Project Management Issues - International Contract

The major issues faced by a project manager while handling international projects depends on the particular region. Generally, the issues that are encountered by a project manager while handling international project are:

  1. Language- Language can be an issue while handling abroad projects. Communication is very important for the success of a project and the person who is responsible for the success of the project is always expected to be actively communicating with all the stakeholders. While handling an international task, a translator could be required for proper communication which can also be a headache for the project manager.
  2. Culture, Religion and Norms- It is obvious that while working away from home, they will be exposed to the new cultures, religions and norms. Even though these factors might not make a big difference on the overall success, they could find it difficult to keep up with these factors.
  3. Technology- Depending on the region the work is being done, the technology might not be same. Most regions use almost the same technology to perform any task, but sometimes it could be very different from the common (advanced) technology especially if they are working on a rural area of a developing nation. In that case, they will have no option but to get familiar with the available technology during the course which can be challenging for them.
  4. Laws and Regulations- Last but not the least, laws and regulations becomes a new issue for them while working on an international level. This becomes bigger issue if the project is running with minimum budget and there are not enough legal advisers.
  5. Personal- Personal factors can an hassle while working on a different part of the world. Adaptability becomes crucial. For example, Some professionals do not like travelling and staying away from home for longer period of time.

These are the major issues that is possibly faced by any manager while working anywhere around the globe. These issues differs from one place to the another. If they got their training in the developed countries ended up executing a project in the rural area of a developing nation, more than likely they will face more than one of those described issues. Those who are managing project for the first time in an international will find it more difficult. There are some professionals who regularly works for the international projects on a regular basis and use the experience to quickly adapt to the changes they face while executing the project.


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