Leicester Square - The Glamorous Part

Leicester Square, the glamorous part of the West End, provides the capital with entertainment in the form of film and theatre. The area, known for its square of bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres is where many visit for leisure and recreational pursuits. Leicester Square is home to film premieres usually bursting with the rich and famous. Some will trek to this location just to stand amongst the crowds and watch the stars walk down the red carpet. The Odeon cinema is the setting for some of the world's most popular blockbuster movies with many referring to the square as Cinema Land. This is not only because of the red carpet events with paparazzi and flashing lights, but because it is the heart of film and cinema not only in the capital but in the United Kingdom. The Odeon is the biggest of the two cinemas, with the Empire being the second and there is also Vue cinema. For lovers of film, Leicester Square is the ultimate location to enjoy the latest blockbuster hit. Why not take a taxi to Leicester Square, and turn up in chauffeur style just like the stars of the films.

London locations are never situated too far apart from one another. If you are travelling here by tube then you can do so by taking the Piccadilly or Northern line to tube station. The central square of the area is situated a short walk away from the station. As well as being a popular place to come for film and theatre lovers, the area also boasts plenty of bars and clubs. You'll find these establishments to be very busy at the weekends, and even during the week for the social London elite. You'll find restaurants here too, so the location makes a great place to come for an evening of food, wine and dancing. You'll have no problem getting here, as taxis in Leicester Square are plentiful. Turn up for cocktails and a night on the dance floor or a more relaxed affair in a wine bar, sat on a comfy sofa overlooking the small grassy patch in the centre of the square. Here you will find some famous statues of William Shakespeare and the newest addition of Charlie Chaplin.

Getting home from a night out needn't be a hassle either. Booking a WC2 Leicester Square taxi is your best bet for avoiding the cold and overcrowded public transport. However, there are plenty of bus stops in the area for those willing to brave the elements. What's great about London transport is that there are night buses that can take you to pretty much anywhere in the city with our without changes. An evening out in Leicester Square is guaranteed to bring you a lively, fun and enjoyable night out.


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