Why Serviced Apartments Are a Great Choice for City Breaks for Couples and Families

There are many reasons why serviced apartments are increasingly becoming popular for families, couples and business travellers. They offer much more space, better rooms and great services, and can often work out cheaper than luxury city-centre hotels.

To experience the feeling of a home away from home, you will need to choose your accommodation with care. Most cities offer great entertainment and facilities, but if you do not know the difference between a hotel room and a serviced apartment, then you need to look at the accommodation options that you will find here. One of the reasons for selecting a hotel for a weekend break is its proximity to the city centre. It is often tricky or frustrating to drive around an unfamiliar city, so a location where you can walk to nearby restaurants and shops is usually a good choice.

When you are looking for a place to stay, you want to consider the reviews posted by previous guests. The TripAdvisor website is an invaluable resource, with millions of guest reviews commenting on cleanliness, staff, food and facilities. If you are looking to try a serviced apartment, these may be listed under the 'Speciality Lodgings' section of TripAdvisor, which is a little more hidden than the 'Hotels' section. However, many serviced apartments are now categorised as hotels as they offer largely the same facilities - such as 24-hour reception desks, housekeeping and catering. Look for reviews from people who had the same purpose as you - for example, the accommodation may have great reviews from business guests, but is it suitable for your romantic break? The reviews should help you to decide.

In most serviced apartments, you will find everything from the basic amenities expected in a hotel to features like free wireless internet, Sky TV, fully-fitted kitchen diners and modern bathrooms. Like hotels, there are budget options as well as luxurious choices, and the facilities and standards will vary. Most apartments will give you more luxury, privacy and flexibility than any hotel room would, whilst also allowing friends and family to visit.

Serviced apartments will usually give you a sofa, fully equipped kitchen, beds and linen, everything... isn't this just like home, allowing you to do what you want, watch what you would like and eat what you want? If you prefer to eat out, make sure your serviced apartment is close to restaurants. Most places will also let you order a takeaway or fast-food delivery to enjoy in your room. Need we say any more about why apartments beat hotel rooms?


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