Exploring The Best Airports In the World

We usually associate airports with the fun things in life, namely holidays! But there are millions of travelers who use airports more frequently than just once or twice a year. For these frequent flyers, the airports are essential for their comfort and well being. A well run airport needs to come across as many things to different groups of people. Above all, it should be efficiently operated with no delays or other negative attributes. Here is a look at the airports currently regarded as the world's best!

Incheon International Airport - Seoul

It is currently regarded as the best airport in the world (for the second time). It won this award in 2009 and is recognized for its outstanding quality on offer to passengers and visitors alike. Despite its size, the airport is run so efficiently that you may feel that you are in a much smaller and personalized setup. Keep a look out for the top ten list next year and do not be surprised to see Incheon right at the top again!

Singapore Changi Airport

This modern airport is an almost permanent fixture in the top ten airports' ranking. It ranked top for leisure amenities and business passenger scores. The international transit votes also saw Changi at the top of the pops. The airport is laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way, and this has a positive effect on passengers, especially those staying a little longer in the terminals.

Hong Kong International Airport

Coming in at number three, Hong Kong International Airport has won the top 10 award eight times already. It ranked top for airport dining and also for airport cleanliness. In fact, this airport has been in the top three for the last ten years. This is a testament to the quality and efficiency by the excellent management crew. The dining situation is enhanced by the variety of Asian food on offer to the passengers of this very busy business hub.

Amsterdam Schipol Airport

The highest ranked European airport has long since held a reputation for efficiency and excellent standards. Schipol leads the way in its treatment of transit passengers and is consistently voted the best airport in Europe for this same reason.

These Awards

The Airport Awards held in 2012 are made up of a survey taken regarding three hundred and eighty eight airports worldwide. Over twelve million passengers are asked for their opinions of these airports. Asian airports always perform highly in comparison to European and American airports and this is because of the attention to details and the excellent service culture that are ingrained in the staff of these excellent airports.

What Makes a Good Airport?

The attention to little details is usually the deciding factor when an expert decides on the best airports in the world. Something like free WiFi is always a good place to start. The catering also needs to be a notch above the rest and the shopping should be something to write favorably about. Above all, the airport should be very clean and the facilities need to be world class!


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