Geneva and Val D'Isere - Skiing and Sightseeing

It is probably doubtful if any skier eagerly anticipates their ski transfer - even including the picturesque one from Geneva to Val d'Isere.

Let's face it, even if you have had only a relatively short flight, the chances are you were probably up at some ungodly hour to get ready and then had extensive travelling to do to reach the airport at the other end. Then there would have been the almost inevitable flight delays and queues to get through security at your departure airport. All things being equal, there is a fair chance that before you even arrive in Geneva you are tired and jaded and probably not looking forward to the Geneva to Val d'Isere transfer.

Being realistic, unless you are lucky enough to have your own private jet there is probably not much you can do to avoid many of the above potential frustrations that go hand in hand with travel these days.

Yet there are two things to bear in mind: Geneva is a great city with lots of things to do so you might want to break your journey by having a night or two there exploring its attractions; and Val d'Isere is worth getting to!

A brief stopover

The origins of the city go back to before the Roman period and the old town is a magnificent area to explore. Space does not permit a full description of all of the interesting sites and cultural attractions in this world famous international city but a trip on or around the lake is surely a must. Although the onward journey from Geneva to Val d'Isere is really no big deal, a day or two spent looking around the back streets of the city might just help you recharge your batteries ready for the slopes.

Val d'Isere

Barely three miles from the border with Italy, this ski resort is one of the most famous and beautiful in France. There are, of course, a wide variety of slopes and runs available for all levels of skier but experienced sportspeople regard the resort, on the whole, to be challenging. An interesting fact about this ski resort is that it is skiable in summer due to the local glacier. This, together with some use of snow cannons, means that it offers wintertime sports all year round.

The resort itself comprises a mixture of traditional alpine village type accommodation together with some more volume-oriented higher rise hotel type lodgings. A wide range of snow sports is provided to supplement the basic attractions of the ski slopes. Many skiers love this resort for its mixture of demanding slopes and French style. Certainly it is worth putting up with flights and the short Geneva to Val d'Isere transfer in order to get here!


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