How Much Time Could a Diet Meal Delivery Service Save You?

How much time could you save by using a freshly prepared diet food delivery service?

Most successful professionals would state that the one thing they need more of it time. With the plethora of confusing and often contradicting advice about living healthily out there, planning and preparing food intake can take up an incredible amount of that valuable leisure time.

Diet food delivery services plan, cook and deliver all your meals and snacks you need for the day, ostensibly freeing up more time for fun and family. But does it really save time? We decided we would have a look at how much time using a diet delivery service could save you by asking some friends to record how much time they spend on shopping, preparing and cooking their meals.

We think you'll agree - the results are shocking:

Total time spent cooking, shopping, preparing and researching your diet -

22.75 hours per week.

The shopping hours did NOT include the time taken to travel to the shops. Cooking and preparing time includes serving cold meals as well as the full preparation of hot cooked meals. The target couple used for this experiment are both professionals, without children, and would class themselves as food enthusiasts without being major foodies. One of the couple is weight conscious and considering a more structured diet, both are keen to keep healthy and are therefore careful with what they eat. So we can see in the table below that over the week our researching couple took 22.75 hours in preparing, cooking, researching and shopping for their food.

Total Hours Spent - Shopping - 6.50

Total hours spent - cooking - 12.50

Total Hours Spent - preparing foods - 2.00

Total Hours Spent - researching your diet - 1.75

Overall Hours Spent - Total - 22.75

A total of 6 and half hours are spent shopping every week. That is a great deal of time to spend in soulless supermarkets queuing with the masses. 12 and half hours are spent slaving over the cooker, what else could you be doing with 12.5 hours per week?

As we have spoken about before the diet industry has a vested interest in confusing and frightening its customers, so researching and reading about new diet fads, with all the competing and contradictory advice and information can take a lot of time as well being extremely frustrating.

If you enjoy the reading and the cooking, this is all fine essentially. If not, look for a diet food delivery service in your area and just enjoy the benefits.


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