Cheap Days Out in Birmingham

Everyone needs a cost effective entertainment. United Kingdom has got many places that fit the budget of many tourists. Outing in the cities like Birmingham can also be packed into our pockets as it has got a wide variety of attractions that can be visited at a low cost.

Alton Towers

Theme parks are the greatest outing spots in any town. But the cost involved might make one drop the option. But Alton Towers in the Birmingham city offers a great variety of entertainment at a low cost. One can enjoy all kinds of games, rides, water activities, and many more shows with a common fee. This is one of the largest visited tourist spot in England where nearly three million people make a visit every year.

This Alton towers is situated in the grounds of the Staffordshire country estate. This theme park offers nearly thirty exciting rides. The thrilling roller coasters and other spooky attractions are the added attractions to the park. Many activities are designed and developed which are targeted on youngsters.

Sea Life Centre

This is the largest aquarium in the city of Birmingham which hosts almost five thousand species of marine creatures. This aquarium offers several entertaining activities. One can have a close look of the sea life by walking through the tunnel. There is an interactive Rock pool from where one can touch and hold sea creatures like starfish and crab. Sea animals are also fed by the visitors. The visitors can also have a swim with the fishes in the aquarium with the accessories provided there.

There are lot of other entertaining activities like, feeding demonstrations, turtle breeding and 4D films. This is a highly cost effective and informative spot to be visited and one can know about rare marine species and help in protecting them.

Warwick Castle

Located in the bend of the famous river Avon is this England's most famous Warwick castle. It was named as the best castle in UK. The castle is at easy reach from the city of Birmingham and hence it attracts a lot of visitors. There are many beautiful gardens in the castle that one has to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. The castle is considered as an archeologically important monument by the government and it is highly protected against any change.

There are many shows conducted inside the castle. It includes the flight of Eagle show, the sword show and many other live shows. There are small dramas shown every night saying the history of the castle. Other musical and dance events are also conducted in the castle.

Cadbury World

Cadbury chocolate company created this world of chocolate especially for cocoa lovers and kids. There are around five million visitors every year to this world of chocolate. It has become the largest attraction of leisure travellers around the world.

One can know about the history of chocolates and the manufacturing process of various candies. There are many games and events based on chocolates that are conducted inside the factory. One can also be innovative in making one's own candy. The Cadbury world is one of the best entertaining attractions in Birmingham.


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