Things That I Enjoy About London

Many of us take a summer holiday in the months of June, July or August to see friends or family. This is usually the only time people including myself can travel abroad to see country attractions and entertainment venues from the diversity of cultures. London is considered one of the top destinations and places of visit for all ages, young and old. Here I can wine and dine at my leisure or have a picnic in one of the many parks.

I consider it as one of the top reasons for coming to take a summer holiday in London, England is the number of festivals and parades that begin at the end of June. Many of the festivals' are charitable and free for all to participate in - whether comedy, musical or theatrical, London has something for everyone to enjoy.

The second reason I think London is a great place to take a summer holiday - especially this year - is due to the running of the world's largest sporting event. People from around the world along with athletes will be here to represent their country in the Summer 2012 Olympic Games. The torch has already been lit in Greece and will arrive the evening of the twenty-six of July for the opening ceremony. The Olympic stadium will be another attraction that is a must see before and after the games take place. The stadium will no doubt become just as much a part of London's history as has the London Tower, castles and other countless attractions.

I think the third reason for coming to London for a summer holiday is that if you own a car it is pretty easy to get around and car hire is cheap as well. The options for accommodations range from a guesthouse, budget hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels to Five Star hotels. There are also luxury apartments that come complete with full service that offer good values depending on the length of your stay.

The fourth reason coming here for a holiday is actually the weather. The average high temperature is a cool 73F and the low averages around 55F. However, the London rain is still unpredictable and there are always several places to see indoors like the Pendennis Castle.

The fifth reason to take a summer holiday here in London I think is the soccer and other sporting events that is viewed all over the world because of today's technology. When you are here you can really see all the action from the teams to the spectator.

The sixth reason for a summer holiday in London is the extensive calender of events and activities that make London one of the most energetic and enjoyable cities in the World.


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