A Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city of Spain. It is a perfect leisure destination in Europe especially during summers. Barcelona has some of the finest beaches which are the most sought after place to enjoy a sunbath, with plenty of swimming, water sports and relaxation.

The city of Barcelona ha always walked hand in hand with latest fashion, style, music and food. Although the city boasts of unique age old architecture, it has also developed some of the most modern and unique architectural structures. It is one of the most dynamic and exciting city on the entire western Mediterranean Sea line. On the other side, the city is also very artistic and rich in cultural heritage and history.

It has a great combination of narrow streets and amazing plazas which brings about a unique sense of excitement for the visitors. The Plaza de Catalunya which is a large plaza surrounded by monumental buildings, is Barcelona's busiest and happening square.

Let's look at the major tourist destinations in the city. Starting with Sagrada Familia, which is giant temple. The irony about this temple is that it is under construction since early 1880's and the construction will continue for another 50-100 years depending upon availability of funds and resources! Barcelona Aquarium and the Barcelona Zoo are the major attractions for the kids and the younger ones. One spot not to be missed is the Spanish Village which is a small village that replicates various styles and architectures of houses across different parts of Spain. For sports lovers, Camp Nou is the place to visit. The Barcelona Football Club beholds Barcelona FC's most coveted trophies alongside statues and pictures of the greats. It is strongly recommended that one buys a ticket where in you can see the museum, the stadium as well as players changing rooms, VIP lounges, Press areas etc. The Olympic Stadium when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, an event which radically re-designed the city is also an attraction not to be missed. Artists would not like to miss the Picasso Museum, which holds the paintings of the famous artists. Font Magica which is also known as the Magic Fountain is a must see in Barcelona.

How can someone visit Barcelona and miss the La Rambla Street. It is the most happening and exciting streets of Barcelona. The Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca said about La Rambla, "It is the only street in the world which I wish would never end." If you do not stroll down this street, you cannot say you have visited Barcelona. However, one has to be ware of pickpocketers at La Rambla street. An evening watching the Flamenco show is highly recommended which is full of fun, excitement, genuine enthusiasm and unreserved emotions. The city also boasts of plenty of night clubs and bars for night life lovers.

To sum up, Barcelona is a place which invariably every tourist travelling to Europe, would want to have it in his itinerary.


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