Australia Vacations Exceed Your Expectations!

Australia vacations are arguably one of the most unrivalled vacation destinations to embark to in the world. Whether you're looking to relax in the midst of promenades of untouched beaches or simply the ultimate romantic getaway, Australia promises to fulfil every desire you have in mind. The first aspect of any vacation is the mode of travel and with Australia, you are likely to arrive by plane, where you can be rest assured that you will be greeted with state of the art airports that are evenly spread all through this gratifying continent.

Australia is declared to be the world's thirteenth largest economy, with the tourism industry complimenting the economy by a 3.9% GDP, which is equivalent to $32 billion dollars. The 5.7 million tourists that visit Australia each year are eager to explore the iconic hallmarks, Great Barrier Reefs, the rainforests, lakes and the unending beauty of diverse landscapes. Australia vacations are bound to let you experience the hidden treasures of the Pacific Ocean, which includes snorkelling, diving and boating, all within a spectacular water ambiance.

There are 16 must see exquisite landmarks in Australia that include the Kakadu national Park and the Red Centre. Ningaloo Marine Park hosts over 500 species of fish and is spread across 260 kilometres of prime Australian territory on the north coast. The bay features world class snorkelling activities and a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with the world's largest fish. There are accommodations to suit any budget, without compromising on your threshold of excitement.

The Blue Mountains heritage area compromises of a million or more hectares of sandstone cliffs, cascading waterfalls, bush land and captivating forests. The cave of Lyrebird Dell is a 12,000 year old aboriginal campsite and can be accessed via the campfire creek near Glenbrook. The Blue Mountains are appointed with an array of majestic dining venues that serve the best of local and international signature specialities. The Blue Mountains are interconnected with over 10,000 square kilometres of trails, which includes 18 magical places.

The Great Barrier Reef stretches from Port Douglas to Bundaberg, which is equivalent to 2000 kilometres of the Queensland area. The Reef is the ideal location for honeymooners and is embedded with a prominent number of national parks and five star accommodations. Helicopter flights are available to help you explore the reefs further or a hot air balloon to give you a glimpse of the Atherton Tablelands.

Australian vacations are definitely one of the most unparalleled and enviable experiences and a few days are never enough to completely explore this alluring continent.


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