How to Best Enjoy St Lucia's Charms

Why St Lucia? The answer is both subjective and objective. The island is simply one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire Caribbean, what with the twin uneven peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton and the surrounding ocean that is more often crystalline blue than not. Enjoyment of the island's offerings is best managed by its resident luxury hotels: St Lucia is home to a handful of these big names in the hospitality industry. But aside from just lazing away on the beach and letting the world crawl by, there are things you can do to further up the ante of your enjoyment-and it can start right when you're booking that flight.

The Best Time to Visit

Like any other prime destination, the Caribbean has a distinct high season, during which it is swarming with tourists from all over the world. The same is true of the island's luxury hotels: St Lucia's accommodations naturally charge much higher in the months starting in late December to April than during the rest of the year. So the matter of "when is the best time to visit" is actually relative depending on your intention. If you are a budget-conscious traveller who does not mind the slightly uncomfortable weather from June to August, then by all means visit during this low season, when airfares and hotel rates are much less. However, if you don't want to let the difference of a fistful of dollars get in the way of maximum enjoyment, then hit the island during the peak season, when the weather is dry and crisp and the views constantly arresting. Moreover, if you love music, you may want to consider the island's annual jazz festival held in May.

Understanding the Island's Beauty

The island does not have everything, granted. But understanding what it does and does not have allows you to fully appreciate the things you can enjoy while you're here. The staff at the luxury hotels can best provide proper guidance regarding the island's many awesome hidden secrets. St Lucia, after all, offers the best vantage point for anyone who wants to appreciate the astounding beauty of the Caribbean: the vivid blue sky, the soaring mountain peaks, the azure ocean lapping on the golden sands, luxury hotels. St Lucia sounds idyllic doesn't it? It is.

Know Where to Go

Being quite a large island, St Lucia is home to many attractions and a single day would not be enough to fully savour them all. In most cases, you can leave everything to the island's luxury hotels: St Lucia's resident resorts, such as the world-renowned Cap Maison, usually have some sort of "exploration packages" designed to make it easy for guests to get around the island. Among the must-see places include breathtaking Marigot Bay, Mamiku Gardens and Pigeon Island.


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