Reading Eggs Review

Reading is very important in the life of a child. It opens an entire new world to them through words arranged on a page. Make learning not only interesting but also fun with Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs is a unique online program that teaches reading to children. It combines the best of the world of computers and the world of learning. Children these days are savvier with technology, and that can be used to enhance their reading skills.

The program is designed to help children learn at their own pace. You can use Reading Eggs to supplement a current reading curriculum for beginning students by adding a fun component where they don't even realize that they are learning.

Writers, developers and teachers based the program on how children best learn to read. There are about 120 lessons with more being added at the beginning as well as a more advanced reading level for older children. It uses animation, interactive games and rewards to keep children interested and coming back for the next lesson.

What is Offered

Children learn skills needed for reading through animated lessons and fun activities. Skills learned are repeated to encourage memorization. This is perfect for children ages 4 through 7.

Children also learn through reading various books in the lessons. Storylands is the area of Reading Eggs where kids find these online books. They encourage reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills. Books can be purchased on the website so that kids can have the actual volume at home to read at their leisure away from the computer.

Rewards are earned with each completed lesson. Children earn golden eggs that can be used to buy other games within the Reading Eggs world.

There is also an interactive world for children to play and practice their reading skills. In Reading Eggs World, each child gets their own home and an avatar to represent them in the games that they play. They can decorate their homes from shops and travel to other places where they play more reading and writing based games.

Children are also provided with testing measures. After every 10 lessons there is a quiz to test the child on the mastery of what they have already learned. To improve scores, children can repeat as many lessons as they like as often as they like. For the child, it is repetition that is the key to learning. They are still having fun as they work to learn more skills.

On the Reading Eggs website, you and your child can try sample lessons for free to see if their interest is engaged. In addition to the 120 stepping stones lessons and Storylands, there are also Skills Bank Spelling lessons as well as Driving Tests that test phonics and sight word knowledge.

Reading is fundamental but the beginning of that word is "fun." That is what Reading Eggs provides for your child.


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