Generating Massive Leads For Your MLM Business

O.K. So you've signed up with MLM because your research shows it's a solid company with rock solid leadership and it sells products that have been around for years.

You attended all the home meetings, webinars, and even traveled to out-of-town HUGE events and have learned everything you possibly can about the company and their products, and you are all fired up about it. You're ready to tell the whole world about it and your palms are itching so you feel your money is on the way.

But who are you going to sell to? You need leads. The sponsor says, begin making a list of your "warm market" and call them to ask for a HUGE favor. So you call your family and friends and all have agreed to try your products, just this once, and the people at WalMart now know you by name.

Are You Tired of chasing family and friends and walking aimlessly around WalMart?

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The truth is that generating leads in MLM is one of the most difficult things to do in business. You can have the greatest website, the greatest pictures, even the best priced product or service, but getting people to your offer can be very overwhelming.

You're NOT a loser! Don't be like 95% of all other MLMers and Network Marketers and get discouraged and give up. You've probably invested a lot of time and money just to get this far. This is how every beginner starts, so this is a good thing. You got started. Now is the time to PUSH and learn the #1 key to MLM success. Leads and lots of them.

Here's my challenge to you. How about you give it a few more weeks if you're willing. What you have to find is the best way to generate leads for your business, a system that you can learn from AND that will reward you with good qualified leads and your first sales. Are you in?

MLM & Network Marketing Leads System

I was going to make this paragraph really long with some fluffy stuff, but I'm not going to. We both know you've been wandering around online and found sites and systems that say they are dedicated to helping you find leads. And you may be depleting what advertising budget you already had to start with. Most of these people are not even MLM. I know, I've been there, done that.

As frustrated and confused as you probably are, you'll probably scream if you see another MLM Secrets ad... am I right?

The good news is that you can probably get a refund for those products and systems. I have no shame in asking for my money back and I get it too. It'll make you feel better seeing your refund showing up in your bank account and now you can re-purpose it. Focus on training and the right kind.

What is the Right Kind of Leads Generating Training?

I'm glad you asked! The right kind of training will introduce you to ways to identify, with laser precision, the kind of company that offers and trains you on the Funded Proposal Model. Once you understand what the Funded Proposal Model is, you will approach network marketing in a whole new way. I fully cover Funded Proposals in another article, but to give you the skinny of it, a Funded Proposal:

Funded Proposal: The Skinny

The funded proposal model gives network marketers the ability to offset advertising costs AND earn money even if people decide not to join their network marketing company. A funded proposal provides a solution focused approach to the common problems network marketers have in building their business. If your funded proposal contains the following, it's effective.

1. Leadership & Support
2. Business Building
3. Prospect Listing
4. Leads Generation
5. Profit

Generating Leads in MLM & Network Marketing

Would you like to get your hands on a system designed specifically to solve your #1 problem and join a community of successful marketers and leaders in the industry?

How would your life and finances be different?

How would your business be different?

How would your family be different?


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