Phu Quoc Paradise - Bathing on Crystal Clear Waters

If you want to wade among the virgin waters of a secluded beach, and while away the afternoon, staring at the clear blue skies, then nothing beats swimming on Phu Quoc's island beach paradise. You could do this on your next Vietnam tours.

For normal beach goers like yourself, you might be putting up with litters and empty water bottles scattered along busy beaches or you might have swam with plastic garbage bags floating around. But you will be surprised to find none of those on this beautiful island.

If you think you can only find such secluded beaches by going to a lone island in the middle of the Pacific, think again! Phu Quoc offers secluded clean coastline with you not having to go to the ends of the world. You could actually go swimming on crystal clear waters or go diving into the deep blue sea a few meters away from the airport. This is the best water adventure you could ever have on your Vietnam tour packages.

Phu Quoc Island

The island, which is 12 kms from the southernmost tip of Cambodia and 40 kms from the mainland Vietnam town Ha Tien, is the largest island of Vietnam. It's the most accessible Vietnam tour's destination since it has its own airport and you could also travel from the mainland via fast watercrafts that glide smoothly over the gentle surf of the Gulf of Thailand.

Arriving at the island is convenient because cab services from your booked Vietnam tour package will pick you up either from the airport or from the port. A quick stop at the souvenir shop allows you to pick up items you can bring home with you. Your accommodation is not very far and you could get there within 30 mins. This is very convenient since you would like to swim in the ocean waters right away.

Speaking of swimming, you will not be disappointed; hotel resorts are built right beside the ocean. That means you could drop your bags in your room and run to the beach right away! This island is simply a beach goers' heaven.

Clean Beaches, Pristine Coastline

If this isn't great enough, wait! There's more! Stepping into the beach is like stepping into the Shangri-la of all the world's beaches. The fine sand powder is firm and soothing under your feet. The beach is very clean and aside from the occasional drift woods and coconut husks lying around, it is spotless. But wait till you hit the waters. It is gentle and warm. It soothes your aching muscles from the trip and calms your whole body from stress. It is very relaxing because on this Vietnam tour haven, you will be taken to a completely different universe. A universe composed of clean air, crystal clear waters and fine white sand. In fact the beaches on this island earn "The Most Cleanest and Beautiful Beach of the World" in February, 2008 by ABC news!

So if you want to swim on the best beach of the world, go to Phu Quoc Island and be amazed.


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