Some Tips On How To Plan The Perfect Office Winter Holiday Party

For employers and employees the year's last quarter results will end either in celebration or hopes that the next year will be better. Whichever is the case, a perfect company winter holiday party can provide the boss with the perfect opportunity to thank his or her employees for their hard work during the course of the year. All it takes to have the perfect office winter holiday is perfect planning.

Whether planning the perfect company winter holiday party is done by committee, or delegated to a capable office administrative assistant, its success will depend on similar items that need to be addressed. Checklist Items like the party date, budget, venue, catered or non-catered food, number of guests attending are all good topics to get the project underway.

Date Of The Party - One of the most important items party planners have to address is the date of the party. Most religious and ethnic winter holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza occur near the end of the year, when many employees will be traveling out of town visiting family and friends As an accommodation to employees, planners should reserve a date at least three weeks prior to years' end to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Accurate Attendee Head Count - If the company guest list will include an employee spouse, partner, or date, food and beverage costs will increase. However the perk of an employee having a happy husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend in attendance, and not at home feeling left out more than compensates for any additional budget costs.

Company Winter Party Budget - After determining how much money will be allocated for the party, a decision has to be made whether or not the expenses will be shared between the company and the employees, or if the company will be responsible for the entire costs. Today employees are working longer hours for less pay, and asking employees to share holiday party costs may not go over well with the office staff.

The Venue - The next big item on the planning agenda is the location. Some venue options include company office space, the boss' home, a country club, lodge, hotel banquet room, or restaurant. The party date, guests count, and budget will narrow the choice of locations, but there are other requirements to be met before one location tops the list.

The Food - No matter how scintillating the conversation or how esteemed the guests, if the food is bad or runs out, many of the attendees may not hang around for the party's conclusion. So this is one of the key items party planners have to get right.

For planners considering a rental venue for the office winter party, find out upfront if food catering service is provided, and whether or not the cost is included in the rental price. If the venue site does not provide catering service, then ask if the site comes with a full kitchen, that way the company can hire their own caterer.

Then there is the budget conscious office party planner who asks employees to bring a dish to the party. How employees respond could depend on the size of the office staff.


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