Top 5 Things to Do and See in Chile

Sitting just south of the Tropic of Capricorn and just west of Argentina, the Republic of Chile resides on a narrow strip of land that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains.

The native language is Spanish so take advantage and enroll in a Chile language school to make your Chile vacation fun and educational. The best way to mingle with the locals is to speak like the locals. Below is a list of the top 5 things to do while traveling through Chile.

Atacama Desert
This desert is one of the driest places on earth. Even though it sits next to an ocean, the Andes Mountain blocks any chance of moisture from reaching this moonscape-like environment. Flamingos, geysers and ancient mountain forts await those with a robust appetite for adventure. Just a two hour plane ride from Santiago; upon arrival expect deluxe accommodations at the Hotel Alto Atacama.

Chile's National Parks
Chile boasts numerous National Parks such as Juan Fernández Islands, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Laguna San Rafael, Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo and Parque Nacional Vincente Perez Rosales to name just a few. Vincente Perez Rosales is Chile's first national park. This park has magnificent lakes, which are bordered by the Andes Mountains. It is an awe-inspiring sight with the volcanic peaks Osorno and Puyehue as a part of the view.

Lake District
Just south of the Biobio River is a land where sky and water meet to play. Snowcapped volcanoes are mirrored in the azure water of the lakes making this area mesmerizing. Twelve main lakes dot the district with as many as 6 volcanoes and some of the best freshwater fishing Chile has to offer.

Cerro San Cristobal
Ride the Funicular up the hill to discover breathtaking views of Santiago. Plan to visit on a clear evening and stroll through Parque Metropolitano. On the peak of the summit, there is the Virgen de la Immaculada Concepción; at the foothills there is the Metropolitan Zoo, the Jardín Zoológico de Santiago and a Japanese-like garden. If all this is not enough for visitors to do and see, there are also 2 pools, Tupahue and Antilén, to take advantage of on hot days.

Isla de Pascua
Easter Island is one of the most remote island on the planet that has fueled so much speculation and mystery. It takes at least 5 hours to get there by plane. For those who have questions about the mystical history of this location, you should consider a journey from Chile to the Easter Island. Archeological ruins plus volcanoes are focal points.

There is so much to do and see while vacationing in Chile. Chile has a rich culture with friendly people and spectacular scenery. If time permits get to know the people and the country by enrolling in a Spanish School in Chile. The more you learn about Chile and the better you speak the native tongue, the better you will understand Chilean people.


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