How Much Does HGV Training Cost?

There are a few different factors which go into the cost of HGV training. So how much does HGV training cost? It depends on where you live, what type of license you want to obtain and which school you choose. All costs should be figured out and planned for to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.


This one is rather obvious, but it's something which many prospective HGV students don't take into account until it's too late. Where you live plays a critical role in how much you will pay for HGV training, simply because you may have to travel significant distances to get to and from your training each day.

Due to the short duration (typically five days) of most HGV training courses, this isn't as big a deal as choosing a university or a job clear across the country. Nevertheless, it's important to factor into your overall training costs.

If you need to travel in order to obtain your HGV license, be sure to plan out your travel expenses ahead of time. You may need to stay in a hotel for a week if the training facility is far from your home. If there are relatives who live nearby, see if you can arrange for temporary accommodations - there's no point in spending money unnecessarily. You should also plan out money for meals and basic living expenses during this time.


Each school will charge slightly different rates. If you find a school with lower rates than most others, be sure to find out why. You may have gotten lucky and stumbled across a way to save money. Unfortunately, you may also have found a school with offers less than ideal training. Do your research and find out if a school is reputable before giving them any money.

General Guidelines

How much does HGV training cost? There is no definitive answer, but there are some general guidelines you can use to pick a reasonable school. Typically, an HGV driving course will cost somewhere between £800.00 and £1,150.00.

Types of Licenses

The type of license you obtain affects the cost of your training. The two most common types of licenses are the Category C and C+E. A Category C license will authorize you to drive a vehicle or trailer up to 7,500 kilograms in total weight. A Category C+E license allows you to drive any truck or trailer with a total weight of over 7,500 kilograms.

Category C license training typically costs between £800.00 and £1,100.00, while a Category C+E license usually costs between £925.00 and £1,150.00. In most cases, students are advised to go for their C+E license right away. It gives you a broader range of potential employment opportunities.

HGV training for either type of license usually lasts for five days. For most of this time, you will be in vehicle, learning hands-on with an instructor. This type of training is very valuable, and doesn't waste time with a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

So how much does HGV training cost? As you can see, several factors contribute to your final cost. Not all factors apply to everybody, so be sure to create a budget using your unique circumstances. At the end of the day, however, HGV training is one of the least expensive ways to put yourself in control of your financial future.


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