How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake

Planning for your wedding cake is not an easy task since the cake needs to look fabulous and taste heavenly at the same time. The following tips can help you a lot when choosing your wedding cake.

Do a Research

Browse through thousands of pictures so you have an idea on the various styles available. If you are thinking of customizing your cake, you need to spend more time researching on the various details to come up with the perfect customized cake. It is also important to learn some of the basic terms that you will encounter when you start researching about wedding cakes.

Book the Baker Early

Make sure to book your baker at least four months before the wedding. If there is someone you want as your baker, contact the person and provide him with the details and specifics of your wedding. When meeting a prospective baker, ask the necessary questions that you would like to ask so you will have an idea if the baker is the right one for you.

Schedule the Cake Cutting

Traditionally, cake cutting is done an hour before the party ends. However it can also be done at the start of the wedding reception if you do not want to interrupt the dance party later on.

Ask References for the Cake Baker

Find a baker who will be able to deliver what you want without having to stretch the budget you have provided for the cake. You can ask newlyweds about their cake bakers or you can check the various bakers' websites to see if there is someone who can bake the cake you want for your wedding. After finding a few prospective bakers, you can call them for appointments.

Do Not Overdo the Cake Decorations

Refrain from putting too much add-ons on your wedding cake. Simplicity in the design is still the best instead of stuffing the cake with over-the-top decorations.

Choose an Edible Color for the Wedding Cake

You can coordinate the color of your cake with your wedding color but make sure to choose a color that is edible since your guests will be eating the cake. Always remember that your wedding cake is not only created for display but also for eating.

Do Not Create Your Own Wedding Cake

Never make a cake by yourself unless you are an excellent pastry chef. There are a lot of things that you have to attend to when preparing for your wedding and handling the wedding cake preparation will only stress you out. Hiring an experienced baker to take care of it will give you peace of mind.

Consider the Transportation

Make sure to consider the travel and transportation details in the contract before you let the baker sign it. You don't want any mishaps to occur when transporting your wedding cake to the location of the reception.


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