What Are Some of the Best Activities to Do With Your Dog

We all love to spend time with our dogs. Discover some of the best activities that you can do with your dog. Challenge yourself to plan at least one of these adventures for you and your family this year.

1- Take your dog camping

Dogs love to go out in the wilderness with their families. Next time you head out on a camping adventure take your dog with you. They love being with you in the outdoors, it gives them a chance to actively play and interact with the kids. Make preparations for your dog on your camping trip. Provide him with a GPS tracker so that you can locate your dog at all times. Inevitably, a pesky squirrel will tempt your pup away from you. There are also radio containment collars that will prevent your dog from wandering off. Remember a first aid kit for your dog and kids. In this new environment you will need to be prepared. A retractable leash will give your dog plenty of room to explore. Remember to pack dog food for the ride. A change in diet will cause stress for your pup. Bring along plenty of tick and flea protection. With preparation and planning a camping trip with your dog will be a fun and exciting adventure.

2- Take your dog to the Lake

Dogs love the water and love to play with their family. On your next trip to the lake or the beach consider taking your dog with you. Plan in advance where you are going, and make sure that pets are allowed. There are many beaches and lakes that are pet friendly. If the destination is very far, find a pet friendly hotel that will accommodate your needs. Make sure to bring your dog crate with you. A crate can be a safe and familiar place for Fido away from home. Bring along plenty of extra towels. Your dog will not hesitate to get plenty wet. You will need towels to dry him to go home. As the night approaches it might get cold. Hypothermia will set in quickly if your dog is wet.

3- Take your best friend hiking

Dogs love to go on hikes. They are natural climbers and love the challenge. Fit your dog with a harness for comfort in the climb. The harness will come in handy when your kids get tired and need a little encouragement from their best friend. The hike will become fun and adventurous as you follow the enthusiasm of your pup. Dog backpacks are a great way to share the load of a hike. They can provide your dog with his own water source and also food. Dogs love to be with their families. Before the hike make sure that you and your dogs fitness is up to the challenge.

With a little preparation and planning, an outing with your dog can be fun. It will provide a great opportunity to bond with your beloved dog. So get out there and explore. There are a myriad of adventures just waiting for you and your dog.


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