction to the significant role of tourism in the City of Baguio. Its location in the Cordillera Autonomous Region amidst beautiful scenarios of mountains and highlands has granted the valuable gift of mild climate to Baguio. In fact, it is significantly cooler than other parts of the Luzon Island during summer, hence the said nickname. Most of the highways leading to Baguio run through beautiful regions, sometimes featuring extraordinary landscape. During a six-hour drive from Manila to the City of Baguio in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, such scenery will leave unforgettable memories in your mind.

A Blend of Beauty and Luxury

Whether you are a serious tourist or just a nature lover, Baguio City has managed to preserve several parks and recreational areas to relieve your mind from the congestion of the city centre. Some popular destinations include the Burnham Park and the Governor Pack Road. Steps have been taken to declare Baguio as a heritage zone too. SM City Baguio mall along with numerous other malls and supermarkets have made Baguio a paradise for shopping lovers. If you care to spend a few months in the city to enjoy the Flower Festival and the Chinese New Year celebrations in February, over 80 hotels and transient houses in Baguio are ready to provide top-class accommodation at affordable rates.


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