Purchasing South Pacific Costa Rica Real Estate for Retirement

The Central American country of Costa Rica is bordered by water on the east and west, making it a popular retirement destination. Costa Rica divided into six regions, one of which is in the southern part of the country and borders the Pacific Ocean, causing it to be named the South Pacific region. People purchase South Pacific Costa Rica real estate for many reasons, including having a place to spend their work-free golden years.

South Pacific Costa Rica includes the Costa Rican rainforest, which is one of the most biologically diverse environments on Earth. This region is filled with exotic flora and fauna found nowhere else. It is also home to some of the most beautiful tropical beaches on the planet, which also happen to be blissfully remote. People buy land and property there in order to escape the bustling activity of other regions of this country.

Historical reliance on agriculture provides the South Pacific region with a very rural environment. The culture still reflects a "campesino," or countryman, lifestyle. At the same time, this region is oriented to tourism, offering the La Amistad International Park, shared with Panama, and Chirripo National Park. La Amistad covers 401,000 ha, equally split between the two countries. Chirripo Mountain, the highest peak in Costa Rica, is located in Chirripo National Park.

For those who love nature and a good adventure, the Osa Peninsula is the spot to reside within the South Pacific region. Drake Bay features a village called Agutijas that has several expensive vacation accommodations as well as many picturesque beaches and loads of tropical birds. The small city of Puerto Jimenez is convenient because it has an airport. Residents and visitors can easily access the beach villages of Cabo Matapalo and Carate from there.

Between May and November, four-by-four vehicles are recommended for transportation. Many of the roads are bumpy and unpaved and some area rivers do not feature bridges. Hiking up these rivers just ten minutes from Puerto Jimenez lands adventurers in one of several rainforest towns where a variety of wildlife can be seen.

Costa Rica real estate in the South Pacific region is perfect for retirees who want to maintain active lifestyles. They can explore the local parks, travel off the beaten path, visit amazing beaches, and observe unique wildlife. Properties range in size and price but something attractive and comfortable is usually available for any retirement budget.


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