Top Five Must-See Beaches in the Philippines

When thinking of a tropical paradise, many people imagine Bali but the Philippines offer a wonderful alternative. The beautiful nature, the serenity and the clean beaches have all increased the popularity of the archipelago.

If you love the beach, the crystal blue water and the picturesque appeal of the marine flora and fauna, the beaches are just right for you. Here is a list of the five must-see beaches of the Philippines.

1) El Nido Beach, Palawan

The town of El Nido is located 420 kilometres away from Manila and is often labelled as the best beach destination of the archipelago. In 1984, a large portion of the beach was declared a turtle sanctuary and later on, the entire area became a marine reserve.

El Nido is often called the last frontier. It impresses with the virginity of the nature, the peacefulness and the entertainment opportunities. You can try caving, kayaking and even island hopping.

2) Boracay, Aklan

Boracay's popularity as one of the best beach destinations has increased a lot over the past few years. The small island is located south of Manila and White Beach, its most famous tourist spot, has received a number of prestigious awards.

The fine white sand and crystal blue waters are the most prominent characteristics of Boracay beaches. In 2012, Boracay received a best island in the world award by Travel + Leisure magazine. Despite the popularity, Boracay still has some secluded beaches and romantic sites that offer privacy and serenity.

3) Siargao Island

Surfers have certainly heard about Siargao Island, since it is considered the number one surfing spot of the Philippines.

Cloud Nine is incredibly popular among surfers and as such, it is always crowded and noisy. Siargao Island, however, does have some secluded, peaceful beaches where you will get to enjoy nature to the fullest.

4) Mactan Island

The island of Mactan brags some of the finest Philippines beaches. It is located very close to Cebu Island and Mactan attracts numerous tourists because it is a coral island destination. Some of the best diving experiences in the area are available there.

Mactan Island is also the home of Mactan Island Aquarium - the only attraction of this kind in the Visayas. The accommodation options are suitable for every taste and preference and if you really value your privacy, you can choose one of the Mactan private beaches for your vacation.

5) Panglao, Bohol

Panglao Island is a limestone unit that brags numerous caves, one of which supplies the entire island with water. Alona Beach is one of the Panglao places that attract an incredibly large number of tourists.

The Panglao beaches are very similar to the ones on Boracay - fine white sand and crystal clear water. Panglao offers one of the best diving experiences but its popularity has made the place a bit crowded.

To read about it is very different from seeing for yourself and exploring the beauty of the Philippines. Do you like white sand, coral reefs, diving and lush greenery? If your answer is yes, you should certainly consider organising a vacation. The islands of the Philippines are welcoming, peaceful and suitable for everyone. Just choose the one you like the most and start exploring!


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