Portable Gas BBQ - How To Decide Which One Is Best For You

There are many portable gas BBQ models available, so how do you choose which one you need? In this article I will give you some tips and questions to point you in the right direction to make the best choice of BBQ that will meet your needs.

The most important question to ask is - what will it be used for. The answer to this will narrow down the selection of models you can choose from. In my mind there are two distinct choices:

1. You will be using your gas BBQ for camping, caravanning, tailgating or visits to the beach or sporting events. Or maybe you have very limited outdoor space at home and just want something compact you can use to cook outside.

2. You will be using your BBQ for hiking, cycling or generally travelling around.

If your reason for buying a gas BBQ grill is number 1, then you can pretty much buy whatever model you like, your limiting factor will be the space you have available to transport it. If however your reason for buying is choice number 2 you need to think carefully about the weight of the BBQ and more importantly the size of gas canister it uses as these can be quite heavy. You will also need a compact model that folds down and is easy to carry.

The next decision you need to make is price. You can buy gas BBQ grills for as little as $30, but do not expect them to last for long!, or you can spend several hundred dollars. If you have a budget stick to it and do not go searching for models that are outside your price range.

Once you have the size and price of BBQ in mind you can then begin your search.

The things to look out for will be the type of stand, a lot of models are table top and have short legs that sometimes also form a part of the carry handle. The type of gas used and whether the model comes with a gas hose and regulator included. A lot of models do not so you will need to purchase them separately and this will increase your cost. The size of cooking area, very important if you have a large family. And finally is there a carry bag included.

One final tip is to read any customer reviews they give a great insight on just how good the gas BBQ is. These reviews are written by people who have already bought the product. You will find negative reviews amongst good reviews, my rule of thumb is if there are a lot of good reviews with just a few bad you are probably onto a winner.


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