Back to Work or School After the Long Summer? What Are You Going to Do With Your Pooch?

You've been pampering your pooch all summer long with outdoor walks, hours full of dog park fun, and beautiful days spent on the beach. Well now that summer is over, NOOOO!!!! IT CAN"T - well it is, don't force your canine to sit home alone all day. Research boarding, doggy day cares, training schools, or even boot camps (if you have the funds of course). He'll get the chance to have great activities and learn all day while you're at school, work, or whatever it is you do.

Locating a great place to leave your dog, a place you can trust, can be nerve racking. But I am here to give advice into what to look for and help through the process.

The very first step? Research! And research more than one place. Use you friends, online communities you may be apart of, Google searches, etc. Since the place you ultimately decide on will be caring for your baby, you're going to want to ask anything and everything you can think of. Bring a pen and paper to record your notes and ask for a tour of the facility. Make sure to check for proper licensing, which should be a must! This is important for reasons such as special needs, feeding, and most important if some sort of medical emergency arises.

Next, is to get all the important details. Where will he sleep, play or eat? What kind of accommodations are made for shy old and sick dogs? What are the schedules for walking, how many dogs are walked at once, that sort of questioning. And the inevitable question, what is the cost? Though this appears to be a ton of questions, you want to make absolutely sure your dog is safe and will be well cared for.

A suggestion I always practice, are dry runs of the facility to see how well your pooch handles being separated from you. Many places will provide progress reports and will allow your dog time to assimilate. Some facilities also host play groups or watch times as well. These can provide great chances to meet staff, the trainers, and observe how well your dog interacts with other dogs in that environment.

After you've made your choice, you will want to specify an emergency plan for your pooch. If for some reason he gets injured, you will want to know he will receive the best care. Provide phone numbers for your home, cell and backup of friends, family, or spouse.

There are a few types of places you can look into

Day Care: This is a great option for people who work long hours. You drop your dog off before work and pick him up when you're done. Your dog will get walked a few times during the day and get to play and socialize with other pups. Most places don't feed our dog for day care so take that into consideration. This is the cheapest option at about $15 to $50 a day, but you can put your dog in day care for five days a week or as little as one to keep costs low.

Boarding: Dog boarding is when you leave your dog overnight. These facilities will often feed and walk your dog and have play time throughout the day. The place can range from boarding dogs in cages to luxury dog hotels where your pup has his own room. Depending on the scene, boarding can range from $20 a night to $100. Make sure you're aware of the cost up front.

Training Schools and Boot Camp: These places will not only care for your pup with walks, play time, and feedings but they will teach him basic commands and obedience for you. What's better than coming home to a perfectly trained pooch? These classes are smaller and will be the most expensive option.

Don't know where to start? Check out these national sites that'll help you find the ideal situation for you and your pooch. But remember, ask around and check out the place first. Helpful resources can be Find Pet Care and Best Friends Pet Care.


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