10 Tips to Conduct Your Webinar Effectively

Some of the popular webinar platforms would be gotowebinar, Cisco Webex, dimdim, vYew, anymeeting etc

A webinar is coined from the words "Web" and "Seminar". It helps you to have audio and video feeds with nultiple people at the same time through the medium of Internet.

It is an easy and effective way to sell your products and services and spread the word about your business to your buyers. It allows you to be flexible enough to travel less and still train your employees or clients in real time with less effort an cost.

Here are a few useful tips on what you should know about a Webinar and what goes on during a Webinar.

1. You need to check the participants entry into the webinar application in order to help you start the webinar on time.

2. It is a good idea to upload your presentation and keep it ready well before the webinar in the meeting space. You may very well use this time as a marketing time for your products and business by displaying your company website/brochures etc.

3. Check the video and audio quality before the webinar because if the Internet bandwidth is not fine, participants complain about the audio and video quality.

4. Sometimes, you need to help the participants before the webinar with technical problems of installing plugins on their desktops/laptops/tablets if they require (especially so, if he is a non-tech savvy user)

5. There has to be a coordinator or moderator for question and answer sessions (This is text based coordinating because mic is not recommended to be enabled for such a huge audience - since there will be crosstalk and noise. However can be enabled for any participant on a need basis).

6. It is recommended to use good quality USB based mics at the speaker's end to cater to the highest voice quality.

7. You may also wish to present your idea/concept by sharing any application on your desktop using the webinar application. The webinar software allows you to do this.

8. It is also a good idea to record the webinars and make it available on your website/blog so that the participants can take a look at it leisurely. Absentee participants can also be accommodated.

9. You may also want to make some other speaker also the presenter in order to make it an interactive/collaborative session.

10. In addition to this, you need to maintain the list of participants and to make the webinar more effective and successful, send then at least 3 reminders once a week before, on the previous day, an hour before the webinar.


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