Enjoy a Beautiful Chinese Holiday in Shanghai

The Chinese city of Shanghai is a well developed modern city. Because of the great infrastructure and plenty of attractions, it has become a popular tourist destination. Reaching the city is not a problem, as many international airlines, such as US Airways, Air France and Air Canada; fly to and from the city. Some of these airlines can also offer cheap airfare tickets, especially during the low period. Budget travelers should not shy away from visiting this beautiful and well-maintained Chinese city, as they can look for cheap tickets to Shanghai aboard the cheapest airline they can find.

First time visitors coming to the city on cheap flights to Shanghai can begin their vacation with a visit to the Yuyuan Gardens. These gardens will give them a glimpse of what the city used to look in the yesteryear's, with is wonderful and original Chinese architecture. Vacationers, who want to admire modern architecture, can head to Lujiazi District and walk along the banks of Huangpo River where the Oriental Pearl Tower is located. The observatory of the tower gives a breathtaking view of the entire city. There is also the city's World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower that are worth checking out.

The city has its share of museums and temples. Flights to Shanghai can give access to the Jade Buddha Temple and the Longhua Temple which are both worth checking out. The museum in the city is also worth exploring, especially for its Ancient Bronze display. The city also boasts of an ancient water village, which is around 400 years old. This is the extremely picturesque and beautiful Zhu Jia Jiao Water Town. Here, there is a five-arch bridge across the Cao Gang River. The main street in the village has many restaurants and shops catering to the locals. Visitors will enjoy a leisurely walk through the paths and over bridges. They can even take a boat ride to check out some of homes of the village. Be sure to visit the two temples in the village for their beauty and historic value.

There are many tea houses in the city that can give vacationers a chance to experience the way traditional Chinese tea is consumed and enjoyed. Visitors can also order some traditional delicacies to accompany their tea, though many of the tea houses serve free snacks, which are often laid out on the common table.

In the southern suburbs of the city is a temple that is more than 700 years old. This is the Jinshan Doglin Temple and is famous for its beautiful architecture. The temple is breathtaking beautiful and is the abode of the world's tallest indoor Buddha image. This image has one thousand hands and many heads. Another place worth checking out is the Propaganda Poster and Art Center. This is a private collection of posters, art, photographs and memorabilia from the Mao era.


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